Hitchcock s Partner in Suspense

He also takes readers behind the scenes with the Master of Suspense, offering his thoughts on the director’s work, sense of humor, and personal life.

Author: John Charles Bennett

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813144795

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Page: 328

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With a career that spanned from the silent era to the 1990s, British screenwriter Charles Bennett (1899--1995) lived an extraordinary life. His experiences as an actor, director, playwright, film and television writer, and novelist in both England and Hollywood left him with many amusing anecdotes, opinions about his craft, and impressions of the many famous people he knew. Among other things, Bennett was a decorated WWI hero, an eminent Shakespearean actor, and an Allied spy and propagandist during WWII, but he is best remembered for his commercially and critically acclaimed collaborations with directors Sir Alfred Hitchcock and Cecil B. DeMille. The fruitful partnership began after Hitchcock adapted Bennett's play Blackmail (1929) as the first British sound film. Their partnership produced six thrillers: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934), The 39 Steps (1935), Sabotage (1936), Secret Agent (1936), Young and Innocent (1937), and Foreign Correspondent (1940). In this witty and intriguing book, Bennett discusses how their collaboration created such famous motifs as the "wrong man accused" device and the MacGuffin. He also takes readers behind the scenes with the Master of Suspense, offering his thoughts on the director's work, sense of humor, and personal life. Featuring an introduction and additional biographical material from Bennett's son, editor John Charles Bennett, Hitchcock's Partner in Suspense is a richly detailed narrative of a remarkable yet often-overlooked figure in film history.

Partners in Suspense

This volume of essays explores the tense relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann, featuring new perspectives on their collaboration.

Author: Steven Rawle

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780719095863

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This volume of essays explores the tense relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann, featuring new perspectives on their collaboration. Featuring essays by leading scholars of Hitchcock's work, including Richard Allen, Charles Barr, Murray Pomerance, Sidney Gottlieb and Jack Sullivan, the collection examines the working relationship between the pair and the contribution that Herrmann's work brings to Hitchcock's idiom. Examining key works, including The Man Who Knew Too Much, Psycho, Marnie and Vertigo, the essays explore approaches to sound, music, collaborative authorship and the distinctive contribution that Herrmann's work with Hitchcock brought to this body of films, examining the significance, meanings, histories and enduring legacies of one of film history's most important partnerships. By engaging with the collaborative work of Hitchcock and Herrmann, the book explores the ways in which film directors and composers collaborate, how this collaboration is experienced in the film text, and the ways in which such partnerships inspire later work.--Publisher description.

The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock An Anatomy of the Master of Suspense

218 he claimed that this ... peg: Bob Thomas, “Alfred Hitchcock: The German
Years,” Action (January-February 1973), 23–25, in Gottlieb, ed., Alfred ... 219
includes what Hitchcock . ... “was bit”: Bennett, Hitchcock's Partner in Suspense,

Author: Edward White

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9781324002406

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A fresh, innovative biography of the twentieth century’s most iconic filmmaker. In The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock, Edward White explores the Hitchcock phenomenon—what defines it, how it was invented, what it reveals about the man at its core, and how its legacy continues to shape our cultural world. The book’s twelve chapters illuminate different aspects of Hitchcock’s life and work: “The Boy Who Couldn’t Grow Up”; “The Murderer”; “The Auteur”; “The Womanizer”; “The Fat Man”; “The Dandy”; “The Family Man”; “The Voyeur”; “The Entertainer”; “The Pioneer”; “The Londoner”; “The Man of God.” Each of these angles reveals something fundamental about the man he was and the mythological creature he has become, presenting not just the life Hitchcock lived but also the various versions of himself that he projected, and those projected on his behalf. From Hitchcock’s early work in England to his most celebrated films, White astutely analyzes Hitchcock’s oeuvre and provides new interpretations. He also delves into Hitchcock’s ideas about gender; his complicated relationships with “his women”—not only Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren but also his female audiences—as well as leading men such as Cary Grant, and writes movingly of Hitchcock’s devotion to his wife and lifelong companion, Alma, who made vital contributions to numerous classic Hitchcock films, and burnished his mythology. And White is trenchant in his assessment of the Hitchcock persona, so carefully created that Hitchcock became not only a figurehead for his own industry but nothing less than a cultural icon. Ultimately, White’s portrayal illuminates a vital truth: Hitchcock was more than a Hollywood titan; he was the definitive modern artist, and his significance reaches far beyond the confines of cinema.

