Another Way to Play

This is the definitive collection of verse from a poet who has been around the world and back again: verse from the streets, from the the political arena, from Hollywood, from the depths of the underground, and from everywhere in between.

Author: Michael Lally

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 9781609808310

Category: Poetry

Page: 416

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The collected works of a poet who bridges the rhythms and message of the beats, the disarming frankness of the New York School, and the fierce temerity of activist authors throughout the ages. From a '60s-era verse letter to John Coltrane to a 2017 examination of Life After Trump, Another Way to Play collects more than a half century of engaged, accessible, and deeply felt poetry from a writer both iconoclastic and embedded in the American tradition. In the vein of William Carlos Williams and Frank O'Hara, Lally eschews formality in favor of a colloquial idiom that pops straight from the page into the reader's synapses. This is the definitive collection of verse from a poet who has been around the world and back again: verse from the streets, from the the political arena, from Hollywood, from the depths of the underground, and from everywhere in between. Lally is not a poet of any one school or style, but a poet of his own inner promptings; whether casual, impassioned, or ironic, his words are unmistakably his own. Here is a poet who can hold two opposed ideas in mind simultaneously, and fuse them, with pathos and humor, into his own idiosyncratic verbal art. As Lally himself writes: "I suffered, I starved, and so did my kids, / I did what I did for poetry I thought /and I never sold out, and even when I did / nobody bought."

How to Play a Poem

appear to be the poet, who spices up the feelings and ideas with literary ... activity of playing the poem— these possibilities are not even implied.

Author: Don Bialostosky

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

ISBN: 9780822982357

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 216

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Approaching poems as utterances designed and packaged for pleasurable reanimation, How to Play a Poem leads readers through a course that uses our common experience of language to bring poems to life. It mobilizes the speech genres we acquire in our everyday exchanges to identify “signs of life” in poetic texts that can guide our co-creation of tone. How to Play a Poem draws on ideas from the Bakhtin School, usually associated with fiction rather than poetry, to construct a user-friendly practice of close reading as an alternative to the New Critical formalism that still shapes much of teaching and alienates many readers. It sets aside stock questions about connotation and symbolism to guide the playing out of dynamic relations among the human parties to poetic utterances, as we would play a dramatic script or musical score. How to Play a Poem addresses critics ready to abandon New Criticism, teachers eager to rethink poetry, readers eager to enjoy it, and students willing to give it a chance, inviting them to discover a lively and enlivening way to animate familiar and unfamiliar poems.

The Shakespeare Play as Poem

3) we should regard each play as a visionary whole, close-knit in personification, atmospheric suggestion, and direct poetic symbolism: three modes of ...

Author: S. Viswanathan

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521225472

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

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A balanced critique of the reading of Shakespeare's plays as dramatic poems.

A Poem In Time A Story Behind

When I was a little girl, I watched with envy a neighbor who was fortunate to have a piano and to be taught how to play the piano.

Author: Daisy Lopoz

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781646103331

Category: Poetry

Page: 100

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A Poem In Time; A Story Behind By: Daisy Lopoz A Poem in Time; A Story Behind is a collection of poems inspired by events, people, and scenery. For every poem there is a story; a story that completes the picture.

Why Should I Write a Poem Now

Oh, a young actor came out here this fall to work with me on my play, A DREAM OF LOVE. 92 He had a new idea about presenting it. We worked on it, ...

Author: Graziano Krätli

Publisher: University of New Mexico Press

ISBN: 9780826359971

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 176

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In October 1949 the poet William Carlos Williams received a letter from a young man from India who was studying engineering at Stanford University but wanted to write poetry. Williams was intrigued enough to write back. Their intense epistolary relationship, lasting almost a decade and little known up to now, is chronicled in this edition of their letters. Rayaprol returned to India and lived a quiet life as a civil engineer. Yet his commitment to poetry, spurred by Dr. Williams’s long-distance mentoring, never faltered, and the three collections he published eventually gained him a lasting position in the canon of postcolonial Anglophone poetry in India. Rich in personal details, feelings, and moods, the Rayaprol-Williams correspondence is particularly significant as it provides valuable information about transnational literary modernism in the context of American cultural influence during the Cold War as well as the role played by US philanthropic organizations and their relationship to overt and covert CIA operations in India.

