How to Find What Isn t Lost

This book offers an innovative, rational, and realistic approach to enlightenment that explains why it is possible and how to achieve it.

Author: Akilesh Ayyar

Publisher: Sifting Press

ISBN: 0999559605


Page: 132

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That there is a source of permanent and pure happiness that is accessible to us all: that is the eternal promise of spiritual enlightenment. This book offers an innovative, rational, and realistic approach to enlightenment that explains why it is possible and how to achieve it. Its findings are based on a successful 20-year spiritual search and a study of eastern mysticism as it relates to many other disciplines. It argues that enlightenment involves both the mystical search and, crucially, the intellectual and emotional preparation for it. As a result, it offers an approach to spiritual truth that is comprehensive and unique. Unlike many other spiritual systems, it encourages critical thinking and explains enlightenment within a persuasive philosophical framework. It suggests the necessity of being honest about our own desires and finding the messages inherent in negative emotions, and it offers powerful new methods to accomplish this. Finally, it gives excellent, concise explanations of the self-inquiry techniques of Hindu mystics that are the royal road to enlightenment. Together, these form a powerful and unusual instrument for seeking the truth.

A Path to Seek

is... that if you know you're lost, then you have a chance of finding the way. As I said, at one time or another everyone's lost. But the difference is, some people know they're lost and other people don't. The people that don't know ...

Author: Peter Gyulay

Publisher: Peter Gyulay

ISBN: 9780648253402

Category: Fiction


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“We all sleep and wake, eat and work, dream and hope – live in the same human condition. And we all fail, at some time or another, to look beyond the surface of our lives and seek a deeper purpose.” Alex is an unfulfilled architect from Australia going through the motions of mundane life. Travelling abroad becomes a potential way to appease his discontent and even reveal the purpose in life. But will his travels help him discover the path he seeks? This is a story of wanderlust and soul searching. It is an existential travelogue, an inner and outer journey, in which Alex faces both the world outside his safe home country and also himself.

Lost and Found

But my searching fingers don't find it. I open the bag wider and rummage through it. “I know I put it in here.” “What is it?” “That book we talked about last week.” I take the purse and begin dumping the contents on the bench between us ...

Author: Ginny L. Yttrup

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781433671715

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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"Jenna Bouvier is losing everything: beauty, family, and wealth. When her emotionally destructive mother-in-law accuses Jenna of an affair with her spiritual director and threatens to expose them, Jenna also risks losing her reputation as a woman of faith. She must choose between bowing to her mother-in-law's controlling wishes or fighting for what she holds dear. As Jenna loses her life, will she find it? Andee Bell has found exactly what she wanted: fame, fortune, respect, and a special man--Jenna's brother. Despite the success, a secret quells her contentment. As memories torment, Andee can pursue peace in a relationship with God or sabotage herself while taking down the only person she cares about. As Andee finds her life, will she lose it? Moving between San Francisco and the Napa Valley, Jenna and Andee form an unlikely relationship that leads them to a crossroad. They can follow familiar inclinations, or risk it all and walk in faith."--P. [4] of cover.


Without looking, she tried to identify the stranger. Man, thick soled boots; long, ... “Lost.” She huffed in mock exasperation. Truth be told, the word composed most of her life. “You can't find something that isn't lost.

Author: Arin Simmons

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426938702

Category: Fiction

Page: 364

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This is an imaginative quest to earn forgiveness and grant it. Kamryn is on the quest of her life after she stumbles across the most amazing man, Lyte, And The dangerous situation she was predesined to allieviate. Lyte's history, As with the mythology of Christian beliefs engulfs her and propelles her along a path frought with danger, love and hate. Can she overcome her own desires and seek the forgivess of her sins as she grants it to others? She is weilded as an instument of God to help prepare For The biggest battle mankind will ever have to face. But can she accept that burden? This book is filled with the confusions of real life in a surreal exprience, and how the choices we make eventually bless or doom us.

13 Moons over Vietnam 3Rd Moon Discord

Here in the quiet of the motor pool, am I discovering that lost aspect of my personality? (see Chapter 27) He hoped he was reconnecting with an aspect of himself that had receded, but sensed he might only be seeing the residual effects ...

