Shri Krishna was in fact the complete incarnation of the Virata whose form (
Swarupa) He showed in a vision to His disciple Arjuna, during his discourse on
the battlefield as spelt out in the “Shrimad Bhagawad Gita”. As the embodiment of
the ...

Author: Saraswati Raman

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781496994714

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 126

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When in the great wheel of evolution of this Universe another turnaround has to be given, when some new form, new type of life is coming forth, then the Supreme reveals Himself, embodying the type which He seeks to initiate in His Cosmos. Time and Time again, He has incarnated to give that much required push for human beings to go to the next step in their evolution. ?In her latest book, Incarnations: Steps for Momentum in Human Evolutio, Saraswati Raman has nicely interwoven Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's clarifications on the occasion of several pujas on the meaning of various Avataras, together with the incidents in the lives of the great Avataras. She has brought home, in a lucid manner, how the human evolution has been actualized in the form of incarnations taken by the supreme being. I wish her all the best for this beautiful book.' ?Mrs. Chandrika Nair, MA, Dip. Ed., M.Ed., retired principal

The Incarnations

I hope that the historical sections of The Incarnations offer the reader a glimpse of
each era (though my fiction often deviates from historical truth into more surreal
and fantastical terrain). I mostly hope that readers are moved and engaged by ...

Author: Susan Barker

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501106798

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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"Hailed as "China's Midnight's Children," a gripping new novel about a Beijing taxi driver whose past incarnations haunt him through searing letters sent by his mysterious soulmate"--


Leaving you to be the judge as to whether you have understood the lessons this
life had provided and are ready to proceed to the next or, having not understood,
which will leave you to revisit these lessons during your next incarnation.

Author: Stephen R. West


ISBN: 9781257043293



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Mythology of Vishnu and His Incarnations

Numbers and names of incarnations of Vishnu differ from Purana to Purana .
According to Valmiki Ramayana they were five by name Varaha , Krishna , Rama
, Parashuram and Trivikrama . In the Shanti Parva of Mahabharata ten
incarnations ...

Author: Manohar Laxman Varadpande

Publisher: Gyan Publishing House

ISBN: 812121016X

Category: Avatars (Religion)

Page: 221

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Unconscious Incarnations

Unconscious Incarnations considers the status of the body in psychoanalytic
theory and practice, bringing Freud and Lacan into conversation with continental
philosophy to explore the heterogeneity of embodied life. By doing so, the body is

Author: Brian W. Becker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351180177

Category: Philosophy

Page: 166

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Unconscious Incarnations considers the status of the body in psychoanalytic theory and practice, bringing Freud and Lacan into conversation with continental philosophy to explore the heterogeneity of embodied life. By doing so, the body is no longer merely an object of scientific inquiry but also a lived body, a source of excessive intuition and affectivity, and a raw animality distinct from mere materiality. The contributors to this volume consist of philosophers, psychoanalytic scholars, and practitioners whose interdisciplinary explorations reformulate traditional psychoanalytic concepts such as trauma, healing, desire, subjectivity, and the unconscious. Collectively, they build toward the conclusion that phenomenologies of embodiment move psychoanalytic theory and practice away from representationalist models and toward an incarnational approach to psychic life. Under such a carnal horizon, trauma manifests as wounds and scars, therapy as touch, subjectivity as bodily boundedness, and the unconscious ‘real’ as an excessive remainder of flesh. Unconscious incarnations signal events where the unsignifiable appears among signifiers, the invisible within the visible, and absence within presence. In sum: where the flesh becomes word and the word retains its flesh. Unconscious Incarnations seeks to evoke this incarnational approach in order to break through tacit taboos toward the body in psychology and psychoanalysis. This interdisciplinary work will appeal greatly to psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists as well as philosophy scholars and clinical psychologists.

Liberating Incarnations Twenty Five Stories of Past Life Regression

The identifications and beliefs of the most recent physical incarnation will affect
the nature of the next physical incarnation, including how quickly the soul
reincarnates in physical form. Sometimes, souls take hundreds of years between

Author: Elmdea Bean

Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.

ISBN: 9781604942323


Page: 200

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Have you ever wondered what a past life session is like or how you might benefit from doing one? "Liberating Incarnations" explores adventures of past lives, from swimming through the earth, to a sailor dying in a stormy sea, to a pregnant woman in the late 1800s. Discover a startling view of time and how it really works. Share experiences of self-realization and the end of the search for who we really are: One with God. In their own voices, twenty-five people speak of their past life adventures and the personal healing that their journeys to the past brought about.

Incarnations of Material Textuality

Author: Katarzyna Bazarnik

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443868365

Category: Design

Page: 165

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Liberature – coined from the Latin liber – is simultaneously a movement in contemporary Polish literature, and a term referring to literary works that integrate text and material features of the book into an organic whole in accordance with the author’s design. The present volume collects essays inspired by this theoretical concept, first proposed by Polish poet Zenon Fajfer in 1999, but soon picked up and elaborated on by international scholars. As noted by the contributing authors, preceding Jessica Pressman’s idea of “bookishness” and coinciding with N. Katherine Hayles’ fundamental writings, liberature appeared at the end of the 20th century, “as if to resume and systematize the intuitions and provocative statements” of writers concerned with the future of the book. It fits into a wider turn towards the recognition of the embodied nature of information in anthropology, literary, textual, media and AI studies. Yet its distinctness consists in the fact that it was suggested by a creative writer, and that it proposes to see the authorially-shaped materiality of writing in terms of a literary genre. The essays collected here present the modernist roots and inspirations of liberature, address the semantics of typography and the question of materiality of literary writing, and explore how the “abstract body of the printed book is transformed into an experience of embodiment.” The volume is completed with a reprint of Fajfer’s seminal essays with a view to making them more available to English-speaking readers.


