Book Marketing on a Shoestring

You will find many steps in the publishing process in this book. These tasks are not obvious "book marketing" tasks, but they are essential for your success as an author. .For Whom is this Book Useful?

Author: Doris-Maria Heilmann

Publisher: 111publishing

ISBN: 1988664225


Page: 166

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No Money? No Problem! Success as an author, especially when creating your platform in social media and establishing your brand, using the tools described here, is almost free. It's all about where to find readers, book bloggers, and reviewers and how to connect with them. .A book marketing checklist in the last chapter will provide you with a useful timeline. Don't get overwhelmed by all the book marketing possibilities. You don't have to do it all in a week, a month, or even a year. These are single steps you can take, one by one, to build your audience. .You Never Get a Second Chance for a Good First Impression! The goal of this book is to show you the professional, yet inexpensive way of publishing a book and how to build your readership, no matter if you self-publish or sell your manuscript to a traditional publisher..PART ONEExplains why book marketing is important - and rewarding and how readers will find your book among millions of others. You will also learn about the difference between marketing and selling through ads..PART TWOIn this chapter, you will evaluate your current publishing and book marketing situation. You will learn, in chronological order, the basics to start your author platform, find out which social media accounts are effective, and how to present your book and yourself professionally..PART THREEHere you will learn the important steps in a professional book production. Let's assume your manuscript is finished, has been read by other writers and beta readers, and is on the way to the editor. What is your next step in book marketing? And where else can you sell your book?.PART FOURIn this chapter, you will get tips for "passive marketing"; book layout tips; your author pages; and other places you can sell your book besides the major online retailers. Find a timeline checklist for your book launch event..PART FIVEHere, you will learn about advanced marketing strategies and how you can leverage your manuscript in markets other than e-book or paperback, and even in foreign markets. A comprehensive checklist for your book marketing gives you a valuable tool for years (and books) to come!Going These Steps is a Long-term Investment! They won't initiate an immediate spike in book sales. Rather, they will improve the number of your readers and the exposure of your books. Remember: all of your writing is an asset that can keep making you money for decades to come! .A certain time commitment may be necessary, at least in the beginning, depending on your level of involvement. Yet, you will learn how to connect reader communities and social media accounts and the more you use these marketing tools, the faster you can handle them. Which means that you will get more visitors and buyers. You may not be a New York Times bestselling author with a publicist--yet. So, if you want to succeed at self-publishing, you will want to learn everything you can about professional book layout, publishing, and traditional book marketing methods. You will find many steps in the publishing process in this book. These tasks are not obvious "book marketing" tasks, but they are essential for your success as an author. .For Whom is this Book Useful? Self-Publishers and authors who work with traditional publishers alike profit from this book marketing and publishing guide. Get inspirations and encouragement from someone who has 35+ years of experience in print and e-book publishing, book marketing, online writing and magazine publishing.

Indie Author s Toolbox How to create publish and market your Kindle book

re you having trouble picking the topic for your book? Maybe you've finished writing your book, but you've got questions about the mechanics of listing it on Amazon – How do you write a compelling description? How do you know you've got ...

Author: Nick Vulich


ISBN: 9781312315976

Category: Business & Economics

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Read this if you want to sell more books, make more money as an author, or rank higher in your category. My name is Nick Vulich. The first thing you should know about me is I'm not a writer, and I'm not an expert on self-publishing either. I never worked in the industry, and I don't have any experience working for the big publishers. In fact, the only thing I consider myself an expert in is how to sell on eBay, Amazon, and Fiverr... So why should you listen to me? Like most indie authors, I came into publishing through the back door. I had a story to tell, and one day I just sat down and let it all come out. What I wrote wasn't pretty, or polished...but, it helped a lot of people sell more stuff on eBay. What I couldn't say with fancy prose, I made up for with enthusiasm. Because of that, my books sold. I'm not going to lie to you. It wasn't easy. I read just about every book available on self-publishing. I studied up on KDP Free days, Countdown Deals, price pulsing...

