In Tandem College Reading and Writing

Throughout the book, students are introduced to reading techniques to ensure thorough comprehension of the material; they are then given thorough instruction in the techniques of writing analytical and argumentative essays.

Author: Deanne Spears

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0073385700

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 672

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In Tandem: Reading and Writing for College Students is an innovative new text that helps students examine both reading and writing, together in one volume. Throughout the book, students are introduced to reading techniques to ensure thorough comprehension of the material; they are then given thorough instruction in the techniques of writing analytical and argumentative essays. In Tandem recognizes the inseparable nature of reading and writing, and their potential to enhance the learning experience as one, leaving students doubly prepared for the college experience.

Developing Critical Reading Skills

Although the world has changed a lot since the first edition, the underlying premise of Developing Critical Reading Skills has not. The premise of the text is that good reading and clear thinking go hand in hand.

Author: Deanne Spears

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0073407321

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 592

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Although the world has changed a lot since the first edition, the underlying premise of Developing Critical Reading Skills has not. The premise of the text is that good reading and clear thinking go hand in hand. For this reason, it emphasizes practice in sustained, analytical reading. Students first work with high-quality short passages before moving on to more substantive pieces of greater complexity. The readings explore diverse subjects: anthropology, sports, human behavior, politics, social policy, education, ethics, autobiography, personal reminiscence, the minority and immigrant experience, humor, satire, and so forth. The passages also reflect diverse writing styles, thereby giving students the experience of reading high-level prose by its best practitioners. This book succeeds when students become more self-assured about their reading and when they recognize that reading well—with confidence, fluency, and enjoyment—is a significant part of their emotional and academic lives. As the book’s epigram by Tobias Wolff says: “A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.” Students will feel genuine excitement when they encounter a writer who shows them a new way of looking at their lives and at the world. It is this feeling—this inspiration—that Deanne Spears imparts.

Improving Reading Skills

Ideal for introductory and intermediate developmental reading courses, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and now includes two new parts, expanded part introductions, an even broader range of levels for the reading selections, ...

Author: Deanne Spears

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0073407313

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 496

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Now in its 7th edition, Improving Reading Skills features a wide variety of carefully chosen readings that engage, encourage, and challenge students. Ideal for introductory and intermediate developmental reading courses, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and now includes two new parts, expanded part introductions, an even broader range of levels for the reading selections, increased emphasis on annotating, paragraphing, and summarizing, and a new section in part five.

Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research

Critical (College-Level) Reading Courses In addition to “deficit model” reading courses developed for students presumed deficient in knowledge or skill, institutions offer “cognitive-based model” courses (using terminology of Simpson, ...

Author: Rona F. Flippo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317245155

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 400

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The most comprehensive and up-to-date source available for college reading and study strategy practitioners and administrators, the Third Edition of the Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research reflects and responds to changing demographics as well as politics and policy concerns in the field since the publication of the previous edition. In this thorough and systematic examination of theory, research, and practice, the Handbook offers information to help college reading teachers to make better instructional decisions; justification for programmatic implementations for administrators; and a complete compendium of both theory and practice to better prepare graduate students to understand the parameters and issues of this field. The Handbook is an essential resource for professionals, researchers, and students as they continue to study, research, learn, and share more about college reading and study strategies. Addressing current and emerging theories of knowledge, subjects, and trends impacting the field, the Third Edition features new topics such as disciplinary literacy, social media, and gaming theory.

The Education of d Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

One way to increase the time spent on writing is to think more explicitly about teaching reading in tandem with writing ... coherence, and comprehension in the reading and writing of deaf college students, with one of their conclusions ...

Author: Peter V. Paul

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 9783039281244

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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A significant number of d/Deaf and hard of hearing (d/Dhh) children and adolescents experience challenges in acquiring a functional level of English language and literacy skills in the United States (and elsewhere). To provide an understanding of this issue, this book explores the theoretical underpinnings and synthesizes major research findings. It also covers critical controversial areas such as the use of assistive hearing devices, language, and literacy assessments, and inclusion. Although the targeted population is children and adolescents who are d/Dhh, contributors found it necessary to apply our understanding of the development of English in other populations of struggling readers and writers such as children with language or literacy disabilities and those for whom English is not the home language. Collectively, this information should assist scholars in conducting further research and enable educators to develop general instructional guidelines and strategies to improve the language and literacy levels of d/Dhh students. It is clear that there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept, but, rather, research and instruction should be differentiated to meet the needs of d/Dhh students. It is our hope that this book stimulates further theorizing and research and, most importantly, offers evidence- and reason-based practices for improving language and literacy abilities of d/Dhh students.

