Telling the Stories of Life Through Guided Autobiography Groups

Birren has conducted more than twenty-five years of autobiography groups, where participants recall, write, and share their life stories.

Author: James E. Birren

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 0801866332

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Birren has conducted more than twenty-five years of autobiography groups, where participants recall, write, and share their life stories. He offers "how-to" tips for organizing, complementing, and understanding oral history works. He finds that the exercise is rewarding for adults entering periods of transitions, such as the elderly population, and encourages the sharing of experiences with others on the same journey.

Working with Older Adults Group Process and Technique

Guided autobiography is an effective way to help older adults build greater
understanding and selfworth. “The strength oflife review lies in its ability to help
promote life satisfaction, psychological well-being, and self-esteem” (Butler, 2002

Author: Barbara Haight

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763747701

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First pioneered by Irene Burnside, Working with Older Adults: Group Process and Techniques is now in its Fourth Edition, with new editors and many new contributing authors. By combining interdisciplinary theory and practice, this book introduces students to group work theories, and explains how to modify general theory to meet the needs of older adults, including those who are contending with particular physical and cognitive disabilities. In easily accessible style, with numerous case studies in varying settings (hospitals, nursing homes, residential facilities, day centers, and home care), Working with Older Adults emphasizes group development, structure, process, and evaluating outcomes.


Arts , the Humanities and Older Americans : A Catalogue of pants are asked to
write brief sketches on assigned ... The 1989 edition of Solstice Review is
Guiding Autobiography Groups for Older Adults : Exploring the available for $
5.00 from ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106014312497

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Group Work with the Elderly

Guiding autobiography groups for older adults : Exploring the fabric of life .
Baltimore : The John Hopkins University Press . This book is a practical approach
on how to create and conduct guided autobiography groups . It stresses the ...

Author: Ron H. Aday

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UVA:X004093235

Category: Reference

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A comprehensive bibliography of the literature in the gerontology field, focusing on the health-care problems of the growing elderly population.

Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy with Older Adults

Guiding autobiography groups for older adults : Exploring the fabric of life .
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press . Blankenship , L . , Molinari , V . , &
Kunik , M . ( 1996 ) . The effect of a life review group on the reminiscence
functions of ...

Author: Michael Duffy, Jr.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015047516995

Category: Medical

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Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy with Older Adults Older adults are the fastest-growing segment of society and are entering therapy at an unprecedented rate. Editor Michael Duffy has brought together leading experts in geropsychology and older adult counseling to discuss and offer practice strategies appropriate for this diverse population. The Handbook covers new research findings for clinical treatment, coverage of multiple treatment modalities, and clinical problems confronting older clients, including: Adjusting to role loss, leisure in late life, and retirement Developmental issues in psychotherapy with older men Existential issues of hope and meaning in late life therapy Developing and enhancing the therapeutic alliance with older clients The impact of cultural differences in psychotherapy with older clients Using reminiscence and life review as natural therapeutic strategies in groups Integrated group approaches with early stage Alzheimer's and their families Family disruption after nursing home placement of onset of dementia patients: systemic dynamics and treatment Realizing power in intergenerational family hierarchies: when older adults decline

The Delicate Balance

Case Studies in Counseling and Care Management for Older Adults Berit
Ingersoll-Dayton, Ruth Campbell ... Birren and Deutchman wrote in their book
Guiding Autobiography Groups for Older Adults : Exploring the Fabric of Life , “
Writing ...

Author: Berit Ingersoll-Dayton


ISBN: UOM:39015050812059

Category: Psychology

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The Delicate Balance is a unique and insightful resource for gerontological professionals and students. Discover valuable and poignant lessons in these first-hand accounts of the diverse therapeutic relationships encountered when counseling older adults. Case studies range from traditional to in-home to facility-based settings, serving individuals, couples, groups, or whole family and community systems. Counseling services range from self-discovery courses to formal cognitive restructuring therapy to substance abuse interventions to care management.

An Introduction to Group Work Practice

Skill streaming the elementary school child : A guide for teaching prosocial skills .
Champaign , IL ... Skills for living : Group counseling activities for young
adolescents . Champaign ... Guiding autobiography groups for older adults .
Baltimore ...

