How to Drop Your Excuses and Start Writing Today

The author believes that once excuses are dropped, and the first word is written, a person is on their way to becoming a writer. This book is practical and to the point relative to jump-starting your writing.

Author: J J Turner Ph D

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1481190660


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The author in 43-years has written 127 books, 1000 articles, 100 songs, and 300 poems. In this how-to book he shares approximately 260 tips on how to break the excuse and procrastination habits offered by persons for not writing. For example he shares 32 major writing tips, 55 questions and answers about writing and publishing from his experiences as an editor, writer, and publisher. He also shares publishing resources. The author believes that once excuses are dropped, and the first word is written, a person is on their way to becoming a writer. This book is practical and to the point relative to jump-starting your writing. It will inspire and encourage seasoned writers and novices to start writing TODAY.

Drop The Fat Now

“I want to lose XX lbs of weight in XX days” - Write this in bold and make it ... If you see yourself making excuses rather than STARTING a diet that is ...

Author: Nishant Baxi

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 9783752949841

Category: Health & Fitness


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Is this year finally the time you are going to say “Enough Is Enough”? I am ready to start on a path to a healthier me, I’m NOT gonna make any more excuses and i am going to make a change by shedding some of those extra pounds...No matter what!!! If it is then get ready to... DROP THE FAT AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE! In this day and age it is easy to be tempted by promises of rapid weight loss that are given by certain weight loss programs, or offered as a result of “magic diet pills”, or other “miracle weight loss diets”. But honestly, it is a total load of B.S.

Stop Worrying Start Writing

The way to blast that excuse is to set the timer for ten minutes and NOT WRITE. ... words to your book or working for ten minutes is a drop in the ocean.

Author: Sarah R Painter

Publisher: Siskin Press Ltd


Category: Self-Help

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Do you want to write but can’t seem to get started? Are you struggling to finish your novel or frustrated by your slow progress? Perhaps you are starting to worry that you aren’t cut out for the writing life... Let bestselling novelist and host of the Worried Writer podcast, Sarah Painter, show you how to skip past negativity, free-up writing time, cope with self-doubt, and beat procrastination. Along with mega successful authors such as C.L.Taylor, Mark Edwards, and Julie Cohen, Sarah will show you how to: Smash writing blocks to finish stories faster Manage self-doubt so that it doesn’t stop you creating Trick yourself into being more productive Schedule your time to maximise your writing output and satisfaction Plus many more tips and tricks! Packed with honest, supportive, and hard-won advice, this is your practical guide to getting the work done. Don't let creative anxiety kill your writing dreams: Stop Worrying and Start Writing today!

The Vegan Way

21 Days to a Happier, Healthier Plant-Based Lifestyle That Will Transform Your ... and will go vegan, so drop your excuses off right here, right now—thump!

Author: Jackie Day

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781250087720

Category: Self-Help

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“Writing in a playful and upbeat fashion, Day guides her readers through a day-by-day approach to living vegan... For those interested in becoming acquainted with “the vegan way,” this book marvelously succeeds.” – Publishers Weekly "I only wish I had had this book decades ago!" - Moby "This goes well beyond diet ... This book is a comprehensive guide to anyone looking to switch to a plant-based life." - Booklist "The Vegan Way is like having a friendly non-judgmental vegan friend by your side to help you every step of the way as you blossom into a happier, healthier being. So inspiring!" - Pamela Anderson The Vegan Way is a book filled with everything Jackie Day has learned as a happy vegan, a health educator, and author of the popular vegan blog, My Vegan Journal. A lifestyle guide that’s a real game-changer, The Vegan Way is for those who are intimidated by going vegan overnight, but don’t want the transition to stretch out for months or even years. In a 21 day plan that emphasizes three core reasons for going vegan—being as healthy as you can be, being compassionate to animals, and respecting our planet—Jackie provides inspiration along with a specific goal to achieve with all of the support you need to accomplish it. It might be something as simple as switching out your coffee creamer for vanilla almond milk or kicking the cheese habit. Readers will learn where to dine and what to order when eating out, the most vegan-friendly places to visit, how to avoid clothing made from animals, and how to decipher those pesky ingredients lists. And throughout, Jackie will be providing glimpses into the finer points of vegan living, giving readers something to aspire to as they get past Vegan 101. Readers will also find a handful of easy and delicious recipes sprinkled throughout. The Vegan Way is a road map that puts positive thoughts about health, the environment, and animals into action, transforming your life into a vibrant, healthy, and compassionate one.

Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education

But why not try one more strategy and drop one more habit? You are on your way to a ... This started quite a discussion about commitment and excuses. Now ...

