On 5 September 1939 , two days after Britain declared war , MacDonald asked Hailey to come to the Colonial Office . The war effort notwithstanding , said the colonial secretary , a strong colonial development policy would need to be ...

Author: John W. Cell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521521173

Category: History

Page: 352

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A study of William Hailey's career in the Indian civil Service and as an African expert.


Former territorial congressman and stage owner John Hailey claimed several tracts of public land in the Wood River Valley in 1880. US Marshal Eben S. Chase, A.H. Boomer, and W.T. Riley also filed land claims in the area and joined with ...

Author: Robert A. Lonning, Ph.d.

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738588995

Category: History

Page: 127

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When Hailey was founded in 1881, it was one of many boomtowns that sprang up as a result of the lead-silver rush in the northwestern United States. The city was named for John Hailey, a successful entrepreneur who operated a freight hauling business before the railroad reached the Wood River Valley. The new town's strategic location--in proximity to surrounding, rich lead-silver deposits and at the junction of the Wood River and Croy and Quigley Canyons--allowed Hailey to become a bustling center of commerce and mining. Over the years, Hailey grew and changed with the rise and fall of the local mining and sheepherding industries. In recent years, Hailey has reinvented itself yet again, with tourism as the mainstay of the local economy. More than 130 years after its founding, Hailey remains a vibrant and energetic community in the heart of the Wood River Valley.

Hailey s Comet

Hailey being the shy girl she was in those days, looked at the guys, but not in detail and years later, learned Will had been an apprentice carpenter periodically taking him to that park. Eventually Hailey met Will at a Dance at one of ...

Author: T. J. Stone

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481724401

Category: Fiction

Page: 186

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Hailey's Comet is about a woman who can take two paths in life. If she marries Will Greenly she takes one path, if she marries Jefferson Hanson she takes the other path. Which path would you choose? Hailey was at a point in her life where everybody and everything seemed off. She was unhappy and did not know why, for in the real world she would be considered to have the good life. Yet in time, the shadow void of the great abyss of the dark hole came over her in a great wave of loneliness. Now Hailey must find the path to her heart and soul, and you will be with her as she takes the Comet ride of her life.

Hailey s Hero

Hailey's stomach knotted, and nausea surged with a vengeance. “I don't drink coffee anymore,” was the only excuse she could muster. “Then have tea. Or juice,” Nick supplied. Hailey wanted to kick him in the shins.

Author: Judy Duarte

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459224728

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE IN HEROES Hailey Conway believed in making a good, predictable life for herself. Until San Diego detective Nick Granger saved her from a mugger and swept her off her feet—and into bed. Their steamy one-night stand was almost enough to melt the snow that had stranded them together…and then they said goodbye. Except Nick's dark eyes and whispered endearments haunted Hailey's dreams, and continued to set her world on edge. For their night together had conceived more than insatiable passion. They had a baby on the way. And when Hailey shared her secret, she knew the rugged rebel might break her heart…unless he became the hero who saved it.

Hailey s Truth

Hailey was well-loved wherever the group went. This was the third stop of their day, and no matter the situation, people were drawn to her. How could they not be? Here was her passion. Here was her gift. The family Hailey currently ...

Author: Cate Beauman

Publisher: Cate Beauman

ISBN: 9780989569620

Category: Fiction

Page: 434

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Hailey Roberts has never had it easy. Despite the scars of a tragic childhood, she's made a life for herself. As a part-time student and loving nanny, she yearns for a family of her own and reluctant Austin Casey, Ethan Cooke Security's best close protection agent.Hailey's past comes back to haunt her when her long lost brother tracks her down, bringing his dangerous secrets with him. At an emotional crossroads, Hailey accepts a humanitarian opportunity that throws her together with Austin, taking her hundreds of miles from her troubles, or so she thinks.What starts out as a dream come true quickly becomes a nightmare as violence erupts on the island of Cozumel. Young women are disappearing, community members are dying'and the carnage links back to her brother. As Austin struggles to keep Hailey's past from destroying her future, he's forced to make a decision that could turn her against him, or worse cost them both their lives.

Lord Hailey the Colonial Office and Politics of Race and Empire in the Second World War

Cell, Hailey, p. 4. Hailey referred to his work as 'complex social graduations properly adjusted', India Office Library, Hailey MSS. Eur. E/220/6c, p. 342. 'As a press communiqué of 1914 put it, selecting colonists from the landless ...

