Information driven Marketing Decisions

MISSING INFORMATION - DRIVEN DECISION MAKING In a market economy , the survival and success of a firm depends upon the use of marketing information in its decision - making process ( Samli 1993 ) . Our discussion , however , posits that ...

Author: A. Coskun Samli

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0899309763

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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How to generate information from data and convert it to useful knowledge as the basis for successful marketing decision making.

Data Driven Marketing

Based on new research from the Kellogg School of Management, this book is a clear and convincing guide to using a more rigorous, data-driven strategic approach to deliver significant performance gains from your marketing.

Author: Mark Jeffery

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470504543

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NAMED BEST MARKETING BOOK OF 2011 BY THE AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION How organizations can deliver significant performance gains through strategic investment in marketing In the new era of tight marketing budgets, no organization can continue to spend on marketing without knowing what's working and what's wasted. Data-driven marketing improves efficiency and effectiveness of marketing expenditures across the spectrum of marketing activities from branding and awareness, trail and loyalty, to new product launch and Internet marketing. Based on new research from the Kellogg School of Management, this book is a clear and convincing guide to using a more rigorous, data-driven strategic approach to deliver significant performance gains from your marketing. Explains how to use data-driven marketing to deliver return on marketing investment (ROMI) in any organization In-depth discussion of the fifteen key metrics every marketer should know Based on original research from America's leading marketing business school, complemented by experience teaching ROMI to executives at Microsoft, DuPont, Nisan, Philips, Sony and many other firms Uses data from a rigorous survey on strategic marketing performance management of 252 Fortune 1000 firms, capturing $53 billion of annual marketing spending In-depth examples of how to apply the principles in small and large organizations Free downloadable ROMI templates for all examples given in the book With every department under the microscope looking for results, those who properly use data to optimize their marketing are going to come out on top every time.

Marketing Decision Making and Decision Support

Little's (1979b) concept of an MDSS goes much further than a marketing information system. ... marketing management support systems also include knowledge-driven systems aimed at supporting marketing decision making in weakly structured ...

Author: Gerrit H. van Bruggen

Publisher: Now Publishers Inc

ISBN: 9781601983688

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Marketing Decision Making and Decision Support addresses the topic of marketing management support systems (MMSS), which are computer-enabled devices that help marketers to make better decisions.

Creating and Delivering Value in Marketing

Proceedings of the 2003 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference Harlan E. Spotts ... “Marketing in an Information-Intensive Environment: Strategic Implications of Knowledge as ... Information Driven Marketing Decisions.

Author: Harlan E. Spotts

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319118482

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​​Founded in 1971, the Academy of Marketing Science is an international organization dedicated to promoting timely explorations of phenomena related to the science of marketing in theory, research, and practice. Among its services to members and the community at large, the Academy offers conferences, congresses and symposia that attract delegates from around the world. Presentations from these events are published in this Proceedings series, which offers a comprehensive archive of volumes reflecting the evolution of the field. Volumes deliver cutting-edge research and insights, complimenting the Academy’s flagship journals, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) and AMS Review. Volumes are edited by leading scholars and practitioners across a wide range of subject areas in marketing science. This volume includes the full proceedings from the 2003 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference held in Washington, D.C., entitled Creating and Delivering Value in Marketing.​

Empowering the American Consumer

Also by the Author Information - Driven Marketing Decisions Development of Strategic Information Systems By A. Coskun Samli " Successful decision makers must have access to useful information and then use that information effectively .

Author: A. Coskun Samli

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 1567203787

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Oligopolistic and indifferent to their markets, companies today are terrorizing the customers they depend on for survival. One result is that the American market system performs far below optimum and farther below its potential. Samli argues that the system must do more than it is doing to encourage competition and create consumer value--things it neglects, he says, because of a mistaken notion that laissez-fairism is working nicely, and that in today's free economy customers and corporations are getting along fine. Not so, says Samli, but by creating true consumer value and stopping their headlong rush to merge, wrongs can be righted and corporations can achieve high, and higher, profit goals. Upper level corporate strategists, marketing executives, and policy makers in government will find Samli's argument challenging and provocative. Academics and their students will consider it an important addition to the literature on how business, government, and society interact.

Strategic Marketing for Success in Retailing

Marketing Behavior and Executive Action. Homewood, 111.: Richard D. Irwin. ... Retailing: Concepts and Decisions Making. New York: John Wiley and Sons. ... Information Driven Marketing Decisions. Westport, Conn.: Quorum Books.

Author: A. Coskun Samli

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781567201864

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 387

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Provides retailers with an understanding and appreciation of the value of a strategic marketing plan, and the first steps to take in developing one.

Marketing Management Support Systems

Decision. Support. Systems. In this chapter we have presented some specific examples of data-driven marketing ... More information about the effectiveness of these systems can be obtained from a survey that we carried out among their ...