Author: Bird, Jennifer Lynne

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466675254

Category: Medical

Page: 307

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The process of patient education allows for patients to think about their health in new ways and for educators and professionals to propose new ways to heal, with the ultimate goal of patients having a positive outlook on life and consistently maintained health. Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education presents multigenre writing, incorporating authors' personal and professional stories along with academic theories. It combines the fields of education and medicine, presenting innovative approaches to health education and designing new approaches to healing. This research publication will impact the field of health education and be of use to educators, researchers, practitioners, professionals, and patients.

The Book You Were Born to Write

The book you're reading right now was written in fits and starts ... not enough time " is most often a really good 21st centuryapproved excuse .

Author: Kelly Notaras

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401955601


Page: 296

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"This book will light the way--offering a simple, step-by-step path for turning your transformational idea or story into a finished book as quickly as possible. With humor, encouragement, and common sense, book industry veteran Kelly Notaras demystifies the publishing process so you can get started, keep writing, and successfully get your wisdom onto the page. First, you'll get clear on your motivation for writing a book. Then you'll craft a powerful, compelling hook and the strong internal structure every successful book needs. Kelly goes on to offer advice for handling resistance, writer's block, and other obstacles that can keep you from sitting down to write. Lastly, you'll discover how to take your finished manuscript to the next level, whether through traditional publishing or self-publishing--so that you can share your message with the world!"--

The Best Life

So none of my staying up late excuses were any good. I was now willing to try something new and give up my ...

Author: Kary Has

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781643006185

Category: Fiction

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No matter what your current weight or fitness level is, this plan is your next step for a lifestyle change. By adding one new focus weekly for 12 weeks, filling out your journal, and repetition, magic happens. The weekly focuses become habits, the habits become automatic, and the weight loss is soon passive with minimal conscious effort. Focuses are introduced at the beginning of the week along with ideas to incorporate them into your life and make them fun. In addition, an online forum is available for community, interactions, ideas, and additional resources.

Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting

The only solution my mind was able to come up with was to give up cocaine. ... I had even started to write down some of the damaging things I had done to ...

Author: Robert Boich

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440121067

Category: Self-Help

Page: 152

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Reader Views Annual Literary Awards 2010 The annual literary awards were established to honor writers who self-published or had their books published by a subsidy publisher, small press, University press, or independent book publisher geared for the North American reading audience. Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting! , written by Robert W. Boich, and published by iUniverse has been named the 2010 Great Lakes Regional Winner; as well as the 2010 Reviewers Choice Award for the Best Regional Book of the Year. Making a resolution to address an alcohol or substance abuse issue is only the beginning. The real work begins when the alcoholic or addict acknowledges that something has to be done. In Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting! author Robert Boich details his battle with substance abuse and his decision to lead a sober lifestyle. He realized if he didnt change his life, he would be incarcerated or die all alone. In this compelling, personal narrative, Boich shares his personal struggles and insights encountered during his first six months of recovery. A counselor once told him, An addict only has to change one thing: everything. Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting! describes the many changes Boich made in his life. More than just eliminating certain people and places from a daily routine, he illustrates how a successful recovery requires a brand-new approach in dealing with life. Blending personal thoughts with helpful information, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting! discusses the ideas and tools used in an addicts early recovery. It shows that sobriety is much more than mere abstinence and that alcohol and drug use is a sign of deep personal problems that only true sobriety can address.

I Was Lost But Now I m Found SO WHATS YOUR EXCUSE

I was a very pleasing child. I always wanted to make Mommy happy. While going over my life as a child (not like I'm old now or anything) I began to remember ...

Author: Kelli Serena Wheeler-Weaver

Publisher: kelli wheeler-weaver

ISBN: 9780578032078

Category: Religion

Page: 123

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I was Lost, But Now I’m Found… So What’s Your Excuse? By K. Serena Wheeler-Weaver - Is your past ruining your relationship? - Are you struggling with distructive thoughts of suicide? - Have too many memories replaying in your mind? Your dreams? - Are you holding on to a secret that you think no one will understand? - Regretting things you’ve done just to fit in? I’ve discovered that going into your past, helps you find out why you turned out the way that you are today. How you move forward day by day will also determine your future. The great news is you don’t have to be the same way you are today! God gave us free will. That means FREE to CHANGE, FREE to FORGIVE, FREE to MOVE ON, FREE to LET GO, FREE to LOVE and FREE to BE TRULY LOVED BY GOD! “I Was Lost, But Now I’m Found… So What’s Your Excuse” is a compilation of real situations in my life from childhood to adulthood. I am going to tell you some of the good, bad and down right shameful things I’ve done, had done to me and wished I had never been exposed to. This insight into my life as God spoke to me, through me and continues to transform me, will move you from glory to glory as you remove the yoke and the burdens from your past to the great and magnificent future God has for you today!!

