An Overview of Affirmative Action

I am here to talk about one solution, grounded in the Constitutional principle of
equality, that works: affirmative action. I stand before you as the proud product of
affirmative action. By this I mean that closed doors were opened for me and ...

Author: Hank Brown

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

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Examines the status and future of affirmative action. Presents testimony and prepared statements from Judiciary Comm. members, as well as representatives from the Center for Equal Opportunity, Center for New Black Leadership, Nat. Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, Nat. Women's Law Center, American Council on Education, Harvard Univ. (A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr.), Georgetown Univ. (Mari Matsuda), Univ. of Calif. (Ward Connerly), U.S. Pan-Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Asian Amer. Legal Fdn., and Ed Koch, former Mayor, City of N.Y. Includes submitted newspaper articles by Albert Shanker, American Fed. of Teachers.

Congressional Record0

I am paired with Mr. CROWLEY , of New Culberson , IIull , Robertson , Willis ,
Davis , Joseph J. Hunton , Rothwell , Wiso , York . If lo were present , I should
vote in the affirmative . Davis , Loundos H. Hurd , Samford , Wright , Mr.



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I Am Affirmative

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California and Affirmative Action

I want to thank both of you. I held affirmative action hearings when I was
chairman of the Labor Committee and participated in them for 20 years, and I
have to tell you I have never seen more articulate witnesses than the. two of you.
So whether ...

Author: Orrin G. Hatch

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788176153

Category: Social Science

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Includes statements by Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, Sen. Paul Simon, Sen. Russell D. Feingold, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and Sen. Carol Mosely-Braun. Panel speakers: Pete Wilson, Gov. of California; Ward Connerly, Regent, Univ. of California and Chairman, California Civil Rights Initiative; Lee Cheng, law student, Univ. of California-Berkeley; Audrey Rice Olive, CEO, Integrated Business Solutions; Erwin Chemerinsky, Prof. of Law, USC Law Center, and Linda Chavez, Pres., Center for Equal Opportunity. Additional submission from the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium.

The Affirmative Action Debate

Thus I am within my rights to refuse to give the apples to the first five because
they are black (or because they are white); but I am not within my rights to say to
them “I refuse to give you apples because you are black (or white) and because ...

Author: Steven M. Cahn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317958956

Category: Business & Economics

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First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Understanding the Backlash Against Affirmative Action

Introduction " I support Affirmative Access" (George W. Bush, Jr.) "Affirmative
Action is dividing us in ways that its creators never intended." (Joe Lieberman) "I
am for Affirmative Action" (Al Gore) "I am a beneficiary of affirmative action" (Bill ...

Author: John Fobanjong

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 159033065X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 205

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Affirmative action remains one of the most divisive issues in America, remaining unsolved since the 1960s civil rights legislation. Though many works have attempted to solve the dilemma, none have tried to identify the underlying causes of the backlash against the policy. In order to understand affirmative action's future, one must understand its evolution, its opposition, and its application both in America and in other nations. In a multi-disciplinary approach, this book examines affirmative action from comparative, historical, policy, and sociological perspectives. Also included is a list of Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action.


—David Roediger, Towards the Abolition of Whiteness (1974) I am a product of
affirmative action. Thus, to imagine a world without affirmative action would
require that I imagine a world without me, something that I am not inclined to do. I
am ...

Author: Robert Chang

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814790434

Category: Social Science

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Does "Asian American" denote an ethnic or racial identification? Is a person of mixed ancestry, the child of Euro- and Asian American parents, Asian American? What does it mean to refer to first generation Hmong refugees and fifth generation Chinese Americans both as Asian American? In Disoriented: Asian Americans, Law, and the Nation State, Robert Chang examines the current discourse on race and law and the implications of postmodern theory and affirmative action-all of which have largely excluded Asian Americans-in order to develop a theory of critical Asian American legal studies. Demonstrating that the ongoing debate surrounding multiculturalism and immigration in the U.S. is really a struggle over the meaning of "America," Chang reveals how the construction of Asian American-ness has become a necessary component in stabilizing a national American identity-- a fact Chang criticizes as harmful to Asian Americans. Defining the many "borders" that operate in positive and negative ways to construct America as we know it, Chang analyzes the position of Asian Americans within America's black/white racial paradigm, how "the family" operates as a stand-in for race and nation, and how the figure of the immigrant embodies a central contradiction in allegories of America. "Has profound political implications for race relations in the new century" —Michigan Law Review, May 2001

