The Horse s Rescue

Now for a man to make a horse trade like this is evidence enough that reason is dethroned. No matter; I am going to loosen the hide on this mare and use no medicine; cure that rattling in her throat and heal every sore on her by ...

Author: Gerard Doan

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781473343870

Category: Pets

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This vintage book contains a collection of essays and articles on the subject of horse care and maintenance, written by Gerard Doan. Based on the author's forty years spent attending to horses, "The Horse's Rescue" contains a wealth of interesting information and handy tips pertaining to farriery, the treatment of diseases and ailments, training, riding, and much more. This book is highly recommended for modern horse owners and equestrians, and it would make for a fantastic addition to collections of related literature. Contents include: "Scientific Works of Gerard Doan on the Horse", "Kind of Feet", "A Few Remarks on Selecting a Good Horse for Myself", etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in a modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on maintaining and caring for horses.

Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2008 and the Animal Cruelty Statistics Act of 2008

Page 12 of 14 Supporters of Ending Horse Slaughter Animal Welfare Institute Oklahoma Angel Horse Rescue , Inc. Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue , Inc. Greener Pastures Horse Rescue Foundation Prism PMU Foal and Horse Rescue Oregon Emerald ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security


ISBN: PSU:000065527160

Category: Animal welfare

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Horse Crazy

and because they rescue horses. Indeed, they rescued the sweet gentleman, a paint gelding named Liberty, that I rode for my lessons. What does it mean to rescue horses? Not so different from rescuing chihuahuas or other domestic animals ...

Author: Jean O’Malley Halley

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820355269

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

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Horse Crazy explores the meaning behind the love between girls and horses. Jean O’Malley Halley, a self-professed “horse girl,” contends that this relationship and its cultural signifiers influence the manner in which young girls define their identity when it comes to gender. Halley examines how popular culture, including the “pony book” genre, uses horses to encourage conformity to gender norms but also insists that the loving relationship between a girl and a horse fundamentally challenges sexist and mainstream ideas of girlhood. Horse Crazy looks at the relationships between girls and horses through the frameworks of Michel Foucault’s concepts of normalization and biopower, drawing conclusions about the way girls’ agency is both normalized and resistant to normalization. Segments of Halley’s own experiences with horses as a young girl, as well as experiences from the perspective of other girls, are sources for examination. “Horsey girls,” as she calls them, are girls who find a way to defy the expectations given to them by society—thinness, obsession with makeup and beauty, frailty—and gain the possibility of freedom in the process. Drawing on Nicole Shukin’s uses of animal capital theories, Halley also explores the varied treatment of horses themselves as an example of the biopolitical use of nonhuman animals and the manipulation and exploitation of horse life. In so doing she engages with common ways we think and feel about animals and with the technologies of speciesism.

The Forgotten Horses

Rescue. Organizations. For more information about specific photographs, including where they were taken, please visit ... The organization deals primarily with five important is- sues: equine rescue, the abolition ofhorse slaughter, ...


Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577319498

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Showcases the rescued horses at twenty North American sanctuaries, with photographs of former champions and retired workhorses at leisure while out in the fields.

Horses For Dummies

Rescue groups that rehabilitate horses and place them for adoption are the ones you need to explore when you want to adopt a horse. Some of these groups take former racehorses (usually Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds — see Chapter 3 for ...

Author: Audrey Pavia

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118054652

Category: Pets

Page: 384

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Features new full-color photos and online resources Train, care for, and have fun with your horse If you're crazy about horses, this hands-on guide is all you need to giddy up and go. Featuring updates on breeds, boarding, nutrition, equipment, training, and riding, as well as new information on various equine conditions, this resource shows you how to keep your horse happy - and take your riding skills to the next level. Discover how to * Select the right horse for you * Feed, groom, and handle your horse * Recognize common horse ailments * Have fun in the saddle * Get involved in equestrian competitions


She implements programs such as Stop the Backyard Breeder and Save the Wild Horses. Dancer, Hilary's first rescue horse, became her inspiration. She says that her dream of having a horse came true when she found Dancer.

Author: Allen Anderson

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577315445

Category: Pets

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An animal rescue team draws on hundreds of interviews with volunteers, survivors, and government officials to trace the success stories and tragedies associated with the Hurricane Katrina animal rescue efforts, in an account that explains the roles of volunteers while making recommendations for how to help during future disasters. Original.

