In the Golden Land

... earliest Jewish immigrants to the country that would become the United States , the Sephardic Jews , who started coming in 1654. He wrote of them : The Spanish Jews are superior to other representatives of Israel 40 In the Golden Land.

Author: Rita James Simon

Publisher: VNR AG

ISBN: 0275957314

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A detailed sociological account of the immigration to the United States of Russian Jews, from the 1880s to the arrival of Jews from the former Soviet Union one hundred years later.

Shadows Across The Golden Land Myanmar s Opening Foreign Influence And Investment

There is every need for investors and businesses in Myanmar to recognise not only the opportunities in the “Golden Land” but also of the challenges in doing business, anticipating necessary economic reforms, as well as dealing with ...

Author: Simon S C Tay

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789813273566

Category: History

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What are the political and economic challenges facing Myanmar as it opens to the world? And what are the opportunities and responsibilities for the international community to influence and also invest in the country?This book aims to provide readers with an assessment that integrates analysis with on-the-ground experience and insights, drawn from closely engaging with Myanmar since the country began to move towards democracy and open to the world. In order for readers to appreciate emerging trends and developments, the book evaluates the efforts of the recent Thein Sein administration and current National League of Democracy government up to the present day. It also identifies key events from the colonial period through to the decades when the country was under military rule, cut off from much of the international community. The on-going crisis in Myanmar's Rakhine State and the controversial situation of the Rohingya are examined at length, with an effort to contextualise these events in wider challenges of geopolitics and national reforms to rehabilitate the government and the economy.The book presents readers with a clear view of how the country might progress beyond current obstacles, and highlights the opportunities that remain for those willing to engage constructively for the longer term in the opening of this frontier economy and once-pariah state. As Myanmar moves ahead with its transition to democracy and with economic development, this book is recommended for both those who watch the country with interest and those who consider the ways in which the international community interacts with the region and Myanmar.

The Golden Land

Now he knew why Burma was the Golden Land – a country, it was said, resplendent in more pagodas, temples and shrines than anywhere else in the world. A country rich in Buddhist culture, rich in natural resources and rich in colourful ...

Author: Di Morrissey

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Aus.

ISBN: 9781743348581

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With millions of copies sold worldwide, Di Morrissey is Australia's favourite storyteller with new novel Before the Storm out now. Natalie is a young Gold Coast mother with a loving husband, two small children and a happy lifestyle. While helping her mother move house, she finds a little box containing a Burmese artefact. When Natalie learns its unique history through a letter left by her great-great uncle, it ignites an interest in its country of origin and her uncle's unfulfilled plans for this curio. Her investigations collide with her own dramatically changing circumstances and create a catalyst for a moral dilemma that challenges the core of her marriage as she finds herself immersed in two very different golden lands.

FAIRY TALES FROM GOLD LANDS 9 Illustrated Children s Stories

High as the clouds are the mountains bold That tower in the glorious Land of Gold, And cañons dusky with twilight deep Where a thousand mystic shadows peep. There are vineyards graceful with trailing vine Rich in the wealth of the rosy ...

Author: Various Authors

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9788827556566

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Herein you will find 9 Illustrated stories from “Golden Lands” compiled by May Wentworth. But why “Golden Lands”? Well, an introductory poem tells us why – There are orange groves and lime trees green That glint in the sunlight’s glowing sheen, There are deserts yellow with priceless sand, All these you will find in the Golden Land. Well, how else would you describe the lands of Fairydom? In the Preface of this exquisite book, Wentworth addresses all children everywhere – “In the pleasant Christmas-time I greet the children everywhere.To some I shall not be a stranger, for we have met before, not face to face, but in the pages of the last years little book. In the sunny days of childhood, a year is so long a time, that when the summer and winter have passed it seems like an age gone by; yet as again I bring my Christmas offering, I hope to be remembered and welcomed as the friend who loves the children well. They are the true critics, generous and fearless. For their warm hearts and keen appreciation, I write these stories of the Golden Clime. May the joy and blessedness of the holy Christmas rest upon them, and follow them through all the sunshine and rain of the coming year.” The stories in this volume are: The Little Lace-Maker Golden Snow Gracia And Catrina The Dancing Sunbeam The Young Gold-Seeker The Wishing Cap Crimson Tuft Snowdrop And Rosebud Lazarus And Bummer ============= TAGS: Folklore, fairy, tales, myths, legends, children’s stories, bedtime stories, Little Lace-Maker, Golden Snow, Gracia And Catrina, Dancing Sunbeam, Young Gold-Seeker, Wishing Cap, Crimson Tuft, Snowdrop And Rosebud, Lazarus And Bummer, orange groves, lime trees, green, glint of sunlight, glowing sheen, deserts, yellow sand, Golden Lands

Pittsburgh Area Transportation Study

Per Cent of Designated Industrial Land Used , by Distance from the Golden Triangle , 1958 and Estimated for 1980 .. 10 . 1958 Percentage Distribution of Land Uses by Sector , by Distance from the Golden Triangle . 11 .



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The New Golden Land

This book examines European artwork of America from the 15th to 20th centuries.

Author: Hugh Honour

Publisher: New York : Pantheon Books

ISBN: UCSD:31822012395042

Category: Art, European

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This book examines European artwork of America from the 15th to 20th centuries. An extensive and eclectic selection of artists’ works appear here, including works by Jan Mostaert, Lodovico Buti, Carpaccio, Christoph Weiditz, John White, Albert Eckhout, Bonaventura Peeters, Peter Paul Rubens, Jan van Kessel, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Toile de Jouy, James Barry, Henri Rousseau, Ferdinand Bellermann, Frederick Catherwood, Frank Buchser, Edgar Degas, Francisco Goya, Karl Bodmer, Rosa Bonheur, Piet Mondrian, and David Hockney.

Singapore Yellow

'This is the land of The Golden Chersonese,' the man replied with a curving smile that showed no teeth. 'My understanding is that it was Ptolemy who first identified Malaya as the seat of The Golden Chersonese. Correct, Mr. Alsagoff?

Author: William L. Gibson

Publisher: Monsoon Books

ISBN: 9789814423663

Category: Fiction

Page: 233

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Singapore/Malaya, 1892: Chief Detective Inspector David Hawksworth, orphaned, middle-aged and gimlet-eyed, travels to Malacca to meet a mysterious woman who claims his mother is alive, only to find a British Resident has been brutally murdered and a Singapore police expedition has vanished in the jungle. Children are being snatched from villages, sinister commercial syndicates are fighting over virgin resources, and a seductive vampiric pontianak is on the loose. When native kids start turning up butchered in Singapore, Hawksworth finds himself increasingly isolated as the evidence points to the involvement of the colonial elite. Bringing justice to the powerful perpetrators while saving his own skin and uncovering the secrets of his dark past pushes the detective past the brink in this thrilling sequel to Singapore Black. Singapore Yellow is volume two in the 19th-century Detective Hawksworth Trilogy set in Singapore and Malaya that includes Singapore Black and Singapore Red.