How to Write Fast Under Pressure

This indispensable guide reveals the easy, efficient, and confidence-building four-part process for keeping up and being productive--even under tight time constraints and concentration-sapping obstacles.

Author: Philip Vassallo

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 9780814414866

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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Anyone who regularly deals with work-related writing deadlines knows the kind of paralysis that can take over when there's too much to accomplish and not enough time to compose a clear sentence. This book contains an easy, efficient, and confidence-building process for keeping up and being productive, even under tight time constraints and concentration-sapping obstacles. The book contains an immediately usable approach based on the mnemonic DASH, standing for the four critical components most needed for writers working under pressure: * Direction-hit the ground running with a sense of urgency and purpose * Acceleration-write on the fly with a 'beat-the-clock' mindset and an attitude that prizes volume over perfection * Strength-hold fast in the midst of chaos by employing a sensible quality controlling system and creating an environment conducive to writing * Health-assume a proactive stance by prioritizing work and preventing emergencies to minimize future pressures Filled with helpful tools and time-saving techniques, this indispensable guide reveals how anyone can break through writer's block and write faster and better.

Live from the Trenches

The time pressures were very real because Kamlet and I often would not reach
the ABC affiliate or other edit point until late in the afternoon . ... sound technician
, videotape editor and senior producers at headquarters must all perform under
pressure . For a correspondent , writing fast is nearly as important as writing well .

Author: Garrick Utley

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809322323

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 143

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Offers essays by television news correspondents on their role in newsgathering, coverage of race, politics, and international affairs, women in the field, technological changes, and other topics

Trust Under Pressure

In general the intensity and openness of communication characterizes the
evolution of fast trust in emerging business relationships. ... That is part of their
type (personality). According to ... 1996) and fast trust is 1 36 Trust under

Author: Katinka Bijlsma-Frankema

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1845427963

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 286

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This book challenges the current thinking on trust largely based on studies in stable contexts, by presenting new empirical studies of trust and trust building in a number of less stable, less institutionalized settings. These contexts are gaining in prominence given the globalization and virtualization of organizational relations, development of high velocity markets, and the growing importance of intangible resources.

The Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel

From writing the perfect love scene to finding the right publisher--All you need to
fulfill your dreams Christie Craig, ... Fast writers versus slow writers: For some fast
writers, completing twenty or more pages a day is the norm. ... Underpressure
writers versus nostress writers: Some authors simply work better under pressure.

Author: Christie Craig

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781605507927

Category: Reference

Page: 320

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Every year, thousands of romance manuscripts are submitted to publishers, but only the best are eventually published. This simple guide—written by two awardwinning romance novelists—will show readers what it takes to break into this highly competitive market and will provide them the information they need to get their manuscript out of the slush pile and onto the bookshelf. Readers will learn how to do the following techniques: build a story from premise to plot; add a fresh twist to a classic storyline; create compelling characters; write sizzling sex scenes that carry an emotional punch; research agents and markets; write a story that an editor can’t reject; and promote themselves and their work. New writers, and even experienced writers, will find the solid howto information here invaluable. This is a musthave for aspiring writers who want to write the perfect love story.

How to Write Fast while Writing Well

( And how many , unable to master their own time , fool themselves into thinking
they " work best under pressure " ? In fact , that's the only time they work at all ! ) If
your problem is finding time to write , it means you are losing time : The pieces of

Author: David Fryxell

Publisher: Writers Digest Books

ISBN: UOM:39076001956197

Category: Authorship

Page: 198

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This guide to writing faster and better helps writers see what makes a story, then what it takes to research and write one. Also shows step-by-step how to cut wasted time.

Grace Under Pressure

Therefore it follows that if you want to write a front-page feature, you write about
athletes. I volunteered to do an interview with our ... of football cleats. Finally!
Gracie logged off fast, grabbed her pack and reporter's 6 GRACE UNDER

Author: Dandi Daley Mackall

Publisher: Zonderkidz

ISBN: 9780310830986

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

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Gracie’s always been good at handling everything herself, but pressures at school and personal disappointments prove almost more than she can bear in this fifth book in the Blog On series. Will she learn to share her burdens with God and with her friends before she cracks?