Author: Ronald W. Toseland

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 0205376061

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The perfect text for preparing students to work with either treatment (ongoing) or task (special focus) groups, this newly revised edition offers the most up-to-date research and technology available in the social work field. "An Introduction to Group Work Practice, Fifth Edition," continues to stress the importance of developing skills in group-work and provides the most comprehensive information available on the market today. Students receive a thorough grounding in areas that vary from treatment to organizational and community settings. Chapters on the history of groups, group dynamics, group leadership, and diversity help the reader build a solid knowledge base about groups and it apply to real-life social work practice. The addition of new case studies, practice examples, and guiding principles add to the ease and readability of this popular text. New To This Edition Special attention to the problem-solving stages used in social work practice better prepare students for leadership roles in groups. Expanded research-based literature throughout exposes students to more evidence-based practice. More practice problems and short case examples allow students to apply content and obtain feedback, helping to reinforce chapter content. Newly revised material on group dynamics, including information on work with organizations and communities, assessment, group leadership, and diversity students can use in both HBSE, Practice courses and across the baccalaureate curriculum. What Reviewers Are Saying... ""The authors' thorough coverage of this material in an organized format is exactly why I chose this text over others."" Janice G. Wells, Ph.D., Winthrop University ""The readability of all these chapters... is very good for either graduate or undergraduate level. This is certainly one of the most important overall strong points of the text. "" Daniel Liechty, Ph.D., Dmin., ACSW, LCSW, Illinois State University "" An Introduction to Group Work Practice is very comprehensive and well-researched. It has the rigor that I would expect in a substantial treatment of this subject, but the accessibility to the beginning student. It's very informative. "" Matthew R. Buckley, Ed.D., Delta State University ""I believe the text includes virtually everything that should be included in a beginning group work textbook. Its completeness is a great strength. "" Kendra J. Garrett, DSW, University of St. Thomas Students, study smarter--not harder--with these grade-boosting supplements from Allyn & Bacon! Instructors, give your students the extraordinary benefits of these study aids by ordering them packaged with this Allyn & Bacon text. Contact your Allyn & Bacon representative for ordering information. Allyn & Bacon's Career Center offers registered students eight 30-minute sessions with a career specialist. This $25.00 retail value is FREE when packaged with any Social Work textbook. For more information visit Title of related interest from Allyn & Bacon: Toseland/Rivas: "Student Workbook, 5/e" ISBN: 0-205-42995-5

Connecting with Older Adults

BIBLIOGRAPHY American Association of Retired Persons ( AARP ) . ( 1987 ) . ...
Americans in transition : Life changes as reasons for adult learning . New York ...
Guiding autobiography groups for older adults : Exploring the fabric of life .

Author: Paulette T. Beatty


ISBN: UVA:X004096751

Category: Education

Page: 134

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This practical guide provides an overview of current gerontological theory and research, and a summary of the principles of adult education. It aims to provide basic information and practical strategies for a range of practitioners and adult educators.

The Past in the Present

A life review interview guide : A structured systems approach to information
gathering . International ... The group activity form — Is it valid and reliable ?
Journal of ... Guiding autobiography groups for older adults : Exploring the fabric
of life .

Author: Faith Gibson


ISBN: UOM:39015060376970

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Promote or revive your clients' abilities to solve problems, cope more effectively, improve communication and social interactions, and build their self-esteem with the formal and informal reminiscence strategies contained in The Past in the Present. Informed by a life span development perspective, this book offers you richly productive Themes and topics Multisensory triggers that stimulate recall Intergenerational activities Formats for constructing and recording the life story Techniques to unlock therapeutic barriers With these tools, you can help your clients to Tap into their creativity Experience meaningful life review Deepen their relationships with others and value themselves Shed feelings of isolation Become a reminiscence resource for others Internationally acclaimed reminiscence expert Faith Gibson seamlessly combines theory and practical approaches to help you ensure life satisfaction and successful aging in clients at any stage in life and in any setting, whether you are working with them individually, as a couple, or in a small group. Learn how people with dementia can benefit from using reminiscence. In addition, for the first time, this book elucidates how reminiscence can be used as a dynamic tool for staff development, improving the delivery of care by and skills of direct care staff. Practical strategies are enhanced by photocopiable forms and charts that assist in accountability, dozens of case examples from diverse populations and programs in the U.S. and abroad, a 20th century time line, an international resource list, and a comprehensive reminiscence bibliography. The Past in the Present is an essential reminiscence resource for nursing staff and paraprofessionals, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, activity directors, recreation therapists, professionals providing training programs for volunteers and family caregivers, community groups, and school and college programs providing community service and intergenerational outreach. Instructors in gerontology and related disciplines will find this an insightful, essential addition to their curricula.

Oral History

This approach is outlined by the Canadian James Birren in his book Guiding
Autobiography Groups for Older Adults ( John Hopkins University Press , 1991 ) .
Participants in an adult education setting select a theme which they want to
explore ...



ISBN: UOM:39015042029275

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Saving Our Stories

A leader ' s guide accompanies this tenweek study . James E . Birren , associate
director for the UCLA Center on Aging and author of Guiding Autobiography
Groups for Older Adults , writes , “ There is little doubt that the churches are an
ideal ...

