An Irish Hostage

-New York Times Book Review - NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR CHARLES TODD An Irish Hostage A BESS CRAWFORD MYSTERY An Irish Hostage A Bess Crawford Mystery CHARLES Todd wm. Front Cover.

Author: Charles Todd

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“[Readers] are bound to be caught up in the adventures of Bess Crawford . . . While her sensibility is as crisp as her narrative voice, Bess is a compassionate nurse who responds with feeling.”— The New York Times Book Review In the uneasy peace following World War I, nurse Bess Crawford runs into trouble and treachery in Ireland—in this twelfth book in the New York Times bestselling mystery series. The Great War is over—but in Ireland, in the wake of the bloody 1916 Easter Rising, anyone who served in France is now considered a traitor, including nurse Eileen Flynn and former soldier Michael Sullivan, who only want to be married in the small, isolated village where she grew up. Even her grandmother is against it, and Eileen’s only protection is her cousin Terrence who was a hero of the Rising and is still being hunted by the British. Bess Crawford had promised to be there for the wedding. And in spite of the danger to her, she keeps that promise—only to be met with the shocking news that the groom has vanished. Eileen begs for her help, but how can Bess hope to find him when she doesn’t know the country, the people, or where to put her trust? Time is running out, for Michael and for Bess herself, and soon her own life is on the line. With only an Irish outlaw and a man being hunted for murder on her side, how can she possibly save herself, much less stop a killer?

The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy

... and the sword of Carlus , and the Irish hostages both of the Lagenians and Leth Cuinn , and sixty ounces of white silver ( or money ) as his fetter - ounce , and eighty cows for word and supplication , and four hostages to O'Riagain ...

Author: Royal Irish Academy (Dublin)


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The Road to Judgment

Hostage-Sureties. of. Irish. Law. Many of the concepts outlined in the previous chapter may seem strange or unfamiliar to us. With the hostage-surety, however, we enter a world that is sadly simultaneously archaic and modern.

Author: Robin Chapman Stacey

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812232165

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Examines the institution of personal suretyship through the remarkable rich sources extant from medieval Ireland and Wales.

Hard Cases True Stories of Irish Crime

Profiling Ireland's Murderers, Kidnappers and Thugs Gene Kerrigan. The gunmen decided to take the silver Renault car instead of the van. One of them ran back towards the car. 'Bring the hostage,' he shouted. One of the police teams was ...

Author: Gene Kerrigan

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 9780717166596

Category: True Crime

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From crime to verdict, award-winning journalist Gene Kerrigan tells the brutal stories of some of Ireland’s most notorious murders, kidnappings and violent attacks Hard Cases is a collection of startling stories about the reality of crime and court cases in Ireland. In these stories, there are no crime bosses with quaint nicknames; the police don’t collect convenient clues that tell them whodunnit. Instead, it contains cases both famous and obscure in which the outcome is sometimes just, sometimes unsettling and always complicated, in which there are no easy answers and no simple victims. In Hard Cases, you will delve into the criminal underworld of Ireland, starting with the tale of Dessie O’Hare which records in breathtaking detail the inside story of a notorious kidnapping. There’s the story of Karl Crawley, a sometimes gentle, sometimes wild young Dublin man who found a shocking way of fighting back against authority. Then there’s the story of Peter Matthews, who went into a police station to answer questions about a petty crime and ended up dead – with gardaí covering up the reason why. Hard Cases also exposes the story behind some Ireland’s most infamous crime scenes: how did Fr Molloy come to die in the bedroom of his married friends? What happened when Christy Payne came home to find his daughter’s boyfriend wielding a hatchet? Hard Cases is a must-read – revealing the true stories behind some of Ireland’s most famous headlines and exposing the machinations of the Irish justice system, it is a shocking and fascinating snapshot of Irish crime, criminals and court cases.

Irish America

But , hostages , an Irishman , an Englishman and an American , be assured . ... Though McGuin- in which people try any trick of the mind to keep survival ness met with Irish hostage Brian Keenan after his release , in view , it succeeds ...



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A Statute of the Fortieth Year of King Edward III

Also for the better maintaining of peace , and doing right , as well to the Irish death ; and at the years 1234 , 1257 , 1259 , Connaught .-- See the life and actions of this 1265 , 1296 , and 1439 , for hostages blinded . extraordinary ...

Author: Ireland


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Irish Drama and Theatre Since 1950

The first was that her San Siobhán had shown that the Irish language need not be an impediment to the success of an ... Brendan Behan: from An Giall to The Hostage Writing in 1964, Mac Liammóir argued that Siobhán McKenna and Brendan ...

Author: Patrick Lonergan

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781474262668

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Drawing on major new archival discoveries and recent research, Patrick Lonergan presents an innovative account of Irish drama and theatre, spanning the past seventy years. Rather than offering a linear narrative, the volume traces key themes to illustrate the relationship between theatre and changes in society. In considering internationalization, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Celtic Tiger period, feminism, and the changing status of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Lonergan asserts the power of theatre to act as an agent of change and uncovers the contribution of individual artists, plays and productions in challenging societal norms. Irish Drama and Theatre since 1950 provides a wide-ranging account of major developments, combined with case studies of the premiere or revival of major plays, the establishment of new companies and the influence of international work and artists, including Tennessee Williams, Chekhov and Brecht. While bringing to the fore some of the untold stories and overlooked playwrights following the declaration of the Irish Republic, Lonergan weaves into his account the many Irish theatre-makers who have achieved international prominence in the period: Samuel Beckett, Siobhán McKenna and Brendan Behan in the 1950s, continuing with Brian Friel and Tom Murphy, and concluding with the playwrights who emerged in the late 1990s, including Martin McDonagh, Enda Walsh, Conor McPherson, Marie Jones and Marina Carr. The contribution of major Irish companies to world theatre is also examined, including both the Abbey and Gate theatres, as well as Druid, Field Day and Charabanc. Through its engaging analysis of seventy years of Irish theatre, this volume charts the acts of gradual but revolutionary change that are the story of Irish theatre and drama and of its social and cultural contexts.


O Dublin , Ireland When informed by Washington that the hostages were to be released , Ambassador William V. Shannon ... O the hostages came , late on Saturday An international and interdenomnight , hundreds of Irish and Americans ...



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The Little Book of Irish Landmarks

It functioned as a high-security prison and held native Irish hostages captive in Tudor times. In the eighteenth century a Georgian palace was constructed. By the following century (the castle continued as the viceroy's seat after the ...

Author: Cathal Coyle

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750985208

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THE LITTLE BOOK OF IRISH LANDMARKS is a compendium of fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts about some of Ireland’s most iconic landmarks and popular tourist attractions. Here you will find out about the Giant’s Causeway, Bunratty Castle, Blarney Castle, Newgrange, Cliffs of Moher, GPO Dublin, Tory Island, Skellig Michael, Hill of Tara and much more. A reliable reference book and a quirky guide, this can be dipped into time and time again to reveal something new about the people, the heritage and the secrets of the Emerald Isle.