Performing Under Pressure

But how and why they do is dependent on the type of task you are attempting to
perform. ... In contrast, your procedural memory is located in your cerebellum and
is responsible for coordinating the lightning-fast motor activation needed to
perform ... But with more and more regimented practice, the complexity of the task
becomes automatic, and because of this, the 62 PERFORMING UNDER

Author: Hendrie Weisinger

Publisher: Crown Business

ISBN: 9780804136730

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Nobody performs better under pressure. Regardless of the task, pressure ruthlessly diminishes our judgment, decision-making, attention, dexterity, and performance in every professional and personal arena. In Performing Under Pressure, Drs. Hendrie Weisinger and J.P. Pawliw-Fry introduce us to the concept of pressure management, offering empirically tested short term and long term solutions to help us overcome the debilitating effects of pressure. Performing Under Pressure tackles the greatest obstacle to personal success, whether in a sales presentation, at home, on the golf course, interviewing for a job, or performing onstage at Carnegie Hall. Despite sports mythology, no one "rises to the occasion" under pressure and does better than they do in practice. The reality is pressure makes us do worse, and sometimes leads us to fail utterly. But there are things we can do to diminish its effects on our performance. Performing Under Pressure draws on research from over 12,000 people, and features the latest research from neuroscience and from the frontline experiences of Fortune 500 employees and managers, Navy SEALS, Olympic and other elite athletes, and others. It offers 22 specific strategies each of us can use to reduce pressure in our personal and professional lives and allow us to better excel in whatever we do. Whether you’re a corporate manager, a basketball player, or a student preparing for the SAT, Performing Under Pressure will help you to do your best when it matters most.

Contents Under Pressure

Or go to readings and write poetry while I'm there. Open mics for music was a
social event for me, too. I have to find a way to make it ... social life, recreation
and all the various mediums into your life? JK: I don't know. I'm a fast worker, I

Author: Janet Kuypers


ISBN: 9781891470059


Page: 176

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Power Genes

A self-identified Commander, she shared with me a letter she decided to write to
her deceased father. ... She explained that while she had learned to think fast
under pressure, the sheer speed of her thoughts often sent her crashing into her

Author: Maggie Craddock

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 9781422142721

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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A New Way of Looking at Power at Work Who hasn’t left the office after a particularly frustrating day wondering what they could have done to turn a negative experience into a positive one? Perhaps it was a difficult conversation with a domineering boss, or an encounter with a know-it-all peer who made you feel insecure. Would you believe the way you react to these interactions likely stems from the dynamics you experienced as a child? Could it be that your childhood persona has grown into your power persona at work? In Power Genes, executive coach Maggie Craddock reveals how to kick those old habits—trying too hard to please, acting out, using manipulative methods of persuasion—and tells how to use power more effectively to advance your career. Craddock identifies four power types and explains how to diagnose yours: • The Pleaser—you make others feel good about themselves but need constant validation and approval from them • The Charmer—you draw others in with your charm, yet trust is your Achilles heel • The Commander—you take charge of the situation and gain admiration from others, but fear any loss of control • The Inspirer—you are star power in action, yet your vision for the future can derail the needs of workers right now The book outlines a process for avoiding your type’s signature destructive reflexes and replacing them with new behaviors—helping you to interact productively with other people in the office. By showing you how to recognize your type’s blind spots and then recondition your actions, Power Genes will give you the insights and action plan you need to become a more consistently powerful professional. It’s time to throw out unproductive habits and take charge of your workplace relationships.

Employment Law

... it is possible to do examinations on your own at home under suitable
conditions - it is knowing how fast you can think and write under pressure that
provides the learning experience , plus of course the feedback on what was
required .

Author: Alison Bone

Publisher: CIPD Publishing

ISBN: 1843980991

Category: Labor laws and legislation

Page: 84

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As part of the CIPD Revision Guides series, these revision guides are designed to aid CIPD students in preparing for their examinations. Based on the experience and skills of the CIPD Examiners, these guides provide comprehensive and relevant information and invaluable advice for students in the lead up to their CIPD examinations. There are opportunities to practise exam technique, assess knowledge levels and benefit from handy tips on improving exam performance.

