99 Ways to Tell a Story

A series of one-page comics that tell the same story in a variety of ways.

Author: Matt Madden

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780224079259

Category: Cartooning

Page: 206

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Presents a series of one-page comics that tell the same story in a variety of ways. Inspired by Raymond Queneau's 1947 work, which told a simple story in ninety-nine different styles and genres, this work uses varying points of view, visual and verbal parodies, even reshuffling of the elements of the story.

How to Tell a Story

How to Tell a Story is about the dramatic forces that make a story work and how best to unleash the emotional power of your narrative.

Author: Peter Rubie

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Reference


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Drawing on Provost's proven philosophies, Rubie examines every facet of storytelling, from narrative hooks to fulfilling climaxes. Through advice, exercises, and an outstanding array of examples, you'll learn to create gripping narratives powered by strong characters. You'll discover the secrets of sequencing, of weaving subplots into rich stories, of manipulating story pace to increase conflict, tension, and surprise. “Rarely does a writing guide arrive with the authority of HOW TO TELL A STORY.” Publishers Weekly. "HOW TO TELL A STORY is a must for anybody who writes nonfiction or fiction -- television and screenwriters included." - Hugh Wilson, creator of WKRP in Cincinnati, director of The First Wive's Club. "A most useful book that will aid anyone tying to become a writer of fiction. I recommend it highly." - Roderick Thorp, bestselling author of River, Die Hard, and Detective. "Gary Provost was one of the best friends a writer ever had. He knew that all writers face a hard challenge: to take their ideas, aspirations, and vapors of creativity, and make them concrete for the reader. How to do it? Treat writing as a craft, with techniques that can be learned, with tricks that can be taught. In this book, Peter Rubie shows Gary Provost at his best." William Martin, author of Cape Cod and Annapolis. "HOW TO TELL A STORY offers a harvest of time-tested problem-solving techniques that will enrich every writer's art and craft. It's a feast of innovative, clearly stated advice that will nourish a writer's confidence and career. Read it and you will reap its many rewards." - Gerald Gross, author of Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know About What Editors Do. "Peter Rubie and Gary Provost have got it right. HOW TO TELL A STORY covers everything a novice writer needs to learn and a professional writer needs to remember. It's earned a permanent place on my desk." - Barbara Shapiro, author of Blind Spot and See No Evil. "In this unique book, the time honored ability of story telling has been dissected, examined carefully and defined in detail for the writer. With a fresh new look at what makes a story exciting and compelling, HOW TO TELL A STORY outlines for the writer all the secrets of dramatic story telling. Every writer should read this book before writing another paragraph." - Keith Wilson, M.D., novelist, and author of Cause of Death: A Writer's Guide to Death, Murder, & Forensic Medicine.

How To Tell a Story and Others

The Humorous Story an American Development.--Its Difference from Comic and Witty Stories. I do not claim that I can tell a story as it ought to be told.

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781613100424

Category: American essays

Page: 333

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How to Tell a Story and Other Essays is a useful book even if it isn't the funniest thing ever - and the title essay really is chock-full of good, solid advice for budding writers. In the literary line, "In Defence of Harriet Shelley" is a lengthy demolition of Prof. Edward Dowden's 1886 attempt at a biography of English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Dowden laid all the blame for Shelley's contemptible excesses on Shelley's first wife, Harriet (a child bride aged 16). "Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences" is a rich chortle made richer by the fact that its seemingly hyperbolic charges are all perfectly true. Other selections include "Traveling with a Reformer," "Private History of the 'Jumping Frog' Story," "Mental Telegraphy Again," "What Paul Bourget Thinks of Us," and "A Little Note to M. Paul Bourget." Today's readers probably know less about Paul Bourget than they know of the poet Shelley, and care not at all about 19th-century authorial cat fights.

How to Tell a Great Story

When you read this book, you will learn how to... * Start telling your own story quickly and effortlessly * Construct a fascinating, well-structured story from scratch * Use powerful master storytelling techniques to amaze your family and ...