The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published

A complete author's toolkit: The guide that demystifies every step of the publishing process.

Author: Arielle Eckstut

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780761163985

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 544

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A complete author's toolkit: The guide that demystifies every step of the publishing process. No matter what type of book you want to write—fiction, nonfiction, humor, sci-fi, romance, cookbook, children's book—here is how to take an idea you're passionate about, develop it into a manuscript or proposal, get it published, and deliver it into the hands and hearts of readers. Includes interviews with dozens of publishing insiders—agents, editors, besteslling authors, and booksellers. Real-life success stories and the lessons they impart. Plus sample proposals and query letters, a resource guide, and more. Updated to cover ebooks, self-publishing, digital marketing, the power of social media, and more. This complete author's toolkit includes information on:- locating, luring, and landing an agent - perfecting your pitch - the nuts and bolts of a book proposal - conquering the query letter - finding the right publisher for YOU - four steps to reaching readers online - making Amazon work for you - kickstarting your Kickstarter campaign - the ins and outs of ebooks - 10 things you should have on your author website - turning rejection into a book deal - new frontiers in self-publishing

Writers Artists Yearbook 2021

the best advice on how to write and get published A new series of writing guides from ... how to go it alone and publish independently; what you can do to help market your book and grow your audience; ...

Author: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472968159

Category: Reference

Page: 816

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The latest edition of the bestselling guide to all you need to know about how to get published, is packed full of advice, inspiration and practical information. The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook has been guiding writers and illustrators on the best way to present their work, how to navigate the world of publishing and ways to improve their chances of success, for over 110 years. It is equally relevant for writers of novels and non-fiction, poems and scripts and for those writing for children, YA and adults and covers works in print, digital and audio formats. If you want to find a literary or illustration agent or publisher, would like to self-publish or crowdfund your creative idea then this Yearbook will help you. As well as sections on publishers and agents, newspapers and magazines, illustration and photography, theatre and screen, there is a wealth of detail on the legal and financial aspects of being a writer or illustrator.

Content Marketing Strategies That Work Book Three

Other books in the series.

Author: Rae A. Stonehouse

Publisher: Live For Excellence Productions

ISBN: 9781778237263

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 215

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It can be said that writing your book can take 30% of your time and marketing it 130%. Many self-published authors shy away from marketing their content. It is a lot of work; the learning curve is steep, and it can take them out of their comfort zone. Way out! Self-marketing your content is well within your reach as an author when you know the basics and advanced strategies. Author Rae A. Stonehouse, veteran of a dozen of his own self-help, personal/professional development books and others for his clients, shares sage advice from his self-publishing career and from the pros. Book Three Content Marketing Strategies That Work in The Successful Self Publisher Series: How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book Yourself provides strategies for promoting your content for free and with paid advertising and explores the following topics essential to marketing your content: - Advertising vs Public Relations - Creating your Author’s Platform - How to Write Good Promotional Copy - Linkedin Strategies - Author Websites - Leveraging your Network - Leveraging social media (what works... what doesn’t) - Amazon and Facebook Advertising And much more... Other books in the series... Book One Writing & Publishing as a Business in The Successful Self Publisher Series: How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book Yourself, addresses writing books and self-publishing based on business best-practices. Book Two Self-Publishing for Fun and Profit in the series focuses on how to publish your content, yourself.

Becoming a Bestselling Author

-Dr. Larry Keefauver This book will answer these questions and more... - How do I successfully write to the market? - What plan is needed for effectively writing, producing, marketing, selling, and publishing my books and message?

