Hurting Your Characters

Now, you can finally separate facts from fiction. This book explores the most common injuries writers inflict on their characters from the character's point of view using common terms and examples focusing on the writer's needs.

Author: M. J. Carlson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1545259720


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HURTING YOUR CHARACTERS: a writer's guide to describing injuries and pain from the character's point of view How does a broken rib feel? Can a character really walk on a broken ankle? What are the symptoms of asphyxiation and how long will your character remain conscious? What really happens to a character in the vacuum of space? The answers may surprise you. Many writers (thankfully) have no experience to the very wounds, injuries, and trauma they must describe from their character's perspective. The mantra, "hurt your characters to build dramatic tension," is as true today as it ever was, maybe more so. But many writers, especially beginning writers, have difficulty describing the acute physical injuries their fictional characters experience, using subjective terms. Now, you can finally separate facts from fiction. This book explores the most common injuries writers inflict on their characters from the character's point of view using common terms and examples focusing on the writer's needs. Stop searching obscure medical texts or lurking outside emergency departments to interview trauma victims. HURTING YOUR CHARACTERS discusses the immediate effect of the trauma on the body, its physiologic response, including the types of nerve fibers and the sensations they convey, and how injuries feel to the character. This book also presents a simplified overview of the expected recovery times for the injuries discussed in young, otherwise healthy individuals. Understanding the injuries they inflict on characters and realistic recuperative times for those injuries can help fiction writers establish credibility and more fully connect their readers with their characters on an emotional level.

Breathing Life Into Your Characters

important for you to plan your characters' nonverbal actions as it is your plot.
Dishonesty is ... If someone tells you how sorry he is for hurting your feelings and
he has a smile on his face, the message you're receiving is confusing. What do
you ...

Author: Rachel Ballon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781599633701

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Create Convincing Characters That Readers—and Editors—Can't Resist! It's the question that eternally plagues all good writers: How can you describe the thoughts and feelings of characters who have backgrounds or psychological aberrations with which you have no personal experience? How can you describe the feelings of a drug addict if you've never been one? How can you write about being a prisoner if you've never been to jail? You can do all the research you want, but the question still remains: How do you convincingly portray characters if you've never lived in their skin? In Breathing Life Into Your Characters, writing consultant and professional psychotherapist Rachel Ballon, Ph. D., shows you how to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings necessary to truly understand your characters—no matter what their background or life experiences. She'll show you how to: • Develop a psychological profile for every character • Turn archetypes into conflicted characters • Think like a criminal to convincingly write one • Reveal personalities through the use of nonverbal communication In addition, you'll learn how to effectively use Ballon's "Method Writing" system—taught previously only in her writing workshops—to explore your own feelings, memories, and emotions to create characters of astonishing depth and complexity!

GURPS For Dummies

We recommend taking agonizing pain only when it appears infrequently (on a 9
or less) and lasts 4 hours or less. In other words, don't take Chronic Pain worth
more than –30 points unless you want it to be the focus of your character.

Author: Adam Griffith

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 047004361X

Category: Games & Activities

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This is it—the key that unlocks the riches of GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) and gives you a wealth of information on how to create your character and fine-tune your play. Produced in partnership with Steve Jackson Games, the game's creator, GURPS For Dummies is the ideal companion to GURPS Basic Set, 4th Edition that explains the rules. It gives you insight into the choices you’ll make in everything from creating a fun, dynamic character using the allotted number of points, to playing in an adventure, to becoming a GM. Whether you want to be an Amazon princess or a stalwart warrior, an old-fashioned swashbuckler or a modern investigator, a tough cop or a cat burglar, a sorcerer casting spells or a cosmic ranger, fighting lawlessness in the asteroids, this guide will help you: Determine your character’s basic attributes: IQ, DX (dexterity), ST (strength) and HT (health) Figure out your character’s secondary characteristics Choose advantages (including powers and perks) and disadvantages (including quirks and disadvantages with a self-control roll modifier) Optimize your points by using talents Select your skills based on functional area or the campaign setting Enhance your character with spells, magic items, magic staves, and powerstones Strategically purchase equipment for different characters, tech levels, and campaign types Create and manage a character sheet, write a character background, keep a character log, and more—all with samples Choose good combat techniques and play with your character If you want to become a GM, this guide gets you going with advice on creating the adventure, managing the character creation process, managing combat, and interpreting the rules. There’s even a handy Cheat Sheet tear-out GM screen in the front of the book. There are tips throughout, plus advice on how to: Create your very own GURPS universe for your campaign, whether it’s dungeon-crawl, high-adventure, combat-focused, puzzle-focused, or masquerade-type Provide a basic write-up of the world for your players, including technology level, supernatural and supernormal abilities and powers, races, setting, character templates, cultural and social information, and limitations Create an electronic combat grid, a battle log, a tactical map, and more—with samples Do mapping, planning, and plotting Create memorable NPC (nonplayer characters), both good guys and bad guys GURPS For Dummies helps you create more detailed, exciting, and interesting characters and take your game to the next level. That’s important whether you’re saving a princess or saving the planet...searching for hidden treasure or for secrets to eliminate disease... fighting crime or combating armies of evil robots...casting spells in medieval castles or destroying terrorist cells in modern day milieus. With GURPS, the only limitation is your imagination.