Hitchcock and the Methods of Suspense

The unflappable Hitchcock was determined to learn whatever was needed to
make an authentic film based on an ... According to partner Hazen, “When that
script was submitted to us we thought 120 Hitchcock and the Methods of

Author: William Hare

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786425600

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Alfred Hitchcock had a gift for turning the familiar into the unfamiliar, the mundane into the unexpected. A director known for planning the entire movie before the first day of filming began by using the storyboard approach, Hitchcock was renowned for his relaxed directing style, resulting in an excellent rapport with his actors. Decades later, Hitchcock's films stand as sterling examples of innovative technique, infused with meaning that only repeated viewing can reveal. This work examines themes, techniques, and the filmmaking process in 15 of Hitchcock's best known films: The 39 Steps, Rebecca, Shadow of a Doubt, Spellbound, Notorious, Rope, Strangers on a Train, Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds, Frenzy and Family Plot. It explores the auteur's treatments of psychoanalysis, voyeurism, and collective fears during the Cold War. Also presented are key stories behind several Hitchcock classics, such as the director's stormy relationships with Raymond Chandler and David O. Selznick that resulted in synergetic success for some of his most successful films. The book includes numerous photographs and an extensive bibliography.

The Shower Scene in Hitchcock s Psycho

... who – because of Hitchcock ' s subtle cutting of point of view shots into the
texture of the scene - now go on the journey with Marion , as “ partners in crime . ”
Hitchcock claims that the chase is a key element in his suspense : “ So long as a

Author: Philip J. Skerry


ISBN: STANFORD:36105114234854

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This study places the shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho within its cinematic, sociological and critical contexts. It locates the film within the personal and professional experiences of the author. The methodology depends upon a melding of first person narration with a close analysis of the film's mise en scene and montage, as these techniques evolve in Hitchcock's oeuvre and culminate in the shower scene.

Alma Hitchcock

The Woman Behind the Man Pat Hitchcock O'Connell, Laurent Bouzereau.
Abramson , Martin . ... Alma Reville — The Unsung Partner . ” Los Angeles Times
, July ... My Husband , Alfred Hitchcock , Hates Suspense . ” Coronet , August
1964 .

Author: Pat Hitchcock O'Connell

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

ISBN: 0425196194

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 289

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Alfred Hitchcock's films are a testament to his autonomy--but there was one person whose ideas and advice he valued above all others: his wife, Alma. Now the story of the director and his closest collaborator--complete with anecdotes, rare photos, and recipes--is told by their daughter.

Alfred Hitchcock s Frenzy

In Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy: The Last Masterpiece, Raymond Foery recounts the history—writing, pre-production, casting, shooting, post-production, and promotion—of this great work, and combines the history of the production process ...

Author: Raymond Foery

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810877559

Category: Performing Arts

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In Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy: The Last Masterpiece, Raymond Foery recounts the history—writing, pre-production, casting, shooting, post-production, and promotion—of this great work, and combines the history of the production process with an ongoing account of how this particular film relates to Hitchcock's other works. Foery also discusses the reactions to Frenzy by critics and scholars, while examining Hitchcock's—and the film's—place in the world of film history 40 years later. Featuring original material relating to the making of Frenzy and previously unpublished information from the Hitchcock archives, this book will be of interest to film scholars and millions of Alfred Hitchcock fans.

