Jordan has a healthy and sophis- almost all areas covered by the MDGs and is ticated financial system for its level of develop- likely to meet the target levels by 2015 ( box 4.1 ) . ment .

Author: Fareed M. A. Hassan

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821357824

Category: Political Science

Page: 126

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This evaluation, prepared in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank, looks at the effectiveness of World Bank assistance to Jordan during the 1990s, from three perspectives: an analysis of the World Bank's services and products, development impact, and the contribution of the Bank and its development partners to development outcomes. The World Bank's strategy since 1990, based on wide-ranging and influential analytic and advisory activities, was to support macroeconomic stabilization and pro-market structural reforms to foster growth. The increased focus on the social sectors was aligned with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The strategy was relevant to the government's priorities outlined in a series of five-year economic and social development plans. The Bank's programs, in particular, were successful in promoting policy reforms. Substantial tariff, trade and financial sector reforms, together with the removal of disincentives for investment and the privatization of government enterprises, were achieved. Bank assistance also contributed to significant progress in the agriculture, water and social sectors. With Bank support, Jordan made excellent progress in almost all areas covered by the MDGs, and is likely to meet the target levels by 2015. However, these gains have been achieved in an inefficient manner and the cost in terms of public expenditures has been relatively high. Recommendations outline much needed public sector reform, for despite some public expenditures being curtailed, the country's vulnerability to external shocks remains high, and the potential for regional instability is also considerable. Future Bank assistance should focus on public expenditure restructuring, enhanced water management and conservation, and poverty reduction.

Jordan the United States and the Middle East Peace Process 1974 1991

The US agreed to give Jordan what it had originally requested apart from the Chaparral mobile SAMs and Florida NADGE air control and warning system which were turned down due to concerns related to Israel's security .

Author: Madiha Rashid al Madfai

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521415233

Category: Political Science

Page: 279

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Madiha Madfai explores Jordan's role in the USA's peacemaking efforts during the Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations.

Jordan in the Middle East

In 1983 , for example , Jordan received $ 558.4 million , which was 44.3 per cent of the entire Baghdad allocation . See EIU , QER of Syria , Jordan , No. 4 ( 1983 ) , p . 20 . 59. For external aid receipts , see also Central Bank of ...

Author: Joseph Nevo

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0714634549

Category: History

Page: 305

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This collection of articles attempts to assess Jordan's position in the region in the light of its long quest for legitimacy, both as a state and as a Hashemite monarchy. The editors of the volume feel that developments since 1967 and particularly during the last decade have weakened the tendencies previously prevailing among various elements in the Arab world to question Jordan's legitimacy. Moreover, it is suggested that Jordan's position in the inter-Arab system has considerably improved.


Table 16: Jordan's recent developments and agricultural exports structure Share Description 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 in 2012 exports Total merchandise exports 7898 6 349 6 999 7945 7 924 (USD million) Chapters 1 to 24 (USD million) 1 ...

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 181

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In Jordan, water — an essential factor of economic growth and social development — is scarce. The imbalance between the supply and demand of this precious resource is evidently at the cost of over-abstracted groundwater. The agriculture and food industry is the main water consumer — irrigation alone contributes to about 60 percent of the total water usage in the country. Huge investments have been made to mitigate this imbalance as much as possible and others are in the pipeline or are being planned. Significant improvements are also required from the water demand side in order to move towards a sustainable equilibrium. The main objective of this report is to both indicate ways for Jordan to move away from all unsustainable agricultural and food activities (high water consumers and water inefficient), and suggest paths toward more water efficient and productive solutions.


In April , the Ministry of Labor announced that Jordan would offer " priority in employment " to nationals of the Arab Cooperation Council ( ACC ) , comprised of Jordan , Egypt , Iraq , and the YAR . Also in 1989 , the MOL boosted the ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105131410339

Category: Industrial relations


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Water Resources in Jordan

Jordan upheld the claim to its shares in the Yarmouk River, on which Syria is an upstream and Israel is a downstream riparian party. Syria drifted away from the course specified in the Unified Plan as far back as 1967 and has acquired a ...

