Hunting Buffalo With Bent Nails

Generally Speaking collects his philatelic columns from Linn's Stamp News, while his extensive observations of crime fiction, along with personal glimpses of some of its foremost practitioners, have won wide acclaim in book form as The ...

Author: Lawrence Block


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While he is probably best known as a novelist and short-story writer, Lawrence Block has produced a rich trove of nonfiction over the course of a sixty-year career. His instructional books for writers are leaders in the field, and his self-described pedestrian memoir, Step By Step, has found a loyal audience in the running and racewalking community.Over the years, Block has written extensively for magazines and periodicals. Generally Speaking collects his philatelic columns from Linn's Stamp News, while his extensive observations of crime fiction, along with personal glimpses of some of its foremost practitioners, have won wide acclaim in book form as The Crime of Our Lives.Hunting Buffalo With Bent Nails is what he's got left over.The title piece, originally published in American Heritage, recounts the ongoing adventure Block and his wife undertook, criss-crossing the United States and parts of Canada in their quixotic and exotic quest to find every "village, hamlet, and wide place in the road named Buffalo." Other travel tales share space with a remembrance of his mother, odes to New York, a disquisition on pen names and book tours, and, well, no end of bent nails not worth straightening. Where else will you find "Raymond Chandler and the Brasher Doubloon," an assessment of that compelling writer from a numismatic standpoint? Where else can you read about Block's collection of old subway cars?Highly recommended.

Custer Cody and Grand Duke Alexis

Historical Archaeology of the Royal Buffalo Hunt Douglas D. Scott, Peter Bleed,
Stephen Damm. enlisted ... Thecut nails weremore widely distributed butalso
tended tobe inthe highest concentrations in thissame area. The nails ... Most
havelost theirheads or arebent, likely the result ofbeing pulled from lumber. Along
with the ...

Author: Douglas D. Scott

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806148892

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On a chilly January morning in 1872, a special visitor arrived by train in North Platte, Nebraska. Grand Duke Alexis of Russia had already seen the cities and sights of the East—New York, Washington, and Niagara Falls—and now the young nobleman was about to enjoy a western adventure: a grand buffalo hunt. His host would be General Philip Sheridan, and the excursion would include several of the West’s most iconic characters: George Armstrong Custer, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Spotted Tail of the Brulé Sioux. The Royal Buffalo Hunt, as this event is now called, has become a staple of western lore. Yet incorrect information and misconceptions about the excursion have prevented a clear understanding of what really took place. In this fascinating book, Douglas D. Scott, Peter Bleed, and Stephen Damm combine archaeological and historical research to offer an expansive and accurate portrayal of this singular diplomatic event. The authors focus their investigation on the Red Willow Creek encampment site, now named Camp Alexis, the party’s only stopping place along the hunt trail that can be located with certainty. In addition to physical artifacts, the authors examine a plethora of primary accounts—such as railroad timetables, invitations to balls and dinners, even sheet music commemorating the visit—to supplement the archaeological evidence. They also reference documents from the Russian State Archives previously unavailable to researchers, as well as recently discovered photographs that show the layout and organization of the camp. Weaving all these elements together, their account constitutes a valuable product of the interdisciplinary approach known as microhistory.

From Warrior to Judge the Biography of Wahshashowahtinega Bill Nixon Hapashutsy of the Osage Tribe 1843 to 1917

They had been married for two years and Mary was expecting when Yenglenka
died during a buffalo hunt in 1842 when ... They fished the Neosho River nearby
with cane poles using horse hair for fishing line and small bent nails for hooks.

Author: Guy Nixon

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479714346

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Born of mixed blood parents Bill's father died before he was born from a buffalo hunting accident. Adopted by his mothers new husband he would be educated and grow to be an Osage Warrior to fight for the rights of Native Americans and his families very survival. He would eventually be commissioned a Second Lieutenant and serve in the Army of General Stand Watie fighting for citizenship, Congressional Representation and the right to live in freedom. As Native Americans they were denied American Citizenship and the right to vote and even after the American Civil War they could still be legally owned as slaves. After the war he would work hard in the reconstruction of his people's homeland giving rise to the Osage Nation. Serving in law enforcement he would rise to become a judge. In his lifetime he went from participating on the buffalo hunts of his people to driving automobiles and the wonders of flight. However, the rights he and his fellow warriors fought for would not be achieved until his Great grandson was nearly 17 years old in 1948 when the last objective (the right to vote) would finally be achieved. His story is an American story, rarely told about the Native Americans from the Indian Territory now known as Oklahoma. A comprehensive work that brings the history to life with family pictures and the actual events that shaped America as we know it today.