Author: Larry Keefauver

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1498492703

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 130

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Writing and publishing your book is just the start of a wonderful journey to become a bestselling author... Almost weekly, authors call me asking something like, "Dr. Larry, can you help me market and sell my books? I have 10 cases of books in storage and don't know how to promote and publicize them." In talking with them, I usually discover they didn't know at the beginning of their book writing and publishing venture, that they didn't have a business plan for writing, editing, producing, printing, publishing, distributing, marketing, and selling their book. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to implement a successful marketing and sales plan after the fact. So, the purpose of this book is very specific and simple. Every book project, all publishing ventures, need a business plan that identifies the people, processes, products involved with timelines, costs, goals, and objectives. That business plan includes the marketing and sales strategies needed to put the published material in the hands of as many readers, listeners, viewers, and followers as possible. -Dr. Larry Keefauver This book will answer these questions and more... - How do I successfully write to the market? - What plan is needed for effectively writing, producing, marketing, selling, and publishing my books and message? - How do I build the right team to help me write, edit, produce, and market myself and my message to the world? - Who can coach, mentor, and equip me to be a writer, author, speaker, coach, consultant, and build an online platform and market for my books, courses, webinars, podcasts, social media presence, streaming videos, etc.? "Dr. Larry Keefauver is truly an exceptional person. Larry is an international speaker and teacher; he is also a bestselling author. But Larry is more than a master writer, he is a messenger of God's word, a marvelous motivator, and an outstanding mentor especially for new authors like me. His creative new book, Becoming a Bestselling Author: 21 Proven, Profitable Pointers for Marketing and Selling You & Your Message is a must read for all authors both experienced and new. This is the work of one of, if not the best, author coaches in America. -Dr. Dennis C. Golden, President Emeritus Fontbonne University Dr. Larry Keefauver is an author/writer coach, having written 15 bestselling books and series having published over 60 books in 11 languages with over 2 million copies in print. Ghostwriter and editor for dozens of church and business leaders worldwide, Dr. Keefauver and his wife, Judi, reside in Maui and enjoy family times with their married children and seven wonderful grandchildren.

Promote Your Book

This chapter provides information, resources, and encouragement for getting your book reviewed over and over again. ... do not generally review self-published or pay-to-publish books or books that are not suited to the library market.

Author: Patricia Fry

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781621533726

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 272

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Do you have what it takes to become an author, but are not sure where to start? Promote Your Book gives enterprising authors the advantage they need to navigate the publishing industry and gain a better understanding of what book promotion is all about. This well-organized collection of the most successful low-cost and no-cost ideas provides solutions for both aspiring and seasoned authors in any genre. You will learn how to promote the book without changing your lifestyle; how to promote creatively, locally, and through social media; submit news releases and tip sheets; arrange book signings, radio, and TV appearances; enhance marketing skills; spend money in all the right places, and more.

Catch the Unicorn

Buy this book. You'll be glad you did." - Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ "I would recommend this book to every self-published author. It is well worth it not to have to continue spinning your wheels and chasing elusive unicorns.

Author: Denis Caron


ISBN: 1777328519


Page: 162

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Feel as if success as a fiction author is as elusive as trying to catch a unicorn? Discover winning strategies that will save you time and money while selling more books!Do you love writing but hate marketing? Wish there was an easier way to promote your work while still having time to write? If you're like many other self-published authors, you've come across hundreds of methods to get exposure for your book (most of them outdated or ineffective). Worse yet, there's plenty of companies out there that offer nothing but false promises and vague claims. Because of this, it can be difficult to know where to put your money.Denis, an author and book marketing expert, has coached thousands of authors to sell more books. For the first time, he has packaged up all his experience and knowledge into a book. A no-fluff guide to save you time, money, and rejection by showing you exactly what you need to do to build a successful author business (and just as importantly, what not to do).By following the fictional story of Jane, you'll witness how she builds her successful author business from scratch. Catch the Unicorn gives you the tools you need to get a steady stream of buyers to click the Buy button every single day.In this book, you'll discover how to: Use proven and easy ways to get your book noticed (even from the millions of others on Amazon)Target thousands of readers in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.Maximize your marketing budget by using only tested methods that get results.See what's bottle-necking your sales (the #1 simple-fix that's holding authors back)Avoid the surprisingly common pitfalls that plague new and experienced authors alike.Build your list of invested fans ready to buy your next novel.Bonus: Market if you only have one book published.Bonus: Downloadable checklist to help you stay on track.Finally, you no longer have to take on the challenge of marketing alone. Let the secrets in this book help you navigate the stormy waters of book marketing and help you finally catch your unicorn. Take advantage of this fool-proof method and realize your author potential today.Click the "Buy Now" button now because you and your book deserve success

2015 Writer s Market

The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published Robert Lee Brewer ... Publishes hardcover, trade and mass market paperback originals. ... Give us a realistic idea of what you will do to market your book—that you will actually do.