Author: S. Wolton

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230514768

Category: History

Page: 221

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The book studies the Anglo-American debate in which British officials led by Lord Hailey, countered American criticisms of imperial rule by emphasizing economic development and peace-keeping as new, non-racial justifications for western authority. These are themes that have retained a powerful resonance in the post-war world.

Hailey s Haven

He followed Hailey's line of kids inside. If she noticed him, she didn't let on. “I smell fries,” one of the kids said. “I'm hungry!” “You'll be getting lunch back at the day care,” Hailey assured them as she stood like a sentinel ...

Author: Laura Scott

Publisher: Laura Iding

ISBN: 9781949144499

Category: Fiction


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A safe place to call home... After escaping her abusive foster parents thirteen years ago, Hailey Donovan thought her nightmare was over. Gatlinburg Tennessee had been a safe place to live, until she’s nearly hit by gunfire while hiking the Smoky Mountains. Her instincts are to avoid law enforcement, especially handsome Park Ranger Rock Wilson, but when more gunfire echoes around them, they’re forced to stay together to escape. More attempts against Hailey convinces her to leave the city and start over someplace new. Rock talks her into staying to fight the unknown assailant. Rock senses Hailey has been traumatized in the past, and is determined to uncover the mystery surrounding her. As Hailey and Rock seek the truth behind the escalating attacks, Rock realizes he’s also in danger of losing his heart. Can Rock provide Hailey the safe haven she desperately needs?

Hailey Needs Help

A few days later, the whore put her forehead against Hailey's. "Don't hate me," the whore whispered. Hailey was shocked. Hate? How could she hate her coolest friend? The whore hid her face. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Author: Huck Pilgrim

Publisher: Huck Pilgrim Presents


Category: Health & Fitness


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You never forget your best friend! Hailey meets another girl who is wild and free. She introduces Hailey to the secrets of finding new boys and getting men to provide all sorts of things. Hailey’s brother forbids her to hang out with this new friend, but Hailey doesn’t always listen to her brother. Soon Hailey learns this new friend hides a dark secret. This secret leads to trouble and forbidden adventures that Hailey could never have foreseen. In a few short years, Hailey will need some help. But for right now, her body is pure, her motivation entirely reasonable.

When Mac Met Hailey

With sleek auburn hair and perfect skin, wearing a hunter green sweater set that Hailey knew Pam would salivate over. The beauty hesitated for only a second, then a dazzling smile lit her features as her gaze met Hailey's.

Author: Celeste Hamilton

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459281059

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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He needs a wife. No—he needs a Saturday-night sexpot! Shame on you!—he needs a mom for his daughter! What single dad Mac Williams really needs is for his nosy friends and family to butt out! But he does flip through his very dusty, very little black book: Hailey Porter: 555-9372 ☆☆☆☆☆ One Hot Number! Yeah, but that was eight years ago. Who knows what Hailey's like now? Maybe she's nine months pregnant. Maybe she hates him! Maybe she's…about to walk through the door….

Hailey Heartwell

The girl looked at Hailey and said "Hi" Hailey looked shocked was caught by surprise The girl chuckled and said "I was talking to you." Hailey replied, "Hello. How do you do?" The girl replied, "My name is Ava and I'm new to this school ...

Author: GellaWorks Group

Publisher: GellaWorks Group


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 41

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Meet Hailey Heartwell written by a family under the GellaWorks Group, kicks off a new family book series inspired by school events. The book illustrations are from artistic works of an eight year old girl who loves to draw. In this book, Hailey stops being the shy girl at school and meets two new friends. At first, Hailey was afraid to meet her heart but soon learns her heart will always help her. With her new best friend, Ava, Hailey now feels she belongs at school. Sutiable for children ages 5 to 8.

Hailey Walker and the Secret of the Freedom Trail

By the time Hailey got home from practice, the rest of the Walker family was already there getting ready for dinner. Normally, dinners ranged from fast food in front of the TV to Mac and Cheese in front of the TV.

