Good Prose

. . . This is a must read for nonfiction writers.”—Library Journal “As approachable and applicable as any writing manual available.”—Associated Press

Author: Tracy Kidder

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780679604723

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NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWS Good Prose is an inspiring book about writing—about the creation of good prose—and the record of a warm and productive literary friendship. The story begins in 1973, in the offices of The Atlantic Monthly, in Boston, where a young freelance writer named Tracy Kidder came looking for an assignment. Richard Todd was the editor who encouraged him. From that article grew a lifelong association. Before long, Kidder’s The Soul of a New Machine, the first book the two worked on together, had won the Pulitzer Prize. It was a heady moment, but for Kidder and Todd it was only the beginning of an education in the art of nonfiction. Good Prose explores three major nonfiction forms: narratives, essays, and memoirs. Kidder and Todd draw candidly, sometimes comically, on their own experience—their mistakes as well as accomplishments—to demonstrate the pragmatic ways in which creative problems get solved. They also turn to the works of a wide range of writers, novelists as well as nonfiction writers, for models and instruction. They talk about narrative strategies (and about how to find a story, sometimes in surprising places), about the ethical challenges of nonfiction, and about the realities of making a living as a writer. They offer some tart and emphatic opinions on the current state of language. And they take a clear stand against playing loose with the facts. Their advice is always grounded in the practical world of writing and publishing. Good Prose—like Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style—is a succinct, authoritative, and entertaining arbiter of standards in contemporary writing, offering guidance for the professional writer and the beginner alike. This wise and useful book is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to read good books and longs to write one. Praise for Good Prose “Smart, lucid, and entertaining.”—The Boston Globe “You are in such good company—congenial, ironic, a bit old-school—that you’re happy to follow [Kidder and Todd] where they lead you.”—The Wall Street Journal “[A] well-structured, to-the-point, genuinely useful, and fun-to-read guide to writing narrative nonfiction, essays, and memoir . . . Crisp, informative, and mind-expanding.”—Booklist “A gem . . . The finer points of creative nonfiction are molded into an inspiring read that will affect the would-be writer as much as Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird or Stephen King’s On Writing. . . . This is a must read for nonfiction writers.”—Library Journal “As approachable and applicable as any writing manual available.”—Associated Press

Qualities of Good Prose

Qualities of Good Prose provides students with practical, applicable advice for becoming better writers and the keys to writing with clarity, precision, and style.

Author: Teresa Thonney

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

ISBN: 0321091167

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Qualities of Good Prose provides students with practical, applicable advice for becoming better writers and the keys to writing with clarity, precision, and style. Other books on the market give instructors all they could ever want, along with much they will never use at a high price for students. Compact, direct and packed with practical advice, The Qualities of Good Prose does what a college composition textbook should do: teach students how to write better.

Prose Style a Handbook for Writers

If the revising is done wellwhether in the mind before writing , or after writing a
first draft , or more commonly both - the result is good prose . In this chapter we
will illustrate and describe these two classes of writing , mere writing and good
prose ...

Author: Wilfred Stone


ISBN: UOM:39015004722719

Category: English language

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Writing Prose

In short , our assumption is this : the student of composition should study good
prose to learn to write good prose . There is nothing new or revolutionary in
learning to write by close analysis and imitation . In one form or another this
method has ...

Author: Thomas S. Kane

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: STANFORD:36105007517787

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Sin and Syntax

Whether you’re writing to sell, shock, or just sing, Sin and Syntax—now celebrating 20 years in print—is the guide you need to improve your command of the English language.

Author: Constance Hale

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780385346931

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

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A fully revised and updated edition with writing prompts and challenges in every chapter Today’s writers need more spunk than Strunk: whether it's the Great American e-mail, Madison Avenue advertising, or Grammy Award-winning rap lyrics, memorable writing must jump off the page. Copy veteran Constance Hale is on a mission to make creative communication, both the lyrical and the unlawful, an option for everyone. With its crisp, witty tone, Sin and Syntax covers grammar’s ground rules while revealing countless unconventional syntax secrets (such as how to use—Gasp!—interjections or when to pepper your prose with slang) that make for sinfully good writing. Discover how to: *Distinguish between words that are “pearls” and words that are “potatoes” * Avoid “couch potato thinking” and “commitment phobia” when choosing verbs * Use literary devices such as onomatopoeia, alliteration, and metaphor (and understand what you're doing) Everyone needs to know how to write stylish prose—students, professionals, and seasoned writers alike. Whether you’re writing to sell, shock, or just sing, Sin and Syntax—now celebrating 20 years in print—is the guide you need to improve your command of the English language.

