Inside the Room

The Sycamore Room “How long will it take to get the Punt back into circulation?” I ask. “Notes and coins could be produced within a week, ...

Author: Eamon Gilmore

Publisher: Merrion Press

ISBN: 9781785370458

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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March 2011: Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore have just formed a coalition government between Fine Gael and Labour. Ireland’s banks are broken, unemployment is heading for half a million, the public finances are in deficit, international lenders rate Ireland as ‘junk’ and the country is in an IMF bailout. As Tánaiste in the new Coalition, Eamon Gilmore was at the heart of every major economic decision taken during his term, and as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade was primarily responsible for restoring Ireland’s international reputation and trade connections. In his extraordinary political memoir of these dramatic and turbulent times, Eamon Gilmore writes frankly about the political price the Labour Party has paid for some of their choices, reflects on the circumstances that led to his own resignation and assesses the prospects for Ireland’s continued recovery, including the risks which could yet blow Ireland’s economy off course.

Inside the Room with the Ultimate Leafs

100 stories- some never before heard- about the provenance, history, and special interest points for memorabilia from the Toronto Maple Leafs from the Ultimate Leaf Fan, Mike Wilson's collection, written with Lance Hornby, veteran sports ...

Author: Wilson Mike


ISBN: 1550824406


Page: 240

View: 839


100 stories#8212some never before heard#8212about the provenance, history, and special interest points for memorabilia from the Toronto Maple Leafs from the Ultimate Leaf Fan, Mike Wilson's collection, written with Lance Hornby, veteran sports journalist, and Paul Patskou, hockey historian and video archivist.

Inside the NDP War Room

signifier.25 This symbolic role for the war room, constructed by grafting a functional purpose onto the mythic/historic language of organized hostility, ...

Author: James S. McLean

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773587854

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 386


The federal election campaign of 2005-06 offered the usual mix of lofty rhetoric, competing interests, and skullduggery. Nonetheless, this campaign laid the foundation for a major shift in Canadian politics, bringing the Conservative Party to power and changing the balance of opposition parties. Inside the NDP War Room takes readers behind the scenes to investigate the nature of credibility in the complex communicative game of election campaigns. James McLean considers the ways in which the idea of credibility is used to explain how messages are crafted and articulated, how journalists are implicated, and what the Canadian public needs to know about what is at stake in the competition for votes. He talks to insiders about their communication practices and strategies, and reflects upon the grand narratives and small opportunistic moments brought before the Canadian public when power is up for grabs. A vivid, first-hand account of campaign strategizing, Inside the NDP War Room offers insights into the NDP breakthroughs of 2011, the full meaning of Quebec's "orange wave," and the future of a party preparing for a new reality.

Inside the Locker Room

Opening the letter didn't start out as the highlight of my day, but once I got the enveloped ripped opened and 42 INSIDE THE LOCKER RooM.

Author: Ebony Humphrey

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781616384760

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

View: 591


Are you putting your hope in yourself or someone else? Are you idolizing people and things of this world? Are you doing your will instead of the Father's will? There is a desperate need today for people to cry out for the presence of the Lord. We cannot enter into His presence until He leads us through the Holy Spirit. So, if you are putting your hope in something or someone other than God, you will be blessed by the message of hope contained within these pages. Follow author Ebony Humphrey on a journey of life's struggles and the joyous victories that can come when we trust in God's will for every area of our lives, allowing His power to work within. Through her life experiences and marriage to NFL tight-end Tory Humphrey, Sr., Ebony has been blessed to see the power of God working in her own family.

Inside the Situation Room


Author: Dan Elish

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9780756558819

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 805


On-point historical photographs combined with strong narration bring the story of the raid that captured bin Laden to life. Kids will feel as though they are in the room with President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the others in the cabinet who called for and monitored the raid. Primary source quotations make the event feel immediate, and photographs by the White House photographer add to the immediacy, and the understanding of the risks and dangers posed by the ultimately successful mission.

