Charles Dickens s Great Expectations

Great Expectations is at once an elegy for the lost innocence of lower-class rural population—who, like the Gargerys of Rochester, toiled in the countryside of his childhood—and a critical analysis of the broadening gap between illusion ...

Author: Harold Bloom

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Presents an overview of the novel, featuring a biographical sketch of the English author, a list of characters, a summary of the plot, and critical and analytical views of the work.

Great Expectations

The lady won't ride " Very good , sir . ... Then Drummle glanced at me , with an insolent triumph on his great - jowled face that cut me to the heart , dull as he was ... Was that when we had a difference of opinion 156 GREAT EXPECTATIONS .

Author: Charles Dickens




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Great Expectations

So sharp was the distinction between "good girls" and "bad girls" that a woman who appeared in a vice zone might ruin her reputation permanently. Most public amusements were segregated by sex or class or both. Middle-class men and women ...

Author: Elaine Tyler May

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During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the divorce rate in the United States rose by a staggering 2,000 percent. To understand this dramatic rise, Elaine Tyler May studied over one thousand detailed divorce cases. She found that contrary to common assumptions, divorce was not simply a by-product of women's increasing economic and sexual independence, or a rebellion against marriage. Rather, thwarted hopes for fulfillment in the public sphere drove both men and women to wed at a greater rate and to bring higher expectations to their marriages.

The Great Expectations School

“ Your expectations go so low that you start praising the shit out of your kids who can just get through ... I didn't even think about great expectations anymore . a Was Sonandia really an exceptional student , or had I 174 THE GREAT ...

Author: Dan Brown

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Traces the author's turbulent first year working as a teacher of disadvantaged students in the Bronx, describing his difficulties with such challenges as unruly students, absent parents, and a failing administration, obstacles that placed his career choice in question and revealed formidable flaws in the educational system.

Great Expectations

Great Expectations can be seen as a 'hybrid' novel because it blends many different genres. In this section, we will look at several of the major genres used by Dickens to create this unusual work.

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Insight Study Guides are written by experts and cover a range of popular literature, plays and films. Designed to provide insight and an overview about each text for students and teachers, these guides endeavor to develop knowledge and understanding rather than just provide answers and summaries.

Great Expectations


Author: Charles Dickens

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A reissue of the three-volume first book edition (1861) of one of Dickens' greatest novels.

Charles Dickens s Great Expectations

USA 'Great Expectations', 29:35 mins., episode 23 of Favorite Story, host and narrator Ronald Colman (usually True Boardman), announcer George Barclay, story selected by Walter Hampden, NBC (syndicated), 23 July 1946, 9pm.

Author: Mary Hammond

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Great Expectations has had a long, active and sometimes surprising life since its first serialized appearance in All the Year Round between 1 December 1860 and 3 August 1861. In this new publishing and reception history, Mary Hammond demonstrates that while Dickens’s thirteenth novel can tell us a great deal about the dynamic mid-Victorian moment into which it was born, its afterlife beyond the nineteenth-century Anglophone world reveals the full extent of its versatility. Re-assessing generations of Dickens scholarship and using newly discovered archival material, Hammond covers the formative history of Great Expectations' early years, analyses the extent and significance of its global reach, and explores the ways in which it has functioned as literature and stage, TV, film and radio drama from its first appearance to the latest film version of 2012. Appendices include contemporary reviews and comprehensive bibliographies of adaptations and translations. The book is a rich resource for scholars and students of Dickens; of comparative literature; and of publishing, readership, and media history.

Great Expectations

The childhood years of David Copperfield and of Great Expectations's Pip are the most powerful elements of their narratives. And of course there are many lesser yet vividly realized children in Dickens, from Oliver's partner-incrime the ...

Author: Robert Gottlieb

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The strange and varied lives of the ten children of the world's most beloved novelist Charles Dickens, famous for the indelible child characters he created—from Little Nell to Oliver Twist and David Copperfield—was also the father of ten children (and a possible eleventh). What happened to those children is the fascinating subject of Robert Gottlieb's Great Expectations. With sympathy and understanding he narrates the highly various and surprising stories of each of Dickens's sons and daughters, from Kate, who became a successful artist, to Frank, who died in Moline, Illinois, after serving a grim stretch in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Each of these lives is fascinating on its own. Together they comprise a unique window on Victorian England as well as a moving and disturbing study of Dickens as a father and as a man.

Great Expectations

Survey data demonstrate that Division I prospects have a greatly inflated expectation of making it to the majors. Players reaching the big leagues must engage in adaptation to be successful. In facing the challenge of joining a ...

Author: Christopher B. Doob

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In Great Expectations: The Sociology of Survival and Success in Organized Team Sports, sociological analysis proves to be a powerful ally for grasping how the sports world unfolds for team players, providing a range of sociological ideas and concepts that extend throughout the book. The text boxes and class discussion sections help summarize key issues, linking important sociological concepts to the topics at hand. The eight chapters begin with an introduction and then detail athletes’ activities at different stages in their development.

Philip Allan Literature Guide for A Level Great Expectations

Contains the essay 'How we must read Great Expectations'. • Orwell, G. (1968) Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell, Vol. 1, Secker & Warburg. — Contains theessay 'CharlesDickens'. • Page, N.(1979) (ed.) ...

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Written by experienced A-level examiners and teachers who know exactly what students need to succeed, and edited by a chief examiner, Philip Allan Literature Guides (for A-level) are invaluable study companions with exam-specific advice to help you to get the grade you need. This full colour guide includes: - detailed scene summaries and sections on themes, characters, form, structure, language and contexts - a dedicated 'Working with the text' section on how to write about texts for coursework and controlled assessment and how to revise for exams - Taking it further boxes on related books, film adaptations and websites - Pause for thought boxes to get you thinking more widely about the text - Task boxes to test yourself on transformation, analysis, research and comparison activities - Top 10 quotes PLUS FREE REVISION RESOURCES at, including a glossary of literary terms and concepts, revision advice, sample essays with student answers and examiners comments, interactive questions, revision podcasts, flash cards and spider diagrams, links to unmissable websites, and answers to tasks set in the guide.