It s Not About The Bike

It's Not About the Bike is the story of one man's inspirational battle against the odds, charting his progress through triumph, tragedy and transformation. This is an awe-inspiring tale of immense courage and will.

Author: Lance Armstrong

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448104987

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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"I want to die at a hundred years old after screaming down an Alpine descent on a bicycle at 75 miles per hour. I don't do anything slow, not even breathe. I do everything at a fast cadence: eat fast, sleep fast." At twenty four, Lance Armstrong was already well on his way to becoming a sporting legend. Then, in October 1996, he was diagnosed with stage four testicular cancer. When lesions appeared on his brain and in his lungs, doctors gave him a 40% chance of survival. On that day Armstrong's life changed forever and in typical fashion he met the challenge head on - this was one fight he was determined not to lose. As he battled against the cancer invading his body and the chemotherapy that threatened to sap his soul, a tremendous sense of commitment emerged, to his training and to the people around him who never gave up on him. Just sixteen months after he was discharged from hospital, Armstrong entered the Tour de France, a race famed for its gruelling intensity, and won, in the fastest ever time. Just a few months after that, he became a father. It's Not About the Bike is the story of one man's inspirational battle against the odds, charting his progress through triumph, tragedy and transformation. This is an awe-inspiring tale of immense courage and will.

It s All About the Bike

I realize this is rich – telling the winner of the world's toughest cycle race a record seven times that the title of his global, best-selling book, It's Not About the Bike, is erroneous – but there you go. I've done it now.

Author: Robert Penn

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781608195763

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Robert Penn has saddled up nearly every day of his adult life. In his late twenties, he pedaled 25,000 miles around the world. Today he rides to get to work, sometimes for work, to bathe in air and sunshine, to travel, to go shopping, to stay sane, and to skip bath time with his kids. He's no Sunday pedal pusher. So when the time came for a new bike, he decided to pull out all the stops. He would build his dream bike, the bike he would ride for the rest of his life; a customized machine that reflects the joy of cycling. It's All About the Bike follows Penn's journey, but this book is more than the story of his hunt for two-wheel perfection. En route, Penn brilliantly explores the culture, science, and history of the bicycle. From artisanal frame shops in the United Kingdom to California, where he finds the perfect wheels, via Portland, Milan, and points in between, his trek follows the serpentine path of our love affair with cycling. It explains why we ride. It's All About the Bike is, like Penn's dream bike, a tale greater than the sum of its parts. An enthusiastic and charming tour guide, Penn uses each component of the bike as a starting point for illuminating excursions into the rich history of cycling. Just like a long ride on a lovely day, It's All About the Bike is pure joy- enriching, exhilarating, and unforgettable.

The Pain Free Cyclist

SOMETIMES IT IS ABOUT THE BIKE * The right bike fit is not about being able to produce the most power; it's one you can ride 10,000 km on without getting injured." Nathan Haas AUSTRALIAN PRO CYCLIST AND TOUR OF BRITAIN WINNER CORE ...

Author: Matt Rabin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472921499

Category: Sports & Recreation

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It's not (just) about the bike. Ride your bike long enough and with an optimal bike fit you're likely to get injured. It's not what cyclists want to hear, but it's the hard truth. Cycling is a rapidly growing sport, and as numbers increase, so do the amount of injuries. What do you do if you get injured? Rest? Continue to ride? These questions need answering – to avoid confusion, further complications and more harmful injuries, resulting in substantial time off the bike. We want more riders out on the road, enjoying their cycling, pain free. This book takes you through the most common cycling injuries, lets you know what exactly they are, why you get them and what you can do to do get rid of them and get you back on the bike pain free. * Foreword by Sir Bradley Wiggins and featuring interviews with pro-cyclists including Cadel Evans, Carlos Sastre, Dan Martin, Tyler Farrar and Andrew Talansky.

Lance Armstrong

11 Linda Armstrong Kelly, No Mountain High Enough: Raising Lance, Raising Me (New York: Broadway Books, 2005), 106. 14 Lance Armstrong, It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life (New York: Berkley Books, 2001), 23. 23 Ibid., 48.

Author: Matt Doeden

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books

ISBN: 9780822559597

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 106

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Describes the life and accomplishments of the cyclist who won the Tour de France seven times after his life-and-death struggle with cancer.

Leaders Lift

It's never about the bike, it's about who's on the bike! I learned what it means to ride the Tour de France. It's not about the Bike. The race is a metaphor for life. It's not only the longest race in the world, but also the most ...

Author: Steve Hagen


ISBN: 9780557441594



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Cycling For Dummies

If you ever do get to ride with Lance, you too can say, 'It's not about the bike'. Until then, it's going to be very much about the bike. It certainly is a great feeling to own a bicycle that's worth more than most second-hand cars (and ...

