How to Drop Your Excuses and Start Writing Today

The author believes that once excuses are dropped, and the first word is written, a person is on their way to becoming a writer. This book is practical and to the point relative to jump-starting your writing.

Author: J J Turner Ph D

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1481190660


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The author in 43-years has written 127 books, 1000 articles, 100 songs, and 300 poems. In this how-to book he shares approximately 260 tips on how to break the excuse and procrastination habits offered by persons for not writing. For example he shares 32 major writing tips, 55 questions and answers about writing and publishing from his experiences as an editor, writer, and publisher. He also shares publishing resources. The author believes that once excuses are dropped, and the first word is written, a person is on their way to becoming a writer. This book is practical and to the point relative to jump-starting your writing. It will inspire and encourage seasoned writers and novices to start writing TODAY.

Drop The Fat Now

Your Goal. “I want to lose XX lbs of weight in XX days” - Write this in bold and make it really sink in. ... If you see yourself making excuses rather than STARTING a diet that is effective, you should think about why you ...

Author: Nishant Baxi

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 9783752949841

Category: Health & Fitness


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Is this year finally the time you are going to say “Enough Is Enough”? I am ready to start on a path to a healthier me, I’m NOT gonna make any more excuses and i am going to make a change by shedding some of those extra pounds...No matter what!!! If it is then get ready to... DROP THE FAT AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE! In this day and age it is easy to be tempted by promises of rapid weight loss that are given by certain weight loss programs, or offered as a result of “magic diet pills”, or other “miracle weight loss diets”. But honestly, it is a total load of B.S.

What Box Out of the Box Thinking for Career and Life

When I started writing “What Box?” I had to give up on all the excuses that were keeping me from reaching and fulfilling my aspirations. In many cases it takes even more creativity to remove the excuses that hold us back than it does to ...

Author: Sean Griffin


ISBN: 9781411690462



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The Vegan Way

I'm still sitting on my crappy chair, but it has a comfy old folded blanket on it, and alas, I'm writing. ... If you really want to go vegan, you can and will go vegan, so drop your excuses off right here, right now—thump!

Author: Jackie Day

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781250087720

Category: Self-Help

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“Writing in a playful and upbeat fashion, Day guides her readers through a day-by-day approach to living vegan... For those interested in becoming acquainted with “the vegan way,” this book marvelously succeeds.” – Publishers Weekly "I only wish I had had this book decades ago!" - Moby "This goes well beyond diet ... This book is a comprehensive guide to anyone looking to switch to a plant-based life." - Booklist "The Vegan Way is like having a friendly non-judgmental vegan friend by your side to help you every step of the way as you blossom into a happier, healthier being. So inspiring!" - Pamela Anderson The Vegan Way is a book filled with everything Jackie Day has learned as a happy vegan, a health educator, and author of the popular vegan blog, My Vegan Journal. A lifestyle guide that’s a real game-changer, The Vegan Way is for those who are intimidated by going vegan overnight, but don’t want the transition to stretch out for months or even years. In a 21 day plan that emphasizes three core reasons for going vegan—being as healthy as you can be, being compassionate to animals, and respecting our planet—Jackie provides inspiration along with a specific goal to achieve with all of the support you need to accomplish it. It might be something as simple as switching out your coffee creamer for vanilla almond milk or kicking the cheese habit. Readers will learn where to dine and what to order when eating out, the most vegan-friendly places to visit, how to avoid clothing made from animals, and how to decipher those pesky ingredients lists. And throughout, Jackie will be providing glimpses into the finer points of vegan living, giving readers something to aspire to as they get past Vegan 101. Readers will also find a handful of easy and delicious recipes sprinkled throughout. The Vegan Way is a road map that puts positive thoughts about health, the environment, and animals into action, transforming your life into a vibrant, healthy, and compassionate one.

Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education

More specifically, how many are realistic to implement today, or starting tomorrow? This started quite a discussion about commitment and excuses. Now, ask yourself those same questions— Do they seem unrealistic to do as a whole?