Fast Fiction

You're not waiting for the day when the kids are grown or you cut back your hours
at work or the story is fully formed from beginning to end in your mind. You're not
... Who is your main character hurting, simply by virtue of this flaw? If your main ...

Author: Denise Jaden

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608682546

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 216

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Writers flock to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) each November because it provides a procrastination-busting deadline. But only a fraction of the participants meet their goal. Denise Jaden was part of that fraction, writing first drafts of her two published young adult novels during NaNoWriMo. In Fast Fiction, she shows other writers how to do what she did, step-by-step, writer to writer. Her process starts with a prep period for thinking through plot, theme, characters, and setting. Then Jaden provides day-by-day coaching for the thirtyday drafting period. Finally, her revision tips help writers turn merely workable drafts into compelling and publishable novels. A portion of publisher proceeds will be donated to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

American Deadvolution

As your Skills and Fortes get larger, increase your Attributes. By increasing your
Attributes without the proper stats to back them up you can end up hurting your
character as much as you help them. Skills and Fortes increase your chance of ...

Author: At Hand Worx


ISBN: 9781105314278



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Orca Soundings Resource Guide

Characters • The adult characters in this novel actin ways that both hurt and help
Kelly, and for the most part Kelly had no control over her situation. Obviously the
abuse by her father and the betrayal of her mother were out of her control, ...

Author: Susan Geye

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

ISBN: 1554693888

Category: Education

Page: 242

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New Resource Guides available for Hi/Low fiction from Orca Book Publishers. Orca Soundings are teen novels for reluctant readers. Orca Currents are middle-school novels for reluctant readers. Written at a grade 2.0 to grade 4.5 reading level, these compelling contemporary novels have proven incredibly popular with teachers and librarians looking for material that will engage their most reluctant of readers. Orca has always provided professionally written teachers guides to accompany these books. Now we offer a complete resource guide to enable classroom integration of these popular titles. Including sections on reading levels, book discussion groups, literacy circles, assessment and follow-up activities, this resource guide enables a teacher to implement the Orca Soundings and Orca Currents series as part of a comprehensive independent reading and literacy unit.


As long as you're close to your opponent when activating the tag team attack
command (about one character's body width ... then switch partners to let your
next character dole out the punishment, and then switch back to keep hurting
your foe.

Author: Christine Cain


ISBN: 0761533281

Category: Games & Activities

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Bounce into the arena! The hottest buff and buxom characters are back for even more action in one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation2 games, DOA2: Hardcore! With all new play modes, fighting stages, and moves, you'll need DOA2: Hardcore- Prima's Official Strategy Guide to guide the way. Let Prima help you with: - Fierce moves and combo lists - In-depth coverage of all new game modes- five in all, including UPS Mode, CG Gallery, and Collection Mode - Killer tips for unlocking every secret - Thorough stats for each character- including Bayman and Tengu - Details on new PlayStation2 moves

Writer s Digest

Go back through your story and review every character , one at a time ,
completely through the tale . ... When hero Bill Jones is stumbling down a
treacherous mountain trail , his broken arm creating waves of pain before
bloodshot eyes , he's ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105126611842

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Hurting Time Teacher s Resource Guide

If your students are familiar with the Urban Underground series, you might begin
by having them review what they already know ... Since some characters appear
in subsequent stories, you may wish to create character webs and have students

Author: Saddleback Educational Publishing

Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publishing

ISBN: 9781612476506

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 16

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Written for young adults, the Urban Underground series confronts issues that are of great importance to teens, such as friendship, loyalty, drugs, gangs, abuse, urban blight, bullies, and self-esteem to name a few. More than entertainment, these books can be a powerful learning and coping tool when a struggling reader connects with credible characters and a compelling storyline. The highly readable style and mature topics will appeal to young adult readers of both sexes and encourage them to finish each novel. The Teacher's Resource Guides provide 10 pages of activities and reproducible worksheets per novel to support the books and extend students' reading skills. Simply select and print the activities that you need. A key at the end of each guide provides answers and sample responses. The activities give lower-level readers the tools to construct, extend, and examine the meaning of text.


Could I go into print , saying something that would seriously hurt Margaret and
would imply that I believed she had lied to me ... about hurting the feelings of your
characters — and where your lies and silences are not indicative of your failure .



