I Remember Union

From the Swing Between Worlds, a realm of light where souls create the design for their lives we see Mary Magdalene accept the challenges she will face as a visionary, healer, teacher and counterpart of Jesus Christ.

Author: Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Publisher: All Worlds Pub.

ISBN: 1880914093

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From the Swing Between Worlds, a realm of light where souls create the design for their lives we see Mary Magdalene accept the challenges she will face as a visionary, healer, teacher and counterpart of Jesus Christ. As she looks into the future, she sees that in 2000 years the people will also remember their own light, their own divinity and choose to live in peace. Now is the time she has seen! Now is the time for Peace. From the Preface: "Mary was not a harlot, powerless, following Christ. She was a woman of extraordinary vision and power, facing her fears with immense courage and determination. Setting aside personal feelings and desires, she dedicated her life to upholding God and the greater design she had pledged to serve, regardless of the obstacles she encountered.... She is a noble, beautiful, nurturing woman who will take you in her arms and call from you the memory and truth of who you are." Read her story and Remember the Design for Peace in Your Heart!

As I Remember

As I first remember Union Square it was in the outskirts of the city. Several handsome houses had a few years previously been erected there by James F. Penniman, the son-in-law of Mr. Samuel Judd, the latter of whom amassed a large ...

Author: Marian Gouverneur

Publisher: DigiCat

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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "As I Remember" (Recollections of American Society during the Nineteenth Century) by Marian Gouverneur. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

As Far as I Remember

So I became the English representative on the Union Internationale des Magistrats, an obscure and virtually unknown would- be worldwide organisation of judges with an extraordinary history. It was started by some senior Italian judges ...

Author: Michael Kerr

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 9781901362879

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This candidly written autobiography of Sir Michael Kerr chronicles the life of one of Britains most prominent judges of the 70s and 80s from his Continental childhood up to his career in the Court of Appeal and beyond. In the first part of his memoir,the author traces his family history and Germanic roots. His father, Alfred Kerr, was a well-known dramatic critic and essayist, whose writings were widely known throughout Germany from the turn of the century and have recently seen a resurrection, 50 years after his death, as related in the last chapter of the book. But because of the fame of his anti-Nazi writings and broadcasts, the Kerrs were forced to flee from Berlin as early as 3 March 1933, when Hitler came to power. The author and his sister Judith, later to become a famous author of childrens books, had a relatively happy cosmopolitan childhood in Zurich, Paris, Nice and ultimately England. But their parents lives remained on the edge of poverty and sometimes despair and there was never again a family home. The memoirs then tell of his years at Aldenham School and the beginnings of Cambridge, and of his assimilation into the English way of life. They relate the story of his internment as an enemy alien in 1940 and of his subsequent release and service as a pilot in the Royal Air Force until the end of World War II. The author then returned to Cambridge to finish his law degree and was urged to go the Bar. The later chapters of this autobiography are mainly devoted to the law. They recount the authors career as a leading commercial Junior and then a Silk, his initial hesitations about the Bench, but ultimately culminating in his appointment as a Lord Justice of Appeal. He describes the Bar of the post-war decades and is frank about the frustrations and disappointments of his career. He also provides insights into the oddities of the English legal system, but maintaining throughout his firm belief in the importance of an independent Bar.

I remember pb

I drew up a short message to be included in our daily message traffic to the states that would be forwarded by the NCC via Western Union to her. The message read: “Leave authorized to make August 25 ok. Advise all pertinent parties.

Author: rich browne

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Gems for the Fireside

UNION AND LIBERTY . O. W. HOLMES . LAG of the heroes who left us their Think not the God of thy fathers shall fail glory , thee , I REMEMBER , I REMEMBER ... While through the sounding sky Loud rings the Nation's cryUNION AND LIBERTY !



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I Remember

Now he was the railroad station agent of the Western Union telegraph office in Badin and was looking for a new messenger boy. Offered me the job. Everybody knew they never had no colored Western Union messenger in that town before.