Author: Bird, Jennifer Lynne

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466675254

Category: Medical

Page: 307

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The process of patient education allows for patients to think about their health in new ways and for educators and professionals to propose new ways to heal, with the ultimate goal of patients having a positive outlook on life and consistently maintained health. Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education presents multigenre writing, incorporating authors' personal and professional stories along with academic theories. It combines the fields of education and medicine, presenting innovative approaches to health education and designing new approaches to healing. This research publication will impact the field of health education and be of use to educators, researchers, practitioners, professionals, and patients.

Write Your Book Now

said, “I think you're reaching a bit.” We immediately dropped that line and began searching for another. That's how insecure writers can be. The same could happen to you with your manuscript. Show it to friends and one negative comment ...

Author: Gene Perret

Publisher: Linden Publishing

ISBN: 9781610350716

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Ideal for aspiring authors who only dream of actually finishing their works in progress, this guide features proven, field-tested tools guaranteed to successfully complete that romance, expert guide to business success, or great American novel. The chapters simplify the writing process by breaking it down into a series of discrete tasks, from creating a schedule in order to finish within a reasonable time, brainstorming sections of the book, and organizing ideas into chapters to rewriting, editing, submitting for publication, and even marketing. This reference is tailored to help writers avoid distractions and delays by establishing and maintaining a powerful writing momentum, thereby carrying their projects to completion. The psychological blocks that prevent writers from completing their manuscripts as well as how to combat them are also explored.

Barron s GRE

Quick Summation “Increase STEM, decrease Art.” Now that you're clear about the author's point, start scribbling. Write down as many reasons that support or weaken the author's claim as you possibly can. Be sure to write both reasons for ...

Author: Sharon Weiner Green

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781438068831

Category: Study Aids

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This newly revised and updated manual presents a test overview, test-taking advice, and a timetable for a typical computer-based GRE test. Added features include: A diagnostic test with an answer key and answer explanations A verbal reasoning review with practice questions in sentence completion and reading comprehension An analytical writing review with scoring guidelines and practice exercises A quantitative reasoning review that includes general math strategies, discrete quantitative questions, quantitative comparison questions, and data interpretation questions Two full-length model GRE tests with answer keys and answer explanations in the manual BONUS ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS: With purchase, students will also get access to two full-length online GRE exams with all questions answered and explained. These online tests are easily accessible on Macs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The Everything Writing Poetry Book

Then begin writing, and as you write, drop in your keywords when they seem appropriate. You don't have to use all of the words on your list—you don't have to use any words on the list— but creating the list will physically engage you in ...

Author: Tina D Eliopulos

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440523151

Category: Poetry

Page: 304

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'Poetry is what gets lost in translation.' --Robert Frost Giving voice to ''what gets lost in translation'' is the challenge every poet faces. With The Everything Writing Poetry Book, that challenge just got easier. Featuring examples from works of celebrated poets and instruction on communicating your ideas, this clear and accessible reference helps you gain confidence as you find your own voice. Written by a team who each hold a master’s degree and teach creative writing and literature, this easy-to-follow guide has all you need to take your work to the next level. With this handy guide, you will learn to: Create meter and rhyme Express your innermost thoughts Use imagery and metaphor Polish your word play Find your own rhythm Work with other writers and more The Everything Writing Poetry Book helps you make the most of this rewarding craft - whether you’re a fledgling poet or a seasoned wordsmith.

The Postal Record

If the legislation for this postal pay increase does not become law , it will be because you didn't write a letter and we didn't write enough . Drop your excuses and pick up a pencil and a piece of paper . Mail your letters today and ...



