Impactful Academic Writing

Impactful Academic Writing is a practical guide to the most essential academic writing skills that a student needs.

Author: Sandra Daniel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499013740

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 106

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Impactful Academic Writing is a practical guide to the most essential academic writing skills that a student needs. It will direct graduate and undergraduate students from paragraph structuring to writing lengthy assignments through a systematic approach. It contains examples and good advice on how students may demonstrate critical insights in their written work. It includes activities and discussions on a range of disciplines such as ethics, nursing, business, law, and literature.

Academic Writing

MoreMore Effective:Effective: The governor's $12.6 billion education bill requires
schools to implement more standardized tests. These will be used to determine
the effectiveness of teachers and schools. However, this practice is not aligned ...

Author: Andrew P. Johnson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475823578

Category: Education

Page: 200

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This book provides a foundation and framework to enhance your understanding of the various processes involved in academic writing. The term, academic writing, here refers to the types of writing used in college level writing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. However, this book was not written simply to help you pass another English class or to get you through the next writing intensive course (although it will certainly do that). At some point you will be out in the real world (hopefully). Thus, the purpose of this book is to enable you to be an effective writer and thinker in all contexts including your personal and professional lives.

Teaching Academic Writing as a Discipline specific Skill in Higher Education

They should collaborate on ways to infuse revision experiences throughout the
curriculum. Discipline-Specific Writing Courses A writing course (or courses)
entirely devoted to instruction on disciplinary writing are more impactful when
taught ...

Author: El-Sadig Y. Ezza

Publisher: Information Science Reference

ISBN: 9781799822677

Category: Education

Page: 253

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"This book examines the way disciplinary practices provide a framework for writing in various scholastic areas"--

Analysing Structure in Academic Writing

In academic writing conceptualisations, on the contrary, no drastic change in
perspective seems to have occurred since ... leads the research community to the
next stage, and hence the hypothesis will be even more influential and impactful.

Author: Tomoko Sawaki

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137542397

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 275

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This book breaks through formalistic traditions to propose a new generic structure analytical framework for academic writing. The integrated approach, taking lessons from cognitive linguistics and structuralism, offers a foundation for establishing research and pedagogy that can promote diversity and inclusion in academia. The simplicity of the flexible structure analytical model proposed by Sawaki enables the user to analyse diverse instances of genre. Further innovation is made in the analysis of generic structure components by integrating George Lakoff and Mark Johnson’s metaphor analysis method, so that the model can account for cultural and ideological patterns that structure our abstract thinking. Using these integrations, the author has established a structure analytical model that can take into account linguistic, cognitive, and pragmatic aspects of genre. Researchers in the fields of linguistics, discourse studies, cultural studies, education, and English for Academic Purposes will be able to use this model to identify whether an atypical instance in academic texts is a result of the writer’s individual failure or a failure to understand diversity in academic writing.

Navigating Argument A Guidebook to Academic Writing

An estate where decency fights a losing battle against degradation and despair.
The repetition of the letter “d” at the beginning of words in these sentences draws
attention to their importance. “Damning” is already an impactful word, but it is ...

Author: Sheila Morton


ISBN: 9781312253841

Category: Education

Page: 284

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Written for Tusculum College students, this guidebook will help you to navigate the often-confusing and tangled paths of academic writing. From your freshman composition sequence through your senior seminar course, you should plan to use the strategies taught in this book to complete a variety of writing assignments including rhetorical analyses, standard arguments, research papers, annotated bibliographies, and proposals. Each chapter will walk you through the steps necessary to navigate these different writing types. Additionally, you will be introduced to the writing process, including methods of prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. This process will help you in any kind of writing you undertake.

Reading Between the Lines

I chose to physically incorporate meaningful, thoughtful, and powerful student
writing responses prompted from ... After reflecting upon students' writing and
creating my piece, I have noticed that the experience was not only impactful for
me, ...

Author: Joanne Dowdy

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 9781475808971

Category: Education

Page: 178

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This book presents the work from a selection of contributors who aim to provide educators with hands-on activities to encourage reflection, awareness, and dialogue related to social justice issues.