Author: Munther J. Professor Haddadin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136523953

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 324

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This is the first comprehensive, multi-disciplinary book to address water policy in Jordan. Edited by the former Minister of Water and Irrigation of Jordan, with contributions by other prominent Jordanian and international water professionals, this volume covers such areas as the population-water resources equation in Jordan; institutional and legal frameworks; the data systems used for the assessment and formulation of water policy; water allocations and uses in municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors; social and environmental issues; and water conflict with Jordan's neighbors. The book is a must for readers interested in Middle East politics and the critical nature of water issues in the region. The book notes the importance of interaction with the outside world to augment water resources through trade, making the experience of Jordan relevant to other developing regions where water is scarce. It introduces the term 'shadow water' to mean the scarce indigenous water resources that the import of agricultural and industrial commodities saves or replaces. The book shows how financially profitable it can be to treat water as a tradable commodity, to be exchanged peaceably across international borders. Haddadin and his distinguished contributors bring the water conflicts between Jordan and its neighbors, Israel and Syria, into sharp focus. The book includes a historical perspective on the development of water policies in Jordan and explores the significance of water in the religious, social, and political life of the country.

Jordan in the 1967 War

intense speculation as to the causes of Jordan's failure to defend its citizens . Jordan argued that the blame lay with Egypt and Syria which had failed to respond to the needs of their ally . Tal argued that under the arrangements laid ...

Author: Samir A. Mutawi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521528585

Category: History

Page: 244

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This study considers the war from the Jordanian perspective.

Jordan in the Middle East 1948 1988

In 1983, for example, Jordan received $558.4 million, which was 44.3 per cent of the entire Baghdad allocation. See EIU, QER of Syria, Jordan, No. 4 (1983), p. 20. 59. For external aid receipts, see also Central Bank of Jordan, ...

Author: Joseph Nevo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135192297

Category: History

Page: 318

View: 537


A collection of articles assessing Jordan's position in the region in light of its quest for legitimacy as a state and as a Hashemite monarchy. Describes the country's role in the conflict with Israel and the balance of power between Palestinians and East Bankers.

Michael Jordan Inc

Most of the text for this dis— cussion of Jordan's personal philosophy was garnered from the pictorial coffee table book, Rare air (Vancil 1993), which was published the previous year. However, the timing of the later book's release, ...

Author: David L. Andrews

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791490334

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 321

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Uses Michael Jordan as a vehicle for viewing the broader social, economic, political, and technological concerns that frame contemporary culture.

Competitive Archaeology in Jordan

Wilson, King Abdullah, Britain and the Making of Jordan, 100. For more on the importance of this border issue, see Shlaim, Collusion across the Jordan, 520–33. 93. Michael J. Reimer, “Becoming Urban: Town Administrations in Transjordan ...

Author: Elena Corbett

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292760806

Category: Social Science

Page: 312

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An examination of archaeology in Jordan and Palestine, Competitive Archaeology in Jordan explores how antiquities have been used to build narratives and national identities. Tracing Jordanian history, and the importance of Jerusalem within that history, Corbett analyzes how both foreign and indigenous powers have engaged in a competition over ownership of antiquities and the power to craft history and geography based on archaeological artifacts. She begins with the Ottoman and British Empires—under whose rule the institutions and borders of modern Jordan began to take shape—asking how they used antiquities in varying ways to advance their imperial projects. Corbett continues through the Mandate era and the era of independence of an expanded Hashemite Kingdom, examining how the Hashemites and other factions, both within and beyond Jordan, have tried to define national identity by drawing upon antiquities. Competitive Archaeology in Jordan traces a complex history through the lens of archaeology's power as a modern science to create and give value to spaces, artifacts, peoples, narratives, and academic disciplines. It thus considers the role of archaeology in realizing Jordan's modernity—drawing its map; delineating sacred and secular spaces; validating taxonomies of citizens; justifying legal frameworks and institutions of state; determining logos of the nation for display on stamps, currency, and in museums; and writing history. Framing Jordan's history in this way, Corbett illustrates the manipulation of archaeology by governments, institutions, and individuals to craft narratives, draw borders, and create national identities.

Jordan s Deliverance

“Welcome back, Jordan. It's been a while since your last appointment. What's been going on?” asked Annabelle. Jordan sighed deeply. “Well, AB, I've been pretty good. Using my relaxation techniques, keeping my space free of clutter and ...

