How to Build a Billion Dollar App

If you want to understand how to build the next WHATSAPP, SNAPCHAT, CANDY CRUSH, INSTAGRAM or UBER you need to read this book. 'George Berkowski knows from the front line how to build fast-scaling digital businesses.

Author: George Berkowski

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349401386

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 480

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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUILDING AN APP-BASED BUSINESS 'A must read for anyone who wants to start a mobile app business' Riccardo Zacconi, founder and CEO King Digital (maker of Candy Crush Saga) 'A fascinating deep dive into the world of billion-dollar apps. Essential reading for anyone trying to build the next must-have app' Michael Acton Smith, Founder and CEO, Mind Candy Apps have changed the way we communicate, shop, play, interact and travel and their phenomenal popularity has presented possibly the biggest business opportunity in history. In How to Build a Billion Dollar App, serial tech entrepreneur George Berkowski gives you exclusive access to the secrets behind the success of the select group of apps that have achieved billion-dollar success. Berkowski draws exclusively on the inside stories of the billion-dollar app club members, including Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Candy Crush and Uber to provide all the information you need to create your own spectacularly successful mobile business. He guides you through each step, from an idea scribbled on the back of an envelope, through to finding a cofounder, building a team, attracting (and keeping) millions of users, all the way through to juggling the pressures of being CEO of a billion-dollar company (and still staying ahead of the competition). If you've ever dreamed of quitting your nine to five job to launch your own company, you're a gifted developer, seasoned entrepreneur or just intrigued by mobile technology, How to Build a Billion Dollar App will show you what it really takes to create your own billion-dollar, mobile business.

How to Build a Million Dollar App

From the first day How to Build a Billion Dollar App went on sale, the reviews and comments on Twitter, Facebook and Amazon have been overwhelming. I thankyou all for that –itisvery humbling. A huge numberof people from all over the ...

Author: George Berkowski

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349408965

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 64

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George Berkowski, serial entrepreneur and one of the minds behind the internationally successful taxi hailing app Hailo, is the expert on mobile apps. In this free digital ebook companion to How To Build a Billion Dollar App, he includes an outline of the entire book and the chapters from step 1 of the journey, 'Building and Founding a Team', 'Validating Your Product' and 'Raising Seed Funding'. Through his experience, research and insights, readers will receive the beginning they need to start creating their very own Billion Dollar app!

App Secrets

These elements are made easy to understand in what Sean Casto calls "App Secrets," to drive breakout success and achieve explosive growth.

Author: Sean Casto

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1976542987


Page: 190

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Whether you're just starting out or already a Fortune 500 giant, App Secrets is for you. App Secrets will show you how to: - Turn Your App Idea into a Million-Dollar Reality - Build Your App Business from the Ground Up and Love What You Do - Escape Your 9-to-5 Job and Live the Life of Your Dreams - Impact the Lives of Millions Across the World - And Lots More... All of the most successful apps, including Candy Crush, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, and Snapchat incorporate the same fundamental traits. These elements are made easy to understand in what Sean Casto calls "App Secrets," to drive breakout success and achieve explosive growth. App Secrets uncovers how you can use these same strategies that today's fastest growing apps use to create your own Million Dollar or even a Billion Dollar app. You'll discover why some die and others succeed so you can avoid big mistakes and develop big winners. You will learn, step-by-step, highly successful methodologies, including: "Skyrocket Downloads Method" - Discover how apps DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even 10X downloads through strategic organic marketing initiatives. This same method mastered by Flyp and TagFi can turn an app into a global phenomenon. "Viral App Blueprint"- Learn the specific blueprint of how today's smartest apps like Pokemon Go and Uber go viral and become instantly adopted by Millions. "Addiction Framework" - Discover the framework championed by Candy Crush and Snapchat to get people addicted to using your app every day, and making it indispensable.

Building Your Zillion Dollar App Empire

But Chad isn't the regular tech geek who slaved away in his dorm room : for one , he doesn't have the technical skills , and he really did start his multi - million dollar app empire from his hospital bed . While recovering from his ...

