Hidden Aspects of Women s Work

Women and Work Research Group Christine E. Bose, Roslyn Feldberg, Natalie J. Sokoloff ... Within the framework of each historical period , it is possible to see the hidden aspects of women's work , the interrelations of public and ...

Author: Women and Work Research Group

Publisher: New York : Praeger

ISBN: WISC:89058506809

Category: Social Science

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Here is a landmark publication in women's studies. Hidden Aspects of Women's Work is the culmination of years of research by the prestigious Women and Work Research Group. The book offers an unusually comprehensive discussion of women in the work force, covering both unpaid domestic work and paid labor the experiences of blue collar workers and professionals, and the ways the institutions affect them all. In addition to offering broad coverage of how women and men differ in work experience and job satisfaction, the book addresses the intersection between work and family life and the supermom syndrome, reports on sexual harassment with new findings that it is more deeply ingrained in the workplace than previously imagined, the impact technology has had on clerical jobs, and more. The contributors, representing a range of disciplines, have left no stone unturned in their search to understand the nature of women's work and how their status in the marketplace can be improved.

Uncovering the Hidden Work of Women in Family Businesses

“A Methodology for Revising Estimates: Female Market Participation in the U.S. Before 1940. ... “Devaluing Women's Work: The Undercount of Women's Employment in 1900 and 1980,” in Hidden Aspects of Women's Work.

Author: Lisa Geib-Gunderson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351996679

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Data from the United States Census of Population indicate that there has been a dramatic increase in the labor force participation of married women over the twentieth century. This book, first published in 1998, takes issue with this well-known stylized fact. Whereas the labor force literature comments extensively on men’s transition from home production to market work, the effect on women’s employment has gone more or less unnoticed. The objective of this book is to uncover the work usually omitted from descriptions of wage work and housework – that is, work done in the household for market use – and to examine the various implications of this omission for analysing married women’s participation in GNP-producing work over the course of the past century.

Women and Work

Gender, and Class Oppression." In Hidden Aspects cf Women 's Work, edited by C. Bose. R. Feldberg, and N. Sokoloff with the Women and Work Research Group, pp. 46,73. New York: Praeger. Kilbourne. Barbara. Paula England, and Kun Bernn.

Author: Sonia Carreon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135818937

Category: Social Science

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First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Values Work Education

The Meanings of Work Samuel M. Natale, Brian M. Rothschild Tara M. Madden ... Peggy Crull , " Searching for the Causes of Sexual Harassment : An Examination of Two Prototypes " in Hidden Aspects of Women's Work , .ed .

Author: Samuel M. Natale

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9051838522

Category: Philosophy

Page: 326

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This book is a collection of reflections and empirical studies which examine the many facets of the meanings of work. The authors are significant scholars in fields of study ranging from ethics to sociology. The book is a text which aims at balancing the academic with the practical and so the chapters often reflect the tensions implicit in such a venture. The reader will find in these pages historical, philosophical, educational, religious, entrepreneurial and many other points of view which combine to emerge as a text which is both encyclopedic in information yet engaging and lively in style. The reader will be able to understand how the meanings of work have changed over the centuries varying according to historical place and point of view. At the same time, the diligent reader will observe the centrality that work has in the lives of people both practically and in terms of life quests. Work has previously been defined as an activity that produces something of value for other people. This definition does not even begin to include the information about work that is presented in this book. The reader will feel a invigorating sense of worth from this book.

Weaving Work and Motherhood

Women's Occupational and Family Achievement in the U.S. Class System : A Critique of the Dual - Career Family Analy ... Pp . 95-115 in Hidden Aspects of Women's Work , edited by Roslyn Feldberg , Christine Bose , and Natalie Sokoloff .

Author: Anita Ilta Garey

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 1566397006

Category: Business & Economics

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Garey focuses not on the corporate executives so often represented in ads but on the women in jobs that typify the majority of women's employment in the United States. Focusing on the health service industry Garey analyses what it means to be at once a mother who is employed and a worker with children. In the WOMEN AND THE POLITICAL ECONOMY series.

Social Reproduction

5 Women's work at the core of the labour market 5.1 The work of reproduction In the women's labour market certain basic features have ... To understand all of this we must look at the dark , hidden side of women's work - housework ...

Author: Antonella Picchio

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521418720

Category: Business & Economics

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This book focuses on the relationship between the process of producing commodities and the process of social reproduction of the labouring population, and seeks to restore that problematic relationship to the central place it had in the analysis of Smith, Ricardo, and Marx.

Workplace Justice

Clericals Renegotiate Work Relationships . ” In Working in the Service Society , ed . ... Backlash : The Undeclared War against American Women . New York : Crown Publishers . ... In Hidden Aspects of Women's Work , ed .

Author: Sharon Kurtz

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816633150

Category: Education

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In 1991, Columbia University's one thousand clerical workers launched a successful campaign for justice in their workplace. This diverse union -- two-thirds black and Latina, three-fourths women -- was committed to creating an inclusive movement organization and to fighting for all kinds of justice. How could they address the many race and gender injustices members faced, avoid schism, and maintain the unity needed to win? Sharon Kurtz, an experienced union activist and former clerical worker herself, was welcomed into the union and pursued these questions. Using this case study and secondary studies of sister clerical unions at Yale and Harvard, she examines the challenges and potential of identity politics in labor movements. With the Columbia strike as a point of departure, Kurtz argues that identity politics are valuable for mobilizing groups, but often exclude members and their experiences of oppression. However, Kurtz believes that identity politics should not be abandoned as a component in building movements, but should be reframed -- as multi-identity politics. In the end she shows an approach to organizing with great potential impact not only for labor unions but for any social movement.

Women in Grassroots Communication

middle-class women (largely as resource people) and working-class women to work on a supposedly equal basis. ... A central ingredient of the early work got lost: the focus on working-class women reflecting a “hiddenaspect of ...

Author: Pilar Riaño Alcalá

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780803949065

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The dramatic contribution of grassroots organizations to effecting social change is brought into vivid detail in this unique perspective on women from around the globe. Each contributor has been instrumental in grassroots processes of media production or has worked within the community communication field and discusses concrete action within a theoretical framework. These diverse accounts of women, participation and communication take place in a variety of geographical, social and cultural settings and provide rich material for comparative analysis.

Making Freedom Pay

North Carolina Freedpeople Working for Themselves, 1865-1900 Sharon Ann Holt. Roberts, James Deotis. ... Hidden Aspects of Women's Work. ... Sachs, Carolyn E. The Invisible Farmers: Women in Agricultural Production.

Author: Sharon Ann Holt

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820327198

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

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The end of slavery left millions of former slaves destitute in a South as unsettled as they were. In Making Freedom Pay, Sharon Ann Holt reconstructs how freed men and women in tobacco-growing central North Carolina worked to secure a place for themselves in this ravaged region and hostile time. Without ignoring the crushing burdens of a system that denied blacks justice and civil rights, Holt shows how many black men and women were able to realize their hopes through determined collective efforts. Holt's microeconomic history of Granville County, North Carolina, drawn extensively from public records, assembles stories of individual lives from the initial days of emancipation to the turn of the century. Making Freedom Pay uses these highly personalized accounts of the day-to-day travails and victories of ordinary people to tell a nationally significant story of extraordinary grassroots uplift. That racist terrorism and Jim Crow legislation substantially crushed and silenced them in no way trivializes the significance of their achievements.