I Love You More

On board pages. I Love You More A flip-sided book... like love it never ends

Author: Laura Duksta

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402224607

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 264


In a book that begins at either side and ends in the middle, a little boy and his mother are taking a walk together when one asks "How much do you love me?" and the other provides a rhythmic response. On board pages.

Who Says I Love You

" This affectionate board book features everything babies and toddlers love- bright photos of babies with adorable baby animal, repetitive phrases to say aloud, and an irresistible mirror at the very end.

Author: Highlights

Publisher: Highlights

ISBN: 9781684371563

Category: Animal sounds

Page: 14

View: 179


Who says "I love you" with a "Woof woof woof?" "Dog says "I love you" with a "Woof woof woof." This affectionate board book features everything babies and toddlers love- bright photos of babies with adorable baby animal, repetitive phrases to say aloud, and an irresistible mirror at the very end. Every page engages children, encouraging them to practice vocabulary, animal identification, and animal sounds. And the mirror allows little ones to look at themselves when they say "I love you."

I Love You

This charming little book of affectionate words is the perfect way to say "I love you". This heartfelt collection of quotes and statements is to let you know just how much you mean to me. Quite simply, I love you.

Author: Summersdale

Publisher: Summersdale

ISBN: 1787835804

Category: Humor

Page: 160

View: 718


This charming little book of affectionate words is the perfect way to say "I love you". This heartfelt collection of quotes and statements is to let you know just how much you mean to me. Quite simply, I love you.

Goodnight I Love You

A young boy and girl prepare for bed by taking a bath, brushing their teeth, and reading a bedtime story. On board pages.

Author: Caroline Church

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545392150

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 18

View: 125


A young boy and girl prepare for bed by taking a bath, brushing their teeth, and reading a bedtime story. On board pages.

Why Should I Love You

About the Book Saloni, an ambitious and independent woman, moves away from the comforts of her hometown, Patiala, to New Delhi, a metro in an endless whirl.

Author: Anjali Rai

Publisher: Om Books International

ISBN: 9789352761227


Page: 235

View: 681


About the Book Saloni, an ambitious and independent woman, moves away from the comforts of her hometown, Patiala, to New Delhi, a metro in an endless whirl. Saloni needs to champion the cause of gender equality and women empowerment, and set out on the quest for an ultimate soulmate, at the same time. Three men enter her life—Manish, whom she loves unreservedly, Piyush, who loves her unconditionally, and a mentor who could guide her to enlightenment. Will either be the soulmate Saloni hopes to find? Anjali Rai's debut novel, Why Should I Love You? is not an ordinary tale of love. Wrapped in a blanket of spiritualism, this riveting read is Saloni's journey of excitement, passion, pleasure and pain. About the Author Hailing from a family of freedom fighters, Anjali Rai began her career as a newscaster for Doordarshan. She later joined politics and served as a member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly for a decade. Her artistic inclination motivated her to record a music album with T-Series. She has acted in short films and directed various documentaries. Her debut novel, Why Should I Love You? is an extraordinary journey of a woman in search of eternal love.

I Love You Stupid

I love you, stupid!” What he said stunned him. Where had that come from? He waited for her to laugh, wanted to laugh himself. “Did you hear what you said?

Author: Harry Mazer

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504009997

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 186

View: 810


Can Marcus be friends with a girl without thinking about sex all the time? Marcus Rosenbloom wants to be a writer almost as much as he doesn’t want to be a virgin anymore. At seventeen years old, Marcus thinks, shouldn’t he have done it already? Crossed over to the other side, where everyone is different, more adult, more . . . experienced? His friend Alec is smooth and charming around girls; Marcus definitely can’t talk to him about his doubts. The only person he confides in is Wendy, a childhood friend who just moved back to Sherwood High to finish her senior year. Marcus and Wendy share their crushes, their disappointments, and their nervousness about dating and sex. Then Marcus has an idea: If he and Wendy share the same problem, maybe they can share a solution, too . . . or maybe it’s all much more complicated than he ever imagined.

I Love You Mommy

"This little book from Peter Rabbit is the perfect way to tell Mommy ... I love you!"--Page 4 of cover.

Author: Beatrix Potter

Publisher: Warne Frederick

ISBN: 0241355060

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 903


A wonderful new Peter Rabbit book with a heart-warming rhyme that celebrates moms everywhere. This heart-warming book is the perfect way to tell Mom "I love you" on Mother's Day--or on any other day of the year! With a little help from Peter Rabbit himself, a beautiful rhyme, contemporary design and gorgeous illustrations capture the charm of Beatrix Potter's drawings, ensuring the book will appeal to Beatrix Potter fans old and new.