World Yearbook of Education 1972 3

Given the fact that the remedial courses principally involve both reading and writing, and that reading and writing are not necessarily developed in tandem, this is a clear possibility. The City University has had for six years a ...

Author: W. R. Niblett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136168079

Category: Education

Page: 418

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|Published in the year 2005, World Yearbook of Education 1972/3 is a valuable contrubtion to the field of Major Works.

Online Intercultural Exchange

Cziko, G.A. (2004) Electronic Tandem language learning (eTandem): A third approach to second language learning for the 21st ... Olson, D.R. (1994b) The World on Paper: The Conceptual and Cognitive Implications of Reading and Writing.

Author: Robert O'Dowd

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847690081

Category: Education

Page: 286

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Providing an overview of how online technology is being used for foreign language learning, this title assesses three different models of telecollaboration and covers theoretical approaches to online intercultural exchange as well as practical aspects.

The Oxford Handbook of Virginia Woolf

... and at King's College London;1 but most importantly, as her reading notes and diaries attest, she conducted a lifelong practice of systematic reading in tandem with writing fiction and non- fiction.2 Therefore, as my research into ...

Author: Anne E. Fernald

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192539632

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 672

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With thirty-nine original chapters from internationally prominent scholars, The Oxford Handbook of Virginia Woolf is designed for scholars and graduate students. Feminist to the core, each chapter examines an aspect of Woolf's achievement and legacy. Each contribution offers an overview that is at once fresh and thoroughly grounded in prior scholarship. Six sections focus on Woolf's life, her texts, her experiments, her life as a professional, her contexts, and her afterlife. Opening chapters on Woolf's life address the powerful influences of family, friends, and home. The section on her works moves chronologically, emphasizing Woolf's practice of writing essays and reviews alongside her fiction. Chapters on Woolf's experimentalism pay special attention to the literariness of Woolf's writing, with opportunity to trace its distinctive watermark while 'Professions of Writing', invites readers to consider how Woolf worked in cultural fields including and extending beyond the Hogarth Press and the TLS. The 'Contexts' section moves beyond writing to depict her engagement with the natural world as well as the political, artistic, and popular culture of her time. The final section on afterlives demonstrates the many ways Woolf's reputation continues to grow, across the globe, and across media, in ideas and in artistic expression. Of particular note, chapters explore three distinct Woolfian traditions in fiction: the novel of manners, magical realism, and the feminist novel.

Journal of International Students May August 2018 Volume 8 Number 2

College Reading (1 credit) This course is designed to help students develop vocabulary and comprehension skills appropriate ... in the first semester, students practice their academic reading skills in tandem with their writing skills.

Author: Krishna Bista


ISBN: 9781387839841

Category: Education

Page: 686

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An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication, Journal of International Students is a professional journal that publishes narrative, theoretical and empirically-based research articles, study abroad reflections, and book reviews relevant to international students, faculty, scholars, and their cross-cultural experiences and understanding in higher education. The Journal audience includes international and domestic students, faculty, administrators, and educators engaged in research and practice in international students in colleges and universities. More information on the web: http: //

English Common Core

Examples of What the Standards Require The standards insist that instruction in reading, writing, speaking, ... The CCR and high school (grades 9–12) standards work in tandem to define the college and career readiness line—the former ...

Author: Speedy Publishing

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781634289177

Category: Education

Page: 5

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Common core English focuses on sentence structure and recognition of words in their main usage roles. This particular curriculum demands a mastery of noun, verb and modifier word recognition. Basic sentence structure that is vital for multilingual comparison is also required. A flowchart of of English words, their uses with different forms of identifiers, and how they are modified is extremely useful to the English-as-second-language learner. Visual charts showing the most universal modifiers like -er, -ier, -es and -ize help to make English accessible to a wide range of students.

Uncommonly Good Ideas Teaching Writing in the Common Core Era

Their job is to sift through as much evidence as possible—reading, researching, asking questions, and fact checking—before they submit their stories. Robert Caro, for one, who trained to be a journalist before he became a biographer, ...