Protesting Affirmative Action

I am for affirmative action and yes, quotas, if necessary; but I think that can be
done without injury to a current workforce. ... The only official CLUW position is a
statement saying that 'Brother and Sister workers should not be penalized for the

Author: Dennis Deslippe

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421404318

Category: History

Page: 296

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A lightning rod for liberal and conservative opposition alike, affirmative action has proved one of the more divisive issues in the United States over the past five decades. Dennis Deslippe here offers a thoughtful study of early opposition to the nation’s race- and gender-sensitive hiring and promotion programs in higher education and the workplace. This story begins more than fifteen years before the 1978 landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Regents of the University of California v. Bakke. Partisans attacked affirmative action almost immediately after it first appeared in the 1960s. Liberals in the opposition movement played an especially significant role. While not completely against the initiative, liberal opponents strove for "soft" affirmative action (recruitment, financial aid, remedial programs) and against "hard" affirmative action (numerical goals, quotas). In the process of balancing ideals of race and gender equality with competing notions of colorblindness and meritocracy, they even borrowed the language of the civil rights era to make far-reaching claims about equality, justice, and citizenship in their anti–affirmative action rhetoric. Deslippe traces this conflict through compelling case studies of real people and real jobs. He asks what the introduction of affirmative action meant to the careers and livelihoods of Seattle steelworkers, New York asbestos handlers, St. Louis firemen, Detroit policemen, City University of New York academics, and admissions counselors at the University of Washington Law School. Through their experiences, Deslippe examines the diverse reactions to affirmative action, concluding that workers had legitimate grievances against its hiring and promotion practices. In studying this phenomenon, Deslippe deepens our understanding of American democracy and neoconservatism in the late twentieth century and shows how the liberals’ often contradictory positions of the 1960s and 1970s reflect the conflicted views about affirmative action many Americans still hold today.

After The Call

I am a conservative. I vote conservative and support conservative causes and
issues. Except for one issue—affirmative action. I support affirmative action in all
its manifestations. Whether it is minority recruitment, set asides, diversity or
quotas I ...

Author: Elder Richard C. Anderson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462860346

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This book is about the various issues that confront the minister after the Call from God. What are the political imperatives of a person dedicated to upholding the gospel and the ordinances of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Some of the issues are theological and some are social and political. For example theologically there are the issues of election and predestination versus free will. And is election fair and what about those who have never heard the Gospel? I discuss social issues like homosexuality in society and in the Church. My concern is how these and other issues affect the minister compared to how they affect the layperson. It is a wondrous and joyful thing to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But with the call comes great responsibilities. As James says: “My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” (James 3:1) So lets think and pray about the challenges we face as we seek to do His will.

Confronting Affirmative Action in Brazil

Yes, I do, because I have to show them that I am not inferior. . . . Education is my
weapon. I always try to do the best job, I seek to earn a 10. . . . Then they can't
place me as inferior just because I am a quota student, because my grades prove

Author: Vânia Penha-Lopes

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498537797

Category: Social Science

Page: 188

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This book focuses on a critical case study of the first students to graduate from university in Brazil under an affirmative action program of racial and social quotas. It places the students’ educational trajectories at the center of the debate about racial inequality and the need to eradicate it.

Affirmative Action in Higher Education

"right." Yet I am deeply bothered by the way it has been practiced on many
campuses because I am convinced that notwithstanding all of the rhetoric and
rivers of ink in defense of affirmative action/multiculturalism/diversity in higher
education, ...


Publisher: Hoover Press

ISBN: 0817959432



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Affirmative Exploitation

I was not sure when sleep hit me, but I awoke at 7:10 a.m. After a quick shower,
while dressing noticed that the redness had left my eyes. They were white again.
Although the weight loss was still evident, the look of being civilized was upon ...

