Impactful Academic Writing

Impactful Academic Writing is a practical guide to the most essential academic writing skills that a student needs.

Author: Sandra Daniel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499013639

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 106

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Impactful Academic Writing is a practical guide to the most essential academic writing skills that a student needs. It will direct graduate and undergraduate students from paragraph structuring to writing lengthy assignments through a systematic approach. It contains examples and good advice on how students may demonstrate critical insights in their written work. It includes activities and discussions on a range of disciplines such as ethics, nursing, business, law, and literature.

Impactful Academic Writing

It contains examples, activities and discussions that areuseful inhelping students understand how to writebetter. Impactful Academic Writing is organized ...

Author: Sandra Daniel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499013740

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 106

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Impactful Academic Writing is a practical guide to the most essential academic writing skills that a student needs. It will direct graduate and undergraduate students from paragraph structuring to writing lengthy assignments through a systematic approach. It contains examples and good advice on how students may demonstrate critical insights in their written work. It includes activities and discussions on a range of disciplines such as ethics, nursing, business, law, and literature.

Academic Writing

MoreMore Effective:Effective: The governor's $12.6 billion education bill requires schools to implement more standardized tests.

Author: Andrew P. Johnson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475823578

Category: Education

Page: 200

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This book provides a foundation and framework to enhance your understanding of the various processes involved in academic writing. The term, academic writing, here refers to the types of writing used in college level writing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. However, this book was not written simply to help you pass another English class or to get you through the next writing intensive course (although it will certainly do that). At some point you will be out in the real world (hopefully). Thus, the purpose of this book is to enable you to be an effective writer and thinker in all contexts including your personal and professional lives.

Write an Impactful Research Paper

Forget the struggles of writing a research paper - there is no need for headaches, self-doubt, and endless revisions. This book offers a blueprint for confident scientific writing even if you don't possess the writing gene.

Author: Martins Zaumanis


ISBN: 9798680546949


Page: 103

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Forget the struggles of writing a research paper - there is no need for headaches, self-doubt, and endless revisions. This book offers a blueprint for confident scientific writing even if you don't possess the writing gene. You will learn: How to become a prolific writer using four research paper writing steps called the "LEAP" How to make sense of research results and frame a message that convinces the readers How to answer viscous reviewers and get your paper accepted at the best journals What eight unwritten academic publishing rules you should follow to attract many citations Instead of fearing the writing process, the book will show you how to leverage it as a way of understanding the research results. What's included: * A book full of actionable advice for becoming efficient at writing papers * Free tools, templates, and internet resources for writing, grammar editing, collaborative writing, journal selection, and more * Two printable cheat sheets that summarize the advice from this book

Academic Writing and Reader Engagement

perspective of academic discourse, it is important that we recognise the role of power inherent in the use of English as the lingua franca of academia, ...

Author: Niall Curry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000394511

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

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Academic Writing and Reader Engagement offers a concise linguistic description of the use and functions of questions in English, French and Spanish and discusses their value to the teaching of academic writing. This book: Enables a better understanding of how writers engage readers in academic writing in English, French, and Spanish and where each language behaves similarly or differently; Explains how authors express opinions, organise discourse and create relationships with readers via questions in their academic writing and the various functions questions perform; Brings together research on corpus and contrastive linguistics, highlighting how these two fields can support one another; Offers a thorough investigation of reader engagement markers from a range of linguistic perspectives and considers how knowledge of these markers could be applied to the teaching and learning of academic writing in each language; Employs corpus data totalling approximately 1.2 million words from all three languages to illustrate the varying roles and representations of questions in each language. Providing an invaluable resource for scholars learning to communicate successfully within their academic community, as well as teachers of English, French and/or Spanish for academic purposes, this book is key reading for students and researchers of academic discourse, contrastive linguistics and corpus linguistics.

Easy Academic English and Writing for IELTSTM and TOEFL iBT

Chapter 3: Elements of Effective Academic Writing NOW YOU KNOW THE DETAILED features of Academic English writing. Let's turn to my 5 C's of Academic Writing ...

Author: Winn Trivette II, MA

Publisher: Winfield Trivette II

ISBN: 9781393443070

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 83

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Easy Academic English and Writing for IELTSTM and TOEFL iBT® shows IELTS and TOEFL candidates as well as university students and professionals how to write English well. Let Professor Winn, a CELTA-certified native English instructor, help you reach your career goals in this one volume that combines two books: Book1: Easy Academic English Book 2: 17 Keys to Better English Writing. Serious IELTS and TOEFL candidates who value a high grade cannot miss this primer to the exact writing needed to score high on the exams. Easy Academic English reveals the important features of Academic English including useful phrases and critical errors to avoid. 17 Keys to Better English Writing is a deep dive into the mechanics of English writing from building cohesion while learning to write transitions to using parallel style to achieve coherence in varied sentence patterns. Don’t let poor English writing skills hinder your career goals. Start learning to express yourself better using the written word today. Easy Academic English and Writing for IELTSTM and TOEFL iBT® helps you make an immediate impact in your English writing from exams to the classroom and office.

