Journalism Research That Matters

As this book contends, scholars must think about their work in a public context, and journalists, too, need to listen to mediascholars and take the research that they do seriously.

Author: Valérie Bélair-Gagnon

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197538470

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 273

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"Despite the looming crisis in journalism, a research-practice gap plagues the news industry. This volume seeks to change the research-practice gap, with timely scholarly research on the most pressing problems facing the news industry today translated for a non-specialist audience. Contributions from academics and journalists are brought together in order to push a conversation about how to do the kind of journalism research that matters, meaning research that changes journalism for the better for the public and helps make journalism more financially sustainable. The book covers important concerns such as the financial survival of quality news and information, how news audiences consume (or don't consume) journalism, and how issues such as race, inequality, and diversity must be addressed by journalists and researchers alike. The book addresses needed interventions in policy research, and provides a guide to understanding buzzwords like "news literacy," "data literacy," and "data scraping" that are more complicated than they might initially seem. Practitioners provide suggestions for working together with scholars- from focusing on product and human-centered design to understanding the different priorities that media professionals and scholars can have even when approaching collaborative projects. This book provides valuable insights for media professionals and scholars about news business models, audience research, misinformation, diversity and inclusivity, and news philanthropy. It offers journalists a guide on what they need to know and a call to action for what kind of research journalism scholars can do to best help the news industry reckon with disruption"--

Topical Issues in Communications and Media Research

If we operate from such an understanding of research ethics , we are bound to ensure that all our research subjects , irrespective of where they are and what their conversance with ethical issues are , are not subjected to lower ethical ...

Author: Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 1594542791

Category: Social Science

Page: 197

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The field of communication and media has never been more exciting, and the vigorous activity in this area over the past three decades bears testimony to this. The excitement is due to a number of developments in the vast and sometimes very different areas that fall under the common rubric of communication and media studies. This book seeks to interrogate a number of concerns and issues in communications and media research. This volume documents some of the current trends and developments, challenges, and future prospects of communication and media research. In doing so it presents a broad basis for understanding the issues, technologies, theories, applications, opportunities, and challenges faced by communication researchers and scholars in the new media environment of the 21st century.

Issues in Media

Objectivity is “such a valuable gift from America to the world of journalism that I'd hate to lose it,” he says. ... 34 By publicizing failings, groups such as the Media Research Center (MRC), Media Matters for America, ...

Author: CQ Researcher,

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781544350554

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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What is the future of television? Do social media and big data threaten privacy rights? Do children have too much access to violent media content? Is reporting on global conflict worth the risk? These questions—and many more—are at the heart of today’s media landscape. Written by award-winning CQ Researcher journalists, this collection of non-partisan reports focuses on fifteen hot-button issues impacting the media. With reports ranging from the fight over net neutrality to social media and politics, Issues in Media promotes in-depth discussion, facilitates further research, and helps readers formulate their own positions on crucial issues. And because it’s CQ Researcher, the reports are expertly researched and written, presenting readers with all sides of an issue. Key Features: Chapters follow a consistent organization, beginning with a summary of the issue, then exploring a number of key questions around the issue, next offering background to put the issue into current context, and concluding with a look ahead. A pro/con debate box in every chapter offer readers the opportunity to critically analyze and discuss the issues by exploring a debate between two experts in the field. All issues include a chronology, a bibliography, photos, charts, and figures to offer readers a more complete picture of the issue at hand.

International Media Research

This results, it can be argued, in a profound skewing of the research agenda to issues defined as more or less exclusively relevant to the management of the polity and the economy. In turn, media research, like so many other areas of ...

Author: John R. Corner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134667550

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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International Media Research offers a rigorous and critical review of key approaches and concerns that have recently defined the field of media research. In this clearly argued collection of essays, the contributors analyze and reflect upon dominant themes and debates that have made media research an increasingly important element of cultural theory. The volume begins with a critical evaluation of the work of the leading media scholar, Elihu Katz, and continues with an exploration of the relationship between media studies and adjacent disciplines: cultural studies and gender and sexuality. Contributors drawn from Britain, America, Canada and Belgium consider the relationships between media research and media policy in different national and international contexts. Focusing on the European Union, East-Central Europe, North America and Latin America, chapters assess the impact of social, economic and political circumstances on policy debates and the shaping of the research agenda. The final chapter adopts a transatlantic perspective in tracing and analysing the history of the media's role in reporting war.

The Practical Progressive

Using the website as the principal vehicle for disseminating research and information, Media Matters posts rapid-response items as well as longer research and analytic reports documenting conservative misinformation ...

Author: Erica Payne

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786727698

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

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Underneath today's elections is a fierce battle for power driven not by the country's elected officials, but by organizations and people you have never heard of. Since the 1964 Goldwater defeat, conservative philanthropists have built a set of ideologically-aligned institutions -- think tanks, legal advocacy organizations, watchdog groups, and media vehicles -- to change the country's intellectual and political climate and to assure conservative political dominance. Progressives finally woke up to this structural disparity and have embarked on one of the most invigorating periods of renewal and growth in political history. This book tells the story of the brightest and best institutions leading this revival.

Exploring Media Research

Van den Bulck and Vandebosch's study is worth considering at length because it signalled several divisions in media and communication studies research. Controversies over why global media entertainment matters, how its significance can ...