Inside the Boardroom

Author: Douglas V. Austin

Publisher: Irwin Professional Pub

ISBN: UOM:35128000983765

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 266

View: 528


Discusses bank policy, procedures, finance, and human resource issues, explains a director's responsibilities, and offers advice on planning

Trials and Deliberations

The second case involves stockholder's inside information. This was a typical case of churning in which the plaintiff was steered into the wrong type of ...

Author: Amy Singer


ISBN: STANFORD:36105060643983

Category: Jury


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The Men Inside

The Chalukya was an old ship , and the cold rooms were originally designed in such a manner that their doors could be opened from the inside .

Author: George Phillipos


ISBN: 8129105500

Category: Marine engineering

Page: 276

View: 957


A brilliant collection of short stories woven out of the author's association with the seas as a marine engineer. Exquisitely narrated, the author is able to transport the reader into the deep seas with his characters. Through the tapestry of his narration, Phillipos is able to delineate the stories of ordinary human beings and their ordinary human emotions on one hand, while on the other he dabbles with the realm of the unreal/paranormal. Anecdotal and churned out of his personal memory, this collection is simply unputdownable.

The Rheinbholz Affair including other suspense and horror stories Inside the Black Labyrinth and Full Moon

They go inside the room and Hildegard is very surprised and thrilled. The room is very luxurious with a chandlier hanging from the ceiling.

Author: James Pecora

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496927637

Category: Fiction

Page: 108

View: 849


The first and main story, “The Rheinbholz Affair” deals with suspense. A girl who never knew her father but as, yet to encounter some very, strange and shocking secrets. In the second story “Inside the the Black Labyrinth” a mixture of Greek mythology, suspense, insanity and horror as a Greek Scholar and expert of Greek mythology finds himself in a very unusual situation. In the final and third story “Full Moon”, a female attorney believes that the man that she is defending is innocent and even befriends a police officer. A fascinating triangle.

Inside Culture

Manhattan living room , Japanese landscape , 62 25. Manhattan living room , landscape , 63 26. Manhattan living room , landscapes , 64 27.

Author: David Halle

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226313689

Category: Art

Page: 261

View: 785


David Halle's idea was simple but radical: to connect culture to everyday life by showing how people actually use the artifacts of culture - paintings, photographs, sculpture - in the most intimate of all settings: the home. In the first book of its kind, Halle gives a fascinating account of the uses and meaning of art for those who buy it and live with it. His study ranges from the affluent town houses on Manhattan's Upper East Side and row houses in blue-collar Brooklyn to middle- and upper-middle class suburbs on Long Island, resulting in an unprecedented portrait of the meanings of art for its primary audience. Are there differences in artistic preferences between social classes or races or between urban and suburban homes? Similarities? How do choices in art works - and the way we display them - speak to our dreams, desires, pleasures, and fears? And what do they say about the real cultural boundaries between elite and popular, high and low? Halle examines landscapes, both priceless heirlooms and mass-produced sunsets; abstract paintings and prints; "primitive" sculpture; and the vibrantly colored portraits of religious art. He also discusses the gatherings of family photographs that fill every home. Inside Culture also explores the architecture and design of the houses, from the eclipse of the formal dining room to the landscape of urban backyards. Refusing easy generalizations about culture and class, Halle shows that art has a different set of meanings outside the rarefied air of museums and galleries. He challenges received opinion about the role of the audience in the history and reception of twentieth-century art to show that the experience of art isn't always what artistsand critics say it is. With floor plans, drawings, and dozens of photographs, this lively book can be enjoyed on many levels. It describes for the first time the way a broad cross section of people live with art. It records for the first time the astonishing variety of artistic experience. And it permanently changes our ongoing conversation about what culture contains, what it controls, and what the products called "art" really mean.

Poetry from Inside a Room

Poetry From Inside A Room is a collection of poems written by the author, Priscilla Ballman, between 1989 and 2011. These poems are at turns personal, abstract, and artistic. But all reflect the search for meaning and truth.