Writing Successful Grant Proposals from the Top Down and Bottom Up

The chapter is organized by the three major steps in the grant research process: (
1) developing and writing the grant ... plan of research but may not produce bold
and potentially riskier research ideas that could lead to more impactful findings.

Author: Robert J. Sternberg

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483320625

Category: Psychology

Page: 376

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This text provides comprehensive advice on how to build a successful grant proposal, from the top down and from the bottom up. Editor Robert J. Sternberg gathers editorial expertise from distinguished members of associations in the Federation of Associations of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, which includes some of the most successful grant applicants and grant givers in the field of brain and behavioral sciences. The chapter authors offer readers practical advice on planning, executing, submitting, and revising grant proposals in order to maximize their chances of success. Exploring both grant writers' and grant providers' perspectives, Writing Successful Grant Proposals from the Top Down and Bottom Up provides valuable insight into general strategies on how to write and submit proposals, as well as detailed information on the various types of proposals needed to reach particular research and teaching goals.

Writing the Playbook

Each participant is to affix three dots per page next to the strategies under School
and Community that they think would be most impactful for students. When this is
done, count the colored dots and engage in a discussion about the "top three" ...

Author: Kelley King

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781483302904

Category: Education

Page: 216

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Your game plan for getting boys on the path to higher achievement As a school leader, Kelley King has walked the talk: she successfully led her own staff to close the achievement gap between boys and girls in reading and writing in just one year. In this book, readers get King’s step-by-step, research-based leadership plan for jump-starting boys’ achievement. King shares: Critical insight into the brain-based differences between boys and girls First-hand leadership and classroom experiences to provide educators with a blueprint for creating schools where boys (and girls!) thrive Ready-to-use activities and resources for leading a successful gap-closing initiative

Managing Human Resource And Industrial Relations

... key managers , key positions , profitable divisions and impactful HR
programmes ; • Taking a lead in technology for doing ... Despite the outpouring of
academic writing on human resource management , little progress has been
made in ...

Author: Tapomoy Deb

Publisher: Excel Books India

ISBN: 8174466991

Category: Collective bargaining

Page: 669

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Writing Interactive Music for Video Games

Composers should be careful to not discount the importance of these factors,
because in many instances paying attention to this kind of detail is what makes
the score impactful and gets its author on people's radar as a composer who
strives to ...

Author: Michael Sweet

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 9780133563511

Category: Computers

Page: 512

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“This book is a must read for newcomers and experienced composers wanting to learn more about the art of video game composition.” —Chuck Doud, Director of Music, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios All You Need to Know to Create Great Video Game Music Written by the developer of Berklee School of Music’s pioneering game scoring program, this guide covers everything professional composers and music students need to know about composing interactive music for video games, and contains exclusive tools for interactive scoring—tools that were previously available only at Berklee. Drawing on twenty years of professional experience in the game industry, Michael Sweet helps you master the unique language of music storytelling in games. Next, he walks you through the entire music composition process, from initial conceptualization and creative direction through implementation. Inside, you’ll find dozens of examples that illustrate adaptive compositional techniques, from small downloadable games to multimillion dollar console titles. In addition, this guide covers the business side of video game composition, sharing crucial advice about contracts, pricing, sales, and marketing. Coverage includes Overcoming the unique challenges of writing for games Composing music that can adapt in real time to player actions Developing thematic ideas Using audio middleware to create advanced interactive scores Working effectively with game development teams Understanding the life of a video game composer Managing contracts, rights, estimating, and negotiation Finding work The companion website contains software tools to help you master interactive music concepts explored in this book, with additional resources and links to learn more about scoring for games. See Appendix A for details.

The Power of Scriptwriting Teaching Essential Writing Skills through Podcasts Graphic Novels Movies and More

Start by providing an array of possible issues that students care about to help
them choose a writing topic. ... Both the call-to-action and the tagline should
blend elements of persuasive writing—memorable and impactful language, a
reminder ...

