Linear Control Systems

The new formulation of the Wiener problem brings it into contact with the growing new theory of control systems based on the " state " point of ... The importance of control systems engineering in medical and biological applications has ...

Author: Branislav Kisačanin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306467437

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Anyone seeking a gentle introduction to the methods of modern control theory and engineering, written at the level of a first-year graduate course, should consider this book seriously. It contains: A generous historical overview of automatic control, from Ancient Greece to the 1970s, when this discipline matured into an essential field for electrical, mechanical, aerospace, chemical, and biomedical engineers, as well as mathematicians, and more recently, computer scientists; A balanced presentation of the relevant theory: the main state-space methods for description, analysis, and design of linear control systems are derived, without overwhelming theoretical arguments; Over 250 solved and exercise problems for both continuous- and discrete-time systems, often including MATLAB simulations; and Appendixes on MATLAB, advanced matrix theory, and the history of mathematical tools such as differential calculus, transform methods, and linear algebra. Another noteworthy feature is the frequent use of an inverted pendulum on a cart to illustrate the most important concepts of automatic control, such as: Linearization and discretization; Stability, controllability, and observability; State feedback, controller design, and optimal control; and Observer design, reduced order observers, and Kalman filtering. Most of the problems are given with solutions or MATLAB simulations. Whether the book is used as a textbook or as a self-study guide, the knowledge gained from it will be an excellent platform for students and practising engineers to explore further the recent developments and applications of control theory.

Control Systems

An important class of control problems consists of those problems where the command variable is constant over long ... output and command input during steady - state period of control ) is of critical importance in control systems .

Author: M. Gopal

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0070482896

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The Ecology of Management Accounting and Control Systems

CHAPTER 6 Management Control Systems and the Functional Adaptation Performance of Work Teams The theory and practice of management control of teams has received research attention recently, as organizations recognized the importance of ...

Author: Seleshi Sisaye

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781567205213

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Recent technological and environmental changes have shifted the operations of management control systems from meeting separate, individually based budgetary goals to management control techniques that emphasize group and team control structures. Accordingly, team-based management controls that incorporate normative, instrumental, and coercive controls are being used in complex organizations to monitor production quality and cost control, manage incentive systems, and design and implement management accounting systems. This book provides the first attempt to bring the theory of organizational ecology to the forefront in behavioral accounting research. The adaptation framework has been utilized to incorporate environmental and technological issues as well as organizational structural and contextual factors to examine recent developments in management control systems, particularly the use of accounting systems in managing the performance of teams. Researchers and teachers in graduate programs, managers in business, and service organizations who use work groups to manage their organization activities should find this work an immense addition to their collections.

Building Control Systems

1 Introduction: the need for controls This introductory section provides an overview of the Guide and will be of value when preparing the general case for a control system. It demonstrates the importance of controls in ensuring ...

Author: Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780750650472

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Beginning with an overview of the benefits of the modern building control system, the authors go on to describe the different controls and their applications and include advice on their set-up and tuning for stable operation.

Food Safety Management in China

... who stressed the importance of specialized farmer cooperatives in controlling and improving the quality of food ... One is that pesticide residue detecting systems have already been set up in wholesale markets and agricultural ...

