Whose Country Music

“Diversity in Country Music.” International Country Music Journal: 46–76. Beltran, Mary. ... International Social Science Review 84 (3/4): 157–70. Bennett, Jessica. 2021. “The Working Woman's Anthem '9 to 5' Needed an Update. But This?

Author: Paula J. Bishop

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108837125

Category: Music

Page: 323

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Questions and challenges the systems of gatekeeping that have restricted participation in twenty-first century country music culture.

International Country Music Journal 2021

This is an academic journal containing a collection of articles by country music scholars on a variety of topics with an emphasis on historical country music.

Author: Don Cusic

Publisher: Brackish Publishing

ISBN: 0999053760

Category: History

Page: 422

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This is an academic journal containing a collection of articles by country music scholars on a variety of topics with an emphasis on historical country music. Contributors include Don Cusic, Dave Sichak, Mari Nagatomi, Tim Dodge, Linda J. Daniel, Christina Lynn, Boll Nowlin, David W. Johnson and Kenichi Yamaguchi. Topics include Hank Williams, Milton Estes, Country Music in Japan, Don Messer's Jubilee, Irish Country Music, Jo Val, The Stanley Brothers, the Phipps Family, Eve Thompson Jones and The Sleepy Hollow Ranch.

Southern Music Icons of Hendersonville Tennessee

Telephone interview with Tena Lee, May 10, 2021. Nelson, Burkett (Hendersonville business ... with Tena Lee, January 14, 2021. Roberts, Chett, and Greg Upchurch (musicians for band 3 Doors Down). ... International Country Music Journal.

Author: Jennifer Bruce and Tena Lee

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781467145411

Category: History

Page: 144

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For more than four decades, Hendersonville has been home to extraordinary musical talent. Music icons of the early 1960s like Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and June Carter migrated to the city and the tranquility of the lake. These musicians became part of the close-knit Caudill community, which was and continues to be home to southern music royalty. Orbison's legendary "Pretty Woman" came from his time in Hendersonville with his first wife, Claudette. Johnny Cash's critically acclaimed version of Trent Reznor's "Hurt" was filmed in Cash's Hendersonville home, leading to a new generation of fans. The '60s, '70s and '80s were a popular time for musicians to move to Hendersonville. Authors Jennifer Bruce and Tena Lee offer up the legendary history.

Industrial Strength Bluegrass

Southwestern Ohio's Musical Legacy Fred Bartenstein, Curtis W. Ellison ... Bluegrass, Country, and Gospel Music and Musicians Bartenstein, Fred. ... Special edition of International Country Music Journal (Winter 2016): 47–56.

Author: Fred Bartenstein

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252052538

Category: Music

Page: 272

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In the twentieth century, Appalachian migrants seeking economic opportunities relocated to southwestern Ohio, bringing their music with them. Between 1947 and 1989, they created an internationally renowned capital for the thriving bluegrass music genre, centered on the industrial region of Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton, Middletown, and Springfield. Fred Bartenstein and Curtis W. Ellison edit a collection of eyewitness narratives and in-depth analyses that explore southwestern Ohio’s bluegrass musicians, radio broadcasters, recording studios, record labels, and performance venues, along with the music’s contributions to religious activities, community development, and public education. As the bluegrass scene grew, southwestern Ohio's distinctive sounds reached new fans and influenced those everywhere who continue to play, produce, and love roots music. Revelatory and multifaceted, Industrial Strength Bluegrass shares the inspiring story of a bluegrass hotbed and the people who created it. Contributors: Fred Bartenstein, Curtis W. Ellison, Jon Hartley Fox, Rick Good, Lily Isaacs, Ben Krakauer, Mac McDivitt, Nathan McGee, Daniel Mullins, Joe Mullins, Larry Nager, Phillip J. Obermiller, Bobby Osborne, and Neil V. Rosenberg.

Black Country Music

The rocker and Black country musician and journalist Kandia Crazy Horse suggests that “there's something enduring to the ... Fills WAC with World Music,” Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, October 3, 2014, accessed December 16, 2021, ...

Author: Francesca T. Royster

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477326497

Category: Music

Page: 241

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How Black musicians have changed the country music landscape and brought light to Black creativity and innovation.

Country Music Goes to War

Country music sources: A biblio-discography of commercially recorded traditional music. ... Journal of country music 6:19–27. ... Fiddlin' Georgia crazy: Fiddlin' John Carson, his real world, and the world of his songs.

Author: Charles K. Wolfe

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813187501

Category: Music

Page: 264

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"Listening to the Beat of the Bomb" UPK author Charles Wolfe discusses his work and his new book Country Music Goes to War in the NEW YORK TIMES. While Toby Keith suggests that Americans should unite in support of the president, the Dixie Chicks assert their right to criticize the current administration and its military pursuits. Country songs about war are nearly as old as the genre itself, and the first gold record in country music went to the 1942 war song "There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere" by Elton Britt. The essays in Country Music Goes to War demonstrate that country musicians' engagement with significant political and military issues is not strictly a twenty-first-century phenomenon. The contributors examine the output of country musicians responding to America's large-scale confrontation in recent history: World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, the cold war, September 11, and both conflicts in the Persian Gulf. They address the ways in which country songs and artists have energized public discourse, captured hearts, and inspired millions of minds. Charles K. Wolfe, professor of English and folklore at Middle Tennessee State University, is the author of numerous books and articles on music. James E. Akenson, professor of curriculum and instruction at Tennessee Technological University, is the founder of the International Country Music Conference. Together they have edited the collections The Women of Country Music, Country Music Annual 2000, Country Music Annual 2001, and Country Music Annual 2002.