For all of India’s myths, stories and moral epics, Indian history remains a curiously unpeopled place. In Incarnations, Sunil Khilnani fills that space, recapturing the human dimension of how the world’s largest democracy came to be.

Author: Sunil Khilnani

Publisher: Random House India

ISBN: 9789385990953

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 544

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For all of India’s myths, stories and moral epics, Indian history remains a curiously unpeopled place. In Incarnations, Sunil Khilnani fills that space, recapturing the human dimension of how the world’s largest democracy came to be. His trenchant portraits of emperors, warriors, philosophers, film stars and corporate titans—some famous, some unjustly forgotten—bring feeling, wry humour and uncommon insight to dilemmas that extend from ancient times to our own.

Vishnu and His Incarnations

Apart from the above list of Vishnu incarnations , there are also some partial
incarnations of Him who came to earth to maintain , complete and interpret the
revelation . In the Bhagavata Purana , twentytwo incarnations of Vishnu are listed

Author: Shakti M. Gupta

Publisher: South Asia Books

ISBN: UCAL:B4009769

Category: Religion

Page: 120

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JLA Incarnations 2001 5

ÒCRISIS.Ó The untold tales of the WorldÕs Greatest Super Heroes continue.

Author: John Ostrander

Publisher: DC Comics

ISBN: PKEY:T0228600055001

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 38

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ÒCRISIS.Ó The untold tales of the WorldÕs Greatest Super Heroes continue. Vibe! Steel! Gypsy! ItÕs the rise and fall of the Motor City Justice League, as Aquaman relocates the JLA from a satellite in the sky to Detroit to bring them closer to the people they serve. But as soon as they arrive, they find themselves embroiled in the greatest disaster ever.

Plath s Incarnations

The insanity was her complicity in Herr God ' s sleazy sideshow , not in the choice
of self - incarnation . Just as the male author allays his anxieties by calling their
source bad names — witch , bitch , fiend , monster — so Plath allays her ...

Author: Lynda K. Bundtzen


ISBN: UOM:49015000732835

Category: Poetry

Page: 284

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Four Incarnations

New & Selected Poems, 1957-1991 Robert Sward. GRAD 828 S972fn ROBERT
SWARD Incarnations NEW & SELECTED POEMS 1957 - 1991 FOUR

Author: Robert Sward

Publisher: Minneapolis, Minn. : Coffee House Press

ISBN: UOM:39015024956230

Category: Poetry

Page: 129

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Robert Sward doesn't need a fifth incarnation to justify his claim to an important place in American poetry. He's a seriously funny poet. Rimbaud in a dune buggy. Rimbaud in a dune buggy. The muse in free fall. The laughter that lights these poems is older than we are. And a whole lot wider. --Robert Dana.

Incarnations Poems 1966 1968

... The Legacy of the Civil War Wilderness Flood Who Speaks for the Negro ?
Selected Poems : New and Old 1923 – 1966 Incarnations : Poems 1966 – 1968

Author: Robert Penn Warren

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015004713296

Category: Poetry

Page: 64

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Warren's poems reveal his sensitivity to commonplace experiences and scenes

Osru a Tale of Many Incarnations

necessary to believe the doctrines of Karma and Reincarnation , on which it is
based , in order to follow this history of the soul OSRU — known to man as Nero
in his ...

Author: Justin Sterns


ISBN: NYPL:33433112007335

Category: Reincarnation

Page: 197

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The Metaphysics of the Incarnation

Are multiple incarnations possible? and Could many divine persons assume just
one and the same nature?) relating them closely to medieval intuitions about the
individuality of the assumed nature. One advantage of the medieval claim that ...

Author: Richard Cross

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191554030

Category: Religion

Page: 380

View: 805


The period from Thomas Aquinas to Duns Scotus is one of the richest in the history of Christian theology. The Metaphysics of the Incarnation aims to provide a thorough examination of the doctrine in this era, making explicit its philosophical and theological foundations. Medieval theologians believed that there were good reasons for supposing that Christ's human nature was an individual. In the light of this, Part 1 discusses how the various thinkers held that an individual nature could be united to a divine person. Part 2 shows how one divine person could be incarnate without any other. Part 3 deals with questions of Christological predication, and Part 4 shows how an individual nature is to be distinguished from a person. The work begins with a full account of the metaphysics presupposed in the medieval accounts, and concludes with observations relating medieval accounts to modern Christology.


Mrs . Green is now preparing a course of Lectures , to be entitled
Incarnation of the Material Earth , in the first Localizing of the Spiritual Forces . 2 .
- Incarnation of ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433081671616

Category: American literature


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Philosophy of Fearism

Many stories, myths, and legends are based on his different incarnations. Those
incarnations again are based on the theory of evolution. ... Matsya avatar: This is
the first incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu in the form of a fish. First of all, water

Author: Desh Subba

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499004670

Category: Philosophy

Page: 360

View: 438


1. ‘Fearism is a gift to the world from Nepali.’ Prof. Dr Tanka Prasad Neupane, Chairman, Fearism Study Centre: Baicharik Chintan, 2066 v.s. 2. ‘Fearism of Desh Subba has shaken the foundation of Nepali literature and intellectual world.’ Yese Dorje Thongsi, Indian Literary Academy winner, Arunachal Pradesh, India, 31 March 2013, Pratidin Assamese Daily, Assam, India. 3. ‘Fearism is under the neo-criticism consists of different thoughts and isms. Therefore, Curriculum Determination Committee, Sikkim University has included it in the course as 14th paper for fourth Semester in Master Degree.’ Prof. Dr Kavita Lama, Head of the Department, Sikkim University, Sikkim, India. Annapurna Post, 17 July 2012.