Author: E. j. Montgomery

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781608449583

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 204

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Hailey Walker s predictable life of school, track and home is about to be turned upside down when her father accepts a job that sends the whole family south for the summer. Along with her best friend, Alison, and the rest of the Walker family, Hailey heads to North Carolina for a summer full of horseback riding, swimming, and, oh, yes, solving the Mystery of the Freedom Trail. While helping at a church yard sale, Hailey finds a notebook that was written by a dead man. It contains riddles that promise to lead to treasure. Will Hailey and her friends be able to decode the clues and find the treasure? Where is the Freedom trail? What secrets and dangers does it hold? The story, as well as the trail, has many twists and turns. They not only find adventure, but also learn that there is more to the mystery than just a treasure-much more."

Hailey s War

Hailey got shot,” Serena told them. “Twice.” “For real?” Risky said with disbelief. I stood from the couch, listing slightly before getting my balance. I lifted up my shirt, revealing the angry, corrugated reddish marks.

Author: Jodi Compton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781847379900

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Twenty-four-year-old Hailey Cain has dropped out of the US Military Academy for reasons she won't reveal. She has had to leave Los Angeles and it would be too big a risk for her to return. Now working as a bike messenger in San Francisco, Hailey keeps a low profile, until her high school best friend Serena Delgadillo makes a call that will turn her whole life upside-down. Serena is the head of an all-female gang on the rough streets of LA. She wants Hailey to escort the cousin of a recently murdered gang member across the border to Mexico. It's a mission that will nearly cost Hailey her life, causing her to choose more than once between loyalty and lawlessness, and forcing her to confront two very big secrets in her past...

Hailey and the Castle

Hailey was shocked to know that just as she wished she could live the life Alex did, that he was thinking at the same moments and wishing he lived the simple life she did. Just then Hailey realized that although she didn't have all the ...

Author: Jozette Lucero

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434902344


Page: 32

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Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch

“Sorry, Hailey,” she says. “But I cannot control my magic.” “Where is my meat?” Cousin Angela says. And then she bursts right into tears. She is crying very loud. And getting wet tears all over her napkin. “What is wrong, Angela?

Author: Lauren Barnholdt

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402246005

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

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"This wholly satisfying trek embodies the typical Hailey-ism: 'very fun and funny.'" Kirkus Hailey Twitch wants to have fun, fun, FUN! Hailey has a secret. She has a friend named Maybelle that no one else can see. Hailey has the most fab, fab, fabulous news! She will be the flower girl in her cousin's wedding - and wear sparkly shoes. Hailey is sure to need help from Maybelle. But now that Maybelle has finally gotten control of her magic, she might be leaving! Will Hailey and Maybelle make it through the wedding without a big disaster? Or will the two friends have to say good-bye forever?

Hailey Twitch Is Not a Snitch

Hailey, PLEASE,” she says. “This is a very big emergency.” And then I realize she means business. “Excuse me, please,” I say politely to Russ and Addie. And then I ask Miss Stephanie if I can please go to the bathroom. “What?

Author: Lauren Barnholdt

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402245978

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

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Meet Hailey Twitch. She's just like you. Well, sort of. She loves pink sparkly pencils and ice cream. But Hailey also has a secret: she's friends with Maybelle, a sprite that only she can see. Hailey and Maybelle are having fun, fun, fun. But they're also getting into lots of trouble! Can Hailey keep her friend a secret or will she have to tell?

Hailey Twitch and the Great Teacher Switch

Hailey!” my mom says. “Sorry,” I say. But Edgar Frisk just laughs. I have never seen him laugh before! It is a very deep laugh, and his whole eyebrows are moving up and down. “You are right, Hailey,” he says. “I shouldn't interrupt.

Author: Lauren Barnholdt

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 140224598X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 176

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Hailey Twitch has a secret. She has a friend named Maybelle-a sprite that no one else can see. Hailey's class is performing a play that is fun, fun, fun! Hailey wants to be the star. But when a substitute teacher takes over the class, he makes the play BORING! Hailey needs Maybelle's help. But Maybelle still doesn't have her magic back. How will She help Hailey this time?

Sadliers Catholic Directory Almanac and Ordo

Bayhorse , Custer Co. , attended from Hailey . Bellevue , Logan Co. , Church of St. Francis Xavier , attended from Hailey . Blackfoot , Bingham Co , attended from Pocatello . Bonanza , Custer Co. , attended from Hailey . Broadford .



ISBN: WISC:89064466907

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"With a full report of the various dioceses in the United States and British North America, and a list of archbishops, bishops, and priests in Ireland.