Greek Elegiac Poetry

"This volume aims at providing a text and translation of the elegiac poets contained in the second edition of M.L. West's two volumes, 'Iambi et elegi Graeci' (Oxford 1989 and 1992).

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"This volume aims at providing a text and translation of the elegiac poets contained in the second edition of M.L. West's two volumes, 'Iambi et elegi Graeci' (Oxford 1989 and 1992). For various reasons, however, a number of poets have been omitted."--p. vii.

Extracts from the Greek Elegiac Poets

A poem written in this metre is called #eyela ; and the subjects of these poems , as we have them in the Greek Elegiac Poets , are of every variety , but treated with reference to the poet himself , and the friends with whom he ...

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The Stanzaic Architecture of Early Greek Elegy

... ̈ve' but ultimately fundamental questions they put to me about the poetic form of early Greek elegiac poetry: What is the typical length of an elegiac poem in the archaic period? Are any of the surviving fragments complete poems?

Author: Christopher A. Faraone

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In this study of poetic form in early Greek elegy, Christopher A. Faraone argues against the prevailing assumption that it was a genre of stichic poetry derived from or dependent on epic verse. Faraone emphasizes the fact that early elegiac poets composed their songs to the tune of an aulos (a kind of oboe) and used a five-couplet stanza as a basic unit of composition. He points out how knowledge of the elegiac stanza can give us insight into how these poets alternated between stanzas of exhortation and meditation, used co-ordinated pairs of stanzas to construct lengthy arguments about excellence or proper human government, and created generic set pieces that they could deploy in longer compositions. Faraone's close analysis of nearly all the important elegiac fragments will greatly enhance understanding and appreciation of this poetic genre.

Greek Poetry Elegiac and Lyric Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

These shorter forms are conventionally divided into lyric, elegy, and iambos by modern scholars. This entry deals only with elegy and lyric. ELEGIAC POETRY Like other ancient Greek generic terms, “elegy” is difficult to define; ...

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Studies in Greek Elegy and Iambus

Chalc. l. 2] ,', [it] wherever flavor; is used in the fifth century, it has the very distinct meaning 'lament'. It is possible to find one or two elegiac poems that might be described as laments {Archil. 9-13, Simon. it-3, A1-chel.

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In der 1968 gegründeten Reihe erscheinen Monographien aus den Gebieten der Griechischen und Lateinischen Philologie sowie der Alten Geschichte. Die Bände weisen eine große Vielzahl von Themen auf: neben sprachlichen, textkritischen oder gattungsgeschichtlichen philologischen Untersuchungen stehen sozial-, politik-, finanz- und kulturgeschichtliche Arbeiten aus der Klassischen Antike und der Spätantike. Entscheidend für die Aufnahme ist die Qualität einer Arbeit; besonderen Wert legen die Herausgeber auf eine umfassende Heranziehung der einschlägigen Texte und Quellen und deren sorgfältige kritische Auswertung.

Greek Elegy and Iambus

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data names: Allan, William, 1970– editor. title: Greek elegy and ... Elegiac poetry, Greek – History and criticism. classification: lcc pa3445.e6 g74 2019 | ddc 881/.01–dc23 LC record ...

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Elegy and iambus are major forms of Greek literature which are crucial to understanding the Archaic and early Classical periods in particular. This edition gathers work by ten poets: two iambic (Semonides and Hipponax), six elegiac (Callinus, Tyrtaeus, Mimnermus, Theognis, Xenophanes, Simonides), and two writing in both forms (Archilochus and Solon). It explores a representative sample of each poet's surviving work, while also highlighting their variety, and provides an up-to-date commentary on major pieces, including recent discoveries such as Simonides' Plataea elegy and Archilochus' Telephus elegy. The wide-ranging Introduction discusses such issues as poet and persona, contexts of performance, and various cultural themes (expansion and contact with foreign cultures, social and political revolution, sexuality and gender, rationalism) as well as language, style, metre, and textual transmission. The volume will be of interest to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to scholars of early Greek literature and cultural history.

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