Teaching Academic Writing as a Discipline specific Skill in Higher Education

Discipline-Specific Writing Courses A writing course (or courses) entirely devoted to instruction on disciplinary writing are more impactful when taught by ...

Author: El-Sadig Y. Ezza

Publisher: Information Science Reference

ISBN: 9781799822677

Category: Education

Page: 253

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"This book examines the way disciplinary practices provide a framework for writing in various scholastic areas"--

Analysing Structure in Academic Writing

In academic writing conceptualisations, on the contrary, no drastic change in ... and hence the hypothesis will be even more influential and impactful.

Author: Tomoko Sawaki

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137542397

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 275

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This book breaks through formalistic traditions to propose a new generic structure analytical framework for academic writing. The integrated approach, taking lessons from cognitive linguistics and structuralism, offers a foundation for establishing research and pedagogy that can promote diversity and inclusion in academia. The simplicity of the flexible structure analytical model proposed by Sawaki enables the user to analyse diverse instances of genre. Further innovation is made in the analysis of generic structure components by integrating George Lakoff and Mark Johnson’s metaphor analysis method, so that the model can account for cultural and ideological patterns that structure our abstract thinking. Using these integrations, the author has established a structure analytical model that can take into account linguistic, cognitive, and pragmatic aspects of genre. Researchers in the fields of linguistics, discourse studies, cultural studies, education, and English for Academic Purposes will be able to use this model to identify whether an atypical instance in academic texts is a result of the writer’s individual failure or a failure to understand diversity in academic writing.

Teaching Business Technical and Academic Writing Online and Onsite

A Writing Pedagogy Sourcebook Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam ... texts and projects to an audience, and producing ethical, impactful results or changes). (p.

Author: Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527570658

Category: Education

Page: 164

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This book grows out of the insights and proficiencies gained through teaching undergraduate and graduate students in onsite, online, and blended formats for almost three decades. Using a practitioner focus, it proffers best practices utilized and validated during the process of successfully instructing students in writing their scientific or technical proposals, professional or business reports, and academic papers or doctoral dissertations at premier American universities. The book guides facilitators through syllabus creation, discussion management, and open educational resources use, while specifically offering strategies and support to the underserved online writing teachers who utilize multimedia materials and virtual discussions in learning management systems to reach out to students. Also, insider insights and specialist knowledge on using visual creation tools and open educational resources are shared. The text is a must-have handbook for undergraduate and graduate teachers, and particularly fills the need for a helpful sourcebook for remote teaching in a post-COVID world.

Navigating Argument A Guidebook to Academic Writing

“Damning” is already an impactful word, but it is emphasized when combined with the other evocative words that follow: “drink,” “drugs, ...

Author: Sheila Morton


ISBN: 9781312253841

Category: Education

Page: 284

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Written for Tusculum College students, this guidebook will help you to navigate the often-confusing and tangled paths of academic writing. From your freshman composition sequence through your senior seminar course, you should plan to use the strategies taught in this book to complete a variety of writing assignments including rhetorical analyses, standard arguments, research papers, annotated bibliographies, and proposals. Each chapter will walk you through the steps necessary to navigate these different writing types. Additionally, you will be introduced to the writing process, including methods of prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. This process will help you in any kind of writing you undertake.

How to Use Storytelling in Your Academic Writing

Techniques for Engaging Readers and Successfully Navigating the Writing and Publishing Processes ... 'Can early-career scholars conduct impactful research?

Author: Timothy G. Pollock

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781839102820

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 200

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Good writing skills and habits are critical for scholarly success. Every article is a story, and employing the techniques of effective storytelling enhances scholars’ abilities to share their insights and ideas, increasing the impact of their research. This book draws on the tools and techniques of storytelling employed in fiction and non-fiction writing to help academic writers enhance the clarity, presentation, and flow of their scholarly work, and provides insights on navigating the writing, reviewing, and coauthoring processes.

Impactful Practitioner Inquiry

information by writing journal entries, taking notes of observations, drawing, ... that were missing from the academic papers, newspaper articles, ...