ISBN: UOM:39015067521800

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Film Review

And , despite his character ' s brutal metamorphosis from upstanding citizen to
self - proclaimed judge and executioner , Bacon asserts that his is , at heart , a
likeable character . " I think everyone can relate to the fear of someone hurting
your ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105131538303

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Characters and Plots in the Fiction of Ring Lardner

Some “ dutch man ” might call her " deary ” or ask “ would she pass the pickles , "
and Larry “ wouldent know . ” Baker is asking about the next boat ... Ed would “ if
1 of your freinds got mixed up , ” hurt , and Ed could help . Why fight people from

Author: Robert L. Gale

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131644218

Category: Fiction

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"Ring Lardner was first and remains one of the best baseball writers. Both characters and their counterparts have entries, as do the plots and details of some 35 stories devoted to baseball. But Lardner was more versatile, writing 92 hard to categorize no

Novel Ideas

It doesn ' t matter . When you have a character whose one function is to be . a
villain , it doesn ' t matter . ... So I try to work with my characters in a way that ' s
three - dimensional . ... Think about people you have truly hurt in your life .
People ...

Author: Barbara Shoup

Publisher: Alpha Books

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110153223

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 296

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Provides guidelines on developing and perfecting novels, and includes interviews with A. Manette Ansay, Ha Jin, Jane Smiley, and Wally Lamb who reveal their experiences, fears, the reality behind their works, and their love for writing.

Cool Characters with Sweaty Palms

Your brain recognizes that that hand is part of your body . Therefore , it tells the
arm to jerk away quickly before the hand gets hurt . Every Christian is a part of the
same body . To fail to tell a sinning brother that he's hurting himself — and the ...

Author: Mark R. Littleton


ISBN: 0896936392

Category: Bible

Page: 158

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The Last Flapper

Characters . " Dandy shook his head to tell me he didn't understand . I went on . “
Think back to the times you were in the ... Hurting us . ' Dandy shook his head
again . " Harry never tried to hurt me . " " Harry hurts all of his characters . All of us

Author: George Zuckerman


ISBN: UCSC:32106002193636

Category: Authors

Page: 439

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Project report for Graduate Diploma of Business (Shipping)

Ben Jonson s Basic Comic Characters and Other Essays

He has no humour, unless it is to wind up the members of the Humourous Group
into full manifestations of their follies. The uses to which Jonson puts Wellbred
are ... all this, Captaine, without hurting your blade?" (III.i.150-51). A third, more ...

Author: James Edwin Savage

Publisher: [Hattiesburg] : University and College Press of Mississippi

ISBN: STANFORD:36105037048753

Category: Characters and characteristics in literature

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Sun and Storm

When you use special abilities , the amount of Power you can use without tiring
yourself out or hurting yourself is limited by your character ' s Special Ability score
, or its Power attribute . ATTACK enhances your Attack Strength . If you make an ...

Author: David B. Pilurs


ISBN: 0963655108


Page: 96

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Story Matters

Your reaction to Faulkner ' s statement is probably a pretty good indicator of the
degree to which you are willing to risk hurting real people by appropriating their
lives for fiction . Characters may be born of a religious or political conviction or ...

Author: Margaret-Love Denman

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division

ISBN: STANFORD:36105123857208

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 494

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Story Mattersoffers students an inspiring and insightful approach to writing short fiction with 21 short stories and in-depth, in-person conversations with their accomplished authors. Each writer describes his or her source of ideas, motivation, and writing strategies, to give a personal perspective on the book's narrative of the elements of short fiction. Throughout the book, writing prompts offer ideas, advice, and jumping-off points for workshop or individual writing exercises. The writers, from Dave Eggers to Jamaica Kincaid, explain and explore the intent, technique, and meaning of their fiction, offering expert insight into the craft of writing stories. Part One: Writing Matters:This series of brief chapters provides an introduction to writing short fiction, from the spark that starts a story to the finishing touches of revision. Writing prompts integrated throughout invite readers to exercise and expand their writing muscles to create the best story possible. Part Two: Stories and Conversations:A showcase for 21 acclaimed writers, this section combines a short story, a conversation with that story's author, and related writing prompts. By reading the stories and listening to the writers talk about the joys and frustrations of the creative process, students will come to understand the challenge and satisfaction of writing well. Appendicesinclude a set of questions a writer may want to ask when approaching a short story; a list of favorites of the authors interviewed in this book; and a bibliography of further resources in creative writing.

Growing Seasons for Little Characters

Then retrace your steps and put them all down. Use the ... First, however, place
them on a flat surface for your child to look over. ... Within the context of family
and friends, think of a recent time when your child hurt someone else,
deliberately or ...

Author: Rebecca Bertolini

Publisher: Chariot Victor Publishing

ISBN: 1564761142

Category: Moral education

Page: 183

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Arranged seasonally, this book provides creative character-building activities built around biblical stories and specifically designed for lively preschoolers. Ideal for parents, day-care providers, home-schoolers and Sunday School teachers. Contains 40 reproducible sheets that will delight children with hands-on approaches to creativity.

Introductions of New Characters in Russian Memoirs

a general , and not even your superior , but merely a general , snubbed or ,
what's still worse , encouraged you ... ' The coreferents of S in yet ... How did I
displease you , that you're hurting my feelings this way ? But at this point
children's ...

Author: Mary Elinor Rees


ISBN: UCAL:C3383408


Page: 758

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