Author: Ben Thieu Long

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728330693

Category: Self-Help

Page: 188

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This book is the third volume in a memoir series describing a military policeman’s moral and emotional dilemmas in the Vietnam war. Stories of actual experience are positioned sequentially among actual letters sent home to his new wife. He tries to censor his daily experiences in the letters in an effort to protect their relationship from the contradictions of his behavior and progressively disturbed thoughts.The soldier’s responses to temptation trigger an inner battle over values, identity, and spiritual well-being. His actions and subsequent turmoil prompt a transformation from naïve innocence toward alienated detachment. 3rd Moon: Discord highlights his responses to temptation that challenge his moral convictions. His journey through a minefield of ethical trials undercuts his strength of commitment and precipitates a metamorphosis of mind and spirit.

The Sunday Magazine

to say than this : “ That boy , that girl , that till that is put away you can't find Jesus man , that woman , once had Jesus , but they again . have lost Him . " This time , however , there And search among your habits and your was one ...



ISBN: UOM:39015022734316



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Total Trainwreck

He's just as lost as I am. Just as desperate to find a way back. Being apart is impossible for both of us. There isn't a single part of me that doesn't want a single part of him, and when he squeezes my hand, silently pleading for an ...

Author: Evie Claire

Publisher: Carina Press

ISBN: 9781460397473

Category: Fiction


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In a town where every illusion comes with a price, a girl can have love or fame. Carly Klein wants both. The A-list drama continues in this compulsively readable follow-up to Evie Claire's Hollywood Hot Mess Hurricane Carly hits the big leagues and her offscreen drama hits DEFCON-level F*ck From tabloid trainwreck child star to award-nominated starlet, Carly Klein wants it all. And being silver fox Devon Hayes's f*ck buddy isn't cutting it anymore. The gloves are off as she comes out swinging for the man she loves. Devon Hayes, aka the sexiest man alive, is the toast of Tinseltown as half of a Hollywood power couple HeaVon—but he doesn't want to be. Yet his A-list showmance lover will stop at nothing to keep their marital sham alive. So when Carly and Devon's scorching connection off set threatens his soon-to-be ex's dynasty, a sh*tstorm of trouble is unleashed. But pussing out isn't in Carly's DNA. Through sex tapes, murder and epic Hollywood takedowns, Carly and Devon will be together and HeaVon will burn in Hollywood Hell… Part Two of Two One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you're looking for with an HEA/HFN. It's a promise!

Children s Sermons A to Z

Exegetical Aim: God's love and concern for one lost child. Props: A child who is able to play along with hiding until she is found. It should be a child who is known by most of the other children. Just before the children's sermon the ...

Author: Brett Blair

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 9780788017803

Category: Religion

Page: 228

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Anyone who has done children's sermons will sooner or later hear from someone that I learn more from the children's sermon than I do from the real sermon. And indeed, the truths of scripture are so simple that even a child can understand them. So it's no accident that children's sermons have become a central part of the worship service in many churches. Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter offer a year's worth of object lessons that engage children and impart profound lessons for all ages. Two sermons are provided for each Sunday in Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary, one based on the Second Lesson and one based on the Gospel. The messages are structured in two parts: the lesson uses an object to draw out active responses from children, then the application connects that object to the assigned scripture reading. Each message includes a clear statement of its exegetical aim. Bright, innovative, perceptive, creative, grace-filled Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter are all of those and much, much more, and that is reflected beautifully in their new book Children's Sermons A To Z. James W. Moore Pastor, St. Luke's United Methodist Church Houston, Texas Brett Blair is associate pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. He holds the M.Div. degree from Yale University Divinity School and is a cum laude graduate of Oral Roberts University with B.A. and M.A. degrees in New Testament Literature. Tim Carpenter is the pastor at First United Methodist Church in Bolivar, Tennessee. He is a graduate of Memphis Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and the University of Florida (B.A. in political science).

Delta Victor

“I see you two still haven't lost your sense of humor.” “I see you still haven't found yours,” Lou retorted. Jim scowled. “You guys just don't get it, do you? We're shipwrecked. There is no way off here.” Lou sighed. “Lighten up, Jim.

Author: Clare Revell

Publisher: Pelican Ventures Book Group

ISBN: 9781611165067

Category: Fiction

Page: 198

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Shipwrecked on the remote volcanic island of Agrihan, and with one of them severely injured, Lou Benson and Jim and Staci Kirk have to find their way to civilisation. Joined by orphan Ailsa Cudby, who has been living with a local village since her parents died, they set off past the volcano in search of an abandoned U.S. Air Force base. With time running out to get medical attention, the teens once again face danger in order to save one of their own. Will they find help in time?