Author: Sue Nichols

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807773901

Category: Education

Page: 186

View: 704


How does practitioner inquiry impact education? Examining the experiences of practitioners who have participated in inquiry projects, the authors present ways in which this work has enabled educators to be positive change agents. They reveal the difference that practitioner inquiry has made in their professional practice, their understanding of student learning, their content area knowledge, and their career trajectories. Attesting to long-lasting changes in ways that these educators approach professional challenges, the authors identify the “ripple effect” of these changes through school communities and beyond. Impactful Practitioner Inquiry includes in-depth case studies as well as chapters specifically focused on the design and analysis aspects of inquiry. Book Features: An examination of how practitioner inquiry impacts professional practice, school culture, and career trajectories.The use of complexity and network theories to understand how practitioner inquiry is able to create its ripple effect.Testimonies from educators with up to 10 years’ experience as inquirers.Practices from early childhood and school settings, classroom and leadership roles, general education and specialist settings. “This in-depth reflective analysis will be invaluable to action researchers and school–university collaborations in designing inquiries that positively impact student lives and learning.” —JoBeth Allen, professor emeritus, University of Georgia “Incorporating extended examples, helpful frameworks and critical analysis, this will be a must-have book for teacher-researchers and educational professional learning communities internationally.” —Barbara Comber, research professor, University of South Australia and Queensland University of Technology

Exploring the Social and Academic Experiences of International Students in Higher Education Institutions

I had many great ideas, but my English did not allow me to deliver an impactful speech. I was given a very low grade. Academic Issues Writing is found to be ...

Author: Bista, Krishna

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466697508

Category: Education

Page: 363

View: 777


Cross-cultural experiences in university settings have a significant impact on students’ lives by enriching the learning process and promoting cultural awareness and tolerance. While studying abroad offers students unique learning opportunities, educators must be able to effectively address the specific social and academic needs of multicultural learners. Exploring the Social and Academic Experiences of International Students in Higher Education Institutions is a pivotal reference source for the latest research on the issues surrounding study abroad students in culturally diverse educational environments. Featuring various perspectives from a global context on ensuring the educational, structural, and social needs of international students are met, this book is ideally designed for university faculty, researchers, graduate students, policy makers, and academicians working with transnational students.

How to Finish Your PhD

Examples abound in academic writing, such as “on a regular basis” rather than just ... hopeful of the production of elegant and impactful academic prose and ...

Author: Catherine Pope

Publisher: Catherine Pope Limited

ISBN: 9781838242909

Category: Education

Page: 246

View: 924


Are you stuck in your PhD? Is progress imperceptible to the naked eye? You’re feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done and there’s no clear path. The more you worry, the less work you get done; the less work that gets done, the more you worry: it’s a vicious cycle. With the help of this practical book, you’ll take a new approach to your thesis. I’ve coached thousands of PhD students through to the finish line. I also managed to complete my own PhD when it seemed vanishingly unlikely. Some people breeze through their PhD, knowing exactly what they’re doing and never giving their supervisor a moment’s worry. That probably isn’t you. For most of us it’s tough – that’s why relatively few people get to call themselves Doctor. It’s hard, but not impossible. I want to help make it possible for you. I’ll help you understand why you’re stuck and what you can do about it. By the end of the book, you’ll have the clarity and confidence you need to finish your PhD. Together we’ll create an action plan that’s right for you. Each chapter includes activities and downloadable resources. You won’t find anything about theory, methodologies, or epistemologies here. There are plenty of other books on how to write a PhD – this book is on how to finish it. Take a look at the outline below to see what we’ll cover. CONTENTS 1. What’s the Purpose of PhD? Why are you doing a PhD? (I’ll help you remember) What on earth is a thesis, anyway? How can you set some limits and avoid doing too much? 2. Getting Ready to Do Things Differently Forgetting the past and focusing on the future Adopting a growth mindset Overcoming imposter syndrome and defeating your inner critic 3. Making a Plan You’re the project manager! Who’s on your team? What needs to happen and when? Anticipating problems and solving them in advance Breaking everything down into more manageable chunks 4. Working with Your Supervisor What type of supervision do you need? Managing the supervisory relationship Resolving conflict Agreeing plans with your supervisor Soliciting effective feedback 5. Managing Competing Priorities Understanding your circle of control Managing your time effectively Saying no Choosing the best time to write Looking after your health 6. Becoming a More Productive Writer Protecting your writing time Finding the right place to work Improving focus and eliminating distractions Making writing easier for yourself Defeating procrastination 7. Building Routines and Keeping Going Meeting your monkey sidekick Creating startup and shutdown routines Developing good habits Measuring progress Avoiding perfectionism 8. Getting Ready for Submission Thinking about your examiners Breaking down the editing process How much time do you need for editing? Knowing when to stop Your submission checklist

Delivering Impact in Management Research

... and translation of academic writing 75–77 Fuel from Waste project 4–5 ... and impact Impact Case Studies 82–86 impactful management research 1–2, 17–21; ...

