The Twin Horse Gods

Some Indian thinkers felt that the Asvins as a pair represented the twilight, so they could be analysed separately as gods of night and day. The nighttime twin was the son of Vivasvant (later worshipped as a sun-god) and Vasa ̄ti ...

Author: Henry John Walker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857724410

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The twin deities known by the ancient Greeks as the Dioskouroi, and by the Romans as the Gemini, were popular figures in the classical world. They were especially connected with youth, low status and service, and were embraced by the common people in a way that eluded those gods associated with regal magnificence or the ruling classes. Despite their popularity, no dedicated study has been published on the horse gods for over a hundred years. Henry John Walker here addresses this neglect. His comparative study traces the origins, meanings and applications of the twin divinities to social and ritual settings in Greece, Vedic India (where the brothers named Castor and Pollux were revered as Indo-European gods called the Asvins), Etruria and classical Rome. He demonstrates, for example, that since the Dioskouroi were regarded as being halfway between gods and men, so young Spartans - undergoing a fierce and rigorous military training - saw themselves as standing midway between animal and human. Such creative interpretations of the myth thus played a central role in the culture and society of antiquity.

God s Horse and The Atheists School

Our feet sank into it softly and made a gurgling sound as we lifted them. Mother's shoe got sucked into the mud. She didn't stop. “Andzia, your shoe!” Nusia turned around. “Oh, God! A German!” A German on horseback was on the hill, ...

Author: Wilhelm Dichter

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 9780810127937

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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE God's Horse (1996) and The Atheists' School (1999), Wilhelm Dichter's novelistic memoirs, are both striking for their spare, precise prose and for the fullness with which they inhabit the perspectives of, respectively, a young boy trying to survive the Holocaust in hiding and an adolescent in the turbulent world of post-war Poland. The books openly address a rarely documented phenomenon – a Jew who, having escaped death in Nazi-occupied Poland, ascends into the upper echelons of Polish society as a committed Communist. After the war, the narrator becomes the stepson of a rising star in the petroleum ministry. He tries to gain acceptance by becoming a propagandist, but he can't help wondering if those who constantly warn of a renewal of Jewish persecution may be right.

The Horse God Built

a a An outrider is a traffic - cop - cum - rescuer , there to see that exercise riders obey the rules and respect one another's space , there to save them when the horse gods rule against them during the faint light of dawn or the harsh ...

Author: Lawrence Scanlan

Publisher: Macmillan

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He was the perfect horse, it was said, "the horse God built." Most of us know the legend of Secretariat, the tall, handsome chestnut racehorse whose string of honors runs long and rich: the only two-year-old ever to win Horse of the Year, in 1972; winner in 1973 of the Triple Crown, his times in all three races still unsurpassed; featured on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated; the only horse listed on ESPN's top fifty athletes of the twentieth century (ahead of Mickey Mantle). His final race at Toronto's Woodbine Racetrack is a touchstone memory for horse lovers everywhere. Yet while Secretariat will be remembered forever, one man, Eddie "Shorty" Sweat, who was pivotal to the great horse's success, has been all but forgotten---until now. In The Horse God Built, bestselling equestrian writer Lawrence Scanlan has written a tribute to an exceptional man that is also a backroads journey to a corner of the racing world rarely visited. As a young black man growing up in South Carolina, Eddie Sweat struggled at several occupations before settling on the job he was born for---groom to North America's finest racehorses. As Secretariat's groom, loyal friend, and protector, Eddie understood the horse far better than anyone else. A wildly generous man who could read a horse with his eyes, he shared in little of the financial success or glamour of Secretariat's wins on the track, but won the heart of Big Red with his soft words and relentless devotion. In Scanlan's rich narrative, we get a groom's-eye view of the racing world and the vantage of a man who spent every possible moment with the horse he loved, yet who often basked in the horse's glory from the sidelines. More than anything else, The Horse God Built is a moving portrait of the powerful bond between human and horse.