Reports of Bankruptcy Appeals

... the joint that firm , and then the bills were estate was received while the
indorsed by Finch and Sons to matter was in suspense , liberty the Low Moor
Company . Ed . was given to him to repay the ward Finch , the partner of Finch
amount of the dividend . ... In Hitchcock ' s bankafterwards issued against the
ruptcy an order was made for partners , the creditor sought to keeping distivct
accounts of the ...

Author: Sir John Peter De Gex


ISBN: OXFORD:N11196023

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Reports of Cases Heard and Determined by the Lord Chancellor and the Court of Appeal in Chancery 1857 1859

... the joint that firm , and then the bills were estate was received while the
indorsed by Finch and Sons to matter was in suspense , liberty the Low Moor
Company . Ed . was given to him to repay the ward Finch , the partner of Finch
amount of the dividend . ... In Hitchcock ' s bankafterwards issued against the
ruptcy an order was made for partners , the creditor sought to keeping distinct
accounts of the ...

Author: Sir John Peter De Gex


ISBN: OXFORD:N11196034

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Die Kaapse bibliotekaris

Through all this time , Alma was Hitchcock's silent partner , in almost every one of
his artistic ventures . If Alma had doubts about ... the first time that Hitchcock
dabbled in what would become his trademark genre - suspense . A few more
minor ...



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Issues for Nov. 1957- include section: Accessions. Aanwinste, Sept. 1957-

The Jurist

Edward Finch , the partner of Finch & Sons , the petitioners to prove against the
separate estates , directed was the surviving ... He was dend under the joint
estate was received while the matter was also a member of the firm of Thomas
Johnston & Co. , warein suspense , that ... In Hitchcock's of the two bills of
exchange against Thomas Johnston , and bankruptcy an order was made for
keeping distinct ...



ISBN: UOM:35112103173003

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The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

The television series , however , was to remain a sideline for Hitchcock ; for him
movies were his life blood . To the surprise of many he ... while allowing
Hitchcock to revel in the symmetry of the venue , lacks the suspense to hold the
audience . ... When Above : Hitchcock and sleeping partner while filming Vertigo (
1958 ) .

Author: Patrick Humphries

Publisher: Crescent Books

ISBN: 0517102927

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 194

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Examines Hitchcock's career, shows how his films reflect his own anxieties and neuroses, and reveals a master storyteller and technical wizard

The Hitchcock Annual Anthology

... public pronouncements , that Hitchcock was the sole proprietor of a private
island , the suspense thriller , on which he ... DeRosa has explored Hitchcock ' s
most enduring partnership with an American screenwriter in Writing with
Hitchcock ...

Author: Sidney Gottlieb

Publisher: Hitchcock Annual

ISBN: UOM:39015084096158

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 265

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This anthology features contributions from such leading critics as Charles Barr, Thomas Elsaesser, Bill Krohn, and Mark Rappaport, and includes essays on the full range of Hitchcock's work, from the lesser-known silents to his late American masterpieces.

The Life of Alfred Hitchcock

For the role of the smug , antisocial , misanthropic former schoolmaster of the two
murderers , Hitchcock had hoped to sign Cary Grant . ... the clearly sociopathic ,
dominant partner , which Hitchcock had hoped Montgomery Clift would play , was
eventually given to John Dall . ... then at least the circumstances of filming
provided suspense abundantly , for work on the soundstage was an unalloyed
horror .

Author: Donald Spoto

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: UVA:X006041315

Category: Motion picture producers and directors

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Leven en werk van de Engelse filmregisseur Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (1899-1980).

Roger Ebert s Video Companion

This isn ' t a one - level thriller in which she tries to keep a secret and her hus -
band tries to discover it . ... De Palma is not yet an artist of Hitchcock ' s stature ,
but he does earn the right to a comparison , especially af - ter his deliberately ...