Archeologia e Calcolatori 32 1 2021

... interactive sound art: A multi-level approach, «International Journal of Arts and Technology», 7, 4, 294-315. ... of music research, creation, and education at Padua's Centro di Sonologia Computazionale, «Computer Music Journal», ...

Author: Angela Bellia

Publisher: All’Insegna del Giglio

ISBN: 9788892850576

Category: Social Science

Page: 500

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Il volume 32.1 è suddiviso in due parti. La prima comprende gli articoli proposti annualmente alla rivista da studiosi italiani e stranieri che illustrano ricerche archeologiche interdisciplinari in cui l’uso delle tecnologie informatiche risulta determinante per l’acquisizione, l’elaborazione e l’interpretazione dei dati. Tecniche di analisi statistica, banche dati, GIS e analisi spaziali, tecniche di rilievo tridimensionale e ricostruzioni virtuali, sistemi multimediali, contribuiscono a documentare le testimonianze del passato e a diffondere i risultati della ricerca scientifica. La seconda parte del volume contiene un inserto speciale curato da Angela Bellia e dedicato a una tematica innovativa, l’archeomusicologia, un campo di ricerca multidisciplinare che adotta i metodi dell’archeologia per lo studio della musica e della vita musicale nel mondo antico. Gli articoli s’incentrano sul ruolo delle tecnologie digitali basate sulla modellazione 3D e sulla simulazione del suono per ampliare le conoscenze sugli strumenti musicali dell’antichità e sul prezioso, ma estremamente labile, patrimonio sonoro. Chiude il volume la sezione dedicata alle Note e recensioni.

Music Sociology

'Transcendent Myths, Mundane Objects: Setting the Material Scene in Rock, Soul, and Country Museums', International Journal of Heritage Studies, 24:5, 477–490. Fairchild, C. (2021). The Musician in the Museum: Display and Power in ...

Author: Raphaël Nowak

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429559877

Category: Music

Page: 194

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Music Sociology critically evaluates current approaches to the study of music in sociology and presents a broad overview of how music is positioned and represented in existing sociological scholarship. It then goes on to offer a new framework for approaching the sociology of music, taking music itself as a starting point, and considering what music sociology can learn from related disciplines such as critical musicology, ethnomusicology, and cultural studies. As a central form of leisure, consumption, and cultural production, music has attracted significant attention from sociologists who seek to understand its deeper socio-cultural meaning. With case studies that address sound environments, consumption, media technologies, local scenes, music heritage, and ageing, the authors highlight the distinctive nature of musical experience, and show how sociology can illuminate it. Providing both a survey of existing perspectives the sociology of music, and a thought-provoking discussion of how the field can move forward, this concise and accessible book will be a vital reading for anyone teaching or studying music from a sociological standpoint.

Rural Rhythm

The Story of Old-Time Country Music in 78 Records Tony Russell ... Journal of Texas Music History 6:1 (2006): 17–19. 26 “HALLELUJAH! ... Paper given at the 21st Annual International Country Music Conference, Nashville, May 28, 2004.

Author: Tony Russell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190091194

Category: Music

Page: 352

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There are many biographies and histories of early country music and its creators, but surprisingly little attention has been given to the actual songs at the heart of these narratives. In this groundbreaking book, music historian Tony Russell turns the spotlight on seventy-eight original 78rpm discs of songs and tunes from the 1920s and 1930s, uncovering the hidden stories of how they came to be recorded, the musicians who sang and played them, the record companies that marketed them, and the listeners who absorbed them. In these essays, based upon new research, contemporary newspaper accounts, and previously unpublished interviews, and copiously illustrated with rare images, readers will find songs about home and family, love and courtship, crime and punishment, farms and floods, chain gangs and chain stores, journeys and memories, and many other aspects of life in the period. Rural Rhythm not only charts the tempos and styles of rural and small-town music-making and the origins of present-day country music, but also traces the larger rhythms of life in the American South, Southwest, and Midwest. What emerges is a narrative that ingeniously blends the musical and social history of the era.

Feminist Interventions in Critical Peace and Conflict Studies

Marko Stojanovska Rupčić, 'Songs That Sound “Right”', in Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe, ed. ... 'Real Men Kill and a Lady Never Talks Back: Gender Goes to War in Country Music', International Journal of World Peace 24, no.

Author: Laura McLeod

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000395228

Category: Political Science

Page: 128

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This book provides a feminist intervention in Peace & Conflict Studies. It demonstrates why feminist approaches matter to theories and practices of resolving conflict and building peace. Understanding power inequalities in contexts of armed conflict and peace processes is crucial for identifying the root causes of conflict and opportunities for peaceful transformation. Feminist scholarship offers vital theoretical insights and innovative methods, which can deepen our understanding of power relations in peacebuilding. Yet, all too often feminist research receives token acknowledgement rather than sustained engagement and analysis. This collection highlights the value of feminist analysis to contemporary Peace and Conflict Studies. Drawing on case studies from around the world - including Croatia, Myanmar, Iceland, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, and Timor-Leste – it demonstrates why paying serious attention to feminist scholarship prompts useful insights for peacebuilding policy, practice, and scholarship. Feminist theory, epistemology, and methodology provide a rich resource for critically analysing peacebuilding practices. In particular, the chapters highlight the value of feminist reflexivity, the contributions of a feminist corporeal analysis, and the significance of a feminist reading of core concepts in Peace and Conflict Studies – including hybridity, the local, and the everyday. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Peacebuilding.