Author: Marvin Brent

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781598584318

Category: Business & Economics

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They're called 419ers. The term was originally assigned to Nigerians who had the ability to talk people into giving money using one of many ingenious scams. Although applied to Nigerians, the technique has become a normal part of West Africa's lifestyle. Their main target: America. They work very hard to appear American and dream each night of being able to exploit Americans of their money so they can come back to their country with the respect of celebrities. They are taught from birth: If you ever meet an American, you must take their money. You must. By hook or crook. Young women look for old men, young men look for old women, and those who have the potential to be successful in life go to college, get their degree, master the English language, and have family members give their life savings so they can come to America. Once in the land of milk and honey, it's only a matter of time before they work their way up the ladder into a position of trust, either in the business world or on a personal relationship level. It makes no difference; this is America. Money is everywhere. Once inside the circle of trust, they strike hard and head back to their country. U.S. laws don't apply, and the U.S. Government doesn't want to get involved. This book is an inside look at the potential unseen danger sweeping America at a dramatic pace.

Ending Racial Preferences

I have argued that the main area where I disagree with Carl Cohen and William
Allen concerns diversity affirmative action ... I respect the colorblind position, and
I am troubled by affirmative action supporters who dismiss these anti—affirmative

Author: Carol M. Allen

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739138298

Category: Social Science

Page: 440

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In 2006, Michigan voters banned affirmative action preferences in public contracting, education, and employment. The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) vote was preceded by years of campaigning, legal maneuvers, media coverage, and public debate. Ending Racial Preferences: The Michigan Story relates what happened from the vantage point of Toward A Fair Michigan (TAFM), a nonprofit organization that provided a civic forum for the discussion of preferences. The book offers a timely 'inside look' into how TAFM fostered dialogue by emphasizing education over indoctrination, reason over rhetoric, and civil debate over protest. Ending Racial Preferences opens with a review of the campaigns for and against similar initiatives in California, Florida, Washington, and the city of Houston. The book then delivers an in-depth historical account of the MCRIDfrom its inception in 2003 through the first year following its passage in 2006. Readers are invited to decide for themselves whether affirmative action preferences are good for America. Carol M. Allen reproduces the remarks delivered at a TAFM debate, along with a compilation of pro and con responses by 14 experts to 50 questions about preferences. This book will be of interest to those working in the fields of public policy and state politics.

Affirmative Action

My first opportunity came when I was accepted as a student to attend one of
thelargest private universities inthe United States. I certainly was not accepted
based onmy scholastic aptitude test scores.I did not receive an academic
scholarship ...

Author: Patricia Ferdinand, PhD

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499024258

Category: Political Science

Page: 72

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“This is an honest gut wrenching narrative of transparent truths. A journey written from a personal pen; simple, careful and urgent. An emergence of refreshing memories that from a non-radial tale tells the kernel of “affi rmative action;” the power of true access to education in a swelling chorus of truths and experiences. We live in the same cities, but we don’t talk to each other.....most folks don’t have a clue what the real journey has been for some blacks. Dr. Patricia Ferdinand succeeds in sharing with a “small island” naivety that is simply refreshing. Rosie Gordon-Wallace, Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator “This book highlights an amazing journey that is shared by the Caribbean matriarchs who I cherish and learn from. I see how their presence and choices serve as a model for our children and grandchildren. I see how invaluable having such a strong, focused mother was to my development and education both within the walls of a school and externally in how I have come to approach my professional life.” Constance Simpson “Provides amazing insight into Patricia’s educational experience that relates to women of the Caribbean, and to women in America today. A big call to women of Africa descent of all ages to give birth; as Patricia does; and inspire new lives.” Violet Johnson “ A terrifi c reminder that in every area of our lives God is in charge and cares about us; especially when we are faithful to Him.” Clive McDonald

How I Became a Nun

Affirmative smile. “Do you know who I am, you stupid brat? I'm the wife of the ice-
cream vendor, the one your brute of a father killed. His widow! That's who I am!” “
Ah.” Another affirmative smile. I couldn't believe my own stubbornness: I was still