Author: Avinash Shankaranarayanan

Publisher: The Journal

ISBN: 9789811476334

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 214

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This phenomenal book makes the process of creating your own Apps a breeze. Christine and Avinash start off with a unique transformational hands-on learning experience with the reader by guiding them step by step using a gamified environment unique to the examples used in this book. All you need is an Android Device (A Phone or Tablet or even a Computer) and the rest is left up to your imagination. This extraordinary book introduces you to App Inventor, a powerful Cloud-Based Visual Block Coding Environment that lets anyone build Mobile Apps instantaneously. Learn App Inventor basics using a Micro Learning approach with this step-by-step guide to building hours of fun filled projects for kids and adults alike. Build a Puppy App and see a Sheltie Puppy ‘Barking’ every time you touch the screen or shake your phone; Build a game of TIC-TAC-TOE and other 3D titles including 3D Pong; Create a Calculator App to show off to your friends; and Build an amazing Selfie App and sell it Online to Monetize on Google Play to start Building Your Zillion $$$ App Empire! The second half of this book features a primer on: HTML 5; CSS 3; jQuery; and JavaScript for the Mobile Apps platform. It helps the reader to understand the fundamentals of the App building process along with digesting small but unique computing concepts. Building your Zillion $$$ App Empire makes an excellent text for beginners and experienced Appreneurs of the App Ecosystem: · Make a Selfie App to take your pictures to the next level; · Create a TODO App and store your routine information on your phone; · Design Gaming Apps with 2D/3D Graphics and Animation using the Canvas Component; · Build a Tic-Tac-Toe App using Bluetooth and other Network Components; · Create Apps that help people during the Covid-19 Pandemic; · Create Event Driven Apps using Custom Animations and Multiple Screens; and · Build Location-Aware and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Apps with your phone sensors; and store information on Google Drive to develop IoT and Internet Rich Apps. “This is an amazing text for sophomore, high school and university students alike for building Mobile Apps for all age groups. My students loved the examples especially building the Hello Alex App (featuring a Puppy Barking when the phone is shaken) which was extended into building their own creative apps like a Talking Parrot and using a Mirror for Selfie Apps. Overall, this is a great introductory text on Mobile Apps development for Professionals and Novices!” - Dr Marystella Amaldas, Senior Educator, Singapore International. “It is incredible to see how my students were able to build apps from scratch using this book. Personally, I have worked with the authors and they are truly remarkable at bringing such content to the Japanese and Taiwanese students. A void honestly filled by one’s research in one’s academic endeavors. Congratulations (Omedetou gozaimasu - おめでとうございます) on a job well done!” - Miki Yuasa, Consultant, Aries Group, India.

Financial Management for Technology Start Ups

Casto, S (2017) App Secrets: How to Create A Million Dollar App, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Scotts Valley ... Berkowski, G (2014) How to Build a Billion Dollar App, Piatkus, London CB Insights (2021) The unicorn list: ...

Author: Alnoor Bhimani

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9781398603073

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

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More than a third of start-ups fail due to founders having a poor understanding of financial management. Become financially savvy with this easy to understand guide and learn how to effectively grow your business, communicate with investors and progress to the next level. Start-ups face many challenges but managing the finances does not need to be one. Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups offers a complete financial toolkit on how to use this area of your business to your advantage. This book contains invaluable tools and insights designed specifically for tech start-ups, with a concentrated focus on what is important in financial terms for technology-based and innovation focused entrepreneurial businesses. The fully updated second edition offers greater analysis of financial statements directly from real-world start-ups, charts the success of businesses that went from start-up to scale-up with all new case studies and covers new digital technologies, emerging opportunities in the ecosystem, developing markets and much more. For entrepreneurs and tech innovators, this is a must-have book to help take your idea from concept to company with clear and effective financial insights.

The Business of Android Apps Development

Making and Marketing Apps that Succeed on Google Play, Amazon Appstore and More Mark Rollins, Roy Sandberg ... Just so I can set your mind on the right track, this isn't really a book on how to create that million-dollar idea for an app ...