Author: Tiffany Monique

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781312549807

Category: Fiction


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When Jordan Anderson is asked to assist Michael Sinchester in “popping the question” to her old college friend, Audra Lang, she’s happy to assist in any way possible. The one downfall is that while Jordan is knee-deep in romantic scheming, she’s also stuck working side-by-side with Michael’s best man, running errands, arranging plans, and being an all-around gopher for the happy couple. From the moment Riordan Deliverance arrives with Audra’s custom engagement ring, Jordan is in a constant state of arousal and annoyance. She wants to wring his sexy, tanned throat, smack his chiseled, strong jaw and punch him in his laughing blue eyes. What about this man screams chaos to her? Why is she running like a rabbit from a wolf? Every nerve in her body is drawn to him, so why would every brain cell tell her danger is near?

Jordan Business Law Handbook Volume 1 Strategic Information and Basic Laws

entered into force in 2001, the United States and Jordan agreed to phased tariff reductions culminating in the complete elimination of duties on nearly all products by 2010. The agreement contains labor and environmental provisions, ...

Author: IBP USA


ISBN: 9781438770161

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 300

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Jordan Business Law Handbook - Strategic Information and Basic Laws

Jordan Freeman Was My Friend

“I do believe it is time to go,” Jordan said, and he fairly dove into that throng, slicing out a path for me to follow. With a man as big as Jordan making my way for me, I had a pretty smooth passage and didn't get stepped on more than ...

Author: Richard White

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469107035

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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There is no available information at this time.

Mrs Jordan s Profession

Dora Jordan as Miss Lucy in The Virgin Unmasked, undated (National Portrait Gallery Archive) 'The Comic Muse, by Goles!': Dora Jordan as Miss Hoyden, engraving dated 1 November 1790 (by permission of Sir Brinsley Ford/photo: Eileen ...

Author: Claire Tomalin

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141933191

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

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Mrs Jordan's Profession is the acclaimed biography of Dora Jordan by bestselling author Claire Tomalin 'Intelligent, finely made and wonderfully readable. As gripping as the best fiction' Independent on Sunday Acclaimed as the greatest comic actress of her day, Dora Jordan lived a quite different role off-stage as lover to Prince William, third son of George III. Unmarried, the pair lived in a villa on the Thames and had ten children together until William, under pressure from royal advisers, abandoned her. The story of how Dora moved between the worlds of the eighteenth-century theatre and happy domesticity, of her fights for her family and her career makes a classic story of royal perfidy and female courage. From the acclaimed author of Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self, Charles Dickens: A Life and The Invisible Woman, this celebrated biography is one of history's most astonishing untold stories. 'The strangest and most sensational story Tomalin has told so far. A miraculously detailed portrait - as brisk, unsentimental, good-humoured and fairminded as its subject' Hilary Spurling, Daily Telegraph 'Compelling, shrewd in its judgements, exceptionally well written, and informed by a vivid sense of the past' John Gross, Sunday Telegraph 'Fascinating, affecting. A compelling story and Tomalin tells it with clarity and warmth' Lucy Hughes-Hallett, Sunday Times Claire Tomalin is the award-winning author of eight highly acclaimed biographies, including: The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft; Shelley and His World; Katherine Mansfield: A Secret Life; The Invisible Woman: The Story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens; Mrs Jordan's Profession; Jane Austen: A Life; Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self; Thomas Hardy: The Time-Torn Man and, most recently, Charles Dickens: A Life. A former literary editor of the New Statesman and the Sunday Times, she is married to the playwright and novelist Michael Frayn.

Assessment of the water harvesting sector in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most water scarce countries in the world, with estimated renewable water resources of 148 m3 per capita per year1. Water scarcity is driven primarily by the arid to semi-arid climatic regime–80 per cent of the ...

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9789251090749

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 49

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The purpose of this report is to provide a first assessment of the current status of water harvesting in Jordan, using an illustrative example from the Al Mafraq region. This assessment will subsequently serve as an important input into the development of a sub-sector strategy for water harvesting. The assessment is based on the work of the FAO project "Coping with water scarcity - the role of agriculture – Phase III", active in Jordan since 2011, which, with its in-county focussed intervention in Jordan, seeks to contribute to agricultural development through the establishment of a pilot site and training programme for water harvesting centred around beneficiary farmers (Farmers’ Cooperative). The overall aim of the project is to strengthen national capacities for improving water management and dealing with the agricultural component of water scarcity.