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I notice in that exhibit A you had , that questionnaire on the Northern District of CaliforniaMr. ... and I think when you have a juror over there and you are voir diring him and you drop your voice a little bit and he doesn't hear you ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate


ISBN: UOM:35112104261070



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Federal Jury Selection

and then drop his voice and excuse him . Senator TYDINGS . I note a number of interesting points . One of them you stress is the public nature of the actual drawing from the basic juror list . Mr. BELLI . Yes . Senator TYDINGS .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Judiciary


ISBN: MINN:31951D03530254J


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Your Personal Fiction Writing Coach

Someone. quit. today. In the beginning of this book, I mentioned there were three secrets to writing a novel, ... Every few days, some of the writers will quit for various and sundry reasons, and as time goes on, they will drop away ...

Author: Stephanie Bond

Publisher: NeedtoRead Books

ISBN: 9780991520930

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 400

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So you’ve always wanted to write a novel, but don’t know where to start. Or you’ve started your novel, but it stalled so you shoved it back under your bed/into a forgotten computer file. Or maybe you’re a veteran novelist, but the thrill is gone, and you can’t seem to get excited about writing again. International bestselling novelist Stephanie Bond will walk you through the process of pre-book planning, plotting a page-turner, and writing a novel around your busy schedule, all in digestible bites of advice you can draw on every day! Don’t buy into the stereotypical myths of writing—creating a great, entertaining novel doesn’t have to be out of reach, scary, or gut-wrenching. Writing a novel should be fun, inspiring, and life-enriching! The information in this book will help you get your mind around your ideas and bring the prospect of writing a novel down to a manageable, achievable, and fulfilling project. “I was once in your shoes—more questions than answers, and more ideas than time. Over the course of my writing career, I’ve learned the most successful writers are the ones with the most tricks! I’ve condensed all my tricks and tips into this book to coach you on your journey as a novelist. My goal is to make you a happier, more productive writer. You can do this!“ –Stephanie Bond, multi-published author You have lots of great ideas floating around in your head. You could write the next great novel to electrify the world. So what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

Jimmy Jack the Alcoholic Teacher

began my writing today at the school house, so maybe I won't be so dang negative and critical. I just got through grading a ... One of the other teachers just up and quit with no two-week notice or anything. There's a rumor that I, Doc, ...

Author: Jimmy Jack

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing

ISBN: 9781489729682

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 772

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Jimmy Jack was a respected citizen with a hidden secret: He had been an alcoholic since his early teen years. Despite obtaining three Master Degrees and being wildly successful in several fields, it was not enough to keep him sober. After getting a DWI, Jack served twenty-one months of a four-year sentence in one of the most out of control and violent prisons in the state of Texas. In Jimmy Jack: The Alcoholic Teacher, he narrates his journey and describes how his prison experience literally saved his life. He tells how he, as a genuine Christian with real-time faults and attitudes, was simply trying to survive and come out of the horrible situation a better person. Jack documented his story, and the stories of other inmates, by writing two pages each day for 1 year. In this memoir, he entertains with humor, teaches about the healing power of Jesus, demonstrates how a respected member of society navigated incarceration, and offers hope for a better tomorrow.

Coaching the Artist Within

During moments before I write each morning (while feeding the cat and starting the coffee), I hold the picture of a ... hold you down, dropping your nagging to-do list, dropping all the reasons that you and your efforts don't matter, ...

Author: Eric Maisel

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317210

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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Have you ever wished you had a professional coach who could encourage your creative pursuits, help structure your efforts, and cheer you on? Coaching the Artist Within is the first book to explain the techniques that creativity coaches use to help their clients survive and thrive in the arts. Designed to help any person become more creative, this book offers a complete program for developing the habits that make creating an everyday routine. The book’s twelve lessons and numerous exercises are at once inspiring, practical, and fun. To spice up the lessons, Eric Maisel shares anecdotes about his clients, including painters, actors, screenwriters, novelists, dancers, and poets. Best of all, Coaching the Artist Within will teach you to be your own coach, and the results will transform your relationship with the creative process.

Excuse Me Your Participle s Dangling

48 Chapter 6 Here's an example of a sentence in which you can consider the appositive restrictive if you write it one way and nonrestrictive if you write it another way. Restrictive Appositive: The dance troupe Rock 'Til You Drop ...