Author: Peter Gutiérrez

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807772751

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 167

View: 568


This dynamic resource offers teachers a new way to energize the teaching of writing while also meeting Common Core State Standards. The author draws on his unique background in education and media to provide this all-in-one resource to help teachers use the versatility of scriptwriting to motivate students and support literacy skills across the disciplines. Each chapter covers a different medium, outlining the writing skills required, and providing practical tips, sample projects, standards alignment, and strategies for differentiated instruction. Book Features:The rationale, curricular connections, lessons, and projects to help teachers incorporate scriptwriting into their existing writing curriculum. Suggestions for using assignments in the disciplines to process content and exhibit understanding.Authentic connections to students’ in-school and out-of-school literacies.Easy-to-use sections, such as Why Teach This?, Skills Focus, Literacy Across the Disciplines, and The Writing Process.Robust differentiated instruction, including specific strategies for English language learners and below-level students. QuickStart lesson launchers to help both teachers and students become comfortable—and have fun—with scriptwriting immediately. Appendices with Additional Resources, Revision Checklists, Writing Rubrics, and a glossary of Media and Script Terms. “Gutiérrez brings a wealth of experience and insight on the practices involved in crafting stories using language, images, sound and multimedia. By taking mass media and popular culture seriously, this book adds essential dimensions to learning, literacy and language arts education.” —Renee Hobbs, Founding Director and Professor in the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island. “I am overjoyed to read The Power of Scriptwriting! Peter Gutiérrez’s extensive background makes him the perfect person to provide educators with all of the necessary guidance, tools, and instruction they will need to feel comfortable incorporating scriptwriting into the classroom. This book is a long-overdue addition to the world of new literacy, where media and technology already have our students’ attention. Tell your librarian to get several copies for your professional collection: I highly recommend it!” —Frank Baker, media literacy consultant, Media Literacy Clearinghouse Peter Gutiérrez has worked both as an English and social studies teacher and as a professional scriptwriter. As an educational consultant his clients include Pearson, Scholastic Education, and Sesame Workshop.

Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements Hundreds of Ready to Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications

... information has exciting advantages, always keep in mind the potential
downsides as well. Craft all of your communications with clarity and purpose and
be certain that the statements they make are understandable, positive, and

Author: Harriet Diamond

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071635486

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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The Right Phrase for Every Situation . . . Every Time! Clearly crafted company announcements—both internal and external—are critically important for your company’s day-to-day operations. Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements has hundreds of ready-to-use phrases suitable for any announcement, regardless of the situation or scenario. Learn the most effective language for: Describing new products and services Explaining hiring procedures Detailing a new strategic focus Announcing relocation or expansion Articulating mergers and strategic partnerships

Creative Writing in the Digital Age

online platform, given the need for each student to grasp the demands of the
collaborative writing system and for class members to ... If anything, I was looking
for a more impactful way to teach concepts like character, setting, and dialogue.

Author: Michael Dean Clark

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472574107

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 208

View: 884


Creative Writing in the Digital Age explores the vast array of opportunities that technology provides the Creative Writing teacher, ranging from effective online workshop models to methods that blur the boundaries of genre. From social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to more advanced software like Inform 7, the book investigates the benefits and potential challenges these technologies present instructors in the classroom. Written with the everyday instructor in mind, the book includes practical classroom lessons that can be easily adapted to creative writing courses regardless of the instructor's technical expertise.

HBR Guide to Better Business Writing HBR Guide Series

harvesting efficiencies hit the ground running impact (as verb) incent incentivize
impactful kick the can down the road Let's do lunch. Let's take this offline. level
the playing field leverage (as verb) liaise mission-critical monetize net-net on the

Author: Bryan A. Garner

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

ISBN: 9781422184042

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 761


DON'T LET YOUR WRITING HOLD YOU BACK. When you’re fumbling for words and pressed for time, you might be tempted to dismiss good business writing as a luxury. But it’s a skill you must cultivate to succeed: You’ll lose time, money, and influence if your e-mails, proposals, and other important documents fail to win people over. The HBR Guide to Better Business Writing, by writing expert Bryan A. Garner, gives you the tools you need to express your ideas clearly and persuasively so clients, colleagues, stakeholders, and partners will get behind them. This book will help you: • Push past writer’s block • Grab—and keep—readers’ attention • Earn credibility with tough audiences • Trim the fat from your writing • Strike the right tone • Brush up on grammar, punctuation, and usage