Metastable Systems under Pressure

... overheating period, which started at the temperature well above the melting
temperature) followed by a fast quenching. ... During the whole simulation, we
monitored the number and type of defects forming in the cell. This way of the
metastability simulation requires a very large MD cell. After the thermal shock and
a sudden (or step by step) temperature drop, the defects interaction under
conditions ...

Author: Sylwester Rzoska

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789048134083

Category: Science

Page: 430

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recently discovered advantages of amorphous forms of medicines/pharmaceutical products which focused a significant part of industry-related efforts on the GFA (Glass Forming Ability) and the glass temperature (T) versus pressure g dependences. 1 b ? 0 ? ? o ? P ? Pg P ? Pg 0 ? ? ? ? T (P ) = F (P )D (P ) =T 1 + exp ? g g ? 0 ? ? ? ? c + Pg ? ? ? ? 400 1 b 0 o ? ? ? ? P ? P P ? P g g 0 ? ? ? ? T (P ) = F (P )D (P ) =T 1 + exp ? g g 0 ? ? ? ? c ? + P max g ? ? ? ? T ~7 GPa g max P ~ 304 K Liquid g 300 1 HS glass 0 200 -1 mSG ?=0. 044 Liquid -2 100 -3 glass ?=0. 12 -1. 2 -0. 9 -0. 6 -0. 3 0. 0 log T 10 scaled -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 P (GPa) g 19 Figure 1. T he pressure evolution of the glass temperature in gl Th ye s cerol ol . id curve shows the parameterization of experimental data via the novel, modifie d Glat Sizm elon type equation, given in the Figure.

Coping with Faculty Stress

In sum , Type A professors can be characterized as overly competitive achievers ,
aggressive , fast working , impatient , restless , hyperalert , explosive in speech ,
tense , always feeling under pressure , and , according to Friedman's recent ...

Author: Walter H. Gmelch

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0803949707

Category: Education

Page: 85

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This useful book outlines the chief forms and major causes of academic stress. Practical advice shows how to distinguish negative from positive stress and how to deal with negative stressors in life and at work. The book includes exercises to help the academic understand how stress affects him or her, as well as forms to help design programmes for coping with stress.

Air Time

Their desk experience in the AP's New York office had equipped them to write
fast under pressure , with clarity and accuracy . “ The story writes itself ! ” a
frenzied Socolow loved to shout to Cronkite's staff writers whenever one of them
was ...

Author: Gary Paul Gates

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

ISBN: PSU:000010719190

Category: Television broadcasting of news

Page: 466

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Contemporary Authors

I write almost every day during business hours . I often find it enjoyable to write
on the airplane during a long [ flight ) . Without a pressing deadline , I write very (
slowly ) , but under pressure to meet deadlines , I write fast and well .



ISBN: UOM:39015016317912

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Conversations with Isaac Bashevis Singer

I know that without it I would postpone things . BURGIN : Do you ever feel that
you may be writing too fast because you ' re under pressure to constantly deliver
material ? SINGER : Yes , I write fast , but then I rewrite . There were also a
number ...

Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer

Publisher: Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday

ISBN: UVA:X001110420

Category: Authors, Yiddish

Page: 178

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Covering the Plague

Young journalists learn to write fast and accurately under this kind of pressure .
That is why many papers consider a stint at AP to be excellent training . AP is a
twenty - four - hour business , serving media outlets throughout the world .

Author: James Kinsella

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813514827

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 299

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Whenever AIDS seemed to pose a threat to "the general population" (i.e., non-intravenous-drug-using heterosexuals), the U.S. news media gave the epidemic prominent attention, argues Kinsella. But for the most part, he finds, the media avoided or trivialized the AIDS story in its early years, and even today betrays homophobic bias and a head-in-the-sand attitude. In this thorough, often gripping study, Kinsella, a former Los Angeles Herald-Examiner editor, shows how the media and medical experts fumbled the AIDS story. Randy Shilts, the gay San Francisco reporter who wrote And the Band Played On , is portrayed as an ambitious news-hound who sometimes overdramatized or misreported information. Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw get low marks for their handling or noncoverage of AIDS news.