Author: Aneeta Sundararaj

Publisher: Book Shaker

ISBN: 1907498575

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 172

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How To Tell A Great Story will equip you with powerful storytelling techniques that master storytellers have used throughout time to amaze and engage their audiences. This simple, but powerful beginner's guidebook, makes learning storytelling techniques easy and explains things in simple language. When you read this book, you will learn how to... * Start telling your own story quickly and effortlessly * Construct a fascinating, well-structured story from scratch * Use powerful master storytelling techniques to amaze your family and friends * Find interesting ideas and inspiration for your stories * Vividly and expertly describe the characters and settings in your stories If you've been looking for information that's easy to understand with step-by-step instructions specifically written for beginners, then this book is for you.

How to Tell a Story and Other Essays

and going back to put them in there; stopping his narrative a good while in ... and only a master can compass it; but a machine could tell the other story.

Author: Марк Твен

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785457749276

Category: Fiction


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A hilarious and cutting critique of what not to do, this deliciously wicked essay lays out what writers should and must do if they want their fiction to live and breathe ― as Twain's own fiction always does. In "How to Tell a Story," the title piece, Twain takes on such mysteries as the perfectly-timed pause and the uses of the dead-pan mask, and candidly describes his own efforts to hone his platform skills.

My Scars Tell a Story

It wasn't until recently that I thought of how hard it must have been for him to tell me that. What he didn't tell me, however, was that the original biopsy ...

Author: Mark Everett Kelly

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480995116

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 72

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My Scars Tell a Story By: Mark Everett Kelly My Scars Tell a Story is Mark Everett's battle with cancer. Given a death sentence, Mark relied on his doctors, family, and faith in Jesus Christ for strength. This book is inspired by Mark's promise to share his story to galvanize those who suffer. You can overcome and rise above the pain and obstacles of life.

Tell Me How to Write a Story

Point of View (POV): The different voices that an author can use to tell a story, from the all-seeing to the more limited personal 'I' voice.

Author: E.J. Runyon

Publisher: Inspired Quill

ISBN: 9781908600219

Category: Reference

Page: 286

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Too many books tell you what you need to do during a round of editing...but they very rarely explain why that need exists. Without explanation and examples to help your understanding, craft basics can feel restrictive and unbearable. You might have already begun writing something you’ve had a great idea for. But a great story requires more than the gift of inspiration. Tell Me A Story takes you through the first steps of what you need to know to write well, and how to improve your editing technique. This book lets you learn with Hows and Whys, through writing examples from real novices. This will allow you to jump into storytelling with solid practices for getting your ideas from your mind to the page. Praise for E.J. Runyon "E.J. has done much more than prove to me that writing is a mosaic skill, worthy of a myriad of effort, but also that it is a sharp-bladed pillow from which we all draw a precise dream." - V. Pittsenbargar “E.J’s done exactly what I wanted and been searching for. Help about storytelling and the English language. Not just as in punctuation and grammar, but about the craft. I wanted to get my readers more engaged in my story. In swoops E.J. to save the day.” - D. Chapman “I'm glad I found E.J., she's a wonderful coach. It's like being a kid getting on a bike for the first time, and realizing what the pedals do. The revisions I'm doing now are helping me tell the story that I want to tell.” - C. Murphy

How to Tell Stories to Children

At school, we sometimes like to put parents or visitors on the spot by asking them to tell a story. You can tell almost instantly who is comfortable in ...

Author: Joseph Sarosy

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: 9780358449270

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 208

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What you hold in your hands is not a collection of stories. It is a simple, yet revolutionary method to create your own.

To Tell a Free Story

See Mark Twain's definition of the pose of the humorous storyteller in " How To Tell A Story , ” in Charles Neider , ed . , The Complete Essays of Mark ...

Author: William L. Andrews

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252060334

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 353

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The author discusses the writings of Richard Allen, Solomon Bayley, Henry Bibb, Henry Box Brown, John Brown, Leonard Black, William Wells Brown, Lewis Clarke, William Craft, Frederick Douglass, Martin R. Delany, Olaudah Equiano, Moses Grandy, Jacob D. Green, William Grimes, James A.U. Gronniosaw, Briton Hammon, Josiah Henson, Harriet Jacobs, John Jea, Lunsford Lane, Jarena Lee, John Marrant, Solomon Northrup, James W. Pennington, James Robert, Moses Roper, Venture Smith, Austin Steward, Nat Turner, Samuel R. Ward, Booker T. Washington, James Watkins, George White, James Williams, and others.