Author: César Aira

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811219822

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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"A good story and first-rate social science."—New York Times Book Review. A sinisterly funny modern-day Through the Looking Glass that begins with cyanide poisoning and ends in strawberry ice cream. The idea of the Native American living in perfect harmony with nature is one of the most cherished contemporary myths. But how truthful is this larger-than-life image? According to anthropologist Shepard Krech, the first humans in North America demonstrated all of the intelligence, self-interest, flexibility, and ability to make mistakes of human beings anywhere. As Nicholas Lemann put it in The New Yorker, "Krech is more than just a conventional-wisdom overturner; he has a serious larger point to make. . . . Concepts like ecology, waste, preservation, and even the natural (as distinct from human) world are entirely anachronistic when applied to Indians in the days before the European settlement of North America." "Offers a more complex portrait of Native American peoples, one that rejects mythologies, even those that both European and Native Americans might wish to embrace."—Washington Post "My story, the story of 'how I became a nun,' began very early in my life; I had just turned six. The beginning is marked by a vivid memory, which I can reconstruct down to the last detail. Before, there is nothing, and after, everything is an extension of the same vivid memory, continuous and unbroken, including the intervals of sleep, up to the point where I took the veil ." So starts Cesar Aira's astounding "autobiographical" novel. Intense and perfect, this invented narrative of childhood experience bristles with dramatic humor at each stage of growing up: a first ice cream, school, reading, games, friendship. The novel begins in Aira's hometown, Coronel Pringles. As self-awareness grows, the story rushes forward in a torrent of anecdotes which transform a world of uneventful happiness into something else: the anecdote becomes adventure, and adventure, fable, and then legend. Between memory and oblivion, reality and fiction, Cesar Aira's How I Became a Nun retains childhood's main treasures: the reality of fable and the delirium of invention. A few days after his fiftieth birthday, Aira noticed the thin rim of the moon, visible despite the rising sun. When his wife explained the phenomenon to him he was shocked that for fifty years he had known nothing about "something so obvious, so visible." This epiphany led him to write How I Became a Nun. With a subtle and melancholic sense of humor he reflects on his failures, on the meaning of life and the importance of literature.

Affirmative Action in the United States and India

In writing this book I have received help of many kinds from a great variety of old
and new friends in both the US and India. Among my colleagues at the University
of Michigan I am especially grateful to Elizabeth Anderson, Carl Cohen, Patricia ...

Author: Thomas E. Weisskopf

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135997304

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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Arguably, two of the most important national experiences with policies of positive discrimination in favor of historically disadvantaged ethnic or caste minority groups are the cases of 'Affirmative Action' in the United States and 'Reservation Policies' in India. This essential new book examines the consequences of affirmative action in both countries using a clear cost-benefit analysis. All those with an interest in affirmative action will appreciate the book's lucidity, use of evidence and policy implications.

My American Journey

If affirmative action means programs that provide equal opportunity, then I am all
for it. If it leads to preferential treatment or helps those who no longer need help, I
am opposed. I benefited from equal opportunity and affirmative action in the ...

Author: Colin L. Powell

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307763686

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 656

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“A great American success story . . . an endearing and well-written book.”—The New York Times Book Review Colin Powell is the embodiment of the American dream. He was born in Harlem to immigrant parents from Jamaica. He knew the rough life of the streets. He overcame a barely average start at school. Then he joined the Army. The rest is history—Vietnam, the Pentagon, Panama, Desert Storm—but a history that until now has been known only on the surface. Here, for the first time, Colin Powell himself tells us how it happened, in a memoir distinguished by a heartfelt love of country and family, warm good humor, and a soldier's directness. My American Journey is the powerful story of a life well lived and well told. It is also a view from the mountaintop of the political landscape of America. At a time when Americans feel disenchanted with their leaders, General Powell's passionate views on family, personal responsibility, and, in his own words, "the greatness of America and the opportunities it offers" inspire hope and present a blueprint for the future. An utterly absorbing account, it is history with a vision. Praise for My American Journey “The stirring, only-in-America story of one determined man's journey from the South Bronx to directing the mightiest of military forces . . . Fascinating.”—The Washington Post Book World “Eloquent.”—Los Angeles Times Book Review “Profound and moving . . . Must reading for anyone who wants to reaffirm his faith in the promise of America.”—Jack Kemp, The Wall Street Journal “A book that is much like its subject—articulate, confident, impressive, but unpretentious and witty. . . . Whether you are a political junkie, a military buff, or just interested in a good story, My American Journey is a book well worth reading.”—San Diego Union Tribune “Colin Powell's candid, introspective autobiography is a joy for all with an appetite for well-written political and social commentary.”—The Detroit News

Affirmative Action Hate Speech and Tenure

There are too many to thank specifically, and so I extend a general but sincere
thank you. However, I wish to mention specifically a few individuals. An early draft
of chapter 4 was originally presented at the “Keeping Our Faculties” National ...

Author: Benjamin Baez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136699290

Category: Education

Page: 208

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Uniquely positioned as both a scholar and an attorney, Benjamin Baez provides a thought-provoking exploration on the current debate surrounding race and academic institutions.