Homecoming Tales

Homecoming Tales: 15 Inspiring Stories from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Text and cover photos © 2020 Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Illustrations © Thomas Nelson Tommy Nelson, PO Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214 All rights ...

Author: Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary ,

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781400222919

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These real-life stories of senior dogs who found forever homes through Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary will delight any young animal lover. The Homecoming Tales of sweet, sassy, and sometimes hilarious old friends offer kids a unique reminder that no one is too old to give or receive love. Meet Mack, Dog Bowl contestant and social media star; Marco, a scary tough dog—until someone gave him a second chance; Shaq, a gentle giant who is learning to leave his fears behind; Prince, a laid back dude who doesn’t let being blind steal his sunshine; and JuneBug, a spunky sweetheart who just wants to cuddle and keep you safe from the vacuum cleaner. Each chapter in Homecoming Tales focuses on one canine companion from the Tennessee-based dog rescue, with fun facts about his or her breed, stories of silly antics, and the meaningful tale of how this canine companion found a forever family. This delightful middle grade book entertains, teaches, and inspires and will be a new favorite for fans of A Dog’s Purpose and the Puppy Tales series. In this lighthearted, easy-to-read nonfiction chapter book, you’ll find the true stories of how 15 dogs found a loving home line drawing illustrations of each featured dog and a full-color photo insert doggy stats, fun facts, and recipes for your own canine friend information on adopting and owning pets, caring for aging animals, ideas for helping a pet with special needs, and ways kids can get involved with their local animal shelter or rescue Homecoming Tales is a great gift for any eight to twelve-year-old who loves animals, enjoys volunteer work, or simply appreciates heartwarming stories. With information about care for older dogs, this educational book is also a helpful read for families who are interested in adopting a senior dog.

The Hardest Part Homecoming Stories from the Vietnam War

Bruce McDaniel. The Hardest Part Homecoming Stories from the Vietnam War Bruce I. McDaniel The Hardest Part Homecoming Stories from the Vietnam War Bruce. Front Cover.

Author: Bruce McDaniel

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In this collection of stories, Vietnam Veteran Bruce I. McDaniel explores his feelings about the process of coming home from the war.

A Day s Pleasure Other Tales

The setting is the same Cariad County as many of Heseltine's stories; the narrator another prodigal son, returning to a crumbling ... 'Homecoming' is the imagined version of the return to Wales Heseltine desired throughout his life, ...

Author: Nigel Heseltine

Publisher: Parthian Books

ISBN: 9781913640330

Category: Fiction

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Cariad County: a place of anarchy and farce, of the grotesque and the slapstick, of tragedy and violent comedy, where the local hunt is disrupted by a camel-riding hero, where the town hall burns down as the town cheers, a place haunted by grotesque revenants from the First World War. This is the world of Nigel Heseltine’s short stories, fantastic fictions which lampoon and lament the slow decline of the once-powerful squires and landowners of mid-Wales, the very Montgomeryshire of which Heseltine (1916-1995) formed a part.

Children Writing Stories

We can appreciate that best by noting the different ways in which they treat the question of homecoming, a theme which also links the two tales to the world of Wally's stories and to The Life of a Soldier's Wife.