How to Tell a Story and Other Essays

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: Hardpress Publishing

ISBN: 1318749905


Page: 28

View: 314


Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition), as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos. (2) In books where there are images such as portraits, maps, sketches etc We have endeavoured to keep the quality of these images, so they represent accurately the original artefact. Although occasionally there may be certain imperfections with these old texts, we feel they deserve to be made available for future generations to enjoy.

The Art of Storytelling

This book will help any person with a story to share by walking you through all aspects of presentation . . . from what to do with your hands as you speak all the way to crafting a killer ending.

Author: John D. Walsh

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9780802487797

Category: Religion

Page: 160

View: 699


Can you captivate an audience with your story? Many of us would love to hold the attention of a crowd, a classroom, or just a group of our friends by telling them a great story. We have felt the pressure of a public presentation or the disappointment of telling a story that others ignore. We are ready to be heard, ready to captivate. In The Art of Storytelling, John Walsh takes us through the steps to presenting a compelling story—outlining the strategies that helped him move from stutterer to storyteller. This book will help any person with a story to share by walking you through all aspects of presentation . . . from what to do with your hands as you speak all the way to crafting a killer ending. Whether you’re telling bedtime stories to your children or Bible stories to a congregation, this book will take your storytelling to a new level.

I Have a Story to Tell

I guess Mark could tell by the look on my face and the sound of the tone of ... Mark went to work on his shoes and started telling a bit of his life story, ...

Author: Marsialle Arbuckle

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781452012711

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 248

View: 850


Marsialle Arbuckle has had a life full of tragedy and triumph, pain and glory, sorrow and celebration. Through out this work he chronicles various events of his life and the impact those events have had on him, his family, his relationships and the world around him. First he skillfully reveals the circumstances, situations, struggles, and stigmas of life in the Foster Care System and the various ways it can impact an individual and why. He also reveals the intricate recipe that motivated him to develop high aspirations and the determination to achieve them. The book provides historical reference points and the role those events or individuals have had on his psyche. As the reader is led through the twists and turns that life can create, the reader will be emotionally moved by the vivid descriptions of traumatic episodes that are life and death battles for survival. The reader will feel the heavy burdens that the writer has experienced and understand how he managed the stress of bearing those burdens. The book is intended to stimulate the mind and provoke discussion with the review of a life; a life that could be viewed from multiple perspectives. Was the glass half empty or half full? The book will inform and motivate those that are part of a dysfunctional family or dealing with the ravages of substance abuse. The book will inspire and uplift individuals and families that are battling heart disease, cancer, vascular disease or some other catastrophic health issue. It will demonstrate the awesome power of love, understanding, and prayer.

Anyone Can Tell a Bible Story

Bob Hartman's Guide to Storytelling - with 35 great stories Bob Hartman. making dreams come true and one of ... “Tales That Tell Why” was all about science.

Author: Bob Hartman

Publisher: Monarch Books

ISBN: 9780857211576

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 915


Bob Hartman has an enviable reputation as a performance storyteller. Here are his insights into how stories work; tips and techniques; and how to retell Bible stories ' plus 50 great stories to practise on. This is a revised and expanded edition of the Lion volume first published in 2002, with many new stories and ideas. The book is structured by storytelling styles, with pull quotes and boxes to keep the central material clear. This book is both a training manual and a resource. All the stories are taken from the Bible. It is published in the same popular format as TELLING THE BIBLE and TELLING THE GOSPEL.

Tell Me A Story

Shaping Your Child's Future Through Bedtime Stories Chase Collins ... If you want to tell a story, ask your child to guide you. The best way for the child ...