A Poem for Every Spring Day

This poem is a nonsense rhyme; even the title makes no sense. You're right not to believe a word of it. The poet is playing a game: how many impossible ...

Author: Allie Esiri

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781529063479

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


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Within the pages of Allie Esiri's gorgeous collection, A Poem for Every Spring Day, you will find verse that will transport you to vivid spring-time scenes, taking you from the first sighting of blossoms to Easter. The poems are selected from Allie Esiri’s bestselling poetry anthologies A Poem for Every Day of the Year and A Poem for Every Night of the Year. Perfect for reading aloud and sharing with all the family, this book dazzles with an array of familiar favourites and remarkable new discoveries. These seasonal poems – together with introductory paragraphs – have a link to the date on which they appear. Includes poems by William Wordsworth, Christina Rossetti, John Donne and Emily Dickinson who sit alongside Ted Hughes, John Agard, Maya Angelou, Wendy Cope, John Cooper Clarke and Carol Ann Duffy. This soul-enhancing book will keep you company for every day of your life.

Write a Poem Save Your Life

Write about why you sing, dance, swim, bike, run, play a sport, make art, read, garden, play an instrument. Examples. Why I Sing — Katie, 18 I sing to feel ...

Author: Meredith Heller

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608687497

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 272

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“Join Heller on her quest to help save the world, one poet at a time.” — from the foreword by Susan G. Wooldridge Write a Poem, Save Your Life helps writers of all ages and experience levels navigate their way through all aspects of life. With writing prompts, tools, encouragement, and moving student examples, Meredith Heller gently guides us in the art of using poetry to figure out who we are and what matters to us and to heal the deeper issues many of us face, such as depression, addiction, health and body image issues, low self-esteem, trauma, gender and sexual identity issues, and home and family problems. Along the way, we learn that writing poems helps us believe in ourselves, make positive life choices, and find direction, purpose, and meaning.

Life Is like A Poem

As I say, Your okay What really happened that day I wonder But never will I know A more watchful eye I had When you were at play With the neighbor kids I ...

Author: Tanya Nelson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781257742042

Category: Poetry


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I dedicate this book to my daugher Cassandra. These poems are all true, it is everything I have been through in my life. I am poor on disability for paranoid schizophrenia. I have seen a black angel. I have seen two angels on another occasion. I have seen a cross in the sky with a man walking on passover on year. The light of the sun follows me, and the lake twinkles when I go by it. That alone tells me god is with me. I don't attend church and at one time was an athiest. But now I am a firm believer in heaven and god. These poems cover my life from childhood till now. I hope it may help anyone who has been though tough times. Maybe when you see what others have been though it may make your situation a little easier. Thanks for taking the time to read my poems.

Is This a Poem

What makes a poem, and how YOU can write one Roger Stevens ... sits at the piano for four minutes and thirty-three seconds and doesn't play anything.

Author: Roger Stevens

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472920027

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Do you like poems? Are you sure you know what one is?! Join popular poet Roger Stevens for a trip through the different types of poetry: from advertising jingles to football chants, and from free verse to rap. Then, why not have a go at writing a poem of your own?

I was an English Poet

It is not surprising that the general criticism of The Heralds of the Dawn took the
form Watson describes in ' The Rash Poet ' : A poet wrote a little book , and rashly
called it a play , And some were wroth with the little book , for they said , ' It is not

Author: Jean Moorcroft Wilson

Publisher: C. Woolf Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105037935355

Category: Poets, English

Page: 243

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How to Write a Poem

As Auden said, 'a poem is, among other things, always a verbal game. Everybody knows that one cannot play a game without rules. One may make the rules what ...

Author: John Redmond

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405148757

Category: Education

Page: 168

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An innovative introduction to writing poetry designed for studentsof creative writing and budding poets alike. Challenges the reader’s sense of what is possible in apoem. Traces the history and highlights the potential ofpoetry. Focuses on the fundamental principles of poetic construction,such as: Who is speaking? Who are they speaking to? Why does theirspeaking take this form? Considers both experimental and mainstream approaches tocontemporary poetry. Consists of fourteen chapters, making it suitable for use overone semester. Encourages readers to experiment with their poetry.