Masters of Nineteenth Century Prose

Something must have been gained by this practice , as it is friendly to one
property of all good poetry , namely , good sense : but it has necessarily cut me
off from a large portion of phrases and figures of speech which from father to son
have ...

Author: Joseph John Reilly


ISBN: UCAL:$B27536

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Good Words

sense which the great Roman critic represents asl the basis of all good writing,
the poet need not be afraid that he shall not “succeed as a prosewriter." At all
events, it is futile to speculate in the face of facts. The prose of Cowley and of ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924066196829

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My Country and My People

V . PROSE Sat . There was very little good prose in the classical Chinese
literature . This statement perhaps sounds ... There are many samples of high -
flown , rhetorical prose , excellent in their way and possessing great virtuosity ;
there are ...

Author: Yutang Lin

Publisher: New York, Reynal

ISBN: UOM:39015054016947

Category: China

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Working with Prose

He uses his awareness of the different natures and purposes of the different
types of prose to further his understanding and enjoyment of what he reads . He
experiences good writing as a single , meaningful whole , a blend of elements
which ...

Author: Otto Reinert


ISBN: UIUC:30112067060993

Category: American literature

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Appreciation Painting Poetry and Prose

The word “ poetic ” is often used to mean “ fanciful " or " dreamy , ” just as “
prosaic ” is used to mean “ dull ” or “ pedestrian ” ; but good poetry is not fanciful
or dreamy for the most part . It is substantial , just as good prose is far other than
dull or ...

Author: Leo Stein


ISBN: UOM:39015031948055

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The Prose Works of William Wordsworth

wrote good purc English . He quite agreed to the saying that all great pocts wrote
good prose ; he said there was not one exception . He does not think Burns's
prose equal to his verse , but this he attributes to his writing his letters in English ...

Author: William Wordsworth


ISBN: WISC:89013286364

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The Living Age

form itself to the law of prose likewise . I thoroughly than any English poet had
The classic verse of French poetry was known them since Milton . Milton was the
Alexandrine , a measure favorable to a survivor from the great age of pothe ...



ISBN: CHI:55226516

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British Poetry and Prose

All this means that poetry and literary prose must be read with the ear as well as
the eye . One must be conscious of the sounds as well as the meanings . It is a
good exercise , now and then , to read a passage actually aloud , if you can do so

Author: Paul Robert Lieder


ISBN: OSU:32435077087047

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Select Poetry Prose

It is , indeed , worthy of remark that all our great poets have been good prose
writers , as Chaucer , Spenser , Milton ; and this probably arose from their just
sense of metre . For a true poet will never confound verse and prose ; whereas it
is ...

Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Publisher: London : The Nonesuch Press

ISBN: UOM:39015066087225


Page: 844

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Prose and Poetry for Appreciation

He , too , made a great prose contribution . More's Utopia , pointing the way
toward an ideal state of society , quickened the thoughts of men of his time and
those of men who came after him . English Literature Reaches Great Heights
Edmund ...

Author: Hiram Ward McGraw


ISBN: IND:30000063818607

Category: American literature

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Uncollected Prose of James Stephens 1916 48

When you lean on the spirit of it, poetry carries you; but in prose you have to walk
every step, every foot of the way and rely upon your own thought. Therefore it is
much more difficult to write good prose than good verse. In verse the subject ...

Author: James Stephens


ISBN: 0333325176

Category: Literature

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Purposive Prose

GOOD COMPANY Philip Stanhope , Earl of Chesterfield Perhaps there are no
specific types of people to be comprehended under the term “ good company ” ;
yet people who would fit Chesterfield ' s definition would have certain qualities in

Author: James Fitz-James Fullington


ISBN: UOM:39015062753432

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