Author: Catherine DePino

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475802771

Category: Education

Page: 119

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Explains the essentials of grammar and demystifies complex rules, in a reference that includes a series of quizzes and details a method for writing under pressure.


Die forgings in quantities from so and up. Carbee and Steels Heat Treated to your specifications. Drop Forged Write today for quotation of your requirements. Cranks Haito re- own P. H. GILL & SONS, ...





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Becoming a Master Student

Due to electronic rights, some third party content may be suppressed from the eBook and/or eChapter(s). What to do beFore THe TeST ... Now, review your list. Then write a Discovery Statement about patterns that you see in your excuses.

Author: Dave Ellis

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781305156074

Category: Education

Page: 416

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BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT Fifteenth Edition is all about Embracing the new. As students begin their education, they embrace a new culture and need new tools to be successful. BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT can be their guide! Beginning with a new Power Process motivational article called Embracing the new students will be empowered to try new tools presented in the textbook to enhance their experience in college and in life. Tools like the Discovery Wheel and Discovery and Intention Journal System to Power Process articles, Master Student Profiles, and the Kolb Learning Style Inventory (LSI), have made BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT the bestselling College Success textbook and will give students a deeper knowledge of themselves and their power to be successful in college. Integrated technology discussions and tips throughout the chapters help today's students navigate the wide variety of web resources and apps that can support them throughout college. And, with the Fifteenth Edition, Cengage's MindTap Course will bring all of these assets to one place with an integrated technology solution. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Intrepid Pigeon

Even though I came across that proverb a few months after I started writing , somehow I had come to that conclusion early on in the chapter ... I understand now that painful life experiences leave their permanent mark on all of us .

Author: Berge Wassilian


ISBN: UOM:39076002826399

Category: Armenian Americans

Page: 428

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A Semi-fictional autobiography, the book offers humorous and at times painful accounts of the lives of Armenian Genocide survivors, as well as haunting images of life on Lebanon before, during, and after the devatating civil war of the 1970s and 80s. The book also includes a tribute to the unsung writer Tigran Wassilian, through a translation of some of his witty maxims and aphorisms

STOP Not Writing A No B S Guide to Avoid the Avoidance Tricks of a Non writing Writer

"Enter STOP Not Writing's virtual Boot Camp with me, your virtual Drill Sergeant, B.J. Thompson - Language Arts graduate, free-lance editor, literary novelist and leader of a writer's process group since 2009 - and I'll promise you won't ...

Author: B. J. Thompson

Publisher: ISBN Canada

ISBN: 1775213064

Category: Education

Page: 128

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Learn How to Retrain Your Brain to Become the Prolific Writer You've Always Wanted to Be...You're a writer. You know you are.You love words.You love stories.But you can't write.You've tried everything. You start, you stop and you drop... every work you've ever tried. And they all, more or less, lay incomplete.By now, you feel frustrated and paralyzed but your passion still smoulders...STOP the cycle.STOP the bad habits.STOP all the excuses.Start reading STOP Not Writing now.STOP Not Writing will give you Actionable Tools to eradicate 22 Known Writing Issues that you can easily learn and put into practice NOW - not later, not some day, but Right Now - that will get you from writer's paralysis to writing prolific.No B.S.No buzzwords.No elitist jargon.No enabling.Just good, old, time and experienced-tested exercises that WILL CHANGE YOUR MINDSET from, "I wish I could..." to, "I am!"Enter STOP Not Writing's virtual Boot Camp with me, your virtual Drill Sergeant, B.J. Thompson - Language Arts graduate, free-lance editor, literary novelist and leader of a writer's process group since 2009 - and I'll promise you won't regret it.I have no time for flowery hand holding or theoretical "How To" crap. And neither do you.Want to Start Writing, NOW, for real and forever?Start reading STOP Not Writing like your literary life depends on it.Let's stop talking about writing and let's get to work.Are you in? I'm drafting YOU. Enlist!