Author: Mark Rollins

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430250074

Category: Computers

Page: 162

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The growing but still evolving success of the Android platform has ushered in a second mobile technology “gold rush” for app developers. Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android apps has become the second go-to apps eco for today's app developers. While not yet as large in terms of number of apps as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore have so many apps that it has become increasingly difficult for new apps to stand out in the crowd. Achieving consumer awareness and sales longevity for your Android app requires a lot of organization and some strategic planning. Written for today's Android apps developer or apps development shop, this new and improved book from Apress, The Business of Android Apps Development, Second Edition, tells you today's story on how to make money on Android apps. This book shows you how to take your app from idea to design to development to distribution and marketing your app on Google Play or Amazon Appstore. This book takes you step-by-step through cost-effective marketing, public relations and sales techniques that have proven successful for professional Android app creators and indie shops—perfect for independent developers on shoestring budgets. It even shows you how to get interest from venture capitalists and how they view a successful app vs. the majority of so-so to unsuccessful apps in Android. No prior business knowledge is required. This is the book you wish you had read before you launched your first app! What you’ll learn How to take your app from idea to design to development to distributing and marketing your app on Google Play or Amazon Appstore How do Venture Capitalists validate new App Ideas, and use their techniques. How to monetize your app: Freemium, ads, in-app purchasing and more What are the programming tips and tricks that help you sell your app How to optimize your app for the marketplace How to marketing your app How to listen to your customer base, and grow your way to greater revenue Who this book is for This book is for those who have an idea for an app, but otherwise may know relatively little about entrepreneurship, app development, or even business in general. You should be able to pick up this book and feel like someone is holding your hand as they go through the process of evaluating your idea, learning to code, placing your app in the marketplace, marketing your app, and finally, improving your app to meet the needs of your customer base. Table of Contents1. The Android Market: A Background 2. Making Sure Your App Will Succeed 3. Legal Issues: Better Safe Than Sorry 4. A Brief Introduction to Android Development 5. Develop Apps Like a Pro 6. Making Money with Ads on Your Application 7. In-App Billing: Putting A Store in Your Application 8. Making App Marketplaces Work for You 9. Getting The Word Out 10. After You Have A User Base

Mastering Apps

Million. dollar. Apps. NEWAGE ENTREPRENEURS are making millions in the app world. From a distance, it may look easy but it is not. The app-building industry is very competitive but also quite lucrative. Take the great Angry Birds app ...

Author: Adidas Wilson

Publisher: Adidas Wilson


Category: Computers

Page: 109

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Communication technologies are constantly advancing to keep up with the times. Messaging apps are huge right now. Completely overtaking social media by becoming the primary way we communicate online. When most entrepreneurs are starting out, they like to read articles on “how to make a killing with your first app,” “building the multi-billion dollar app” and most books related to this topic. They are glued to this side of the story and blinded to the other. To have your own success story you have to find out why other apps fail. The painful truth is there are more failed apps than successful ones. Introduction 1. Monetize Messaging Apps 2. Cash and Credit Apps 3. Cash Flow 4. Monetize Photo’s 5. Money Saving Apps 6. iMobile Apps 7. Apps and VR 8. Fashion Apps 9. Sweatcoin App 10. Million Dollar Apps 11. Three Hours of Work 12. Healthcare Apps 13. Emoji App 14. Live Streaming App 15. How Free Apps Make Money 16. Mobile Apps and E-Commerce 17. Gambling App Templates 18. App Ownership 19. Get Paid to Take Selfies 20. Make Money on Instagram 21. Make Money with Snapchat 22. Smartwatches 23. Ridesharing Using Lyft and Uber 24. Make Money While You Travel 25. Reasons for Failed Apps 26. Ultimate Delivery 27. Market Your Mobile App

The Digital Business Start Up Workbook

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the majority of million-dollar apps have been developed by proven and experienced ... We shall examine the kinds of content, tools and ideas which make sustainable apps, the secrets of app building ...