Author: Clyde E. B. Bernhardt

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512801781

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I Remember is a first-hand account of the world of black American music told by a man who has been part of that world for eighty years. Clyde E. B. Bernhardt worked with a number of bands, including King Oliver, Marion Hard, Cecil Scott, the Bascomb Brothers, and Joe Garland. He started his own band, the Blue Blazers, in 1946 and formed the Harlem Blues and Jazz Band in 1972. The book is a primary document that provides information about a part of the history of American music for which there is little documentation.

I Remember Jazz

Outside the club I talked with the business agent of the union who was hostile to the appearance of any out - of - town band . I asked him how he liked the music and he answered , “ It's okay if you like that authentic stuff .

Author: Al Rose

Publisher: LSU Press

ISBN: 0807125717

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Al Rose has known virtually every noteworthy jazz musician of this century. For many of them he has organized concerts, composed songs that they later played or sang, and promoted their acts. He has, when called upon, bailed them out of jail, straightened out their finances, stood up for them at their weddings, and eulogized them at their funerals. He has caroused with them in bars and clubs from New Orleans to New York, from Paris to Singapore -- and survived to tell the story. The result has been a lifetime of friendship with some of the music world's most engaging and rambunctious personalities. In I Remember Jazz, Rose draws on this unparallelled experience to recall, through brief but poignant vignettes, the greats and the near-greats of jazz. In a style that is always entertaining, unabashedly idiosyncratic, and frequently irreverent, he writes about Jelly Roll Morton and Bunny Berigan, Eubie Blake and Bobby Hackett, Earl Hines and Louis Armstrong, and more than fifty others. Rose was only twenty-two when he was first introduced to Jelly Roll Morton. He quickly discovered that they had more in common than a love of music. Something of a peacock at that age, Rose was dressed in a "polychromatic, green-striped suit, pink shirt with a detachable white collar, dubonnet tie, buttonhole, and handkerchief" -- and so was Jelly Roll. About Eubie Blake, Rose notes that he was not only a superb musician but also a notorious ladies' man. Rose recalls asking the noted pianist when he was ninety-seven, "How old do you have to be before the sex drive goes?" Blake's reply: "You'll have to ask someone older than me." Once in 1947, Rose was asked to assemble a group of musicians to play at a reception to be hosted by President Truman at Blair House in Washington, D.C. The musicians included Muggsy Spanier, George Brunies, Pee Wee Russell, Pops Foster, and Baby DOdds. But the hit of the evening was President Truman himself, who joined the group on the piano to play "Kansas City Kitty" and the "Missouri Waltz." I Remember Jazz is replete with such amusing and affectionate anecdotes -- vignettes that will delight all fans of the music. Al Rose does indeed remember jazz. And for that we can all be grateful.

Black Workers Remember

FISHER: You mean from the union hall? SENATOR EASTLAND: Yes. You said you remember it was circulated. Who did it? MR. FISHER: I don't remember whether it was circulated from the union hall, but I remember in the city here there was a ...

Author: Michael Keith Honey

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520232051

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A compelling collection of oral histories of black working-class men and women from Memphis. Covering the 1930s to the 1980s, they tell of struggles to unionize and to combat racism on the shop floor and in society at large. They also reveal the origins of the civil rights movement in the activities of black workers, from the Depression onward.

I Remember Syl Other Stories

Members of union of journalists counted eighteen such bullet holes. His nose and eyes and mouth were occluded with blood. Only one half of his head remained, the other having been blown away. No one had touched the body since it was ...

Author: Valentine Umelo

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9789788422020

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I remember Syl and Other Stories is a collection of dark stories set in West Africa. Valentine Umelo won the BBC African Performance Playwriting competition in 2002 with his radio play 'Knight in Shining Armour'. He also won a UNESCO residency award for his short story writing at the Ranieri Civetelli Institute in Umbra, Italy in 2006.

I Remember Julia

I remember that many of my colleagues who were working in the San Martin on June 19 were told to be very careful on ... ( We were a union , very democratic , a union that certainly didn't respond to the Peronist party , a union that was ...

Author: Eric Stener Carlson

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 1566394376

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Interspersed between the personal testimonies are the commentaries of a military general, a priest, a politician, a human rights activist, and a prosecuting attorney in the war crimes tribunal, giving her story a political and social context.