Author: Chase Collins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595462988

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 196

View: 404


When your child says "tell me a story," the deeper meaning of the request is "help me understand more about myself and the world." By creating tales that absorb and address your child's own experiences, you will end a busy day with perhaps its most important moment-the bedtime story that offer your child perspective and confidence for tomorrow. Chase Collin's inspiring and practical guide leads parents step by step through the art of inventing bedtime stories. Tell Me a Story gives you the framework to create heroes, symbols, details, and endings that will help your child meet and master life's challenges and opportunities. Using your child's temperament, talents, and needs as inspiration, your stories become an endlessly adaptable way to address very specific experiences-however puzzling, scary, or hilarious. Guide your child through the curiosities and struggles of childhood using the dynamic story-structure described here. As you do, your hope for your child's future will "come alive" night after night, and that essential guiding light-your confidence that your child will be successful in the task of growing up-will come shining through. Your child believes you can do it, but for parents who aren't so sure, the book offers easy ways to get your imagination in gear. Once you get rolling, you will treasure this rewarding experience as one of the most important things you have ever done for your child. Shaping your child's future is within your powers. Start with Tell Me a Story and with "Once upon a time "

The Posy Book Garden Inspired Bouquets That Tell a Story

This site is a colorful delight, and you'll get excited looking at all the color and whimsy, as well as a little story about each item that is offered.

Author: Teresa H. Sabankaya

Publisher: The Countryman Press

ISBN: 9781682682647

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 256

View: 377


“Like a favorite recipe, a posy is meant to be savored and shared. Try it yourself, and … welcome a bit of floral enchantment into your life.” —Amy Stewart, author of The Drunken Botanist Inspired by the Victorian-era language of flowers, a posy is a small, round bouquet of flowers, herbs, and plants meant to convey a message, such as dahlias for gratitude, sunflowers for adoration, or thyme for bravery. These floral poems have become Teresa Sabankaya’s signature. Brides want them for their weddings, but a posy is a lovely gift any time of year, and one that readers can easily put together from their garden or with blooms from their local florist. In The Posy Book, Sabankaya shares step-by-step instructions, floral recipes for more than 20 posies, and ideas for seasonal variations. A modern floral dictionary, with 12 original paintings by celebrated illustrator Maryjo Koch, will help readers craft their own posies filled with personal meaning.

How Tell a Story and Other Essays

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: Xist Publishing

ISBN: 9781681956282

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 45

View: 745


Write Like Mark Twain Did! “The humorous story is told gravely; the teller does his best to conceal the fact that he even dimly suspects that there is anything funny about it.” - How to Tell a Story, Mark Twain Interested in writing fiction yourself? Looking for a place to start, a book of some sorts that can tell you all the secrets? How about starting with Mark Twain’s course on How to Tell a Story! By studying it, the unique writing style of Mark Twain will be revealed pointing out at the same time the major differences between the European literature and the American one. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes

Their Whispers Tell a Story

It was the beginning of the psychic link. “The Awakening” verything was going so quickly. I would not Their Whispers Tell A Story.

Author: Janny Di

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481722957

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

View: 577


In these pages you will find a compilation of stories about how those who have passed are always trying to communicate with us. This book tells my story and the stories of family members who have all had "experiences" in some form with those beyond. When a message needs to get through to someone, it always finds a way. Keep your mind open and remember "Their Whispers Tell A Story."

Tell Me a Story

This emphasis begins early in the culture of Western schooling, when teachers encourage children at “circle time” to tell a longer story about a single ...

Author: Elaine Reese PhD

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199333790

Category: Psychology

Page: 272

View: 941


Family storytelling offers many of the same advantages as book reading - and some new ones - for children's language and emotional development, coping skills, and sense of belonging. Tell Me a Story: Sharing Stories to Enrich Your Child's World shows parents how telling and sharing stories about family experiences can help children grow into healthy, happy adolescents and adults. Dr. Elaine Reese outlines the techniques that work best with children of all ages, from toddlers to teens, including children with learning delays and difficult temperaments. She also tackles challenging issues such as whether children profit at all from the stories that they experience through TV, movies, and video games; how storytelling differs from daughters to sons; and the best ways to continue to share family stories with children after a separation or divorce. Finally, Reese shares tips specially designed for storytelling with grandchildren, demonstrating how parents can and should continue to nurture family storytelling long after their children are grown, and especially once their children become parents themselves. Providing guidance on a positive, portable, and free way to enrich children's development, Tell Me a Story deserves a place in every parent's library.