Author: Armstrong, Michael

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335219766

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“Here is a worthy successor to Ted Hughes’Poetry in the Making, the book that enabled me to gain the confidence to begin to find my own voice as a story teller.Children Writing Storiesconfirms that we all have a story to tell if we are enabled to develop enough self-belief. So much of our natural creativity is smothered during our school years. Teachers and children feel hemmed in by the strictures of a curriculum which simply does not allow room for creativity to breathe. Unlock the chains, let the light in, and this is the kind of writing that will flow, this is the kind of intellectual and emotional growing that can transform young lives.†Michael Morpurgo, Children’s Laureate 2003-2005 “What a splendid book! Michael Armstrong paysattention - thirty years of it - to the stories thatchildren write. We get two for one: the children’sown delightful and intriguing work - I want torush off and write some Wally (age 5) stories ofmy own - and Michael Armstrong’s intenseinterpretations. †Allan Ahlberg "This is real learning at its best, teaching byexample, through painstaking scrutiny of the artof young writers. Absorbing, moving,enlightening, inspiring." Morag Styles, University of Cambridge InChildren Writing Stories, Michael Armstrong reveals the creative force of children's narrative imagination and shows how this develops through childhood. He provides a new and powerful understanding of the significance of narrative for children’s intellectual growth and for learning and teaching. The book explores a series of real stories written by children between the ages of five and fifteen, and traces the growth of literary consciousness from the dawn of written narrative in the kindergarten, through the early years of schooling and on into adolescence. Each chapter opens with a story or stories, which the author then goes on to examine in detail, so that the book may be seen as both a select anthology of children’s stories and as a critical account of children’s narrative practice. This original and provocative book will appeal to teachers, parents, students of education and readers with an interest in literacy, children's writing or narrative theory.

West Yorkshire Folk Tales

... stories ended with a happy homecoming. Bretton Hall, which stands in what is now the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, once held on display a hat and pair of leather boots that became associated with the wanderer in this tale (Chapter 20).

Author: John Billingsley

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780752470399

Category: History

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Whether hailing from the open Pennine hills or the close-knit neighbourhoods of industrial towns, West Yorkshire folk have always been fond of a good tale. This collection of stories from around the county is a tribute to their narrative vitality, and commemorates places and people who have left their mark on their communities. Here you will find legendary rocks, Robin Hood, tragic love affairs, thwarted villainy, witches, fairies, hidden treasure and much more. The intriguing stories, brought to life with illustrations from a local artist, will be enjoyed by readers time and again.

The Devil s Blind Spot

Tales from the New Century Alexander Kluge, Martin Chalmers. HOMEWARD BOUND The homecoming of Odysseus from the Trojan War is one of humanity's key stories . There are few homecoming stories from the most recent wars .

Author: Alexander Kluge

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811215954

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

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Scathingly clever short stories. Includes "The Devil in the White House" and "The Development of Iraq as a Case for the Files." At once a genuine story-teller and a literary documentarian, Alexander Kluge's genius lies in the very special way he makes found material his own. Each of the miniatures collected here touches on "facts" and is only several pages long. In just a paragraph he can etch a whole world: he is as great a master of compression as Kafka or Kawabata. Arranged in five chapters, the dozens of stories of The Devil's Blind Spot are condensed, like novels in pill form. The first group of stories illustrates the little-known virtues of the Devil. The second explores love from Kant and opera through the Grand Guignol. The third is entitled "Sarajevo Is Everywhere" and tests how convincing power is. The fourth group concerns the cosmos, and the fifth ranges all our "knowledge" against our feelings. In each piece, Kluge alights on precise particulars: on board the atomic submarine Kursk, for instance, we are marched precisely step by step through a black comedy of the exact, disastrous stages of thinking that lead to catastrophe. Sample titles include "The Devil in the White House," "The Development of Iraq as a Case for the Files," "Intelligence of the Second Degree," and "Love's Mouth Also Kisses the Dog."

Hermead Volume 3

1800 1810 1820 1830 Homeros sang longest epic tale Ilias, describing wrath of Akhilleus killing Hektor, ... Agias Trozenios wrote Homecoming tales, describing how Akhaians returned home, how Agamemnon was murdered in his bath for ...

Author: Surazeus Astarius

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781312990579

Category: Poetry

Page: 492

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Hermead of Surazeus is an epic poem in pentameter blank verse about the greatest philosophers and scientists who contributed to the growth of civilization. Volume 3 contains in 19,084 lines of blank verse the following episodes: Change Of Herakleitos, Forms Of Parmenides, Mind Of Anaxagoras, Roots Of Empedokles, Atoms Of Leukippos, and Orbit Of Philolaos.

