Harmony s Way

Harmony dozed through the night, her senses always aware, her sensitive ears picking up each sound outside Lance's home, listening for any change to the sounds of the night. When danger neared, the wildlife would pause.

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440622175

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Rule Breaker, sink your fangs into Lora Leigh’s series about genetically-altered humans with feline DNA. When the Breeds desire the passions of the flesh, they can’t help but get frisky... Harmony Lancaster is of the Lion breed, created to be a huntress with a thirst to kill. But the way she seeks justice outside of the law makes her a liability to her own kind. Yet she also possesses information that they need on the existence of the First Leo—who holds the precious secrets of desire. To save her life, Harmony is paired with Sheriff Lance Jacobs, who tries to tame the killer within her, while protecting the gentle woman he longs to possess. But a dangerous cult leader, bent on destroying the Breeds, could change the way Lance looks at Harmony forever…

Aikido The way of Harmony

Founding Principles of Aikido Aikido means "The Way of Harmony with the Spirit" and is considered a non-violent form of martial art. However, don't be fooled. Aikido when used correctly is very powerful often are able to block and ...

Author: Georges Rasheed

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand

ISBN: 9782322166657

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 109

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In Aikido, one is not taught violence instead one is taught to be in harmony with the opponent to be able to defeat. This might seem odd but it actually works. In approaching an opponent, the aim of the Aikido practitioner is to be one with the opponent to be able to attack him where he is weakest and in doing so diver or immobilize him but never to kill.

Chinese Wisdom The Way of Perfect Harmony

THE QUEST FOR PERFECT HARMONY ll wisdom teachings aspire to remind us that a state of perfect harmony is attainable for human beings despite, and from within, their human predicament, and directions are given as to how this harmony can ...

Author: Gerald Benedict Editor

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 9781780284415

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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This well-presented anthology of Chinese wisdom and spiritual philosophies is a carefully selected introduction to the great traditions of Confucianism, Taoism, Zen, Chinese Buddhism and Chinese poetry. The prose and poetry are of the highest literary quality and represent the whole spectrum of Chinese thought from the urbane, practical, social and political to the sublimely abstract, mystical and enigmatic.

Holistic Way to Health Happiness and Harmony

The Holistic Way to Health, Happiness and Harmony contains one hundred and eight prescriptions, being the distilled essence of ancient Hindu wisdom, ranging from astropalmic analysis, practice of the eight limbs of Yoga to'maintain a ...

Author: V. K. Subramanian

Publisher: Abhinav Publications

ISBN: 9788170173236

Category: Health

Page: 168

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The Holistic Way To Health, Happiness And Harmony Contains One Hundred And Eight Prescriptions, Being The Distilled Essence Of Ancient Hindu Wisdom, Ranging From Astropalmic Analysis, Practice Of The EightLimbs Of Yoga To Maintain A Perfect Body, Mind-Vacuuming Or Meditation To Ensure A Stress-Free Life, Breath Regulation, Twenty-Two Varied Ways Of Relaxing The Mind And The Body, Eleven Diet Axioms And Eleven Wonderfoods To Be Taken Daily, Practical Suggestions For Choosing Life-Partners And Making Marriages Joyous, Meaningful And Long Lasting, Ideas For Creating A Beautiful Environment At Home By Using The Lucky Colours To The More Esoteric Awakening Of Kundalini Or Creative Power. This Book Is An Invaluable Guide And Companion To All Those Who Aspire For Strong And Healthy Bodies, Happy Relationships And A Harmonious World.

Good Governance in China A Way Towards Social Harmony

At about2:00 a.m.on3 January, thesurfaceofthe side road of Sanhuan Road situatedoverthe construction sitesubsided, causing a large depression 10 metres in length. At 6:00a.m.,the depression enlarged to more than 50 square metres.

Author: Wang Mengkui

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134042036

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

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Good governance is necessary for effective public administration and delivery of public goods and services. This is an important issue for all countries, but in particular for rapidly developing countries such as China where reform of governance and public administration is a key element of the public policy agenda. This book explores the key issues in governance and public administration facing China’s policy-makers today. Edited by Wang Mengkui, the former President of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Chairman of the China Development Research Foundation - one of China’s leading think-tanks - it contains 36 papers selected from nearly 300 case studies presented by participants in the China’s Leaders in Development Executive Program. The authors are outstanding and experienced officials, and together represent the voice of China's new rising generation of leaders, policy-makers and officials. The cases are based on first-hand information and experiences either from the officials’ personal involvement, or their own in-depth investigations. The chapters cover a wide range of issue areas, such as institutional reform, urban construction, social governance, crisis management, resource and ecological environmental management, education and public health, and economic reform and development. Taken together, it provides an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand China’s own thinking on its governance and public administration.

The Way to Communal Harmony


Author: Mahatma Gandhi

Publisher: Ahmedabad, [India] : Navajivan Publishing House

ISBN: UOM:39015000664139

Category: Communalism

Page: 522

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Ways to Live in Harmony with Nature

Dollar values of various items is a manmade tool to deal and manage items in his or her way but if we really want to learn and manage our items as an 'ideal civilised society' then self-realisation is the way to go.

Author: Kamaljit K Sangha

Publisher: Woodslane Press

ISBN: 9780987144812

Category: House & Home

Page: 212

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Have you ever wondered how you can maintain your current lifestyle, but not exhaust our planet's resources? In modern times, many of us have environmental knowledge but we lack an understanding of how to apply that knowledge to our everyday lives. Bridging this gap is what has motivated ecological economist Dr Kamaljit Sangha to write this book. Dr Sangha examines how people can make a difference to the environment by proposing little actions at the household scale that can contribute towards saving our planet. This book examines how to:- Minimise the gap between scientific knowledge and public awareness- Reduce the impact of our actions on our natural environment- Maintain our earth's natural resources- Be happier and healthier by recognising our reliance on Mother Nature and re-establishing our connections with nature. Dr Sangha believes there are a few, very easy steps that everyone - whether they reside in the city or the country - can take to save money, their mental and physical health, and ultimately our planet.

A New Harmony of the Four Gospels in English

And they that were ken by the pro- they went their sent went their phet , saying , way , and found way , and found the colt tied by even as he had as it is written , the door withsaid unto them . 15 Fear not , daughter 5 Tell ye the ...

Author: George Whitefield Clark


ISBN: WISC:89094605052


Page: 365

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Interspersed Harmony of the Life and Journeys of Christ

52 And Jesus said unto him , Go thy way ; thy faith hath made thee whole . And immediately he received his sight , and followed Jesus in the way . CHAPTER XI . 3 Triumphal entry into Jerusalem . AN ND when they came nigh to Jerusalem ...

Author: Jerome Travis


ISBN: UOM:39015071622984

Category: Bible

Page: 544

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Harmony Simplified

Text-book of the Harmony Circle : Arranged from the Tonic Sol-Fa Edition of How to Observe Harmony. E. M. ARNDT . GERSBACH . ... Grow a - way ! Flow - ' ret , loved ones hail , Bidding all my loved ones hail . Hur - rah ! hur - rah !



ISBN: NYPL:33433082266887

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