Horse Rescue Inspiring stories of second chance horses and the lives they changed

Horses are powerful beyond their physical measures.

Author: Joanne Schoenwald

Publisher: Penguin Group Australia

ISBN: 9781743483008

Category: Nature

Page: 272

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Horses are powerful beyond their physical measures. Through their unique bond to people, horses have the ability to heal, teach, and change lives. A person might rescue a horse, but so often it ends up being the other way around. And sometimes the deepest transformations come when we least expect them. Meet Sue Spence, who rescued little Larry, a pony that helped her through the stages of breast cancer. There's Rebel Morrow, whose journey to the Athens Olympics with her rescued horse, Groover, is nothing short of miraculous. And there's Michael Williams, in and out of prison for twelve years and finally seeing some light through the Horses for Hope program. These and a dozen other rescuers celebrate the special bonds they've formed, and share what they have learned from their amazing equine companions. 'What brings me joy are the inspiring, goose-bumping, enlightening rescue stories of exhilarating triumph, quiet meditative wisdom, life-changing moments and powerful self-healing.'

If Wishes Were Horses

Ann Lindo's Horse Trust had in turn inspired scores of sanctuaries and rescue centres for equines. My fortnightly Horse and Pony magazine ran photographic advertisements showing emaciated horses in Cairo, their coats raddled with sores ...

Author: Susanna Forrest

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780857897138

Category: Pets

Page: 300

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Susanna Forrest grew up in the 1980s near Norwich, and like many a girl, she yearned for a pony. She was never to get one, but this didn't stop her becoming obsessed with all things equine. If Wishes Were Horses is the story of that all-consuming interest, and of the author's nervewracked attempts later in life to ride once again. However, as Susanna Forrest's journey unfolds, it leads her to horse-obsessed princesses, recovering crack addicts, courtesans, warriors, pink-obsessed schoolgirls, national heroines and runaways across the ages. From girl-riders of the Bronze Age, to lavishly adorned equestrian Victorians and twenty-first-century children on horseback in Brixton, she explores the development of this Pony Cult from its earliest times to the present day. In doing so, she takes to the saddle once more and rediscovers her own riding legs in this frank, eclectic and captivating memoir of an ever-changing equine world.

The Unwanted Horse Issue what Now

another resource for rescue organizations ( HSUS ) . Still , the various groups might agree that there is no real data on how many unwanted horses are in rescue facilities waiting for placement to permanent homes , and at this point ...

Author: United States. Horse Welfare Committee


ISBN: UIUC:30112100795514

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The Elements of Horse Spirit

Penn is one lucky horse, but most are not. Some Adoption Cautions and Options While possibly nothing on earth could warm a horse lover's heart more than rescuing a horse from a kill pen auction, there are some concerns to bear in mind.

Author: Debra DeAngelo

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738764177

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 328

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Develop a Deep, Magical Bond with Humanity's Oldest Spirit Ally Harness the amazing spiritual power of horses with this brilliant book on bridging the physical world of horses with the metaphysical realm of Horse Spirit. You'll enhance your life by connecting to equine energy and forging a powerful bond with actual horses and spirit guides. Explore the myths and history of horses as well as the long-lived symbiotic relationship humans have with them. Discover practical horsemanship activities and advice, techniques for working with the four elements, and hands-on exercises to strengthen your energetic connection to horses. This groundbreaking book also helps you choose the best horse for you, both physically and spiritually, and live in harmony with him. Through heartwarming personal stories and well-researched insights, Debra DeAngelo reveals the incredible ways in which horses heal, ground, and teach you to be better in everything you do.

The Whole Horse Catalog

The Complete Guide to Buying, Stabling and Stable Management, Equine Health, Tack, Rider Apparel, ... Central KY Riding for the Handicapped Colorado Horse Rescue Corolla Wild Horse Fund Home Page The Endurance Net Equine Rescue Network, ...

Author: Steven D. Price

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684839950

Category: Pets

Page: 351

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Povides information on a wide range of products, services, organizations, and events of interest to horse owners, trainers, and riders, covering such topics as horse selection and care, and stable management

Horse Lover s Daily Companion

365 Days of Tips and Inspiration for Living a Joyful Life with Your Horse Audrey Pavia. Horse Rescues The Spanish Riding School. Rescues vary in the work they do. EvER siNcE ANNA SEwELLLs best-selling novel Black Beauty became a hit in ...