Author: Gavin Wright

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780730376668

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Discover the joys and benefitsof riding a bike Whether you're looking to join the Lycra brigade, tear down mountain bike trails or simply teach yourself — or your child — how to ride, this practical guide covers all your needs, from choosing the right bike and accessories to hitting the road and trails. Improve your health and fitness, reduce your carbon footprint and have fun along the way! Pick the bike and equipment that suit you — determine whether a road bike, mountain bike or something in-between is best for you Find the time to incorporate cycling into your lifestyle — start commuting to work and plan your cycling schedule Understand your rights and responsibilities as a cyclist — know the regulations that apply in your local area Stay safe in traffic and off-road — be seen and heard, and feel confident when dealing with potential dangers and hazards Train to improve — adopt programs to improve your speed and endurance on the road, or your fitness and skill for mountain biking Prepare yourself and your bike for touring — research your route and transport options, get your bike ready and know what to pack Get your kids on a bike — add a child to your bike, pick the right bike for your older child and teach your kids to ride the easy way Maintain yourself and your bike — prevent or ease cycling ailments and learn how to repair and service your bike Open the book and find: How your bike should be adjusted to fit you Advice on the easiest way to get on a bike and start pedalling How to avoid dangers presented by cars, trucks, dogs and birds Tips for riding with other people Pointers on incorporating cycling into the school run Guidelines for eating and drinking before, during and after cycling The ten best rides in Australia and New Zealand Ten great tours and races from around the world Learn to: Choose the right bike for you and your lifestyle Select the best gear to keep you looking good and riding well Obey the road rules and stay safe Find your riding style, from off-roading to cycling with kids

Mind is the Ride

Our bodies long ago evolved to ride a bike, it's just the mind had to catch up to invent it. Two best-selling books about cycling have been It's Not About the Bike, the story of racing cyclist Lance Armstrong (before his fall from ...

Author: Jet McDonald

Publisher: Unbound Publishing

ISBN: 9781783526925

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 368

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When Jet McDonald cycled four thousand miles to India and back, he didn’t want to write a straightforward travel book. He wanted to go on an imaginative journey. Mind is the Ride takes the reader on a physical and intellectual adventure from West to East using the components of a bike as a metaphor for philosophy, which is woven into the cyclist's experience. Each chapter is based around a single component, and as Jet travels he adds new parts and new philosophies until the bike is ‘built’; the ride to India is completed; and the relationship between mind, body and bicycle made apparent. The age of the travelogue is over: today we need to travel inwardly to see the world with fresh eyes. Mind is the Ride is that journey, a pedal-powered antidote to the petrol-driven philosophies of the past.

Across America by Bicycle

Before, I had simply hoped that such people existed out there; now I know they are real, and I see the strength of this country in them. ... Lance Armstrong is right—it's not about the bike. I think it is about what the bike allows us ...

Author: Alice Honeywell

Publisher: Terrace Books

ISBN: 9780299248833

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 287

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Biking from Oregon to Maine is no small feat, especially for two newly retired women who carry everything they need for three months, powered only by the strength of their legs and a desire for adventure. Alice Honeywell and Bobbi Montgomery invite readers to follow their ride by bicycle across the United States, as they face scorching sun, driving rain, buffeting winds, equipment failures, killer hills, wild fires, and even a plague of grasshoppers. As Alice and Bobbi pedal along their 3,600-mile journey, they test and deepen their friendship, defy their aches and pains, experience the vast and varied beauties of their country, and discover the challenges and satisfaction of a scaled-down lifestyle. And, they encounter unfailing generosity from people they meet—from the prayers of a North Dakota woman for their safekeeping, to the offer of a house in Michigan, to invitations for dinner and a place to sleep at stops all along the way. And there are incidents to laugh over, too, such as the bewildered woman who asked them, “Well, but where do you pack your dresses?” Ride along with Alice and Bobbi as they embrace retirement with gusto and live their dream. Winner (Gold Medalist), Travel Essays, Foreword Magazine’s Books of the Year

American Autobiography

The title of Armstrong's autobiography, It's Not About the Bike, is more fitting than perhaps its author intended. Ostensibly, the reference to the bike alludes to Armstrong's identity as champion athlete, twice winner of the Tour de ...

Author: Rachael McLennan

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748670468

Category: Literary Criticism

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The first student guide to American Autobiography

Reconsidering the Bicycle

The title phrase of Tour de France bicycle racer Lance Armstrong's 2001 autobiography—“It's not about the bike”—seems apt here, which is to say, the heart of the matter lies beyond the bike. Although what Armstrong is getting at ...

Author: Luis Antonio Vivanco

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415503884

Category: Social Science

Page: 153

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In cities throughout the world, bicycles have gained a high profile in recent years, with politicians and activists promoting initiatives like bike lanes, bikeways, bike share programs, and other social programs to get more people on bicycles. Bicycles in the city are, some would say, the wave of the future for car-choked, financially-strapped, obese, and sustainability-sensitive urban areas. This book explores how and why people are reconsidering the bicycle, no longer thinking of it simply as a toy or exercise machine, but as a potential solution to a number of contemporary problems. It focuses in particular on what reconsidering the bicycle might mean for everyday practices and politics of urban mobility, a concept that refers to the intertwined physical, technological, social, and experiential dimensions of human movement. This book is for Introductory Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Sociology, Environmental Anthropology, and all undergraduate courses on the environment and on sustainability throughout the social sciences.