Federal Jury Selection

and then drop his voice and excuse him . Senator TYDINGS . I note a number of interesting points . One of them you stress is the public nature of the actual ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Improvements in Judicial Machinery


ISBN: UCAL:$B643911

Category: Jury

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The Postal Record

President James H. Rademacher makes a point during his address which
followed the Installation of Officers of ... 24 hours should be enough attempted
delivery for it to begin to penetrate , or at least give management a hint that
maybe , just ... Of course he may lose an arm and a leg , not to mention the seat
of his britches or , he may drop in the snow bank and we ... for what purpose were
they intended and what is the parallel to our formal written agreements with
management today ?



ISBN: WISC:89062205109

Category: Labor unions


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I notice in that exhibit A you had , that questionnaire on the Northern ... a juror over there and you are voir diring him and you drop your voice a little ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate


ISBN: UOM:35112104261070



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Federal Jury Selection

and then drop his voice and excuse him . Senator TYDINGS . I note a number of interesting points . One of them you stress is the public nature of the actual ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Judiciary


ISBN: MINN:31951D03530254J


Page: 1262

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Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth Nancy Levin. write down the excuse related to each of your top five beliefs . Try the " I can't " approach ...

Author: Nancy Levin

Publisher: Hay House

ISBN: 9781401950156

Category: Self-Help

Page: 252

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When we feel that we aren't enough, or that we aren't good enough, we also fear that we'll never have enough. Money. We love it. We hate it. If we don't have enough, we're struggling to get more. If we do have it, we're fighting to hold on to it. Why does money have to be such a source of anxiety? Is it possible to find a balance? Yes! According to integrative life coach Nancy Levin, the real key to creating financial freedom isn't changing what we do, it's changing how we feel--and that requires more than just learning how to invest. In Worthy, Nancy makes an essential, eye-opening connection: the state of our net worth is a direct reflection of our self-worth. Then she shows us how to get to the root of the problem and do the internal work that's needed to replace feelings of unworthiness with a stronger sense of our own value. Filled with inspiring real-life stories and thought-provoking questions and answers, her 10-step plan helps us to: - Get real about the money issues we face every day - Examine the excuses we use to avoid creating the life we really want - Be willing to see ourselves as worthy of abundance in all its forms - Take back our financial power--and watch amazing things start to happen Whether we're looking for financial ease or a new relationship with money and ourselves, Worthy will give us the tools to clear the path for wholeness, fulfillment, and richness in all areas of our lives, not just in our bank accounts.

The Psychology of Call Reluctance

Let your mind wander ( do not force it ) to as many excuses as you can think of for
dropping out now and refusing to seriously ... It ' s not necessary to write down all
your excuses but it would be helpful . ... This should help you get started . Write ...

Author: George W. Dudley

Publisher: Behavioral Sciences Research Press

ISBN: 0935907017

Category: Psychology

Page: 192

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Where I m Bound

Now, I'm asking you to leave-time for me to start writing my account of this matter for the governor.” He pointed to the door. “Sit down, Mr. Chew.

Author: Allen Ballard

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462052745

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

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A former slave turned cavalry scout becomes a hero for an African-American cavalry regiment in the Civil War. But, as the war draws to an end, the soldier, Joe Duckett, embarks on his most dangerous mission yet-to return to the plantation from which he escaped to find his wife and daughter. A Washington Post Notable Book. Also a winner of the First Novelist Award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. "The important story of black soldiers in the Union Army has finally found a writer of historical fiction equal to the occasion." James A McPherson, Professor of History, Princeton University

The Ladies Home Journal

Then start in afresh , keeping your weather eye out for the signs . ... No excuses ,
no explanations , he just walked me home and at the door said ' good - by ' - but
permanently . ... And now that it's done , there are several things you can do . You
can write him a scorching essay on “ " him and he can't do this to you . ... If you
know one boy better than the other , drop your mix - up into his lap and trust to his
friendship and understanding , then let him pick another night , if he still cares .



ISBN: UOM:39015005295343

Category: Women


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English Home Tutor

I want to drop a line to Natasha. Excuse me for writing in pencil. I shall answer your letter item by item. It was a slip of the pen. By the date the letter ...

Author: Олег Оваденко

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785041404154

Category: Foreign Language Study


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Объяснение грамматики английского языка в книге изложено в очень доступной форме, строго соблюден принцип от простого к сложному, в каждом уроке имеется большое количество упражнений по каждой теме. Ключи в конце книги позволяют осуществлять самоконтроль.Издание предназначено для всех, кто желает самостоятельно изучать английский язык и добиться в нем значительных успехов.(CD прилагается только к печатному изданию.)