Author: Audrey Pavia

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 9781616734770

Category: Pets

Page: 320

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Horse Lover’s Daily Companion is a unique, easy-to-use, and inspiring handbook filled with a year’s worth of insight, helpful tips, and practical advice into the equine-human relationship for all horse lovers and owners. Whether you’re a riding veteran or someone who’s simply pined away for horses since childhood, this book will provide you with a lifetime’s worth of ways to enjoy and appreciate horses, whether or not you have 40 acres and a stable of Appaloosas in your backyard, or just a shelf full of books! The format–a year-long, day-minder-type book– is not meant to be read cover to cover; rather, the book can fall open on any given day and provide insight, inspiration, and valuable information on everything equine. Each day features rousing notions, activity suggestions, and novel facts that remind you of why you love horses: Monday - An illustrated guide to horse breeds, from Appaloosa to the Zorse Tuesday - Equine activities, such as riding sidesaddle, herding cows, and driving Wednesday - Horses through the ages, from prehistory to modern equine heroes Thursday - Behind-the-scenes access to real life in the stable Friday - Health, wellness, and nutrition Weekends - Bonding, relationship building, and planning special occasions With Horse Lover's Daily Companion, you'll find a year's worth of ideas and activities that will stoke your passion for horses and inspire you to spend as much time as you can in their presence.

The Happiest Horse Part I the Basics

sure you all like each other and if things do not work out the horse can go back to the rescue to be matched with another potential owner. Since the economic down turn, the recent droughts in the country causing a shrinking hay supply, ...


Publisher: The Happiest Horse




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H R 503 a Bill to Amend the Horse Protection Act

However , depending on the location , some equine veterinarians and others involved with horse rescue have noted an upsurge in abuse and neglect cases in the last three years . How do equine rescue and retirement facilities impact the ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection


ISBN: PSU:000058929629

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The Horse Trainer s Secret

wasn't hard for Megan to find her way to J.D. Forrest's horse rescue. All she'd had to do was mention Crossing West at Ruby's Diner the next morning when she went there for breakfast, and the waitress had scrawled a quick map on a clean ...

Author: Allison Leigh

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780369710109

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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In New York Times bestselling author Allison Leigh's latest book in the Return to the Double C miniseries, she wants to trust him, but can she trust herself to let him in? Could she finally fall in love… With her baby’s father? When Megan Forrester succumbs to one remarkable night with Nick Ventura and finds herself pregnant, the fiercely independent horse trainer resolves to raise the baby herself. But when Nick becomes the architect on a ramshackle Wyoming ranch Megan’s helping friends turn into a guest resort, that resolve soon weakens. After all, Nick’s the total package—gorgeous, capable and persistent. Not to mention the father of her child! If only she could tell him… From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness. Return to the Double C

Horsing Around in New Jersey

Second Chance Ranch Horse Rescue New on the scene in April 2000 is the nonprofit rescue operation set up by the Pleis family on thirty ... Rescued horses are treated to a second chance to live amid luxuries they've probably never seen .

Author: Arline Zatz

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813533341

Category: Pets

Page: 254

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Arline Zatz has written the first guidebook to everything equine in the Garden State: Horsing Around in New Jersey. This accessible, easy-to-use volume is essential reading for the novice who yearns to go horseback riding but doesn't know how or where to begin; for the experienced equestrian seeking new trails and campsites; for anyone wishing to attend an equestrian event; and for those seeking a job in the equestrian field, which already employs nearly 6,000 New Jerseyans. The industry generates more than 650 million dollars in annual revenue. Millions of people attend equine events in New Jersey each year. The U.S. Equestrian team makes its home there, and New Jersey's state animal is the horse. Zatz tells readers--including those with disabilities--where they can take lessons, rent a horse, and prepare for riding. She includes safety and first aid tips. Horse history and breeds common to New Jersey are discussed, as are health concerns, including diseases, preventative medicine, and emergency care. The book showcases New Jersey's eighty-five equestrian trails and covers information on where to obtain riding permits and their accompanying rules and regulations. There is advice for both new horse owners and renters, including recommendations on tack and clothing, stable management, and horse adoption. The book acquaints readers with year-round equine entertainment opportunities, and offers dozens of suggestions on where to watch or participate in sports on horseback. Zatz lists equine education programs for all ages, and outlines numerous employment opportunities within the equine industry. The book concludes with a glossary of common horse industry terminology, a listing of national equine associations and breed registries, equipment sources, and equine publications for further reading.