Author: Robert MacIntosh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000413267

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 124

View: 292


Impact is of increasing importance to all researchers, given its growing centrality to those who fund, assess and use research around the world. Delivering Impact in Management Research sets out a detailed and nuanced analysis of how research impact is best delivered in practice. Starting with a rich conceptualisation, the authors move on to discuss models through which meaningful impact is framed and delivered. The book explains processes, skills and approaches to impact, along with examples and insights into potential pitfalls and solutions. Examples are drawn from around the world and systems such as the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) are discussed as part of a key contribution to primary debates globally. A significant contribution to the long-standing discussion about relevance in business, management and organisation studies research, this concise book is essential reading for scholars and university administrators seeking to advance their understanding of delivering and demonstrating world-class research that matters.

A Student s Guide to Academic and Professional Writing in Education

THE ROLE OF REFLECTIVE WRITING IN EDUCATION In addition to assessing the rhetorical situation when faced with writing in education, it is equally important ...

Author: Katie O. Arosteguy

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807761236

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 208

View: 975


This concise handbook helps educators write for the rhetorical situations they will face as students of education, and as preservice and practicing teachers. It provides clear and helpful advice for responding to the varying contexts, audiences, and purposes that arise in four written categories in education: classroom, research, credential, and stakeholder writing. The book moves from academic to professional writing and chapters include a discussion of relevant genres, mentor texts with salient features identified, visual aids, and exercises that ask students to apply their understanding of the concepts. Readers learn about the scholarly and qualitative research processes prevalent in the field of education and are encouraged to use writing to facilitate change that improves teaching and learning conditions. Book Features: · Presents a rhetorical approach to writing in education. · Includes detailed student samples for each of the four major categories of writing. · Articulates writing as a core intellectual responsibility of teachers. · Details the library and qualitative research process using examples from education. · Includes many user-friendly features, such as reflection questions and writing prompts.

Democracy and Leadership

Today, there are still issues to settle and finalize, but there has been a deeply impactful effort to use gender-neutral language in academic writing.

Author: Eric Thomas Weber

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739151242

Category: Political Science

Page: 376

View: 526


In Democracy and Leadership, Weber draws from Plato’s virtues of the ideal city, updated with democratic values and insights from John Dewey, to present both a general and a democratic theory of leadership. Central to the project is the democratic turn away from thinking of leadership as persons to thinking of it as a process open to all.

Publishing for Impact

Academics often write in the passive voice as a hangover from the ... writing style because they are clear about the most important part of the sentence.

Author: Dawn Duke

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781526483553

Category: Reference

Page: 232

View: 723


Publishing research content can be a difficult task to undertake along with other academic activities. This book addresses how newer researchers can proactively plan, write, promote and disseminate their work, and increase their chances of both academic citation and real-world impact. It focuses on how to: • Attract diverse audiences to your work, • Find value in peer review processes, • Produce multiple content from one research work, • Use multiple media such as blogs and webinars to increase output. This useful resource supports you to disseminate your work and offers forward-thinking ways to take control of your publishing processes, to enhance academic knowledge, societal impact, and the value of your research.

How to Write and Publish Effectively Writing Support Group Guidelines

He reiterated that writing is a daunting task and writing an academic ... reviewers who can guide them for impactful knowledge production more than the ...

Author: Shyam Sharma

Publisher: OJED/STAR


Category: Education

Page: 65

View: 816


How to Write and Publish Effectively: Writing Support Group Guidelines This report describes a writing support and accountability program voluntarily organized by and for a grassroots community in South Asia. Organized early 2020 -- which happened to be in the middle of the first wave of the Covid-19 global pandemic -- this program recruited 24 scholars from a pool of 216 applicants from across South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan). A sign up survey asked interested scholars, who were invited through networking/ snowballing on social media, to describe a research project from which they would like to write an academic journal manuscript, learning and implementing writing skills along the way. While they were encouraged to share an empirical research project with a social impact in mind, theoretical projects were also included. We have described the broader social context and challenges influencing the vision and mission

Handbook of Writing Effective Resume for Job Applications

CHAPTER 6 Useful Verbs for Effective Resume Writing Verbs are the most impactful of all the words . In fact , they are action words .

Author: Parul Singh

Publisher: Excel Books India

ISBN: 8174465243


Page: 85

View: 630


This book helps you in getting the right job by putting your right resume in the right format. It offers you the tools you need to get your dream job, irrespective of the stage you have reached in your career. The goal of this book is to optimize your marketability by offering you a customized, individualized and targeted resume. The step by step mechanism of writing resume is illustrated with examples in the Indian context.