Author: Roger Ebert

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub

ISBN: 0836221524

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 988

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Fully indexed by title, stars, and director and thoroughly cross-referenced, this guide to movies on video also features lists of outstanding movies, new interviews, and full-length reviews

Tla Film Video Guide

SUPREME SUSPENSE UNFURLS ! thrill of it , stuff his corpse into , and then
proceed to hold a party around , the makeshift casket with ... 95 O UNDER
CAPRICORN ( 1949 , 117 MIN , GB ) An unusual effort for Alfred Hitchcock – a
period costume piece – starring Ingrid ... murder and latent homosexuality as
Farley Granger meets Robert Walker on a train and soon becomes an unwilling
partner in crime .

Author: Wax

Publisher: T L a Video Management, Incorporated

ISBN: 1880707004

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Alfred Hitchcock

Grant was Hitchcock ' s first choice for the husband here too , though the role
eventually went to Robert Montgomery . ... while the love - hate relationship
between them escalates when she becomes involved with his business
associate and partner , a dull Southern gentleman type ... Here Hitchcock
returned to the psychological suspense story with a One of the lighter moments
early in Suspicion ( 1940.

Author: Joel Waldo Finler

Publisher: B. T. Batsford Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015029172676

Category: Motion picture producers and directors

Page: 176

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This biography assesses Hitchcock's American career, from his arrival in Hollywood in 1939 right up to his last film in the 1970s. These years cover Hitchcock's most accomplished period of film-making when he thoroughly established his reputation as a master of suspense. As well as providing a detailed examination of the films themselves, this book takes a close look at the director's working methods - his relations with producers and production companies, favoured stars, writers and other collaborators - and highlights Hitchcock's involvement in virtually every aspect of each production, from the script and design to editing and scoring. The book is illustrated with production shots and film stills.

Hitchcock and Art

Through the course of his life , Hitchcock earned the title Master of Suspense ,
which in the world of cinema is akin to a royal ... We are very pleased to partner
with The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to bring you Hitchcock and Art : Fatal ...

Author: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Publisher: Mazzotta

ISBN: UOM:39015050804007

Category: Art

Page: 498

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Movies are unquestionably one of the cutting-edge media in 20th-century artistic production, a discipline that has contributed more than any other to fashioning the visual culture of our contemporaries and of the artists of our day and age. The Center Pompidou continues its policy of publicizing trail-blazing references to cinematographic culture by presenting the exhibition Hitchcock and Art which first went on show in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and whose Paris debut is marked by an adaptation and some significant additions, primarily by the arrival of works from the collections held in the Musee' National d'Art Moderne. Keeping faith with the Centre's multidisciplinary vocation of exploring and valorizing relationships between the different fields of modern and contemporary artistic creation, the exhibition aims at establishing a dialogue and revealing correlations between a leading, complex and universally known opus of cinematography work on the one hand and artistic movements on the other, from Romanticism to Surrealism, as well as architecture or graphic design, which left such a profound mark as they nourished Alfred Hitchcock's imagery and aesthetic. Hitchcock and Art provides the Centre with a chance to offer the public not only the exhibition, but also Hitchcock's complete repertoire of films.

Alfred Hitchcock in the Vertigo Murders

Author: J. Madison Davis

Publisher: Ibooks

ISBN: 0743407288

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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When a series of murders plaguing Los Angeles in 1957 claims a friend of Alfred Hitchcock, the esteemed director assists an L.A.P.D. detective in solving the case. Simultaneous.

Hitchcock and France

Chief among them was Rohmer , who voiced his opinions about Hitchcock in La
Revue du Cinéma and subsequently in Gazette du Cinéma and Cahiers . ...
Truffaut , who in 1953 began writing for Cahiers under the critical eye of their
mentor and intellectual sparring partner , Bazin . ... This trio of films , often
counted among his least suspenseful , least successful , and least Hitchcockian ,
inspired much ...

Author: James M. Vest

Publisher: Praeger Pub Text

ISBN: UOM:39015060096628

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 222

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Explores Alfred Hitchcock's encounters with prominent French film critics of the 1950s-including Truffaut, Chabrol, Rohmer, and Godard-which reoriented film criticism and enhanced the director's reputation as a creative artist.