Tales from the Minnesota Gophers

Over my 50 years of Gopher football, two University of Minnesota homecoming games stand out. In 1978 at Memorial Stadium, underdog Indiana shocked the Gophers early by building a 24-0 lead, with two of the touchdowns coming on a long ...

Author: Ray Christensen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781613217009

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In Tales from the Minnesota Gophers Sideline, Ray Christensen tells nearly 200 tales from all 11 men’s sports at the University of Minnesota. The emphasis is largely on the last half of the 20th century, during which time Christensen did the radio play-by-play of Golden Gopher football for 50 consecutive seasons, 510 games, and U of M basketball for 45 straight seasons, 1,309 games. Christensen, a broadcasting award member of the College Football Hall of Fame, tells stories ranging from dramatic victories to more lighthearted, humorous events that combine to form a Big Ten tapestry, with the University of Minnesota at its core.From the Minnesota wrestlers’ incredible comeback for a 2001 NCAA championship to the Gophers’ game-ending field goals that led to remarkable upsets to the golf team’s string of birdies that enabled the squad to make the cut and James McLean to capture the NCAA individual crown, the book covers it all. Perfect for the bookshelf of any fan of Gophers athletics!

The Odyssey Re formed

Phemius, it seems, does not return to his tales of homecoming at this point. He is prevented from usurping, with his own narrative, the Muse's narrative rights. It is her story, not his, and she (as narrator and controller) allows ...

Author: Frederick Ahl

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501720451

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 344

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Frederick Ahl and Hanna M. Roisman believe that contemporary readers who do not know ancient Greek can gain a sophisticated grasp of the Odyssey if they are aware of some of the issues that intrigue and puzzle the experts. They offer a challenging new reading of the epic that is directed to the general student of literature as well as to the classicist. Ahl and Roisman suggest that, while translators have served the Odyssey and its English-speaking readers remarkably well, the nonspecialist wishing to do a more detailed, critical reading of the epic faces a dilemma. The enormous scholarly literature makes few concessions to the nonspecialist, and those studies designed for general readers tend to offer variations on the overly simple, idealized readings of the epic common in high school and college survey courses. The Odyssey Re-Formed offers a lively and detailed reading of the Odyssey, episode by episode, with particular attention paid to the manipulative power of its language and Homer's skill in using that power. The authors explore how myth is shaped for specific, rhetorical reasons and suggest ways in which the epic uses its audience's awareness of the varied pool of mythic traditions to give the Odyssey remarkable and subtle resonances that have profound poetic power.

Juno s Aeneid

The parallelism of the Homecomings tradition is thematized in the Odyssey via the song of Phemius in book1 (325–27), in the homecoming tales told to Telemachus by Nestor in book 3 (130–98) and Menelaus in book 4 (332–586), ...

Author: Joseph Farrell

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691211176

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 384

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A major new interpretation of Vergil's epic poem as a struggle between two incompatible versions of the Homeric hero This compelling book offers an entirely new way of understanding the Aeneid. Many scholars regard Vergil's poem as an attempt to combine Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey into a single epic. Joseph Farrell challenges this view, revealing how the Aeneid stages an epic contest to determine which kind of story it will tell—and what kind of hero Aeneas will be. Farrell shows how this contest is provoked by the transgressive goddess Juno, who challenges Vergil for the soul of his hero and poem. Her goal is to transform the poem into an Iliad of continuous Trojan persecution instead of an Odyssey of successful homecoming. Farrell discusses how ancient critics considered the flexible Odysseus the model of a good leader but censured the hero of the Iliad, the intransigent Achilles, as a bad one. He describes how the battle over which kind of leader Aeneas will prove to be continues throughout the poem, and explores how this struggle reflects in very different ways on the ethical legitimacy of Rome’s emperor, Caesar Augustus. By reframing the Aeneid in this way, Farrell demonstrates how the purpose of the poem is to confront the reader with an urgent decision between incompatible possibilities and provoke uncertainty about whether the poem is a celebration of Augustus or a melancholy reflection on the discontents of a troubled age.