Intelligent Techniques in E Commerce

The revolution of the Internet and the WWW has been changing traditional commercial activities such as shopping, brokerage, negotiation and retailing. Intelligent techniques for e-commerce have drawn increasing attention since the end ...

Author: Zhaohao Sun

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540400035

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E-commerce has passed through a number of stages in the minds of most readers of the daily press. Initially it was the province of the specialist and considered almost irrelevant to the needs and activities of everyday life - companies looking for venture capital in this area had little if any chance of obtaining sufficient funds from the rather conservative investors who provided the only source of start-up capital. Then came the dot. com boom -and suddenly e-commerce was the most exciting topic possible! Venture capital was available from every possible source and almost any company with a . com in its name could be assured of instant funding on request. This boom was, inevitably, followed by the dot. com bust and the press wamed that the days of e-commerce were gone, perhaps never to return. This apparently confusing 'stages of growth' model is in reality nothing ofthe sort. E-commerce is simply the logical outcome of combining computers with tele communications networks. The astonishing changes which a global economy has brought with it are reflected in the changes to the way we do business which are increasingly synonymous with e-commerce. Indeed, the term e-commerce itself is coming to mean only the transaction-based component of e-business-'any process that a business organisation conducts over a computer-mediated network' as Thomas Mesenbourg ofthe U. S. Census Bureau said in 1999.

Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization

Recommendation and Personalization in eCommerce, Proceedings of the AH'2002 Workshop, Malaga, Spain, May, 28th 2002. Universidad de Malaga. F. Ricci, A. Venturini, D. Cavada, N. Mirzadeh, D. Blaas, and M. Nones.

Author: Bamshad Mobasher

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the Second Workshop on Intelligent Techniques in Web Personalization, ITWP 2003, held in Acapulco, Mexico in August 2003 as part of IJCAI 2003, the 18th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The 17 revised full papers presented were carefully selected and include extended versions of some of the papers presented at the ITWP 2003 workshop as well as a number of invited chapters by leading researchers in the field of Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization. The papers are organized in topical sections on user modelling, recommender systems, enabling technologies, personalized information access, and systems and applications.

Intelligent Techniques in Engineering Management

10082–10090 (2012) Turban, E., Sharda, R., Delen, D.: Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems, 9th edn. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River (2011) Wang, G., Zhang, Z., Sun, J., Yang, S., Larson, C.A.: POS-RS: A Random Subspace ...

Author: Cengiz Kahraman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319179063

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This book presents recently developed intelligent techniques with applications and theory in the area of engineering management. The involved applications of intelligent techniques such as neural networks, fuzzy sets, Tabu search, genetic algorithms, etc. will be useful for engineering managers, postgraduate students, researchers, and lecturers. The book has been written considering the contents of a classical engineering management book but intelligent techniques are used for handling the engineering management problem areas. This comprehensive characteristics of the book makes it an excellent reference for the solution of complex problems of engineering management. The authors of the chapters are well-known researchers with their previous works in the area of engineering management.

Research Anthology on E Commerce Adoption Models and Applications for Modern Business

Integration of Intelligent Techniques for E-Commerce The purpose of the artificial intelligence discipline is to understand human intelligence and construct computer programs that can imitate intelligent behavior.

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

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In the next few years, it is expected that most businesses will have transitioned to the use of electronic commerce technologies, namely e-commerce. This acceleration in the acceptance of e-commerce not only changes the face of business and retail, but also has introduced new, adaptive business models. The experience of consumers in online shopping and the popularity of the digital marketplace have changed the way businesses must meet the needs of consumers. To stay relevant, businesses must develop new techniques and strategies to remain competitive in a changing commercial atmosphere. The way in which e-commerce is being implemented, the business models that have been developed, and the applications including the benefits and challenges to e-commerce must be discussed to understand modern business. The Research Anthology on E-Commerce Adoption, Models, and Applications for Modern Business discusses the best practices, latest strategies, and newest methods for implementing and using e-commerce in modern businesses. This includes not only a view of how business models have changed and what business models have emerged, but also provides a focus on how consumers have changed in terms of their needs, their online behavior, and their use of e-commerce services. Topics including e-business, e-services, mobile commerce, usability models, website development, brand management and marketing, and online shopping will be explored in detail. This book is ideally intended for business managers, e-commerce managers, marketers, advertisers, brand managers, executives, IT consultants, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in how e-commerce is impacting modern business models.

Intelligent Techniques in Recommendation Systems Contextual Advancements and New Methods

Business intelligence covers the application of intelligent techniques in order to improve certain businesses, mainly in marketing. The rest of this chapter is organized as follows: section 2 discusses the applications of Web usage ...

Author: Dehuri, Satchidananda

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466625433

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Although recommendation systems have become a vital research area in the fields of cognitive science, approximation theory, information retrieval and management sciences, they still require improvements to make recommendation methods more effective and intelligent. Intelligent Techniques in Recommendation Systems: Contextual Advancements and New Methods is a comprehensive collection of research on the latest advancements of intelligence techniques and their application to recommendation systems and how this could improve this field of study.