Author: Jiehong Zhou

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814447775

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In recent years, China has taken a number of effective measures to strengthen the supervision of food quality and safety, but food safety incidents still occur sometimes. The recurrence and intractability of such incidents suggest that, in addition to the imperfect supervision system, the greatest obstacle to China's food quality safety management is that China's “farm to fork” food supply chain has too many stages, the members on the supply chain have not form a stable strategic and cooperative relation, and on the other hand, during the transitional period, some practitioners lack social responsibility. Therefore, China's food quality safety management and the establishment of food quality and safety traceability system should follow the development trend of international food quality and safety supervision, and should combine with the establishment of China's agricultural industrialization and standardization, integrate China's existing but isolated effective measures, such as the establishment of bases for the implementation of the system of claiming certificates or invoices, for the performance of Management Regulations for Pig Slaughtering and Quarantine Inspection in Designated Places, and for the conduct of World Expo, as well as the establishment of market access system, take into consideration the demand, the dynamic mechanism, and the performance of important measures of food supply chain members for food quality and safety control, as well as the difficulties and the deep-seated reasons in the implementation process of such measures. To this end, this book chooses important agricultural products of vegetables, pork and aquatic products as the subjects investigated. From an “integrated” vertical perspective of the supply chain and according to the degree of industrialization of different products, focusing on the key links of quality and safety control of vegetables, pork and aquatic products, this book carries out empirical analysis of the construction of food quality and safety control system, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) quality control system and food quality and safety traceability system, deeply analyzes and straightens out the dynamic mechanism and the performance of different business entities implementing the food quality and safety management system, as well as the bottleneck and deep-seated causes of promoting advanced experience of pilot areas and enterprises in China, and put forward ideas and suggestions of establishing long-term effective food quality and safety management system with regard to vegetables, pork, and aquatic products, which can provide scientific basis for the government to design food quality and safety management policies. Contents:Overview of Food Safety Management in ChinaSafety of Vegetables and the Use of Pesticides by Farmers in ChinaAdoption of Food Safety and Quality Standards by China's Agricultural CooperativesImplementation of Food Safety and Quality Standards: A Case Study of the Vegetable Processing Industry in Zhejiang, ChinaAdoption of HACCP System in the Chinese Food Industry: A Comparative AnalysisAn Empirical Analysis of the Implementation of Vegetable Quality and Safety Traceability Systems Centering on Wholesale MarketsInvestment in Voluntary Traceability: Analysis of Chinese Hog Slaughterhouses and ProcessorsQuality Perception, Safer Behavior Management and Control of Aquaculture: Experience of Exporting Enterprises of Zhejiang Province, ChinaOutlook for China's Food Safety Situation and Policy Recommendations Readership: Students, researchers and officials who are interested to understand more about food safety management in China. Keywords:Food Safety;Food Economics;Food Supply Chain;Agricultural EconomicsKey Features:The first monograph in English to systematically address this issueAn authoritative reference for foreign food experts and officers to learn the latest developments of the food safety management in ChinaThe content in this book is the fresh progress of food safety management in China since the new century

Control of Arthropods of Medical and Veterinary Importance

INTEGRATED CONTROL SYSTEM The different control methods discussed above have their own limitations. It appears that none of them alone will be capable of controlling the vector population. There is an urgent need to utilize control ...

Author: R. Pal

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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1. Introduction.- 2. Houseflies, Musca domestica.- 3. Discussion of the paper on Houseflies, Musca domestica.- 4. Ticks with special emphasis on Boophilus microplus.- 5. Discussion of the paper on Ticks with special emphasis on Boophilus microplus.- 6. Simulium damnosum.- 7. Discussion of the paper on Simulium damnosum.- 8. Stegomyia.- 9. Discussion of the paper on Stegomyia.- 10. Tsetse flies.- 11. Culex tritaeniorhynchus.- 12. Culex pipiens fatigans.

Astrodynamics 1975

Policy makers within ERDA recognize the importance of control systems to the successful development of solar energy systems. The general objectives of the ERDA research program on controls are to provide a solar system with automatic ...

Author: William Francis Powers


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Control System Applications

The importance of well - designed controls for HVAC systems becomes apparent when one considers the impact of HVAC systems on the economy , the environment , and the health of building occupants . One of the most significant operational ...

Author: William S. Levine

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0849300541

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 360

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Control technology permeates every aspect of our lives. We rely on them to perform a wide variety of tasks without giving much thought to the origins of the technology or how it became such an important part of our lives. Control System Applications covers the uses of control systems, both in the common and in the uncommon areas of our lives. From the everyday to the unusual, it's all here. From process control to human-in-the-loop control, this book provides illustrations and examples of how these systems are applied. Each chapter contains an introduction to the application, a section defining terms and references, and a section on further readings that help you understand and use the techniques in your work environment. Highly readable and comprehensive, Control System Applications explores the uses of control systems. It illustrates the diversity of control systems and provides examples of how the theory can be applied to specific practical problems. It contains information about aspec ts of control that are not fully captured by the theory, such as techniques for protecting against controller failure and the role of cost and complexity in specifying controller designs.

Federal Managers Accountability Act of 1981

would appear to be both a real need to strengthen agency control systems and an equally important need to ... annual reports on internal controls be submitted to the President and made available to Congress , the relative importance of ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Legislation and National Security Subcommittee


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