Accounts and Papers

30 Warrant for H.M.S. " Sappho " 102 Oct. Returning warrants issued to H. M. S. " Scylla " and " Growler " 16 . ... 107 Warrant for H.M.S. " Persian March 14 March 20 Warrants for H.M.S. " Firebrand , " " Lily , " " Dolphin , " and ...

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The Rodney Papers

commissioned a lieutenant, on 17 February 1740, Rodney was discharged from HMS Dolphin and the next day his name re-appeared in the ship's muster book as a lieutenant. 9 Rodney would serve as a lieutenant in the Royal Navy for two ...

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Overbearing, avaricious and difficult, yet talented and ambitious, George Brydges Rodney has never attracted much sympathy or understanding. He was nevertheless an original thinker and one of the great admirals of the eighteenth century. The contents of this volume, the first of three, document his career from 1742 until 1763 - his private and political life. His early years as a captain were spent in the severe conditions of the North Sea and in taking privateers in the western approaches. During the peace after 1748 he was Governor of Newfoundland and in the Seven Years' War blockaded Le Havre before going, as a flag officer, to command in the Leeward Islands where he participated in the capture of Martinique. This volume also contains letters to his wife which indicate, against past opinion, that Rodney had a heart.

Pacific Romanticism

6 The British The stir in France and the rest of Europe caused by Bougainville's account of his " discovery " of Tahiti overlooked the fact that Captain Samuel Wallis , aboard the H.M.S. Dolphin , had landed off the northern tip of ...

Author: Alexander H. Bolyanatz

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Europeans' romanticist imaginings of people from the South Pacific have been around since the Enlightenment and have been significantly informed by the accounts of voyages to Tahiti by people such as Louis Bougainville. This book shows that the overtly promiscuous behavior that the French perceived as hospitality on the part of the Tahitians in 1768 was actually a defensive ploy, and that our contemporary image of sex and sexuality in Pacific Island societies is influenced by a fantasy based on this French misperception. This volume takes a very detailed look at traditional Tahitian culture and society and provides a realistic description of what happened on Tahiti when Europeans encountered the people who lived there. Bolyanatz provides a very readable history of South Pacific exploration and Enlightenment thinking. Anyone interested in the development of Enlightenment thought and the way it has developed since the 18th century will enjoy this book.

Australian Submarines Vol 2

Articer at HMS INDUS (the Articers Training Ship) at Devonport on 8th August 1911 signing on for atwelve year Continuous Service engagement commencing on ... He joined Submarines on 15th May 1918 with a draft to HMS DOLPHIN at Gosport.

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The book commences with a discussion of the policy issues as to whether Australia needed submarines and then the decision to buy AE1 and AE2. It then goes through their coming to Australia, the tragic loss of AE1 in New Guinea on 14 September 1914 and the bravery and daring of the AE2 crew in penetrating the Dardanelles on Anzac Day in 1915. The history then goes on to deal with the J-Class submarines that came to Australia in 1919, the first Oxley and Otway (which went to the RN in the Depression in 1931), and the fact that in World War Two, Australia had no submarines except for the Dutch K IX whose career ended with a battery explosion in 1944. Then the period of the RN Fourth Submarine Squadron based in Sydney is dealt with, including some of the happy memories of those who served in it. The book sets out the story of the new RAN submarine arm from 1963. When Oxley (S 57) arrived in Neutral Bay, Sydney, in 1967, so began the new Australian era of submarines. The basic dates of the O Boats are outlined, along with the building and basic dates of the Collins class. The book deals with some of the issues about the intelligence patrols, about the Future Submarine and also records the numerous plaques, services, memorials and museums in Australia and overseas dedicated to Australian submarines and Australian and NZ submariners. There is a detailed chapter on special submarine craft such as the X-Craft in which some of the submarine heroes like Max Sheean, Henty Henty-Creer and Ken Briggs served, and in some cases died. The appendices to this book are numerous and detailed by a strong team from around the world, including Garry Mellon, Barrie Downer and Pat Heffernan. Numerous photographs have been collected and included in the book to fit in with the text from Darren Brown and others. The appendices also list all Australian submariners who have qualified and served up until mid-2014, including those who have died.

New Scientist

It may interest him and your readers to learn from the attached correspondence that the incident occurred at the Royal Navy's Submarine Escape Training Tank in HMS Dolphin. Shaws Way, Twerton, Bath, Somerset.





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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

The Rodney Papers

While on board HMS Dolphin Rodney , by means which are not entirely clear , was promoted to the rank of lieutenant . When Rodney's name first appeared in the muster book of HMS Dolphin it was accompanied by the notation ' Supernum .

Author: George Brydges Rodney Baron Rodney

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Overbearing, avaricious and difficult, yet talented and ambitious, George Brydges Rodney was an original thinker and one of the great admirals of the eighteenth century. The contents of this volume, the first of three, document his career from 1742 until 1763, touching on both his private and political life.

Chronological List of Antarctic Expeditions and Related Historical Events

125 1764-66 British naval expedition John Byron HMS Dolphin Patrick Mouat and James Cumming HMS Tamar Voyage of circumnavigation to search for the supposed great Southern Continent . Charted the north coast of the Falkland Islands ...

Author: R. K. Headland

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This book lists Antarctic expeditions and related historical events from 700 BC to the time of publication in 1989.

Captain Cook Was Here

I first made acquaintance with John Gore in An Account of the Discovery of Tahiti from the Journal of George Robertson, Master of H.M. S. Dolphin. In its opening pages it describes an incident at Tahiti in June 1767, ...

Author: Maria Nugent

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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This book tells the story of the first landing of Captain Cook on the east coast of Australia in 1770.

Trading Nature

Meeting Tahiti Before leaving England in August 1766, every part of the twenty-four-gun frigate HMS Dolphin, even the steerage and stateroom, had been filled with provisions, stoves, and other “necessaries.”7 Captain Samuel Wallis, ...

Author: Jennifer Newell

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In August 1803 two Russian ships, the Nadezhda and the Neva, set off on a round-the-world voyage to carry out scientific exploration and collect artifacts for Alexander I's ethnographical museum in St. Petersburg. Russia's strategic concerns in the north Pacific, however, led the Russian government to include as part of the expedition and embassy to Japan, headed by statesman Nikolai Rezanov, who was given authority over the ships' commanders without their knowledge. Between them the ships carried an ethnically and socially disparate group of men: Russian educated elite, German naturalists, Siberian merchants, Baltic Naval Officers, even Japanese passengers. Upon reaching Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas archipelago on May 7, 1804, and for the next twelve days, the naval officers revolted against Rezanov's command while complex cross-cultural encounters between Russians and islanders occurred. Elena Govor recounts the voyage, reconstructing and exploring in depth the tumultuous events of the Russians' stay in Nuku Hiva; the course of the mutiny, its resolution and aftermath; and the extent and nature of the contact between Nuku Hivans and Russians. Book jacket.