Author: Richard Lyon Morgan

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 066450082X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 50

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Foucault and Aging

Telling the Stories of Life through Guided Autobiography Groups . Baltimore :
Johns Hopkins . Birren , J . and Deutchman , D . E . ( 1991 ) . Guiding
Autobiography Groups for Older Adults : Exploring the Fabric of Life . Baltimore :
Johns Hopkins ...

Author: Jason L. Powell

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UVA:X030107004

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 211

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This book is concerned with demonstrating the relevance and application of Michel Foucault's work to an understanding of human ageing. The diverse range of arguments in the book identifies the ways in which 'ageing' has been organised, shaped and positioned through both knowledge systems and social processes, which impinge on the social construction of ageing. Whilst there has been an escalating array of fields influenced by Foucault's work, ageing has been under-theorised. Indeed, the wide subject matter of Foucault's scholarly work has developed path breaking yet critical perspectives on psychiatry, medicine, punishment, crime and sexuality. The essence of this particular book is that it raises the question of what gerontology as a discipline can learn from Foucauldian approaches. This international volume demonstrates that deployment of Foucauldian theory to gerontological contexts has facilitated disruptions and ruptures of both the meta-narratives inscribed within gerontology: as both discipline and policy, and the ontological status of its subjects.

Working with Older Adults

Guided autobiography is an effective way to help older adults build greater
understanding and self - worth . In guided autobiography , participants typically
write and share with the guided autobiography group nine separate two - page ...

Author: Irene Mortenson Burnside

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015032179684

Category: Medical

Page: 414

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Rev ed of "Working with the elderly."

Promoting Health and Wellness in Underserved Communities

Guiding autobiography groups for older adults : Exploring the fabric of life .
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press . Black , J. , Kelly , J. & Rice , S. (
2005 ) . A model of group work in retirement communities . In B. Haight & F.
Gibson ( Eds ...

Author: Anabel O. Pelham

Publisher: Stylus Pub Llc

ISBN: UOM:39076002910649

Category: Education

Page: 220

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Starting from the premise that our health status, vulnerability to accidents and disease, and life spans - as individuals and communities - are determined by the organization, delivery, and financing (or lack thereof) of health care, this book explores how educators and community caretakers teach the complex web of inter-connection between the micro level of individual health and well-being and the macro level of larger social structures. Through the lenses of courses in anthropology, ESL, gerontology, management information systems, nursing, nutrition, psychology, public health, and sociology, the contributors offer examples of intergenerational and interdisciplinary practice, and share cutting-edge academic creativity to model how to employ community service learning to promote social change.

Reminiscence Reviewed

( 1992 ) How should we measure the effects of groupwork with adults with
learning difficulties ? Part One , Clinical ... Birren , J . E . and Deutchman , D . E . (
1991 ) Guiding Autobiography Groups for Older Adults . London : Johns Hopkins

Author: Joanna Bornat


ISBN: UVA:X002421712

Category: Social Science

Page: 148

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Evaluates the use of reminiscence and recall in caring situations, bringing together work by psychologists, gerontologists, social workers, nurses and community workers - who have first hand experience of reminiscence work.


For practical strategies in working with the elderly in groups , see Inpatient Group
Psychotherapy ( Yalom , 1983 ) . It has especially good ... Guiding autobiography
groups for older adults : Exploring the fabric of life . Baltimore : The Johns ...

Author: Marianne Schneider Corey

Publisher: Brooks/Cole

ISBN: UOM:39015038113414

Category: Group counseling

Page: 454

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Drawing on their extensive clinical experience in training group leaders, the Coreys provide a clear, personal, hands-on resource filled with examples, guidelines, insights, and ideas that show how one can apply the basic issues and key concepts of group process to working with a variety of groups. Case examples and samples of dialogue between group members and the leaders are included.


A study that examines the functions of autobiography in the health sciences is
James E . Birren and Donna E . Deutchman , Guiding Autobiography Groups for
Older Adults : Exploring the Fabric of Life ( Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University ...

Author: James Goodwin

Publisher: Twayne Pub

ISBN: UVA:X002437088

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 175

View: 549


Goodwin (English, UCLA) establishes the importance of autobiography to both literature and social history, discussing such diverse topics as the American success paradigm, the relationship between literacy and liberation in African-American society, the use of the third person in autobiography, and the importance of the genre in the emergence of cultures and social groups traditionally confined to minority status. Includes close studies of several French and American works, and a bibliographic essay. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


J. E. Birren and D. E. Deutchman, Guiding Autobiography Groups for Older Adults
: Exploring the Fabric of Life, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore,
Maryland, 1991. 52. B. de Vries, J. E. Birren, and D. E. Deutchman, Adult
Development ...



ISBN: UOM:39015046790674

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