When Hollywood Came to Town

This book gives readers the inside scoop, telling how these films were made, what happened on and off set, and more.

Author: James D'Arc

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 1423619846

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For nearly a hundred years, the state of Utah has played host to scores of Hollywood films, from potboilers on lean budgets to some of the most memorable films ever made, including The Searchers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Footloose, and Thelma & Louise. This book gives readers the inside scoop, telling how these films were made, what happened on and off set, and more. As one Utah rancher memorably said to Hollywood moviemakers "don't take anything but pictures and don't leave anything but money."

Hollywood Collects

INTRODUCTION by Henry J . Seldis AS AN ENTITY HOLLYWOOD is as elusive
as the shadows on the silver screen . Geographically it stretches north from the
Los Angeles neighborhood where its post office and some of the original movie ...

Author: Otis Art Institute


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Hollywood Murder

300 Hollywood Murder A Mystery Romance Of California and the Near East BY
locales ranging from Hollywood to the Sahara , and a cast of characters that
abounds ...

Author: Phineas Barton Myers


ISBN: OSU:32435018526939


Page: 168

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Hollywood Renaissance

The ideology nurtured in American Renaissance as Matthiessen deliberated over
his book from the perspective of places like Cambridge , Massachusetts , Kittery ,
Maine , and Santa Fe , New Mexico , occurred also in Hollywood , California .

Author: Sam B. Girgus

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521625521

Category: Performing Arts

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A study of how films from the late 1930s to the early 60s portrayed the American ideal.

Hollywood Requiem

I had discovered an organizing theme , and that was the beckoning lure of
Hollywood . Jeannine had once told me that when she ' d left America to marry
the count , it had been for good . It was as though she was starting real life over
— in a ...

Author: Peter Freeborn


ISBN: 0671727494

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Commissioned to pen the autobiography of one of Hollywood's most glamorous and reclusive actresses, Dan Springer falls into the web of a stellar seductress who uses love as a lethal weapon

The Hollywood Reliables

Great Child Stars Great Western Stars Film Directors Guide : Western Europe
Film Actors Guide : Western Europe The Jeanette MacDonald Story The Tough
Guys * Hollywood Character Actors Vincent Price Unmasked The Great Gangster

Author: James Robert Parish


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John O Hara s Hollywood

John O ' Hara wrote major stories about movie people , but he did not write a
major Hollywood novel . O ' Hara ' s third novel , Hope of Heaven ( 1938 ) , is a
Los Angeles or California novel ; but it is not a Hollywood novel . The hero ...

Author: John O'Hara

Publisher: Da Capo Press, Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015069332362

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On the sound stage and the casting couch, behind the facades of Spanish style mansions and inside studio trailers, at costumes and makeup, in posh nightclubs and in backrooms filled with cigar smoke, here are the ruthless producers, over-the-hill directors, disillusioned writers, glamorously callous actresses, desperate and hungry starlets, and matinee idols with dark secrets as they are unsparingly observed by one of America's most popular masters of realism. Best known for the now-classic 1934 novel Appointment in Samarra and such blockbuster bestsellers as Ten North Frederick and Butterfield 8, in a career spanning four decades John O'Hara also published numerous story collections. Among his finest work, they highlight qualities that sold more than 15 million copies of his books in the course of his career: the snappy dialogue, the telling detail, the ironic narrative twist. Like the novels, and like the much-praised collection of John O'Hara's Gibbsville stories, also edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli, the selections in John O'Hara's Hollywood, many originally appearing in the New Yorker or the Saturday Evening Post, explore the materialist aspirations and sexual exploits of flawed, prodigally human characters for whom arrangements consitute a deal and compromises pass for love.

Love West Hollywood

During this time with Peanut Butter , I went through a lot of placements : from
Lancaster to Inglewood ; from Inglewood to Long Beach ; from Long Beach to
Hollywood . Through all this time , Peanut Butter stuck by my side . Since I've
been to ...

Author: Chris Freeman

Publisher: Alyson Publications

ISBN: UOM:39015077118373

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The story of Los Angeles' gay history is often overshadowed by the mystique of Hollywood, as well as the notion that the gay community was centred in the City by the Bay or the Big Apple. Now, this belief is dispelled in this collection of thoughtful andinteresting essays on the significance of the gay community in LA.

The Hollywood Style

NESTOR COMEDIES Hollywood ' s first movie studio , originally a saloon , at the
corner of Sunset and Gower . been renting , but the entire block along Vine Street
from Selma to Sunset . When Lasky merged with Zukor as part of the giant ...

Author: Arthur Knight


ISBN: UOM:39015006788049

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Hollywood Musicals Year by Year

HOLLYWOOD. HOTEL. Music : Richard Whiting Lyrics : Johnny Mercer
Screenplay : Jerry Wald , Maurice Leo , Richard Macaulay Produced by : Hal B .
Wallis for Warner Bros . Director - choreographer : Busby Berkeley Photography :
Charles ...

Author: Stanley Green

Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

ISBN: MINN:31951P00912040O

Category: Musical films

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What movie was the first to combine live action with animated cartoon characters? What movie did Marion Brando first sing in? This book answers these and thousands of other interesting facts about Hollywood's favorite musicals. Provides facts and trivia for more than 300 movies. Each entry includes the screenplay writer, producer, director, choreographer, cast list, song list, release date, plot summary and interesting notes surrounding the production, cast and spin-offs that the movie inspired. Contains many photos of memorable moments in celluloid history.

