In Another Light

'Greig succeeds in making the strands weave in and out with considerable grace ... Whether it's the Northern Lights or a cloud of yellow butterflies rising through the jungle, the descriptions are sensual' Carol Birch, ...

Author: Andrew Greig

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'Two small, confined communities in which established connections are cut across by shifting allegiances as people come and go: in cold climate as in hot, now as then, love is a complicated, compromising business' Times Literary Supplement A young man leans over the railings of the ocean liner bound for the exotic shores of Penang. It is early in the 1930s and Dr Alexander Mackay is on his way to take up his post running a maternity hospital in the colony. During the voyage he meets two beautiful sisters and the seeds of a scandal are sown. Seventy years later Edward Mackay wakes after a major brain trauma. In the hazy shadowlands of illness, he conjures the figure of his dead father, a man he knew so little about. This near-death experience provokes a move to the wilds of Orkney, where Edward joins a project to harness the tides around the island as a renewable source of energy. But in the tight-knit island community passions also run high.

In Another Light

from which they ultimately derive, only heuristically, i.e., as useful techniques, each appropriate for different ends. We would then avoid the dogmatic stand that this or that theory of literature is the only valid one or the most ...

Author: Gémino H. Abad

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

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Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

In a drill - press and in combination , a tool - carrying stallation of a plurality of masked lights in one or ... in relation to the other lights in the same group , as to be readily mistaken for another light , when exposed in the ...

Author: United States. Patent Office


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Two Treatises In the One of Which the Nature of Bodies in the Other the Nature of Mans Soule is Looked Into in Way of Discovery of the Immortality of Reasonable Soules

As for the first part ; we fec that when ver perceived to be fanned , a body is discerned now in one place , now in another , then it by the wiud . " appeareth to be moved . And this we sec happcneth also in light ; as when the Sun or a ...

Author: Kenelm Digby


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Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres A new edition

It gives him , indeed , a kind of property in every thing he sees , and makes the most rude , uncultivated parts of nature administer to his pleasures : so that he looks upon the world , as it were , in another light , and discovers in ...

Author: Hugh Blair


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Views of the most interesting collegiate and parochial churches in Great Britain by J P Neale and J Le Keux With historical and architectural descriptions by T Moule

3. in another light , Merop . In the next light thereunto , the Martin's clothmark , which is a Globe , with a cross , and streamer on the top , with K. on the one side , and .on the other , and in the next light II . pro Maria ...

Author: John Preston Neale


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Learning from China

R 11 CEID : Schum Tanto Leich hden OUE Achtcharen PED NNINGEN a This transformation always occurs , as Gebser wrote , “ in another way , in another light , with a different value attached to it , in another realization or manifestation ...

Author: Carl Fingerhuth

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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The powerful social and cultural transformations of recent decades as expressed in the shape and form of the city need to be examined and reviewed. New methods and procedures in urban planning and a new relationship between town and land are urgently required. Learning from China calls to mind that seminal work of the post-modern, Learning from Las Vegas, and relates the principles of Taoist thought and action to the perspectives for a new urban design beyond that of today, truly post modern.

PLOTINUS EnneadV 8 On Intelligible Beauty

See V.3.8, 20f. for further elaboration of this double function of light in the intelligible world: “Sight, since it is light, or rather united with light, ... Intellect therefore sees one light with another, not through another.

Author: Andrew Smith

Publisher: Parmenides Publishing

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Plotinus' Ennead V.8, originally part of a single work (with III.8, V.5, and II.9), provides the foundation for a positive view of the universe as an image of divine beauty against the Gnostic rejection of the world. Although it emphasizes the cosmic dimension of beauty, it is, as are most treatises of Plotinus, concerned with the individual soul. The notion that the artist has within him an idea of beauty that derives directly from the intelligible world in fact coincides with his theory that each one of us has access to Intellect through his or her own intellect. It is the exploitation of this theme that forms the central dynamic of the treatise, with its stress on our ability to "e;see"e; and be one with the intelligible world and its beauty.

Select Works of Plotinus and Extracts from the Treatise of Synesius on Providence Translated from the Greek With an Introduction Containing the Substance of Porphyry s Life of Plotinus By T Taylor

it see as not having sufficient light for this purpose . And if it should see , since it is perfected in another thing , it would behold another thing , and not itself . Nothing , however , of this kind takes place with pure intellect ...



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