Beyond the Track

Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse Anna Morgan Ford ... IL, New England, Mid-Atlantic) Days End Farm Horse Rescue (MD) Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. (MD) ...

Author: Anna Morgan Ford

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 9781570769436

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 616

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NEW UPDATED EDITION! Renowned for their amazing athleticism and unparalleled work ethic, and famed for their “great heart” and willingness to go the extra mile, off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) have proven to be the ultimate equine partners in a host of disciplines: dressage, eventing, show jumping, trail riding, and even barrel racing and ranch work. In this revised edition of the book that Thoroughbred and horse training experts have called “breakthrough racehorse literature,” “superior,” “a winner,” and “the ultimate in training manuals,” readers learn everything they need to transition an OTTB from life at the track to life out back. Author Anna Ford, Thoroughbred Program Director at New Vocations Racehorse Adoption, begins by discussing the typical Thoroughbred's early years, then explains reasons for retirement, common injuries and health issues, basic feeding and nutrition, and safe handling. Ford goes on to provide step-by-step instructions for building the solid educational foundation the OTTB needs to excel in a new career, whether as a highly trained competitor or a pleasure mount. With hundreds of quality, full-color photographs to illustrate conscientious and professionally tested training methods, case studies that share how other individuals have successfully retrained ex-racehorses, and the recommendations of top equestrians–including event riders, jockeys, horse trainers, and leading industry magazines–this book is the go-to reference for anyone interested in pursuing a partnership with a Thoroughbred athlete.

Beautiful Horses

RESCUE HORSE GELDING 50 NORWEGIAN FJORD GELDING 52. Related Breeds Horsesbe mistreated,andponies but worldwidethanks to canequine All breeds and types can become a “rescued horse” through no fault of their own.

Author: Liz Wright

Publisher: Ivy Press

ISBN: 9781782408772

Category: Pets

Page: 112

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From the humble working horse to the fanciful show horse, you'll not be left disappointed by this gorgeous display of 40 of the world's finest equine beauties. Whether you're a horse expert or just a casual admirer, these magnificent mares and stunning stallions will capture your attention and leave you awestruck. With each glossy, professional photograph of the breed comes information about their individual histories, where they originated from, details about temperament, and notes about size and color. This way, you can get to know each glamorous individual from the experts. Featuring an illuminating introduction exploring the colorful history of the horse, and reportage photography offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the stars as they prepare for the show, Beautiful Horses is the perfect gift for any horse-lover.

Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue

Figure 1.6 Large animal mannequins may be used for advanced operational and technical level training scenarios, such as in this Winston-Salem Rescue Squad night field rescue training, which used Lucky the Horse Rescue Mannequin.

Author: Rebecca Gimenez

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780813806488

Category: Medical

Page: 440

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The recognition of the importance of safe large animal rescue is quickly growing. The prevailing attitude of large animal owners, whose animals are often pets or a large financial investment, is to demand the safe rescue and treatment of their large animals in emergency situations. Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue is a guide for equine, large animal, and mixed animal veterinarians, zoo and wildlife veterinarians, vet techs, and emergency responders on how to rescue and treat large animals in critical situations while maintaining the safety of both the animal and the rescuer. This book is a must have reference for any individual who deals with large animals in emergency situations.

Money Saving Tips for the Frugal Horse Owner

Believe it or not, since Cody and Milo have been here, I have had numerous opportunities to own other horses for ... Rescued horses-try contacting your local humane society and ask if they can provide a contact for a Horse Rescue in ...

Author: E. MacDonald

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468912692

Category: Horse owners


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I have accumulated a huge collection of money saving tips for horse ownership. It occurred to me that it might be a fun idea to sort everything into different subjects and compile a book that other horse owners looking for ideas could take advantage of. Many of these tips use natural, healthy ingredients that you probably already have on hand! I hope you enjoy my stories and hopefully you will be able to pick up some good ideas you can use as well.