The Boy Hunters Or Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo

She therefore continued to hang on the lowest limb - so near its extremity that the
branch bent under her weight . It would ... He could barely touch the tail with his
toes ; and he might just as well have tried to open the claws of an eagle . He next

Author: Mayne Reid


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Tough as Nails

His turn as the morally twisted Charley was far removed from the stiff, glowering,
one-dimensional performances he routinely gave. ... Taylor is at his best in the
film when a day of shooting one buffalo after another turns into an orgy of death
for Charley; ... An element of The Last Hunt the public had trouble accepting,
besides Robert Taylor as the bad guy, was the real-life slaughter the movie

Author: Douglass K. Daniel

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

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Called “God’s angry man” for his unyielding demands in pursuit of personal and artistic freedom, Oscar-winning filmmaker Richard Brooks brought us some of the mid-twentieth century’s most iconic films, including Blackboard Jungle, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Elmer Gantry, In Cold Blood, and Looking for Mr. Goodbar. “The important thing,” he once remarked, “is to write your story, to make it believable, to make it live.” His own life story has never been fully chronicled, until now. Tough as Nails: The Life and Films of Richard Brooks restores to importance the career of a prickly iconoclast who sought realism and truth in his films. Douglass K. Daniel explores how the writer-director made it from the slums of Philadelphia to the heights of the Hollywood elite, working with the top stars of the day, among them Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Simmons, Sidney Poitier, Sean Connery, Gene Hackman, and Diane Keaton. Brooks dramatized social issues and depicted characters in conflict with their own values, winning an Academy Award for his Elmer Gantry screenplay and earning nominations for another seven Oscars for directing and screenwriting. Tough as Nails offers illuminating insights into Brooks’s life, drawing on unpublished studio memos and documents and interviews from stars and colleagues, including Poitier, director Paul Mazursky, and Simmons, who was married to Brooks for twenty years. Daniel takes readers behind the scenes of Brooks’s major films and sheds light on their making, their compromises, and their common threads. Tough as Nails celebrates Brooks’s vision while adding to the critical understanding of his works, their flaws as well as their merits, and depicting the tumults and trends in the life of a man who always kept his own compass. Best Books for General Audiences, selected by the American Association of School Librarians Outstanding Book, selected by the Public Library Reviewers

Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail 1821 1900

There were basically two ways to hunt bison. ... Buffalo Bill Cody used this
method when hunting for the railroad to supply the crews with meat. ... It is for this
reason that the Bents of Bent's Fort, Colorado, traded with Indians for buffalo

Author: Randy Smith

Publisher: Bitingduck Press LLC

ISBN: 9781932482317

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""Heroes of the Santa Fe Trail "is the product of decades of primary research by a writer who has lived all of his life in the shadow the Trail s legacy. This book tells the dramatic story of the men and women Hispanic, Anglo, and Native American who settled the West and provides insights not commonly found elsewhere. From the Hispanic Jaramillo and Chavez families of the Rio Grande Valley to the legacy of Ham Bell, a nonviolent man who made more arrests than any Dodge City lawman, "Heroes " relates the violent, comic, and often tragic adventures of the pioneers of the early Santa Fe Trail. Boson Books offers several exciting novels by Randy Smith about the Old West. For an author bio, photo, and a sample read visit "

The hunters feast or Conversations around the camp fire

These claws are crescent - shaped , and would be still longer , but in all cases
nearly an inch is worn from their points . ... They are sharp enough ,
notwithstanding , to peel the hide from a horse or buffalo , or to drag the scalp
from a hunter - a feat which has been ... is found , from their northern extremity , at
least as far as that point where the Rio Grande makes its great bend towards the
Gulf of Mexico .

Author: Mayne Reid


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Buffalo Jones Forty Years of Adventure

The Indians also desired bullets with which to hunt musk - oxen . ... Then I
attached another cord to the doorlatch , passed it under a bent nail just above the
latch , then stood behind the revolver and pulled the cord . This had the effect to
raise ...

Author: Charles Jesse Jones


ISBN: STANFORD:36105041643144

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The story of the amazing Charles Jesse Jones who helped saved the buffalo from extinction.

Hunting in Kenya

It is found mostly in open bush or standing alone , and it gets its name because
the thorns , as long and stiff as a four - inch nail , grow out from large nutlike
capsules . These are hollow , with ... Thorns do not worry the warthog , the buffalo
, or the rhinoceros , which in the course ... You usually have to bend double or
crawl .