Author: Robert Lee Brewer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781599638607

Category: Reference

Page: 1436

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The most trusted guide to getting published! Want to get published and paid for your writing? Let the 2015 Writer's Market guide you through the process with thousands of publishing opportunities for writers, including listings for book publishers, consumer and trade magazines, contests and awards, and literary agents. These listings include contact and submission information to help writers get their work published. Beyond the listings, you'll find all-new editorial material devoted to the business and promotion of writing, including advice on pitching to agents and editors, managing your freelance business, and building a readership. This edition also includes the ever popular--and updated--pay-rate chart, plus dozens of articles and essays like these: • Kate Meadows, freelance writer and editor, shares seven habits of financially savvy writers. • Carol Tice, professional writer, teaches you how to build your writing career with social media. • Dana W. Todd, public relations professional, explains how to successfully pitch you and your work like a PR pro. You also gain access to: • Lists of professional writing organizations • Sample query letters • A free digital download of Writer's Yearbook featuring the 100 Best Markets Finally, NEW TO THIS YEAR'S EDITION is an exclusive webinar "How to Find More Success Freelancing," taught by Robert Lee Brewer, editor of Writer's Market. It takes a lot more than flawless writing to be a freelance writer. This hour-long webinar will help you to increase your chances of success. You'll learn the current freelance landscape, how to find freelance opportunities, how to secure assignments, negotiating strategies, and more. Whether the goal is to publish a book, write a magazine article, or freelance for local businesses, this webinar is for writers looking to find more success with their freelancing and ultimately make more money. "Every writer needs a toolbox filled with craft, a drop of talent, and hope. Successful writers know they must add the Writer's Market. You should too." -Barbara O'Neal, author of The All You Can Dream Buffet, 7-time RITA award-winner, and RWA Hall of Fame member "The business of writing is unnecessarily intimidating. Editors want good writing, so why can it be so hard to get published. Writer's Market helps make sense of that big question, offering the kind of straight-shooting advice writers needs. I bought my first copy over a decade ago and still feel grateful that I was able to send my first submissions without embarrassing myself. Writer's Market is an invaluable tool that I find myself recommending again and again." -Erica Wright, author of the novel The Red Chameleon and poetry collection Instructions for Killing the Jackal, as well as Senior Editor for Guernica Magazine

The Less Stress Lifestyle

To make your book saleable, it needs to get people's attention and have a USP (unique selling point) – to distinguish it from all the ... It's very much viewed as a privilege to get a publishing deal, which is why royalties are low.

Author: Carl Vernon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472241979

Category: Self-Help

Page: 169

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If you are tired of feeling stressed, working too many hours or just feeling miserable, Carl Vernon's The Less-Stress Lifestyle will help you manage it all. As a follow-up to his best-selling book Anxiety Rebalance, Carl shares the tools and techniques he used to go from being highly anxious and stressed, to enjoying a lifestyle of freedom and choice. Carl's advice is that we cannot remove stress from life - it helps us get things done - but when stress starts to take over it's time to take back control. For example, Carl suggests you should throw away the concept of a work/life balance. Why? Because they are the same thing. Instead he shows you how to use stress to your advantage and gives you the tools to: - Move stress out of your way using his 'Stress Wall' technique - Make money work for you, instead of you working for money - Instantly improve your mood and stay positive with 'The Happiness Trick' - Get back time and energy by distinguishing bad stress from good - Effectively organise and manage your life to create more time for the things you enjoy The Less-Stress Lifestyle is an invaluable guide for the many thousands of people affected by stress and its related disorders and will help you to rediscover all aspects of your life.