How She Fought

The Lost Soul I feel sometimes people don't understand me. I know God made me, but why do I feel so bad . . . ? My mother loves me so much and goes out her way, but my soul feels so lost inside and I wonder why.

Author: Melissa L. Bryant

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490755984

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 214

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My lifes story focuses on perseverance and not quitting. As a single mother, my book is to inspire you with Gods Word, with his hope and faith and lots of peace and unconditional love he has for us. I pray and hope you take some courage and joy along your journey. Because you can make it with Gods help. I was a victim and I am a survivor. After all my struggles, I kept my faith and asked God for more wisdom, some hope for tomorrow, and courage to make it in these struggles. Writing this book gave me purpose to provide a way to communicate my thoughts to single parents and children. I have worked long and hard to bring this story to light, and I could not have done it without God.

I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl

I don't know why the girl from work never mentioned anything strange. My roommate gets a job painting at one of ... I find a new place to live on the road to school. ... When I see her, I know that no one is ever lost. Tommy isn't lost.

Author: Kelle Groom

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451616699

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 238

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A noted poet presents a full-length memoir based on her autobiographical "Ploughshares" essay that recounts her struggles with alcoholism and search for answers after her son's death from leukemia.

Pudd nhead Wilson and Other Tales

“Tom, tell me squarely—didn't he find any fault with you for anything but those two things—carrying the case into ... and when I suggested that it probably wasn't lost but stolen, it put him in a regular passion and he said I was a ...

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191646720

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Pudd'nhead Wilson (1894) was Mark Twain's last serious work of fiction, and perhaps the only real novel that he ever produced. Written in a more sombre vein than his other Mississippi writings, the novel reveals the sinister forces that Mark Twain felt to be threatening the American dream. In spite of a plot which includes child swapping, palmistry, and a pair of Italian twins, this astringent work also raises the serious issue of racial differences. This volume also includes two other late works `Those Extraordinary Twins' and `The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg'. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Three Plots for Poe

... but he mainly came to talk about Mohammed's gas station, him expecting further violence, and it wasn't lost upon the ... but Sheldon said two readings weren't enough to see the beauties of the book, which made me sure that it was ...

Author: D.S. Carroll

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469125336

Category: Fiction

Page: 723

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An old-fashioned mystery, a contemporary mystery, and an avant-garde mystery are presented in Three Plots for Poe. This sequence is a tribute to the Gothic genius of Poe who shaped the mystery genre. At the same time, these tales explore three phases of the genres progress and at last escape its Gothic limits altogether. An old-fashioned mystery, Death Calls the Shots invokes the golden age of pulp mysteries in a way that led Jacques Barzun, one of the ultimate authorities on this era, to express his admiration of the story for its mood, plot, pace, and structure. A contemporary mystery,Love in the Modern Landscape offers an unusual blend of evil and intelligence endangering a pair of lovers who appear unequal to the threat. An avantgarde mystery, Still No Ice at the Fish Market opens with a pair of bangsa bomb exploding in the midst of lovemakingand ends up as one of the most unusual literary experiments in many years. Two alternating narrators in this story capture the extremes of classic clarity and Gothic chaos, wit and weirdness, as they hand the story to each other from one chapter to the next until the final chapter blends their separate styles. In all three novels, passionate love affairs become more powerful than evil in competing for the center of the story. As the genius who rules these Gothic games, the ghost of Poe is exorcised at last.

Pudd nhead Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins

And you know perfectly well there never would have been any case if he had got that chance, don't you? ... and when I suggested that it probably wasn't lost but stolen, it put him in a regular passion and he said I was a fool—which ...

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781770486096

Category: Fiction

Page: 275

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The two narratives published together in The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson and the Comedy Those Extraordinary Twins are overflowing with spectacular events. Twain shows us conjoined twins, babies exchanged in the cradle, acts of cross-dressing and racial masquerade, duels, a lynching, and a murder mystery. Pudd’head Wilson tells the story of babies, one of mixed race and the other white, exchanged in their cradles, while Those Extraordinary Twins is a farcical tale of conjoined twins. Although the stories were long viewed as flawed narratives, their very incongruities offer a fascinating portrait of key issues—race, disability, and immigration—facing the United States in the final decades of the nineteenth century. Hsuan Hsu’s introduction traces the history of literary critics’ response to these works, from the confusion of Twain’s contemporaries to the keen interest of current scholars. Extensive historical appendices provide contemporary materials on race discourse, legal contexts, and the composition and initial reception of the texts.