Intelligent Techniques and Applications in Science and Technology

In: Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC 2005) (2005) 9. Stolikj, M., Jarnikov, D., Wajs, A.: Artificial intelligence for detecting media piracy. SMPTE Motion Imaging J. 127(6), ...

Author: Subhojit Dawn

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030423636

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This book provides innovative ideas on achieving sustainable development and using green technologies to conserve our ecosystem. Innovation is the successful exploitation of a new idea. Through innovation, we can achieve MORE while using LESS. Innovations in science & technology will not only help mankind as a whole, but also contribute to the economic growth of individual countries. It is essential that the global problem of environmental degradation be addressed immediately, and thus, we need to rethink the concept of sustainable development. Indeed, new environmentally friendly technologies are fundamental to attaining sustainable development. The book shares a wealth of innovative green technological ideas on how to preserve and improve the quality of the environment, and how to establish a more resource-efficient and sustainable society. The book provides an interdisciplinary approach to addressing various technical issues and capitalizing on advances in computing & optimization for scientific & technological development, smart information, communication, bio-monitoring, smart cities, food quality assessment, waste management, environmental aspects, alternative energies, sustainable infrastructure development, etc. In short, it offers valuable information and insights for budding engineers, researchers, upcoming young minds and industry professionals, promoting awareness for recent advances in the various fields mentioned above.

Handbook of Research on Intelligent Techniques and Modeling Applications in Marketing Analytics

Section 2 Computational Intelligence: Business Analytics Chapter 5 ... and Research in Banking Technology, India Chapter 8 ImprovedSeatingPlansforMovieTheatretoImproveRevenue:AnIntegratedBestWorst MethodwithEMSR-B.

Author: Kumar, Anil

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522509981

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The success of any organization is largely dependent on positive feedback and repeat business from patrons. By utilizing acquired marketing data, business professionals can more accurately assess practices, services, and products that their customers find appealing. The Handbook of Research on Intelligent Techniques and Modeling Applications in Marketing Analytics features innovative research and implementation practices of analytics in marketing research. Highlighting various techniques in acquiring and deciphering marketing data, this publication is a pivotal reference for professionals, managers, market researchers, and practitioners interested in the observation and utilization of data on marketing trends to promote positive business practices.

Intelligent Techniques in Signal Processing for Multimedia Security

In the current security context, intelligent systems for multimedia security are very much in demand. Various applications such as biometric, e-commerce, medical imaging, forensics, aerospace, and defense require high-end data security ...

Author: Nilanjan Dey

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319447902

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This book proposes new algorithms to ensure secured communications and prevent unauthorized data exchange in secured multimedia systems. Focusing on numerous applications’ algorithms and scenarios, it offers an in-depth analysis of data hiding technologies including watermarking, cryptography, encryption, copy control, and authentication. The authors present a framework for visual data hiding technologies that resolves emerging problems of modern multimedia applications in several contexts including the medical, healthcare, education, and wireless communication networking domains. Further, it introduces several intelligent security techniques with real-time implementation. As part of its comprehensive coverage, the book discusses contemporary multimedia authentication and fingerprinting techniques, while also proposing personal authentication/recognition systems based on hand images, surveillance system security using gait recognition, face recognition under restricted constraints such as dry/wet face conditions, and three-dimensional face identification using the approach developed here. This book equips perception technology professionals with the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies for multimedia security systems, offering a valuable resource for engineers and researchers working to develop security systems.

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology Fourth Edition

These models use artificial intelligence techniques and web2 technologies to perform online transactions between businesses ... DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch245 BACKGROUND Intelligent Techniques Intelligent techniques in E-commerce ...

Author: Khosrow-Pour, D.B.A., Mehdi

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522522560

Category: Computers

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In recent years, our world has experienced a profound shift and progression in available computing and knowledge sharing innovations. These emerging advancements have developed at a rapid pace, disseminating into and affecting numerous aspects of contemporary society. This has created a pivotal need for an innovative compendium encompassing the latest trends, concepts, and issues surrounding this relevant discipline area. During the past 15 years, the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology has become recognized as one of the landmark sources of the latest knowledge and discoveries in this discipline. The Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition is a 10-volume set which includes 705 original and previously unpublished research articles covering a full range of perspectives, applications, and techniques contributed by thousands of experts and researchers from around the globe. This authoritative encyclopedia is an all-encompassing, well-established reference source that is ideally designed to disseminate the most forward-thinking and diverse research findings. With critical perspectives on the impact of information science management and new technologies in modern settings, including but not limited to computer science, education, healthcare, government, engineering, business, and natural and physical sciences, it is a pivotal and relevant source of knowledge that will benefit every professional within the field of information science and technology and is an invaluable addition to every academic and corporate library.