How to Read a Poem

Attending to the systemic nature of poems should not blind us to the fact that they are also examples of play. This is another way in which they stand askew ...

Author: Terry Eagleton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118306215

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

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Lucid, entertaining and full of insight, How To Read A Poemis designed to banish the intimidation that too often attends thesubject of poetry, and in doing so to bring it into the personalpossession of the students and the general reader. Offers a detailed examination of poetic form and its relationto content. Takes a wide range of poems from the Renaissance to the presentday and submits them to brilliantly illuminating closesanalysis. Discusses the work of major poets, including John Milton,Alexander Pope, John Keats, Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson,W.B. Yeats, Robert Frost, W.H.Auden, Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon,and many more. Includes a helpful glossary of poetic terms.

One Toss of the Dice The Incredible Story of How a Poem Made Us Modern

Insofar as autumn brought the poet back to Paris, the place of human invention and artifice, it was dramatic play, and occasioned visits to the playhouse.

Author: R. Howard Bloch

Publisher: Liveright Publishing

ISBN: 9781631490866

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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In the tradition of The Swerve comes this thrilling, detective-like work of literary history that reveals how a poem created the world we live in today. It was, improbably, the forerunner of our digital age: a French poem about a shipwreck published in 1897 that, with its mind-bending possibilities of being read up and down, backward and forward, even sideways, launched modernism. Stéphane Mallarmé’s "One Toss of the Dice," a daring, twenty-page epic of ruin and recovery, provided an epochal “tipping point,” defining the spirit of the age and anticipating radical thinkers of the twentieth century, from Albert Einstein to T. S. Eliot. Celebrating its intrinsic influence on our culture, renowned scholar R. Howard Bloch masterfully decodes the poem still considered among the most enigmatic ever written. In Bloch’s shimmering portrait of Belle Époque Paris, Mallarmé stands as the spiritual giant of the era, gathering around him every Tuesday a luminous cast of characters including Émile Zola, Victor Hugo, Claude Monet, André Gide, Claude Debussy, Oscar Wilde, and even the future French prime minister Georges Clemenceau. A simple schoolteacher whose salons and prodigious literary talent won him the adoration of Paris’s elite, Mallarmé achieved the reputation of France’s greatest living poet. He was so beloved that mourners crowded along the Seine for his funeral in 1898, many refusing to depart until late into the night, leaving Auguste Renoir to ponder, “How long will it take for nature to make another such a mind?” Over a century later, the allure of Mallarmé’s linguistic feat continues to ignite the imaginations of the world’s greatest thinkers. Featuring a new, authoritative translation of the French poem by J. D. McClatchy, One Toss of the Dice reveals how a literary masterpiece launched the modernist movement, contributed to the rise of pop art, influenced modern Web design, and shaped the perceptual world we now inhabit. And as Alex Ross remarks in The New Yorker, "If you can crack [Mallarmé’s] poems, it seems, you can crack the riddles of existence." In One Toss of the Dice, Bloch finally, and brilliantly, dissects one of literary history’s greatest mysteries to reveal how a poem made us modern.

How To Write a Poem

Poetry. Anthology. Just like learning to play a sport, watching the professional and historical greats can be a fantastic asset to your progress.

Author: HowExpert

Publisher: HowExpert

ISBN: 9781647589660

Category: Poetry

Page: 52

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If you want to learn how to write a poem, then get this step-by-step "How To Write a Poem" guide. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to be a poet. - How to write a poem the right way. - How to think like a poet. - How to tell a story in a unique and eloquent way. - Simple exercises to unlock the poet within you. - How to rhyme with couplets - How to alternate rhymes with quatrains - How to rhyme with the sonnet. - How to write poetry with rhymes. - Impress people with your original and unique poems. - Discover how to express yourself to the world through your own personal poems. - And much more! HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.

Retaliation a Poem

Had the consulted me , she should have made Her moral play a speaking masquerade ; Warm'd up each bustling scene , and in her rage Have emptied all the ...

Author: Oliver Goldsmith


ISBN: OXFORD:N11655616


Page: 12

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