Author: Andy Ruddock

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526421777

Category: Reference

Page: 320

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Donald Trump's use of Twitter, the 'Angelina Effect', social media mourning, cyber-bullying: in today's media environment, evidence of media influence is all around us. As such, good media research is more important than ever, and crucially, is something all students can and should do. In Exploring Media Research, Andy Ruddock explains that the only way to learn or teach about media research is to do it. Carefully balancing theory and practice, he demystifies the process, showing you don't need huge amounts of time or money to do meaningful media analysis. This book: Explains how principles of motivation, causation, generalizability, and ethics apply to media research. Outlines different forms of 'reality' created by media stories, media users, and the blending of media and interpersonal communication. Identifies key areas of research, from media industries, content and events to regulation, policy and audiences. Demonstrates how key concepts translate into actual research methods, from archival and field research to the analysis of 'big data'. Brings theory to life throughout with a range of contemporary case studies. Exploring Media Research is a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to both gathering and analysing media data, and so making sense of the chaotic, complex, compelling world of media influence in the 21st century. It is essential reading for students and researchers across media, communication and cultural studies.

Beyond Journalism

What we found particularly inspiring in our observations and discussions with the research participants is their ... do they think about their own role in shaping the journalistic field, and how do they define journalism that matters?

Author: Mark Deuze

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781509507054

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 160

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In the context of profound transformations in the professional, business, technological and social context of journalism, it is crucial for journalism studies and education to move beyond limited approaches to the discipline. Among the most significant changes affecting journalism worldwide is the emergence of startup culture, as more and more journalists strike out on their own. In Beyond Journalism, Deuze and Witschge combine extensive global and comparative fieldwork. Through rich case studies of journalism startups around the world, they provide deep insight into the promises and pitfalls of media entrepreneurship. Ultimately, they aim to recognize new and emerging voices as legitimate participants in the discourse about what journalism is, can be and should be. A bold manifesto as well as an in-depth empirical study, this book is essential reading for students and scholars of journalism, media, communication, and related disciplines.

Issues in News and Reporting

Nonpartisan research and educational organization that studies the news and entertainment media. ... Media Matters, P.O. Box 52155, Washington, DC 20091; 202-756-4100; Liberal media watchdog group that looks for ...

Author: CQ Researcher,

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 9781544322230

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 486

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Can News Outlets Regain the Public’s Confidence? Can Governments Control the Press in the Internet Age? Should Americans Have a Right “To Be Forgotten”? Written by award-winning CQ Researcher journalists, this collection of non-partisan reports focuses on 12 hot-button issues facing journalists and news organizations. With reports ranging from perceptions of media bias and threats to free speech, Issues in News and Reporting promotes in-depth discussion, facilitates further research, and helps you formulate your own positions on crucial issues. And because it’s CQ Researcher, the reports are expertly researched and written, presenting you with all sides of an issue. Key Features: Chapters follow a consistent organization, beginning with a summary of the issue, then exploring a number of key questions around the issue, next offering background to put the issue into current context, and concluding with a look ahead. A pro/con debate box in every chapter offer you the opportunity to critically analyze and discuss the issues by exploring a debate between two experts in the field. All issues include a chronology, a bibliography, photos, charts, and figures to offer you a more complete picture of the issue at hand.

Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media

This chapter should have explained why media management research matters. However, we believe that scholarly efforts are yet not fulfilling their promise. Hence, we suggest a new paradigm for understanding—and leveraging—media ...

Author: Mike Friedrichsen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319277868

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 555

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This book analyzes various digital transformation processes in journalism and news media. By investigating how these processes stimulate innovation, the authors identify new business and communication models, as well as digital strategies for a new environment of global information flows. The book will help journalists and practitioners working in news media to identify best practices and discover new types of information flows in a rapidly changing news media landscape.

An Ethical Approach to Practitioner Research

Dealing with Issues and Dilemmas in Action Research Anne Campbell, Susan Groundwater-Smith ... Difficulties for 'professional' researchers Complicating matters for journalists is the relative newness of their becoming a member of a ...

Author: Anne Campbell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134085163

Category: Education

Page: 206

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Practice based research is burgeoning in a number of professional areas. An Ethical Approach to Practitioner Research covers a comprehensive range of issues and dilemmas encountered in practitioner and action research contexts. While principally focused upon practitioner inquiry in education it takes account of, and acknowledges that others engaged in professional practice such as in legal, nursing and social care contexts, face similar issues and dilemmas. It aims to stimulate ethical thinking and practice in enquiry and research contexts. Following moves to promote professional learning and development in the workplace, there is an increase in the number of practitioners engaging in action or inquiry based learning in the workplace supported by university staff or consultants, as evidenced in the emergence of professional learning communities and learning networks. There are many tensions inherent in relationships between practitioners and academics in terms of the setting of the research agenda, the policy implications that may flow from it and the right to publish outcomes. Negotiating that relationship requires ethical probity where each party recognises, understands and respects mutual responsibilities. The book explores this through a wide variety of roles from those of academic researchers, consultants and teachers to professional practitioners as researchers and, importantly, students and children. It therefore illustrates a number of differing perspectives about ethics and research which are allied to those roles Drawing on the expertise of international researchers and academics from America, Australia and Europe, the book provides invaluable support to the novice researcher and illuminates some of the more intricate issues for the more experienced research practitioner.Packed with detailed and thought-provoking examples this book contains both theoretical analyses of ethical matters and offers practical advice to practitioner and action researchers across the fields of schools hospitals and community and family settings.