OECD Public Governance Reviews Towards a New Partnership with Citizens Jordan s Decentralisation Reform

World Bank (2017a), Surface area (sq. km), Jordan, ew=chart (accessed 15 April 2017). World Bank (2017b), GDP growth (annual %), Jordan, 2000-2015, ...

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264275461


Page: 248

View: 395


This assessment provides an evidence-based analysis of the ongoing decentralisation reforms in Jordan from the perspective of the principles and practices of open government.

Seeking Jordan

So my dream confirmed what they already knew — that Jordan joins us when we are together, and his presence can be felt. Over the next year, Jordan's messages became more specific, often answering questions that we struggled with.

Author: Matthew McKay, PhD

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608683741

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

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If you have lost someone you deeply love, or have become strongly aware of your mortality, it’s hard to avoid wondering about life after death, the existence of God, notions of heaven and hell, and why we are here in the first place. The murder of Matthew McKay’s son, Jordan, sent him on a journey in search of ways to communicate with his son despite fears and uncertainty. Here he recounts his efforts — including past-life and between-lives hypnotic regressions, a technique called induced after-death communication, channeled writing, and more. McKay, a psychologist and researcher, ultimately learned how to reach his son. In this book he provides extraordinary revelations — direct from Jordan — about the soul’s life after death, how karma works, why we incarnate, why there is so much pain in the world, the single force that connects us, and our future as souls. Unlike many books about after-death communication, near-death experiences, and past-life memories, this is a book for those who do not believe yet yearn to know what happens after death. In addition to being riveting reading, Seeking Jordan is a unique heart-, soul-, and mind-stirring reflection on the issues each of us will ultimately face.

The Best Sports Writing of Pat Jordan

Pat Jordan Alex Belth. I celebrities like to be seen. He writes until late at night, sometimes while watching two and three basketball games on TV. He rarely goes to bed before five a.m. A good life, he says. “I made this dynamite pasta ...

Author: Pat Jordan

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504033664

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 434

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The acclaimed author of A False Spring profiles athletes famous and obscure in this captivating and incisive anthology Once a young pitching prospect with the Milwaukee Braves, Pat Jordan went on to become one of America’s most revered sports journalists, writing for Sports Illustrated, Esquire, the New York Times Magazine, and a host of other major league publications. The Best Sports Writing of Pat Jordan showcases his finest journalism, with twenty-six extraordinary articles covering virtually the entire range of professional sports in America—from baseball, football, and basketball to boxing, tennis, and Formula One racing. Jordan offers indelible portraits of some of the most legendary sports figures of our time, exposing the imperfections often obscured by the bright lights of fame. He explores the miracle of the Williams sisters and their brash, charismatic father, Richard, and turns his unflinching gaze on such controversial sports personalities as Roger Clemens and O. J. Simpson. Other highlights include a poignant account of Duke basketball legend Bobby Hurley’s rehabilitation after a devastating car accident, a profile of transsexual tennis star Renée Richards, and fascinating side-trips to the Professional Poker Tour, the child beauty pageant circuit, and a depressed, blue collar town in Pennsylvania where high school football offers the only solace.

The Economic Development of Jordan RLE Economy of Middle East

Anyserious attempttoassess Jordan's economic performance must take intoaccount the inescapable fact that, since1967, its WestBank hasbeen 'amputated' andoccupied bytheIsraeli Army.This entails a reductionof receipts for the Jordanian ...

Author: Bichara Khader

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317594352

Category: Social Science

Page: 263

View: 222


Jordan is one of the most important countries of the Fertile Crescent. Although it is not richly endowed with material resources its political significance in the region gives it considerable authority. This book focuses on the economic development of Jordan over the last decade. It analyses the structural changes the economy has undergone and examines the experience of the key sectors. It also looks at the contribution of foreign aid and emigrant workers’ remittances to the economy. The book concludes that there is a significant potential for the Jordanian economy but the current political and economic problems facing it are daunting. First published in 1987.