The Truth about Hollywood

The Record of Action Taken by Approximately 1000 Delegates of Seventeen
Guilds and Unions, June 28, 1944, to Combat Anti-democratic and Anti-labor
Activities in the Motion Picture Industry During and After the War Council of
Hollywood ...

Author: Council of Hollywood Guilds and Unions


ISBN: UOM:39015069761552

Category: Actors

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House Above Hollywood

For the rest of the descent , she chattered on about early days in Hollywood . It
wasn't until we'd joined the heavy traffic on the freeway that she fell silent ,
perhaps realizing that I needed to concentrate upon driving a strange car , after
many ...

Author: Velda Johnston

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: 0816140332

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Carol encounters mystery and romance in Hollywood as she tries to find the reason behind her father's suicide

Hollywood s Ideal of Postwar Assimilation

PREFACE Since the beginning of motion piccures , Hollywood has depicted
Native Americans as everything from ferocious bloodthirsty savages to imiocent
nymph - like children . Scholars have examined Hollywood ' s attitudes :
Grecchen ...

Author: Angela Maria Aleiss


ISBN: STANFORD:36105040517885

Category: Broken arrow (Motion picture : 1950)

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Hollywood Holiday

But when you ' ve been in Hollywood as long as I have , you ' ll realise that no
story ever gets to the screen just as it was originally written . Ça se voit , enfin .
But surely , even you will admit , darling , that so long as there has to be a change

Author: Benn Wolfe Levy


ISBN: STANFORD:36105128012965


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Hollywood Exile Or How I Learned to Love the Blacklist

The emergence of television also had a devastating effect. The United States
survived World War II with unprecedented power and wealth, so that its vast
sphere of influence became a market for Hollywood films, and, with the
domination of the ...

Author: Bernard Gordon


ISBN: UOM:39015048946126

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 303

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A biography of Bernard Gordon and of the McCarthy era

Hollywood s Film Wars with France

Hollywood's worldwide control over the market for movies means that around half
of the films shown in the world are American , even though less than 10 % of the
world's annual production of movies are produced in the United States .

Author: Jens Ulff-Møller

Publisher: University Rochester Press

ISBN: 1580460860

Category: Art

Page: 202

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Hollywood's Film Wars with France examines how Hollywood was able to establish a permanent dominance over the French market for motion pictures by using monopolistic trade practices and diplomatic pressure.

The Hollywood Curriculum

Introduction in the process of looking at 116 films with teachers as either primary
or important secondary characters , it quickly became evident to me that ...

Author: Mary M. Dalton

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820468215

Category: Education

Page: 173

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"The Hollywood Curriculum is a sophisticated and thoughtful look at the portrayal of teachers in film and television in an exceptionally accessible way. Dalton draws on some of the most relevant and exciting theory to evaluate teacher films and demonstrates a masterful insight into the worlds of education and film studies. This book is a must-read for those interested in exploring the intersection of teaching, curriculum, film/television, and society, and is an outstanding contribution to the literature."-Alan S. Marcus, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Connecticut; Author of Celluloid Blackboard: Teaching History with Film and Teaching History with Film: Strategies for Secondary Social Studies --Book Jacket.

Dance and the Hollywood Latina

Because the Hollywood Latina is imagined and imaged somewhere between
black and white on the continuum of cinematic racial representation, she
articulates and distinguishes the purported sexual- ized differences of this racial

Author: Priscilla Peña Ovalle

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813548807

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 178

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Dance and the Hollywood Latina asks why every Latina star in Hollywood history began as a dancer or danced onscreen. Introducing the concepts of ""inbetween-ness"" and ""racial mobility"" to further illuminate how racialized sexuality and the dancing female body operate in film, this book focuses on the careers of Dolores Del Rio, Rita Hayworth, Carmen Miranda, Rita Moreno, and Jennifer Lopez and helps readers better understand how the United States grapples with race, gender, and sexuality through dancing bodies on screen.

Hollywood Highbrow

The figures on publications pertain to the art world for film generally, rather than
for Hollywood films per se. While some of the publications were specifically about
Hollywood, many were not. In the same way, academic courses and programs ...

Author: Shyon Baumann

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691125279

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 225

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Today's moviegoers and critics generally consider some Hollywood products--even some blockbusters--to be legitimate works of art. But during the first half century of motion pictures very few Americans would have thought to call an American movie "art." Up through the 1950s, American movies were regarded as a form of popular, even lower-class, entertainment. By the 1960s and 1970s, however, viewers were regularly judging Hollywood films by artistic criteria previously applied only to high art forms. In Hollywood Highbrow, Shyon Baumann for the first time tells how social and cultural forces radically changed the public's perceptions of American movies just as those forces were radically changing the movies themselves. The development in the United States of an appreciation of film as an art was, Baumann shows, the product of large changes in Hollywood and American society as a whole. With the postwar rise of television, American movie audiences shrank dramatically and Hollywood responded by appealing to richer and more educated viewers. Around the same time, European ideas about the director as artist, an easing of censorship, and the development of art-house cinemas, film festivals, and the academic field of film studies encouraged the idea that some American movies--and not just European ones--deserved to be considered art.

The Hollywood Reporter

In other June metal news, L.A. Guns offers "Hollywood Vampires" on Polydor (
June 25). The first 150,000 copies of the album will have 3D packaging and will
include 3Dglasses. OnJune 17,Anthrax will issue "Attack of the Killer B's" (Island),



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