Author: Sandra Murphy

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807773949

Category: Education

Page: 155

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This innovative resource provides teachers with a road map for designing a comprehensive writing curriculum that meets Common Core standards. The authors zero in on several “big ideas” that lead to and support effective practices in writing instruction, such as integrating reading, writing, speaking, and listening; teaching writing as a process; extending the range of students’ writing; spiraling and scaffolding a writing curriculum; and collaborating. These “big ideas” are the cornerstones of best researched-based practices as well as the CCSS for writing. The first chapter offers a complete lesson designed around teaching narrative writing and illustrating tried and true practices for teaching writing as a process. The remaining chapters explore a broad range of teaching approaches that help students tackle different kinds of narrative, informational, and argumentative writing and understand complexities like audience and purpose. Each chapter focuses on at least one of the uncommonly good ideas and illustrates how to create curricula around it. Uncommonly Good Ideas includes model lessons and assignments, mentor texts, teaching strategies, student writing, and practical guidance for moving the ideas from the page into the classroom. “An uncommonly good book about uncommonly good ideas about teaching writing in the era of the Common Core—and beyond. In this slender volume two master teachers, Sandra Murphy and Mary Ann Smith, share the knowledge accumulated during their lifetimes of teaching writing and exploring the broader world of related theory and research. They confront the hard problems all teachers will face, but do so with an evident joy in their chosen profession The book is slender, readable, and well worth the ride, whether you are a novice terrified as you stare into your first classroom or an old hand looking for an extra boost with a new class and a new year.” —Arthur Applebee, Distinguished Professor and chair, Department of Educational Theory and Practice, University at Albany “Throughout this book I find the intelligence and insights that help me think about what it looks like to teach writing through the Common Core State Standards while maintaining my own integrity as a teacher. This book is a master class that you can take throughout the year, reading today about what you need to learn to do better tomorrow.” —Jim Burke, best-selling author and high school teacher

The Write Way Strategy for Composing the Complete College Application

The school is known for its academic classroom rigor in tandem with non-traditional learning experiences and strong art ... sections: English 35, Math 29, Reading 34, Science 30. and the SAT Critical Reading 660, Math 720, Writing 770.

Author: Shari Aldridge

Publisher: Cryptid Kids Publishing

ISBN: 9781941261002

Category: Education


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This application writing guide elucidates the purposeful process by which students have gained admission into the world's most selective colleges and universities. Through detailed information, actual examples of accepted student essays, and focused analysis, thinktango's expansive strategies are now made accessible in a systematic and comprehensive format.

Preparing to Teach Writing

Our schools simply can't fail all but the small portion of high school seniors reported to write at the proficient ... standards work in tandem to define college and career readiness expectations—the former providing broad standards, ...

Author: James D. Williams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136180545

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 338

View: 311


Preparing to Teach Writing, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive survey of theories, research, and methods associated with teaching composition successfully at the middle, secondary, and college levels. Research and theory are examined with the aim of informing teaching. Practicing and prospective writing teachers need the information and strategies this text provides to be effective and well prepared for the many challenges they will face in the classroom. Features Current—combines discussions and references to foundational studies that helped define the field of rhetoric and composition, with updated research, theories, and applications Research based—thorough examination of relevant research in education, literacy, cognition, linguistics, and grammar Steadfast adherence to best practices based on how students learn and on how to provide the most effective writing instruction A Companion Website provides sample assignments and student papers that can be analyzed using the research and theory presented in the text.

Breaking Open the Box

I see these students every day in college composition classes. They read perfunctorily and write mechanically. They simply regurgitate the information they find in their reading sources, and they attempt to mimic stodgy prose that is ...

Author: Nancy DaFoe

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 9781475802757

Category: Education

Page: 210

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We need a more creative approach to teaching writing. A methodology incorporating creativity, as modeled by students in this text, demonstrates the kind of progress we are all seeking, offering an exciting challenge for young writers and educators alike.

Collaboration Through Writing and Reading

Center for the Study of Writing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. ... Writing and reading in tandem gives the students a chance to engage with literature , to develop as authors , and to compare their own efforts with the ...

Author: National Council of Teachers of English

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105031166882

Category: English language

Page: 284

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This book, a series of essays developed at a working conference on the integration of reading and writing, surveys the historical, cultural, situational and social forces that keep the teaching of writing separate, skew the curriculum to favor reading over writing, and discourage development of pedagogies that integrate the language arts; examines the cognitive processes and strategies writers and readers use outside of school to develop and express their ideas; and discusses the challenge teachers face--to help students develop skills for reading and writing without isolating those skills from meaningful tasks and letting students forget the reasons for these activities. The book contains the following chapters: Chapter 1, "On Collaboration" (Anne Haas Dyson); Chapter 2, Introduction (James Moffett) and "A Sisyphean Task: Historical Perspectives on Writing and Reading Instruction" (Geraldine Joncich Clifford); Chapter 3, Introduction (Guadalupe Valdes) and "Writing and Reading in the Community" (Robert Gundlach and others); Chapter 4, Introduction (Sandra Murphy) and "The Problem-Solving Processes of Writers and Readers" (Ann S. Rosebery and others); Chapter 5, Introduction (Wallace Chafe) and "Writing and Reading Working Together" (Robert J. Tierney and others); Chapter 6, Introduction (Mary K. Healy) and "Writing-and-Reading in the Classroom" (James Britton); and Chapter 7, "The Writing-Reading Connection: Taking Off the Handcuffs" (Art Peterson). (MS)

Handbook of Learning Disabilities Second Edition

Unpublished dissertation, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA. ... Topoi and literary interpretation: The effects of a critical reading and writing intervention on high school students' analytic literary essays.