Author: Priscilla Ballman


ISBN: 1478296682


Page: 202

View: 394


Poetry From Inside A Room is a collection of poems written by the author, Priscilla Ballman, between 1989 and 2011. These poems are at turns personal, abstract, and artistic. But all reflect the search for meaning and truth.

The Disaster Artist

In [this book], actor Greg Sestero, Tommy's costar and longtime best friend, recounts the film's long, strange journey to infamy, unraveling mysteries for fans ... as well as the question that plagues the uninitiated: how the hell did a ...

Author: Greg Sestero

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501184659

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 457


"In 2003, an independent film called The Room--starring and written, produced, directed by a mysteriously wealthy social misfit of indeterminate age and origin named Tommy Wiseau--made its disastrous debut in Los Angeles. Described by one reviewer as "like getting stabbed in the head," the six-million-dollar film earned a grand total of $1800 at the box office and closed after two weeks. Ten years later, The Room is an international cult phenomenon. Thousands of fans wait in line for hours to attend screenings complete with costumes, audience rituals, merchandising, and thousands of plastic spoons. In The Disaster Artist, actor Greg Sestero, Tommy's costar and longtime best friend, recounts the film's long, strange journey to infamy, unraveling mysteries for fans--who on earth is "Steven," and what's with that hospital on Guerrero Street?--as well as the question that plagues the uninitiated: how the hell did a movie this awful ever get made? But more than just a laugh-out-loud funny story about cinematic hubris, The Disaster Artist is also a great piece of narrative nonfiction, a portrait of a mysterious man who got past every road block in the Hollywood system to achieve success on his own terms. Written with a gimlet eye but an open heart, The Disaster Artist is the hilarious and inspiring story of a dream that just wouldn't die"--

Indigo Flight Inside the Cage

That thought in mind, she returned to her dorm room and slept. The new day brought its own challenges, but eventually the time passed so it was just before ...

Author: Kimberly Vogel


ISBN: 9780557354306

Category: Fiction

Page: 510

View: 579


A girl without a past is struggling to build her future. It's difficult though, as every day further back than three months is lost to her. Signs are taped over everything she owns with notes to help her know what they are. At least in her home she is safe. But what about in the world where everything changes so fast that it throws even the most knowledgeable into chaos? Follow Dia in her quest to stay sane in a world of insanity. This edition holds books 7-9: Egg, Bird, and Cage. In them Dia returns to the country she escaped. Many things are revealed. Through it all, her mind is on the one she left behind. She has to get back to him. No matter what happens there, when she makes it back to campus, will he still want her?

Inside the Compassionate Organization

the naming of this room. This ultimately had required an edict from the Hospice management to all staff and volunteers to ensure conformity over the name to ...

Author: Alan Baron

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192545381

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 762


The literature on management and organization studies suggests the time is right for a focus on 'care and compassion'. The aim of this book is to answer this call by examining the cultural changes found within a particular 'compassionate organization' - an English hospice - from its altruistic beginnings to the more professionalized culture of today. The study seeks to understand how its members identify or fail to identify with an organization where issues of life and death take centre stage and explores some of the problems the hospice faces regarding its representation in society. These strands are then drawn together to consider the interrelationships between culture, identity, and image in the organization. An ethnographic approach, including participant observation, extended interviews, and group meetings, was used to study this organization over a period of almost two years. This enabled the production of a nuanced, sensitive, and holistic interpretation of the case study hospice as inferred from the views of both insiders and outsiders. The findings shed new light on the literature in management studies by proposing a view of culture as a sense-making context that facilitates group socialization underpinning a sense of personal and organizational identity. The study suggests a link between culture and group identification, making discussions about culture almost inseparable from those around identity. With regard to identity and image however the study suggests a dynamic and iterative relationship with a continuous flow between interpretation and reinterpretation influenced by the all-pervading cultural context.

UFO Secrets Inside Wright Patterson

Yet he clearly had inside information about the Blue Room. It has always been surmised that there was a connection to Project Blue Book, but no one at Blue ...