I Love You

H. A. Rey. I love you when you're busy making me a work of art. I love you when you're sleepy . . .

Author: H. A. Rey

Publisher: HMH Books For Young Readers

ISBN: 9780358156666

Category: Board books

Page: 24

View: 265


Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat describe everything they love about each other.

I Love You However

Love You, However! Have you ever said "God I love you?" Did you mean "God I love you, however"? However, I don't trust you to handle things for me.

Author: Andy Bethea

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781105674938



View: 662



But I can't trust you ARUN Singh. “Okay, sorry. Now I'm serious. ... “What lead you to conclude that I love You.” She asked loudly. “Your behavior I think.

Author: ARUN Singh

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 9783743878556

Category: Fiction

Page: 21

View: 561


ARUN falls in love with a girl in his school life but she cheats him and it makes him alcoholic and ill-behaved. Few Years later, Neha walks into his life and brings him to normality. He falls in love again. She too loved him equally. But destiny has something else for them. Something happens between them that takes Neha away from him. He starts hating girls. Few years later, Arun installs his own business and becomes one of most powerful man. Arun gets stuck in a legal case as one of his manager got missed strangely. So, Arun files a case to find him and that brings Neha in his life again as investigating officer of the case. Neha has a daughter and Arun starts destroying himself again. Read this book to find what do happen to them later? Do they fall in love again? Do they got together? What happens to the case?

Monday I Love You

Monday I love you. He made no sound, but I could read his lips. I was dressed in black and playing the flute. The opera house was ablaze with light, ...

Author: Constance C. Greene

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504003513

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 170

View: 193


Grace has two big problems—how will she cope? Grace Schmitt is a bit of a dreamer. In her mind, she’s the most popular girl in school, with flowing golden hair and too many friends to count. And let’s not forget all the boys who admire her perfectly proportioned figure. Everything is, in a word, perfect. Unfortunately, Grace’s life is a bit more complicated than that in reality. Going into tenth grade, her body changes rapidly, leaving her feeling ungainly, awkward, and conspicuous, mostly because of her large bust. It’s become such a problem that she’s begun saving money for breast-reduction surgery. Things come to a head when a circle of cruel classmates, led by Ashley, the actual most popular girl in school, decide to see if Grace’s breasts are real. On the worst day of her life, it takes a miracle (in the form of Ms. Govoni, the gym teacher) to save Grace from life-altering humiliation. Little does she know, the experience will trigger an astounding series of events that test her character, bolster her self-esteem, and turn her life around.

I Love You Sweetheart

Let me love you - just let me try... I promise not to make a promise I can't keep and I'll tell you why. Baby I'm not perfect - simply imperfect in a unique ...

Author: Lakesha Woods

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329942509

Category: Poetry


View: 557


I Love You Sweetheart is a collection of romantic poetry and prose that expresses the deepest thoughts of a woman who has gone the distance in her relationships, but still holds true to her belief that love conquerors all. The poems pour out the contents of her heart, and each prose begs the reader to think of their place within their relationship. I Love You Sweetheart allows you to immerse your mind in the seat of passion. Lakesha Woods delicately dances with her words; innuendos of sexual escapades are neatly intertwined with words that describe feelings of love, concern, admiration and commitment. This book is the perfect teaser, an element of foreplay. Poetry fans are certainly in for a loving surprise.

I Love You

I love you, Mum my, Tim es a milion and a half. I love you, Daddy, You realy make m e laugh! v I love you, doggies, with your v funny waggy.

Author: Giles Andreae

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781408335284

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 751


A warm and joyful look at a child's world and all the things they love: friends, grandparents, toys, games, delicious food and the moon and stars up above! From bestselling author Giles Andreae, whose rhyming text perfectly captures the joyful exuberance of young children, and the award-winning Emma Dodd, whose cheerful colours and irrepressible illustrations delight children and their parents everywhere. This delightful new picture book follows on from the success of I Love My Mummy, winner of the Booktrust Early Years Award, and the Sunday Times top ten bestseller I Love My Daddy.

The I Love You Book

joying {I love You How — and how often — do you say, "I love you"? Whether you're thinking of your spouse or partner, your mom or dad, or your son or ...