Author: Cheryl Rickman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780857082855

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 311

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How do I know if my idea will work? How do I decide on the business model? How do I find my audience? Your digital business start-up journey begins here. From the bestselling author of The Small Business Start-up Workbook, Cheryl Rickman brings you a thoroughly practical guide to starting up a digital business, covering the full journey from idea to exit, with easy-to-implement strategies to make your online venture an ongoing success. With a combination of tips, exercises, checklists, anecdotes, case studies and lessons learned by business leaders, this workbook will guide you through each step of digital business. Learn how to: • Assess whether your business idea will work online/digitally • Choose the right business model for your proposition and avoid wasting time • Assess demand, viability and uncover untapped needs and gaps in the market • Build a usable, engaging website and mobile app • Create a buzz using social networking • Drive high quality traffic to your site and convert visitors into paying customers • Use search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) tools effectively • Raise finance and protect your business • Build and maintain a strong brand • Recruit and retain a strong team • Sell the business or find a suitable successor. Reviews for the book: “If you want advice on starting your own internet business, don’t ask me, read this book instead. It is more up-to-date and costs far less than a good lunch.” Nick Jenkins, Founder of “This book excels in providing practical guidance on how to create a successful digital business which exceeds customer expectations and keeps customers happy each step of the way.” Scott Weavers-Wright, CEO of, and MD of (non-food) “If you read just one book on digital business, make it this one... It is inspirational, informative and interactive in equal measure. Highly recommended!” Rowan Gormley, Founder and CEO of “Interspersed with inspiring and useful stories from successful entrepreneurs, this book can help aspiring business owners through a step-by-step process of refining their start-up ideas and building a solid business.” Elizabeth Varley, Founder and CEO of TechHub

How to Create and Monetize a Million Dollar Mobile App Without Coding

This isn't tied in with building an application for having one. This is tied in with making a versatile encounter that adds genuine incentive for your clients.

Author: Dr Susan Davidson


ISBN: 9798720465971


Page: 92

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There's a colossal chance for benefit in the Mobile Application Development industry. Practically everybody today has an advanced Mobile Phones in their pocket and they invest most energy on their telephone. Mobile Application Development can be a very beneficial approach to bring in some cash in the event that you understand what you're doing. It is an extremely worthwhile business. The utilization of Mobile application keeps on expanding as portable web use decays step by step. Because of the expansion in the versatile application utilization, there is a relating increment in the interest for portable applications. As per the report of Business2Community, individuals incline toward applications to sites. Mobile application clients convert multiple times more than portable sites and keeping in mind that mobile application clients invest multiple times more energy in applications than versatile web. Mobile application utilization keeps on expanding as versatile web use decreases as time passes. On the off chance that you need to arrive at a greater amount of the versatile client base, developing an application is a savvy move. Individuals are searching for applications for their benefit, the control they manage the cost of clients on what substance and notifications they get and improved client experience. This isn't tied in with building an application for having one. This is tied in with making a versatile encounter that adds genuine incentive for your clients. You can concoct inventive application thoughts that can become a web sensation and bring in you parcel of cash. As a youthful business visionary you can bring in cash by selling applications to different organizations. At the point when you've developed a portable application that is really important to your clients, and they've decided to add it to their home screen thus, your image presently has prime placement on their home screens. Turning into a portable application developer is a lot simpler than it sounds. While building an application may sound troublesome, it's truly actually like whatever else. In the event that you practice and put the time in, it will get a lot simpler. Nowadays, there are a great deal of approaches to create versatile applications. To build up an application, you can either do it without anyone's help by figuring out how to code, re-appropriate it to an engineer to work for you or figure out how to create portable applications without coding. On the off chance that you have an extraordinary thought and choose to counsel a mobile application engineer, you will be amazed to hear that it is so expensive using an engineer to help you out. Figuring out how to assemble mobile applications are ideal for individuals who: 1. Need to make versatile application development a business 2. Are attempting to make applications for different organizations 3. Own a business and can't stand to rethink development. 4. Youthful business visionary like you searching for how to take care of issue and bring in gigantic cash. In the event that you need to turn into a mobile application engineer, figuring out how to code is your first alternative. It's not needed for everybody, except for a few, this will be the best technique. Be that as it may, this will set aside effort to learn and to realize how to code. Coding is at times troublesome and unpleasant for certain individuals. On the off chance that you are intrigued to figure out how to code, here's the uplifting news, you don't have to return to class to learn code. To learn more about this simple secrets of creating your Apps, hit the download button to dive in. It comes with simple illustration for easy understanding.

Frat Girl

What gender and sexuality studies project will make them happier than a million-dollar app idea?” “A million-dollar app that just allows people another way to socialize?” Alex takes the bottle from me, takes a long pull and continues.

Author: Kiley Roache

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781474056694

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 448

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There’s more than one F word...