The Science Writing Process and Science Writers Audience Awareness

I ' m not sure how shall I ' ll call it either streptoccoccus infections or viral
infections / uh cause pneumonia meningitis and virulent other virulent infections
that develop powerful ways to fend off / uh I need to come up with a the lead ' s
already ...

Author: Jocelyn Steinke


ISBN: WISC:89099040016


Page: 612

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Creating Powerful Brands

A home page which has animations and sound may be impactful but this could
cause irritation waiting for the page to form. To then be ... can prove engaging.
The style of writing, the 'tone of voice' and 300 CHAPTER 8: Brands on the

Author: Leslie de Chernatony

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136445187

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 482

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This has long been the one book that students can rely on to get them thinking critically and strategically about branding. This new fourth edition is no exception. THE definitive introductory textbook for this crucial topic, it is highly illustrated and comes packed with over 50 brand-new, real examples of influential marketing campaigns. Bullets: • Summarises the latest thinking and best practice in the domain of branding • All new real marketing campaigns show how branding theories are implemented in practice • Brought right up to date with a clear European and UK focus Undergraduate business and marketing students studying brand management will find this an invaluable resource in their quest to understand how branding really works.

Mediabistro com Presents Small Screen Big Picture

What's the biggest mistake you read in young writers spec scripts? ... –
Drow006jard, co-executive producersløst, Alias, Angel) What's the most important
thing to study when writing a spec script: ... Know where those impactful'
moments have to ...

Author: Chad Gervich

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

ISBN: 9780307450142

Category: Reference

Page: 450

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Take On Hollywood and Make It as a Television Writer. From, the media industry’s most well-respected source for jobs, professional development, and community, this inside-the-business guide gives you the knowledge and tools you need to infiltrate Hollywood and land a job as a TV writer. That’s right—Small Screen, Big Picture gives you a competitive edge over millions of other aspiring writers who share your talent, creativity, and determination . . . because after reading these pages, you’ll have the one thing they lack: an understanding of the business of television. This journey into Hollywood’s inner workings not only details how networks, studios, and production companies work together, it teaches you how the process affects the creation and writing of TV series, how shows make money, and—ultimately—how you can use this information to break into the industry. You’ll learn: • What really goes on in the inner sanctum of the writers’ room—and how to be a part of it • How today’s TV business model works—and how rapidly it’s changing • Who has the power to buy a show idea—and how to pitch your own • How new media formats are changing television—and how to use them to your advantage • Which jobs will kick-start your TV writing career—and how to get hired • And much more . . . Armed with this solid foundation of knowledge, you’ll be ready to plan your entry into the industry and begin your successful TV writing career.

The African American Law School Survival Guide

Excellence in teaching is not enough . They must also write and publish high
quality , influential and impactful work in their research areas . They also have to
sit on committees and get involved in other academic and lawyer - related
activities .

Author: Evangeline M. Mitchell


ISBN: NWU:35556038667960

Category: African American law students

Page: 658

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Read and Succeed

I say semiconscious because while the support is not staged, it is purposeful,
relevant, and impactful. ... Thus, if we are go- ing to influence comprehensive
reading, we must investigate effective writing strategies. ... Stephen Hancock,
PhD Assistant Director, The Urban Education Collaborative Associate Professor
of Multicultural Education, University of North Caro- lina, Charlotte
Acknowledgments First ...

Author: Terry Husband

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 9781475801309

Category: Education

Page: 120

View: 154


Recent national achievement data reveal significant outcome disparities between African American boys and other student groups by grade 4. This book presents and discusses a multi-strategic framework for teachers, administrators, librarians, and parents to implement collaboratively to combat this issue.