Author: Cynthia MacGregor

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1573248126

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 239

View: 684


Lists hundreds of suggestions and activities for expressing love to family, friends, and significant others, from renting a bicycle for two, to sending weekly postcards on happy memories, to transcribing a child's oral stories to create a first book. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Vietnam I Love You

"I'm not sure I know what you mean." "Did you mean it when you said, "I love you?"' "jimmy, you have been so nice to me. You have been such a great ...

Author: Tom Lee

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467853651

Category: Fiction

Page: 408

View: 518


Doctor Jimmy Capri was anxious. Doctor Maureen "Mo" Lally had coerced him into presenting their paper at a military medical meeting in Hanoi. He feared that returning to Vietnam would unmask the post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD that he suffered from his first tour at First Marines First Medical Battalion in Da Nang and that he had managed to submerge for over thirty-five years. The memories that had lain dormant did surface, including being shot and the details of his love affair with Mai Nguyen, a nurse at WHO Children"s Hospital. What he didn't anticipate from his short stay in Vietnam, was a new love.

I Love You More

you make in I Love You More and then turn them into practical action. As you convert principles into hands-on application to meet the unique needs of your ...

Author: Leslie Parrott

Publisher: HarperCollins Christian Publishing

ISBN: 0310262755

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 85

View: 924


Companion workbook to I Love You More.

101 Reasons Why I Love You so Much

I want you to feel me and listen to what I say, I want to tell you “I love you!” in more than one way! I love you in the morning I love you at night, ...

Author: Denise Baron

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982250102

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 108

View: 995


This book was originally written beginning two months before my husband and I were married and completed as a gift for him on our 1st Anniversary. Since then a 20-Year Follow-up, 25-Year Follow-up with Travel and Adventure including photos, Poetry, and Pearls of Wisdom sections have been added. The book is written in a fun, flow of consciousness "diary-type" style format and was meant as a 25th Anniversary Gift. It contains effective actions that make a loving relationship work in real-time. It is written from experience and from the heart, combining love and romance with spirituality, travel, and adventure! With all the discord in the world lately, the invisible warrior Covid-19 of 2020, nightly protesting, shootings, and rioting, I decided to share it with the public. This was done in the hope that it may inspire, give ideas, or help someone to have an incentive to believe in true love and create a reality for their own dreams to come true. Perhaps then, they too can pass it on to help the world become a brighter place.

I Love You Every Second

I love you when you see a rainbow in the sky. I love you when the stars are shining bright. I love you when you are laughing. I love you.

Author: Sandra A. Hinds

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477236581

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 527


This sweet and beautifully illustrated book is simply about LOVEthe love of parents and caregivers for children. The themes of the book are love, building self-esteem, and education.

I Love You Too

Thank youtomymotherRita,my sister Cedella, and my daughter Judah. I Love You Too is dedicated to all the children of the world. I love you. —Ziggy .

Author: Ziggy Marley

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 9781617753107

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

View: 514


Based on song lyrics by the author, illustrates many of the ways love is expressed by exploring children's relationships with parents, grandparents, and nature.

Everyone Knows How Much I Love You

“So, needless to say, you won't be working with Isabel anymore.” He sounded grimly satisfied. “Did he tell you he asked me to write her college essay for ...

Author: Kyle McCarthy

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9781984819765

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 370


In this “tale of toxic friendship at its most riveting” (People), a young woman finds herself inexorably drawn to repeating the worst mistakes of her past. “Masterly, mendacious, and a total thrill ride . . . Not since a certain Mr. Ripley have I been so consumed in another’s covetous desires.”—Justin Torres, bestselling author of We the Animals At age thirty, Rose is fierce and smart, both self-aware and singularly blind to her power over others. After moving to New York, she is unexpectedly swallowed up by her past when she reunites with Lacie, the former best friend she betrayed in high school. Captivated once again by her old friend’s strange charisma, Rose convinces Lacie to let her move in, and the two fall into an intense, uneasy friendship. While tutoring the offspring of Manhattan’s wealthy elite, Rose works on a novel she keeps secret—because it stars Lacie and details the betrayal that almost turned deadly. But the difference between fiction and fact, past and present, begins to blur, and Rose soon finds herself increasingly drawn to Lacie’s boyfriend, exerting a sexual power she barely understands she possesses, and playing a risky game that threatens to repeat the worst moments of her and Lacie’s lives. Sharp-witted and wickedly addictive, Everyone Knows How Much I Love You is a uniquely dark entry into the canon of psychologically rich novels of friendship, compulsive behavior, and the dangerous reverberations of our actions, both large and small.