Handbook of Hinduism in Europe 2 vols

The Handbook of Hinduism in Europe portrays and analyses Hindu traditions in every country in Europe.


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The Handbook of Hinduism in Europe portrays and analyses Hindu traditions in every country in Europe. It presents the main Hindu communities, religious groups, forms and teachings present in the continent and shows that Hinduism have become a major religion in Europe.

The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Europe

Handbook of Hinduism in Europe, 2 Vol. Leiden: Brill. Kemper, Steven. 2015. Rescued from the Nation: Anagarika Dharmapala and the Buddhist World. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. King, Richard. 1999. Orientalism and Religion: Post- ...

Author: Grace Davie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198834267

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This authoritative collection offers a detailed overview of religious ideas, structures, and institutions in the making of Europe. Written by leading scholars in the field, it demonstrates the enduring presence of lived and institutionalised religion in the social networks of identity, policy, and power over two millennia of European history.

Swami Vivekananda

“Swami Vivekananda (1863–1902) 150 years on: Critical studies of an influential Hindu guru.” Religion Compass 7,10: 444–453. ———. 2020. “The Ramakrishna Math and Mission in Europe.” In Handbook of Hinduism in Europe (2 Vols), ...

Author: Rita D. Sherma

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498586054

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With historical-critical analysis and dialogical even-handedness, the essays of this book re-assess the life and legacy of Swami Vivekananda, forged at a time of colonial suppression, from the vantage point of socially-engaged religion at a time of global dislocations and international inequities. Due to the complexity of Vivekananda as a historical figure on the cusp of late modernity with its vast transformations, few works offer a contemporary, multi-vocal, nuanced, academic examination of his liberative vision and legacy in the way that this volume does. It brings together North American, European, British, and Indian scholars associated with a broad array of humanistic disciplines towards critical-constructive, contextually-sensitive reflections on one of the most important thinkers and theologians of the modern era.

Beyond Religion and the Secular

Ramsay, T. 'Making a Model of Madhuban: The Brahma Kumaris' Journey to and Presence in Europe'. In Handbook of Hinduism in Europe, 2 vols., edited by Knut A. Jacobsen and Ferdinando Sardella, 528–54. Leiden: Brill, 2020.

Author: Wayne Hudson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350331730

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Deploying a distinctive disaggregative approach to the study of 'religion', this volume shows that spiritual movements with extensive counterfactual beliefs have been much more creative than one might expect. Specifically, Wayne Hudson explores the creativity of six spiritual movements: the Bahá'ís, a Persian movement; Soka Gakkai, a Japanese movement; Ananda Marga and the Brahma Kumaris, two reformed Hindu movements; and two controversial American churches, The Church Universal and Triumphant and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most of these movements have counterintuitive features that have led Western scholars making Enlightenment assumptions to dismiss them as irrational and/or inconsequential. However, this book reveals that these movements have responded to modernity in ways that are creative and practical, resulting in a wide range of social, educational and cultural initiatives. Building on research surrounding the ways in which spiritual movements engage in cultural productions, this book takes the international research in a new direction by exploring the utopian intentionality such cultural productions reveal.

Words of Her Own

The Travels of a Hindoo to Various Parts of Bengal and Upper India, 2 vols. ... Dutt, R.C. Three Years in Europe: Being Extracts from Letters Sent From Europe. ... Status of Woman in India or a Handbook for Hindu Social Reformers.

Author: Maroona Murmu

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199098217

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Words of Her Own situates the experiences and articulations of emergent women writers in nineteenth-century Bengal through an exploration of works authored by them. Based on a spectrum of genres—such as autobiographies, novels, and travelogues—this book examines the sociocultural incentives that enabled the dawn of middle-class Hindu and Brahmo women authors at that time. Murmu explores the intersections of class, caste, gender, language, and religion in these works. Reading these texts within a specific milieu, Murmu sets out to rectify the essentialist conception of women’s writings being a monolithic body of works that displays a firmly gendered form and content, by offering rich insights into the complex world of subjectivities of women in colonial Bengal. In attempting to do so, this book opens up the possibility of reconfiguring mainstream history by questioning the scholarly conceptualization of patriarchy being omnipotent enough to shape the intricacies of gender relations, resulting in the flattening of self-fashioning by women writers. The book contends that there were women authors who flouted the norms of literary aesthetics and tastes set by male literati, thereby creating a literary tradition of their own in Bangla and becoming agents of history at the turn of the century.

Asia in the Making of Europe

2 vols . New York , 1935 . Unger , Richard W. Dutch Shipbuilding before 1800. Assen , 1978 . ... 2 vols . Laon , 1830 . Walker , George Benjamin . The Hindu World . An Encyclopedic Survey of Hinduism . 2 vols . London , 1968 .

Author: Donald Frederick Lach

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226467562

Category: Asia

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First systematic, inclusive study of the impact of the high civilizations of Asia on the development of modern Western civilization.

Asia in the Making of Europe Volume III

The Hindu World . An Encyclopedic Survey of Hinduism . 2 vols . London , 1968 . Wall , Frank . Ophidia Taprobanica , or the Snakes of Ceylon . Colombo , 1921 . Waller , G. F. Catalogus van nederlandsch en vlaamsch populaire boeken .

Author: Donald F. Lach

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226467694

Category: History

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First systematic, inclusive study of the impact of the high civilizations of Asia on the development of modern Western civilization.

The Bookseller

Kelly's ( W. K. ) Indo - European Tradition , & c . ... April , June 873 ; Jan. to Mar. , 1877 ; July 1878 toMacnaghten's Considerations on Hindu Law . 1824 . J. TRUELOVE , WARRINGTON . Bentham's Handbook of British Flora . 2 vols .



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