Author: Tony Sánchez-Ariño


ISBN: PSU:000051332501

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Buffalo, July 6th, 1842. ... It occurred at the town ol Croydon, near London, which
is known as the centre of stag-hunt, so well attended by the whole country around
, and ... As fast as he drove the nails, he merely bent the points down to the hool,
without, as is customary, twisting ibem off with the pincers ; these he then drove ...






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The Living Museum

The decorative arts of the buffalo The prehistoric Hopewellian , Wood hunters of
western plains occupy anland , and ... Here are bent , hand - wrought iron nails ,
Their flocks of sheep were cherished gunflints which might have been used on a



ISBN: UVA:X001719681

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Bent s Old Fort and Its Builders

... wall , facing the river , and , like the main gate of the fort , was plated with sheet
iron and studded with great iron nails . ... On hot days , with the other little
children , young George Bent used to go down to the ice house and get in it to
cool off . ... They were clad like trappers , in splendid deerskin hunting shirts and
leggings , with long fringes on the outer seams of ... which they deliberately
passed from hand to hand until it was smoked out ; at the simple food - dried
buffalo meat Bent ' s ...

Author: George Bird Grinnell


ISBN: PRNC:32101079825426

Category: Arkansas River Valley

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A Rumor of Distant Tribes

He broke the action of his rifle , bent his head as if in prayer . Then he put his
fingers in the buffalo ' s blood , sniffed , tasted , and then smeared a bit of it on his
hat where the stains of other kills had ... Hunting buffalo in the rain is dicey . ...
Even when you nail mbogo good , you have to keep pounding away till he ' s
finished .

Author: Eugene Jeffers

Publisher: Ariadne Press (MD)

ISBN: 0918056063

Category: Fiction

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This gripping novel follows Noah Bennett, a man who in searching for the plane crash that killed his wife and daughter in Central Africa, soon finds that he must now become the hero.

A Woman of Salt

... India stag handles, coffin-shaped handles, handles carved with Indians
hunting buffalo and inlaid with turquoise; knives with handles curved so perfectly
they invited Ruth to hold them, ... She called him, scratched her nails across his

Author: Mary Potter Engel

Publisher: Counterpoint

ISBN: 158243249X

Category: Fiction

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This uncommon mosaic of fiction and commentary explores the conflict between a woman's mundane secular life and her passionate longing for spirituality.

Company of Adventurers

By herding the animals over cliffs or funnelling them into pounds , the tribes
increased the effectiveness of their hunts , but it ... The buffalo's curved rib - cage
yielded ideal sleigh runners ; its incisor teeth could be strung into spectacular ...
each voyage they were burned , with the handmade nails that had held them
together carefully salvaged and carried back to the Red River to pin together the
next fleet .

Author: Peter Charles Newman

Publisher: Markham, Ont. : Viking

ISBN: 0670809675

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First volume of a history of the Hudson's Bay Company.

An Archeological Survey of the Proposed South Bend Reservoir Area Young Stephens and Throckmorton Counties Texas

Artifacts collected from the site were neither distinctive nor diagnostic and
included whiteware , clear and brown glass fragments , nails , staples , wire , a
marble , and a carbon ... empresario colonies , buffalo hunters and Indian
reservations .

Author: Joe Saunders


ISBN: WISC:89060391174

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Arizona Highways

Page 38 Buffalo Soldiers West . Old Army ... Horseshoe nails crudely bent into
ring shapes were used for fistfights . ... He also remembers hunting venison and
other game at a temporary camp near the water supply in Huachuca Canyon .



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Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology Harvard University

Second , we have the and tail of a buffalo , also the divided hump . animals
whose flesh could , by permission of The arc ... hunting parties into buffalo thick
legs , grizzly mane , feet ending in claws , country , after holding the correct
hunting center bar of red and blue that turns back ceremonies , to kill buffalo . ...
His legs bend inward and end Water animals such as the mink , the otter , in split
hooves .



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John Earl , Bend of the River Archers , Mich ... Open class . ... Naillon , Jack ,
Happy Cat Bowmen , Ore .... 785 4. Smith , Al ... 1022 960 929 925 962 917 BOW



ISBN: IND:30000117661698

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Empire of the Bay

What had honed the Métis into a “ paramilitary force ” was the great semiannual
buffalo hunts . ... The buffalo ' s curved rib - cage yielded ideal sleigh runners ; its
incisor teeth could be strung into spectacular ... The boats used in this traffic were
so roughly built that at the end of each voyage they were burned , with the
handmade nails that had held them together carefully salvaged and carried back
to the ...

Author: Peter Charles Newman

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: UOM:49015002621325

Category: History

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Chronicles the exploration and settlement of a company that is three centuries old and worth six-billion dollars.