Author: Thomas J. Carey

Publisher: Red Wheel Weiser

ISBN: 9781633411319

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

View: 856


“Carey and Schmitt show that good, old-fashioned investigative reporting is still alive and well.” —Cheryll Jones, former anchor, CNN News The true nature of what actually crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 remains classified. Only a select few have ever had access to the truth about what became known as Area 51. But what happened to the remnants of that crash is shrouded in even greater mystery. What began in the high desert of New Mexico ended at Wright-Patterson, an ultra-top-secret Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. The physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitation was buried deep within this nuclear stronghold. How tragic that such seismic news should be kept from the people of the world . . . pieces of history, now quickly dwindling into oblivion as the last of the secret-keepers passes on. In addition to its rich history of military service to our nation, Wright-Patterson also stands as the secret tomb of one of the greatest occurrences in recorded history. Be prepared . . . the real Area 51—Wright-Patterson‘s vault—is about to be opened. UFO Secrets Inside Wright-Patterson is a thoroughly researched work that includes: New eyewitness accounts from the late Leonard Stringfield's files about the crash retrieval evidence stored at Wright-Patterson New testimonies from the late Emmy-award-winning TV reporter Carl Day concerning physical evidence of crashed UFOs stored in underground facilities at Wright-Patterson Newly discovered Project Blue Book files from Wright-Patterson including photos and Air Force investigations of UFOs.

From the Inside

They bought a toy-telephone, made a cord longer, connected their rooms and transmitted their chess motions by phone. This frame was like a detail of Museum ...

Author: Slava Lapin

Publisher: Luniver Press

ISBN: 9781905986118

Category: Science

Page: 316

View: 183


This book cumulates numerous observations made by the author during more than five decades. This period includes the Second World war, the siege of Leningrad (1941-44), postwar years in the secondary school and at the Medical Institute, the dark time of dictatorship of the Communist party and Soviet power, discriminations, the violation of human rights, anti-Semitism, the aggressive behavior against foreigners, thaw, perestroika, the breakdown of illusions and hopes, chaos of a wild capitalism, a formation of the society of rich new-Russians. The author had focused his attention on those episodes representing the Traits of his Epoch. The author's life was very rich in meeting and friendly relations with many distinguished personalities. In science (Nobel Laureates Julius Axelrod and Daniel Bovet), in music (Dmitri Shostakovich and Genrich Neigaus), in art (Solomon Gershov), in literature (Igor Guberman). Friendship with Andrei Sakharov, the leader of struggle for Human Rights, Nobel Laureate for Peace, during fifteen years enriched the author enormously. The unique book demonstrates the treasures of the human dignity resistant to numerous pressures of the regime. Without such books the past is growing dim.

The Storm Inside

I opened the door to a room that sat on the back of the house. The dark wood door matched the dark wood and brown leather of everything inside.

Author: Alexis Anne

Publisher: Alexis Anne


Category: Fiction

Page: 338

View: 184


Inside the Room

Edited by writers' program director Linda Venis, Inside the Room is the ultimate guide to writing one's way into the Writers Guild of America.

Author: Linda Venis

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698138377

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

View: 833


What does it take to go from being a fan to professional television writer? For the first time outside of the UCLA Extension Writers' Programme classrooms, TV writers whose many produced credits include The Simpsons, House M.D., and Pretty Little Liars take aspiring writers through the process of writing their first spec script for an on-air series, creating one-hour drama and sitcom pilots that break out from the pack, and revising scripts to meet pro standards. Learn how to launch and sustain a writing career and get a rare, intimate look inside the yearlong process of creating, selling, and getting a TV show made. Edited by writers' program director Linda Venis, Inside the Room is the ultimate guide to writing one's way into the Writers Guild of America. "Venis corrals an accessible and useful guide for anyone with the dream and the drive who needs to know, practically, what to do. An engaging and helpful how-to for hopeful TV writers or anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of this ephemeral art." - Kirkus Reviews