A Handbook of Greek and Roman Coins

G . MACDONALD : Catalogue of Greek Coins in the Hunterian Collection ,
University of Glasgow . Vol . I ( Italy , Sicily , Macedon , Thrace , and Thessaly ) .
Glasgow , 1899 . T . E . MIONNET : Description de Médailles antiques grecques
et ...

Author: Sir George Francis Hill


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A first Greek reader for use at Eton

... ruts of the timehonoured track admit of no smoothing . We have before noticed
Mr . Fowle ' s sensible plan of teaching grammar and construing , whether Latin
or Greek , in moderate and consecutive instalments , as the pupil can bear them ...

Author: Edmund Fowle


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The text explores the tension between written varieties and evolving forms of the vernacular and the resultant 2000 years of diglossia – the ever-growing gulf between what was said and what was written, and the linguistic consequences.

Author: Geoffrey Horrocks

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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Greek: A History of the Language and its Speakers, SecondEdition reveals the trajectory of the Greek language from theMycenaean period of the second millennium BC to the current day. • Offers a complete linguistic treatment of thehistory of the Greek language • Updated second edition features increased coverage ofthe ancient evidence, as well as the roots and development ofdiglossia • Includes maps that clearly illustrate the distributionof ancient dialects and the geographical spread of Greek in theearly Middle Ages

Ladies Greek

she was enchanted by the “spell” of Greek, experiencing the language as a
physical sensation with a “hot-cold shiver of delight” So also Woolf was
enchanted by Greek, as she recalled later in life: “How powerful the spell is still—

Author: Yopie Prins

Publisher: Princeton University Press

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In Ladies' Greek, Yopie Prins illuminates a culture of female classical literacy that emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century, during the formation of women's colleges on both sides of the Atlantic. Why did Victorian women of letters desire to learn ancient Greek, a "dead" language written in a strange alphabet and no longer spoken? In the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, they wrote "some Greek upon the margin—lady's Greek, without the accents." Yet in the margins of classical scholarship they discovered other ways of knowing, and not knowing, Greek. Mediating between professional philology and the popularization of classics, these passionate amateurs became an important medium for classical transmission. Combining archival research on the entry of women into Greek studies in Victorian England and America with a literary interest in their translations of Greek tragedy, Prins demonstrates how women turned to this genre to perform a passion for ancient Greek, full of eros and pathos. She focuses on five tragedies—Agamemnon, Prometheus Bound, Electra, Hippolytus, and The Bacchae—to analyze a wide range of translational practices by women and to explore the ongoing legacy of Ladies' Greek. Key figures in this story include Barrett Browning and Virginia Woolf, Janet Case and Jane Harrison, Edith Hamilton and Eva Palmer, and A. Mary F. Robinson and H.D. The book also features numerous illustrations, including photographs of early performances of Greek tragedy at women's colleges. The first comparative study of Anglo-American Hellenism, Ladies' Greek opens up new perspectives in transatlantic Victorian studies and the study of classical reception, translation, and gender.

An elementary grammar of the Greek language tr by J H Millard

s Elementary Greek Works , Lexicons , Grammars , & c . BRASSE ' S CREEK
GRADUS . A Greek Gradus ; or , a Greek , Latin , and English Prosodial Lexicon :
containing the Interpretation , in Latin and English , of all words which occur in
the ...

Author: Raphael Kühner


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Early Greek Ethics

11 There remains , however , widespread agreement , whether explicit or implicit
, regarding both the role that ethnographic thought played in Greek selfdefinition
and the relationship between this and any wider discourse relating to matters ...

Author: David Conan Wolfsdorf

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Early Greek Ethics is the first volume devoted to philosophical ethics in its "formative" period. It explores contributions from the Presocratics, figures of the early Pythagorean tradition, sophists, and anonymous texts, as well as topics influential to ethical philosophical thought such as Greek medicine, music, friendship, and justice.

A Greek Reader

Selected Chiefly from Jacobs' Greek Reader : Adapted to Bullions' Greek
Grammar : with an Introduction on the Idioms of the Greek Language, Notes
Critical and Explanatory, and an Improved Lexicon Friedrich Jacobs, Peter

Author: Friedrich Jacobs


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A Brief History of Greek Philosophy

00 Seven against Thebes . 1 . CO Anacreontics . . . 35 Goodwin : Greek Grammar
. . 1 . 50 Greek Reader . . 1 . 50 Greek Moods and Tenses 1 . 50 Selections from
Xenophon and Herodotus 1 . 50 Goodwin & White : Anabasis , with vocabulary .

Author: Benjamin Chapman Burt


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Exercises on the Syntax of the Greek Language

They introduced , as conquerors , the Greek cultivation and refinement among
the conquered barbarians . Here also the Greek was spoken and written , not
however without some peculiarities of form , which the grammarians
denominated ...

Author: William Neilson


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Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament

Those in -iah , or -jah , a form of the name of the Supreme Being , JEHOVAH , are
rendered into Greek by -las : as ' HAías , Elijah ; ' Hoatas , Isaiah . These ,
however , take a genitive in ov . ( Megolas , Anointed , is of a different derivation .
) d .

Author: Samuel Gosnell Green


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First Greek book containing exercises and reading lessons

The principal use of the genitive case in Greek is the same as in Latin ; that is ,
substantives in the genitive serve to define other substantives just as adjectives
do : it is used also after numerous adjectives and verbs . The Greek genitive is
used ...

Author: John Robson (B.A.)


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Schrevelius Lexicon in Greek and English for the Use of Colleges and Schools to which is Added

ελλός . ΕΑΠΓΣ , ίδος , ή , hope , expectLatins retained . Ελλύχνιον , ου , τo , the
wick of a ation , desire , trust , confidence , Ελληνίζω , to imitate the Greeks , lamp
: fr . έν , λύχνος . | dread , thought ; dat . pl . ελπίσι . use the Greek language ; f .
ίσω ...

Author: Cornelis Schrevel


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Catalogue of Greek Coins

5 , 6 ) is perhaps Ares — the Greek war - god being chosen in opposition to the
Roman war - god Mars . Dionysiac types are frequent at Amisus , and the head of
Dionysos is often assimilated to that of Mithradates himself ( pl . iji . 8 , 9 ) .

Author: British Museum. Department of Coins and Medals


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Early Ancient History Or the Ante Greek Period as it Appears to

CALAMITIES OF THE ASIATIC GREEKS . 249 empire she meant the Lydian , not
the Persian empire ; and that with the liveliest desire to befriend Crosus , she
could not have prevented his ruin , for even the gods must fulfil their destiny .

Author: Henry Menzies


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