Instructive Journey

The title of this expanded book , Instructive Journey , is again designed to indicate a linkage with what has preceded . One FAMILY BACKGROUND Rescher Forefathers The general consensus of opinion 6 INSTRUCTIVE JOURNEY.

Author: Nicholas Rescher

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761805869

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Nicholas Rescher was born in Germany in 1928 and came to the USA at the age of ten. He attended Queens College in New York City and Princeton University, where he earned his Ph.D. while still twenty-two. Since 1961 he has been University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh where he has also served as Chairman of the Department of Philosophy and as Director of the Center for Philosophy of Science. The author of more than seventy books in various areas of philosophy, works by Mr. Rescher have been translated into German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese. One of the few contemporary exponents of philosophical idealism, Mr. Rescher has been active in the rehabilitation on the coherence theory of truth and in the reconstruction of philosophical pragmatism in line with the idealistic tradition. He has pioneered the development of inconsistency-tolerant logics and, in the philosophy of science, the exponential retardation theory of scientific progress based on the epistemological principle that knowledge increases merely with the logarithm of the increase in information. Books about Rescher's work have appeared in English, German, and Italian. His contributions to philosophy have been recognized repeatedly by honorary degrees awarded by universities in the U.S.A. and abroad. In 1977 its fellow elected him an honorary member of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and in 1983 he received an Alexander von Humboldt Humanities Prize, awarded under the auspices of the Federal Republic of Germany 'in recognition of the research accomplishments of humanistic scholars of international distinction.' In this autobiographical work, Rescher describes his boyhood in Nazi Germany, his family's struggles to make a new life for themselves in the USA of the 1930's, and the vicissitudes attending his own labors as a professional philosopher. The book provides a vivid and humane portrait of the intellectual and personal formation of America's most productive philosophical author.

Goal Invention The Mental Therapy Sport and Hobby

Technical Insights Technical Insight 1: I apologize for the inconvenience in which each of the instructive example cycle's stages is displayed over 3 pages. When you start your 10-cycle goal invention journey, your cycles will only ...

Author: Thecyclecasenumber Goalinventionsystemauthor

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A reader interactive hardcover textbook that instructs The Cycle Case Number Goal Invention System, a system which promotes goal invention. Study the system chapter by chapter and perform the mental therapy, sport, and hobby of goal invention, as you become the co-author of this textbook. This reader interactive textbook, Goal Invention: The Mental Therapy, Sport, and Hobby, is structured in two halves. The first half of this textbook instructs The Cycle Case Number Goal Invention System. The second half of the textbook contains the reader interactive Goal Invention Workbook entitled “The 10-Cycle Goal Invention Journey”. The 10-Cycle Goal Invention Journey is the preformatted workbook section for you to perform goal invention as a mental therapy, sport, and hobby, while using the systematic procedures of The Cycle Case Number Goal Invention System. In Goal Invention: the Mental Therapy, Sport, and Hobby, you perform the cycle case number goal invention system and become the Author of this book. You are The Cycle Case Number Goal Invention System Author

History of the German Emperors and Their Contemporaries

In 1790 he made a rapid but instructive journey with George Foster through Belgium , Holland , England , and France . On his return to Germany he came in contact with Klopstock , Voss , Claudius , and the two Stollbergs .

Author: Elizabeth Peake


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Goldthwaite s Geographical Magazine

Herndon , in his ever valuable account of his journey across the Andes and down the Amazon , gives a very vivid picture of ... of the instructive ride through his own country is so lacking in patriotism that he had far better stay at home .

Author: Cyrus Cornelius Adams


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Secretary s Report

He expects to leave the ship and travel in the East after reaching Japan . ... They had a most delightful and instructive journey , passing two months traveling in the interior of Japan , and a like length of time in China and India ...

Author: Harvard College (1780- ). Class of 1884


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Serial set no 0 3099

Rides of instruction . - In every military department instructive journeys ( on horseback ) of eight to ten days are made every year under the direction of general staff officers for the purpose of solving tactical problems in an ...



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Senate documents

Whoever wishes for a delightful and instructive journey will do well to visit these islands . They are only seven days ' sail from San Francisco in a first - class steamer , and across an ocean which is rarely troubled with storms .



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A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings

During the whole of the journey the Doctor's conversation was upon divine things . He , in a familiarly instructive and striking manner , explained many important passages of Scripture , and showed the necessity of experimental and ...

Author: John Kay


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