Author: H. Lee Swanson

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462518685

Category: Education

Page: 716

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"This comprehensive handbook reviews the major theoretical, methodological, and instructional advances that have occurred in the field of learning disabilities. With contributions from leading researchers, the volume synthesizes a vast body of knowledge on the nature of learning disabilities, their relationship to basic psychological and brain processes, and how students with these difficulties can best be identified and treated. Findings are reviewed on ways to support student performance in specific skill areas/m-/including language arts, math, science, and social studies/m-/as well as general principles of effective instruction that cut across academic domains. Authoritative and up to date, the book also examines the concepts and methods that guide learning disability research and identifies promising directions for future investigation"--

Advanced Placement English

Despite the established excellence of the Advance College Project , it remains vulnerable to a variety of pressures ... Moreover , reading and writing work in tandem ; reading , whether it is of their own text or someone else's ...

Author: Gary A. Olson

Publisher: Boynton/Cook Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015017698955

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 205

View: 108


Crossing Divides

Exploring Translingual Writing Pedagogies and Programs Bruce Horner, Laura Tetreault ... allowed students to take a college-level, first-year writing class—English 101—and, similar to ALP, a tandem class that would offer support.

Author: Bruce Horner

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 9781607326205

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

View: 860


Translingualism perceives the boundaries between languages as unstable and permeable; this creates a complex challenge for writing pedagogy. Writers shift actively among rhetorical strategies from multiple languages, sometimes importing lexical or discoursal tropes from one language into another to introduce an effect, solve a problem, or construct an identity. How to accommodate this reality while answering the charge to teach the conventions of one language can be a vexing problem for teachers. Crossing Divides offers diverse perspectives from leading scholars on the design and implementation of translingual writing pedagogies and programs. The volume is divided into four parts. Part 1 outlines methods of theorizing translinguality in writing and teaching. Part 2 offers three accounts of translingual approaches to the teaching of writing in private and public colleges and universities in China, Korea, and the United States. In Part 3, contributors from four US institutions describe the challenges and strategies involved in designing and implementing a writing curriculum with a translingual approach. Finally, in Part 4, three scholars respond to the case studies and arguments of the preceding chapters and suggest ways in which writing teachers, scholars, and program administrators can develop translingual approaches within their own pedagogical settings. Illustrated with concrete examples of teachers’ and program directors’ efforts in a variety of settings, as well as nuanced responses to these initiatives from eminent scholars of language difference in writing, Crossing Divides offers groundbreaking insight into translingual writing theory, practice, and reflection. Contributors: Sara Alvarez, Patricia Bizzell, Suresh Canagarajah, Dylan Dryer, Chris Gallagher, Juan Guerra, Asao B. Inoue, William Lalicker, Thomas Lavelle, Eunjeong Lee, Jerry Lee, Katie Malcolm, Kate Mangelsdorf, Paige Mitchell, Matt Noonan, Shakil Rabbi, Ann Shivers-McNair, Christine M. Tardy

The American Community College

Proceeding in tandem with assessment and placement procedures have been a number of integrated programs combining ... The courses may include remedial reading and writing, and adjunct classes centering on certain content areas also may ...

Author: Arthur M. Cohen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118718810

Category: Education

Page: 592

View: 568


Praise for the Previous Edition of The American Community College "Projecting the future for the community colleges of the early twenty-first century involves projecting the future for the nation in general: its demographics, economy, and public attitudes.... At heart is a discourse on how the institutions may adapt historical structures and practices to a changing world, and how those changes may ultimately affect students, the community, and society at large." —from the Conclusion, "Toward the Future" "Since 1982, The American Community College by Cohen and Brawer has been the authoritative book on community colleges. Anyone who wants to understand these complex and dynamic institutions—how they are evolving, the contributions they make, the challenges they face, the students they serve, and the faculty and leaders who deliver the services and the curricula—will find The American Community College both essential reading and an important reference book." —George R. Boggs, former president and CEO, American Association of Community Colleges "I have been a community college president for over forty-one years and a graduate professor for three decades. This book has been an inspiration to generations of students, faculty members, and administrators. It has become the classic of the field because it has great 'take-home' value to us all." —Joseph N. Hankin, president, Westchester Community College "Cohen and Brawer's classic work is the touchstone for a comprehensive overview of the American community college. This is a seminal book for graduate students as well as seasoned professionals for understanding this uniquely American institution." —Charles R. Dassance, former president, Central Florida Community College