Author: Berend Wierenga

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461545958

Category: Business & Economics

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Marketing management support systems are designed to make marketing managers more effective decision makers in this electronic era. Developments in information technology have caused a marketing data explosion, but have also provided a powerful set of tools that can transform this data into applicable marketing knowledge. Consequently, companies are making major investments in such marketing decision aids. This book is the first comprehensive, systematic textbook on marketing management support systems. The basic issue is the question of how to determine the most effective type of support for a given marketing decision maker in a particular decision situation. The book takes a demand-oriented approach. Decision aids for marketing managers can only be effective if they match with the thinking and reasoning process of the decision makers who use them. Consequently, the important questions addressed in this book are: how do marketing managers make decisions; how can marketing management support systems help to overcome several (cognitive) limitations of human decision makers; and what is the most appropriate type of management support system for assisting the problem-solving methods employed by a marketing decision-maker?

Building Models for Marketing Decisions

Leeflang, P.S.H. and M. Wedel (1993), 'Information Based Decision Making in Pricing', Proceedings ESOMAR/EMAC/AFM Symposium on Information Based Decision Making in Marketing, Paris, 17th-19th November 1993. Leeflang, P.S.H. and D.R. ...

Author: Peter S.H. Leeflang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461540502

Category: Business & Economics

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This book is about marketing models and the process of model building. Our primary focus is on models that can be used by managers to support marketing decisions. It has long been known that simple models usually outperform judgments in predicting outcomes in a wide variety of contexts. For example, models of judgments tend to provide better forecasts of the outcomes than the judgments themselves (because the model eliminates the noise in judgments). And since judgments never fully reflect the complexities of the many forces that influence outcomes, it is easy to see why models of actual outcomes should be very attractive to (marketing) decision makers. Thus, appropriately constructed models can provide insights about structural relations between marketing variables. Since models explicate the relations, both the process of model building and the model that ultimately results can improve the quality of marketing decisions. Managers often use rules of thumb for decisions. For example, a brand manager will have defined a specific set of alternative brands as the competitive set within a product category. Usually this set is based on perceived similarities in brand characteristics, advertising messages, etc. If a new marketing initiative occurs for one of the other brands, the brand manager will have a strong inclination to react. The reaction is partly based on the manager's desire to maintain some competitive parity in the mar keting variables.

Internet Marketing Integrating Online and Offline Strategies

Q Define data mining and explain why it is important in making marketing decisions. Q Discuss how strategies can become more customer focused by using information-driven marketing. The Internet as a Direct Response Medium The Internet ...

Author: Mary Lou Roberts

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285402031

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INTERNET MARKETING, 3RD EDITION provides comprehensive coverage of the rapidly changing field of Internet marketing that is timely and relevant. It relies on extant marketing theory where appropriate and introduces many conceptual frameworks to structure student understanding of Internet marketing issues. Above all, it works on the premise that the Internet--whether used as a medium of communication or as a channel of distribution--is only one component of the contemporary marketer's arsenal. The key issue facing marketers today is how to best integrate this powerful new component, continuing developments in Internet marketing into their strategies and media plans. That ongoing challenge represents the essential theme of this text. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Big Data Analytics for Improved Accuracy Efficiency and Decision Making in Digital Marketing

Data-driven marketing: Digital media propels the accessibility of client related information, which has in turn made ... Different authors have inferred that the period of marketers making decisions based on various choices dependent on ...

Author: Singh, Amandeep

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799872337

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The availability of big data, low-cost commodity hardware, and new information management and analytic software have produced a unique moment in the history of data analysis. The convergence of these trends means that we have the capabilities required to analyze astonishing data sets quickly and cost-effectively for the first time in history. They represent a genuine leap forward and a clear opportunity to realize enormous gains in terms of efficiency, productivity, revenue, and profitability especially in digital marketing. Data plays a huge role in understanding valuable insights about target demographics and customer preferences. From every interaction with technology, regardless of whether it is active or passive, we are creating new data that can describe us. If analyzed correctly, these data points can explain a lot about our behavior, personalities, and life events. Companies can leverage these insights for product improvements, business strategy, and marketing campaigns to cater to the target customers. Big Data Analytics for Improved Accuracy, Efficiency, and Decision Making in Digital Marketing aids understanding of big data in terms of digital marketing for meaningful analysis of information that can improve marketing efforts and strategies using the latest digital techniques. The chapters cover a wide array of essential marketing topics and techniques, including search engine marketing, consumer behavior, social media marketing, online advertising, and how they interact with big data. This book is essential for professionals and researchers working in the field of analytics, data, and digital marketing, along with marketers, advertisers, brand managers, social media specialists, managers, sales professionals, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students looking for the latest information on how big data is being used in digital marketing strategies.