Prevention Strategies that Work

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN LIBRARIES Components off Promising Prevention Programs Does your school have the. Unfortunately, there has been little support for early intervention when a child shows signs of behavioral difficulties, ...



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Burnout at Work

123–4; work engagement as 3–4; in workplace 152. See also CREW intervention; prevention strategies burnout research: conceptualization challenges 90–1; daily diary method 6, 88–9; episodic approach to 83–4; on interventions 7; ...

Author: Michael P Leiter

Publisher: Psychology Press

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The psychological concept of burnout refers to long-term exhaustion from, and diminished interest in, the work we do. It’s a phenomenon that most of us have some understanding of, even if we haven’t always been affected directly. Many people start their working lives full of energy and enthusiasm, but far fewer are able to maintain that level of engagement. Burnout at Work: A Psychological Perspective provides a comprehensive overview of how the concept of burnout has been conceived over recent decades, as well as discussing the challenges and possible interventions that can help confront this pervasive issue. Including contributions from the most eminent researchers in this field, the book examines a range of topics including: The links between burnout and health How our individual relationships at work can affect levels of burnout The role of leadership in mediating or causing burnout The strategies that individuals can pursue to avoid burnout, as well as wider interventions. The book will be required reading for anyone studying organizational or occupational psychology, and will also interest students of business and management, and health psychology.

Drug Abuse Prevention Intervention Research

Health policymakers , legislators , community leaders , and concerned citizens are seeking scientifically based answers to their questions about which prevention strategies work best , for whom , in which situations , and for what ...

Author: Carl G. Leukefeld

Publisher: United States Government Printing

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Preventing Problem Behaviors

This is a strategy book, presenting practices to counter behavioural problems before they get out of hand. They have been tested, adapted, and proven effective in a variety of settings.

Author: Bob Algozzine

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 0761977767

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`This book offers am array of suggested good practice with consistent thinking behind it and teachers and other education professional will find much that both interest and challenges in it. The book has much to teachers not only in the setting of challenging behaviours but also in the wider context of effective classroom practice aimed at preventing problems that become challenging′ - Chris Lee, British Journal of Special Education Today, most teachers will tell you that they spend an inordinate amount of time, energy, and effort managing problem behaviours - and that time spent managing behaviour seriously limits the amount of time they can spend teaching. Removing students who misbehave from the classroom only displaces the problem, and does nothing to address the school system′s responsibility to educate them. This book follows an OSEP-funded (Office of Special Education Programs) project titled Prevention Strategies That Work, which covered four years of implementing school-based prevention practices. The effective prevention (NOT intervention) programmes are based on the premise that early response to learning, behaviour, and emotional problems can lead to better outcomes for students. The three fundamental areas addressed are: improving individual behaviours, improving classroom and school-wide conditions, and improving family and community partnerships. This is a strategy book, presenting practices to counter behavioural problems before they get out of hand. They have been tested, adapted, and proven effective in a variety of settings. Each chapter cites the research that supports the recommended practices.

Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning

School and community responses require a balanced approach of prevention, intervention, and enforcement strategies. Schools must work very closely with law enforcement to share information on gang activity since what happens in the ...

Author: Kenneth S. Trump

Publisher: Corwin Press

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Security expert Kenneth S. Trump outlines school security issues and provides nuts-and-bolts strategies for preventing violence and preparing for crises. Includes author's companion website.

Substance Abuse Intervention Prevention Rehabilitation and Systems Change

Smith College Studies in Social Work 63 : 324–41 . ... In J. E. Tropman , J. Erlich , and J. Rothman , eds . , Tactics and Techniques of Community Intervention , 3rd ed . ... Alcohol and drug abuse prevention strategies -An overview .

Author: Edith Freeman

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231504845

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This book is the first to utilize the empowerment approach of social work practice with substance-abusing clients, bridging clinical, community, and social policy approaches in order to place individual addiction in its sociopolitical context. As Lorraine Gutiérrez points out in her foreword, the book "challenges us to transform our thinking about substance abuse and move beyond our existing focus on individual deficits." Arguing that pathology-focused definitions of substance abuse tend to transform people into their problems, Freeman instead advocates for strengths-centered policies and regulations as the means to empower clients, communities, and society as a whole. Freeman outlines basic empowerment principles and practices, then details the service delivery processes; offers a context for power, policy, and funding decisions; and examines the needs of special populations. Case examples supplement each chapter, and the final part examines four exemplary programs that demonstrate the empowerment process in action.

Therapist s Guide to Evidence Based Relapse Prevention

The range of intervention/treatment/relapse prevention strategies for older adults—minimal advice, structured brief ... and specialized relapse prevention programs—provides the tools for health care providers to work with older adults ...

Author: Katie A. Witkiewitz

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080471048

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Describes the evidence-based approaches to preventing relapse of major mental and substance-related disorders. Therapist's Guide to Evidence-based Relapse Prevention combines the theoretical rationale, empirical data, and the practical "how-to" for intervention programs. The first section will serve to describe the cognitive-behavioral model of relapse and provide a general introduction to relapse prevention techniques. While Section II will focus on specific problem areas, Section III will focus on diverse populations and treatment settings. Incorporates theoretical and empirical support Provides step-by-step strategies for implementing relapse prevention techniques Includes case studies that describe application of relapse prevention techniques

Corporate Wellness Programs

Primary prevention strategies that focus on causal factors using comprehensive interventions that focus on all levels of the organization is crucial and the most effective. A systematic review of the job stressintervention evaluation ...

Author: Ronald J. Burke

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781783471706

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øCorporate Wellness Programs offers contributions from international experts, examining the planning, implementation and evaluation of wellness initiatives in organizations, and offering guidance on how to introduce these programs in to the workplace.