All the Year Round

The landlord will see you got a cigar ? ” the thing with the eyes of his calling ; he'll “ Do you mean that you lost all your win . soon perceive that the son - in - law of a man who travels with two carriages , and can't speak one ...

Author: Charles Dickens


ISBN: OXFORD:555074543

Category: English literature


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Ballou s Monthly Magazine

Where did down from the sky , then you might feel you get it , Freddy ? ” happy in finding it ; but as somebody has “ I found it , " replied the boy . lost it , somebody is sorry , and I am sure my “ Indeed ! Where ?



ISBN: MINN:31951000726457D



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Dreaming of Lions

thing to fear was getting lost. To help prevent that, he taught us how to find the North Star. The North Pole was on the axis of the world, he said, and the North Star stayed right over it. But the North Star wasn't there in the daytime ...

Author: Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603586399

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Elizabeth Marshall Thomas has spent a lifetime observing other creatures and other cultures, from her own backyard to the African savannah. Her books have transported millions of readers into the hidden lives of animals—from dogs and cats to deer and lions. She’s chronicled the daily lives of African tribes, and even imagined the lives of prehistoric humans. She illuminates unknown worlds like no other. Now, she opens the doors to her own. Dreaming of Lions traces Thomas’s life from her earliest days, including when, as a young woman in the 1950s, she and her family packed up and left for the Kalahari Desert to study the Ju/Wa Bushmen. The world’s understanding of African tribal cultures has never been the same since. Nor has Thomas, as the experience taught her not only how to observe, but also how to navigate in male-dominated fields like anthropology and animal science and do what she cared about most: spending time with animals and people in wild places, and relishing the people and animals around her at home. Readers join Thomas as she returns to Africa, after college and marriage, with her two young children, ending up in the turmoil leading to Idi Amin’s bloody coup. She invites us into her family life, her writing, and her fascination with animals—from elephants in Namibia, to dogs in her kitchen, or cougars outside her New England farmhouse. She also recounts her personal struggles, writing about her own life with the same kind of fierce honesty that she applies to the world around her, and delivering a memoir that not only shares tremendous insights, but also provides tremendous inspiration. Dreaming of Lions, originally published in hardcover as A Million Years With You, is slightly updated and includes a powerful new afterword by the author.


A few days afterward Aileen, much to his regret and astonishment — for he did not then know the cause — actually became ill. ... Human souls are constantly trying to find each other, and rarely succeeding. ... This battle isn't lost.

Author: Theodore Dreiser

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788027243396

Category: Fiction

Page: 537

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This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Sometime after being released from prison, Frank Cowperwood invests in stocks subsequent to the Panic of 1873, and becomes a millionaire. He decides to move out of Philadelphia and start a new life in the West. He moves to Chicago with his mistress Aileen and his attorney is finally able to persuade his first wife to agree to a divorce. Frank decides to take over the street-railway system. He bankrupts several opponents with the help of political allies. Meanwhile, Chicago society finds out about his past in Philadelphia and they turn on him, and after being unfaithful many times, Aileen eventually loses faith in him.

Pony Stories 3 Book Bind Up

They'll know if there's been an accident.' He glanced at her pile of papers to make sure there ... When I getbackto the mews I'm going to hurl ... 'Police,' replied David, thinking suddenly: But supposing she isn't lost after all.


Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446498958

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 480

View: 894


A Summer of Horses by Carol Fenner - Faith battle with her fear of horses as she learns to ride on a farm holiday. Fly-By-Night by K. M. Peyton - Ruth learns that keeping a pony is harder than she'd thought. Three to Ride by Christine Pullein-Thompson - David discovers that making it to the top as a show-jumper is going to be a bumpy ride.

Death in the Middle Watch

“We'll soon find out,” said Carolus, and went across to Lady Spittals. “I've just heard a story that you've lost some jewellery,” he said. “Well, if that doesn't take the cake I don't know what does,” said Lady Spittals.

Author: Leo Bruce

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781613732762

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 645


Carolus Deene is enjoying himself on a holiday cruise. On the first night aboard the Summer Queen, he hears a shout of "Man Overboard!" From that point on to the moment of Deene's unexpected revelations, the reader will find that unique mixture of artless fun and grim terror Leo Bruce devotees savor.