Scuba Diving

Oxygen toxicity Nitrogen dissolves faster in fat than in water , so When exercising
heavily under pressure we build up ... so detailed training is from nerve cell to
nerve cell , which affects alertness essential for this type of diving ( refer to p 92 )

Author: Jack Jackson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0811729273

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 96

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The essentials of diving, fully illustrated. The science of diving, equipment, training, dive planning, safety, types of diving.

The Entrepreneurial Engineer

Write fast and well under pressure . • Prepare and effective presentations •
Understand and practice good human relations . . . 32 • Act ethically in matters
large , small , and engineering • Assess technology opportunities . • Understand
teams ...

Author: David E. Goldberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: UOM:39015064731980

Category: Science

Page: 208

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David Goldberg presents a concise look at an increasingly relevant topic in the world of engineering. He covers topics such as getting organised and finding time, ethics, pervasive teamwork and assessing technology opportunities.

Fast Facts for the Critical Care Nurse

Interviews with several directors and managers of various critical care units
regarding the type of nurses they hire ... They are organized, ethical, proficient,
caring, humane, respectful, eager to learn, cool under pressure, and confident.
Nurses ...

Author: Michele Angell Angell Landrum, ADN, RN, CCRN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826107299

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 466


This pocket-sized reference for new and seasoned intensive care unit (ICU) nurses contains critical knowledge presented in the clear, precise, "Fact Facts" format. It provides quick access to a broad array of guidelines, procedures, and equipment used by ICU nurses daily as well as on a less frequent basis. The book covers assessment and procedural skills, medications, intravenous (IV) therapy, nutrition, wound care, sterile field setup, and patient preparation. It facilitates equipment mastery for respiratory and cardiac care along with troubleshooting tips for monitoring and mechanical devices. Also included is information on specific types of critical care units, such as cardiac, surgical, neuro, and the burn unit. Documentation, advance directives, organ donations, palliative and end-of-life care are also discussed. The resource addresses the requirements of The Joint Commission and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as isolation precautions and use of personal protective equipment. Other important information is provided such as normal hemodynamic measurements, basic electrocardiographic (EKG) rhythms, 12-lead EKG electrode placement, and a "Do Not Use" abbreviation list in the appendix that will help prevent medication errors. Key Features: Provides quick access to information needed on a daily basis Covers equipment, medications, procedures, and specialty care Includes reliable data for basic EKG rhythms, IV therapy, expected treatments and patient care, abbreviation list, and troubleshooting tips Targeted to new ICU nurses, and experienced critical care nurses alike Helps nurses quickly access information with the "Fast Facts in a Nutshell" feature

Under Pressure

" --The Wall Street Journal A series of deadly explosions rock the city of New York and with too many victims and no known motive, the F.B.I. turns once again to Dr. Lucas Page in Robert Pobi's Under Pressure.

Author: Robert Pobi

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781250293978

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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A series of deadly explosions rock the city of New York and with too many victims and no known motive, the F.B.I. turns once again to Dr. Lucas Page in Robert Pobi's Under Pressure. On a beautiful October evening, New York City's iconic Guggenheim Museum is closed for a tech company's private gala. Until an explosion rocks the night, instantly killing 702 people, including every single attendee—yet the damage to the building itself was minimal. An explosion of that precision was no accident and, in response, the FBI mobilizes its entire team -- but the sheer number of victims strains their resources. Were all 702 victims in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was there only one target and 701 unlucky bystanders? That many victim files is a staggering amount of data to sort through and Brett Kehoe, Special Agent in Charge of Manhattan, decides that he can't do this without more computational power. Dr. Lucas Page, astrophysicist, university professor, and former FBI agent, is uniquely gifted for the task at hand—he can visualize a crime scene as if he was a bystander and can break down any set of data at a glance. Even though Page wants nothing to do with the FBI, with his city under attack and his family at risk, he steps in to find a killer in a haystack before they strike again.