One Woman One God and a Horse Named CJ A Love Story

It has helped me understand my God a lot more. I need to keep my heart and ... I know I fail because I am human, but God's grace is always there to pick me back up. “Do not grieve; The joy of ... Horseback riding has meant a lot to me.

Author: Nancy Rose Blomiley

Publisher: WestBow Press

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Happy trails to you until we meet again Having lived in the heart of the Kettle Moraine forest most of my adult life I have enjoyed riding my horse on the beautiful trails. I have sought to find answers for the disappointment and heartbreak I experienced through out so many years. If you are reading this book, you are holding in your hands the story of my life. I don’t have any worldly accomplishments in front or behind my name but what I do have is the experience of wanting to be a great daughter, wife and mother. Wanting this and having this become a reality was two different things. The years spent both as a young girl and a young woman with many emotions to deal with caused me to have a very low self esteem. It was the brokenness that brought me to my knees on that cold January day.

The Excavations at Dura Europos

Still nearer to ancient Iranian ideas is the chariot fighter of the bas - relief of Palmyra which recently came to light.55 Gods on horseback are familiar to the students of ancient religion , and so are gods on horseback hunting wild ...



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Will You Be a Horse for God

influence, which we have identified earlier with God's will rather than our will. ... the bottomless pit, which Cayce says is symbolic of all those things within us that are "the most uncomely," that are far from the presence of God.

Author: Reverend Br Richards. a. i. p. c. [M. A. C. A.


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This book will give you a chance to belong to an elite "Christian Entrepreneurship Group" and comes with a double warning.(proverbs 21:31) a horse prepared for battle.This book will change your life for ever you will start to think like Jesus, and feel like you will never be alone again. As the bible comes alive, with clearity of doctrines.You start to live a life of victory, in faithfulness, vision, and fruitfulness and hope of the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ appearing in the saints.Revbrian a former Pastor of Christian Outreach Center (Hobart) presently registered as "WORD OF FAITH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL" (AUSTRALIA)has been used by God to pioneer over 100 churches throughout the whole of South East China sea & Asia Minor there also free follow videos available with every purchased book & follow up with "Christian Entreprenuership Group" http: //

TRUST What A Horse Taught Me About God

Was I balanced on both feet in life, grounded in God's Truths and applying them to my life? Dear Lord, Thank you for leading me back to this amazing book. Riding is much more than sitting on a horse and being carried around.

Author: Marie Timm

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490835785

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Two months after a new horse was delivered to her ranch, Marie Timm found herself slammed into the corral dirt, barely escaping a flying hoof aimed at her head. Her ribs were badly bruised, a shoulder was nearly broken, and she sustained a mild concussion. Those injuries paled in comparison to the hurt welling up from her heart. Astounded, confused, and angry that a horse portrayed to her as gentle and willing could be so much the opposite, and when the former owners refused to take this horse back, she began a journey of rehabilitation for him. The goal would only be to procure a new owner or, if necessary, have him humanely destroyed. What ensued was not just a retraining for the horse, but a surprising journey of her own directed by God’s gentle hand and voice. That voice speaks to everyone who is willing to listen.

The Black Horse of God

“ButI have my own horses to look after and the boy. I wasn't looking for a job. But my friend here—,” Jacques argued. “Drat, boy, I'm offering you fare for all your horses and the boy and a job for your friend, but I need a stableman ...

Author: Helena Poortvliet

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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To save the herd and preserve the precious bloodlines, Jacques is chosen to escape France with three of the best, a young stallion and two mares. Just twenty years old, he has never been far from his familys farm and now is faced with immigration to the wilderness of Canada West. Escape from France was harrowing but not as difficult as getting out of England. Woven through the adventure, intrigue and romance, is an astounding tale of spiritual transformation affecting many from Southampton to Liverpool.

God Bless My Horse

God's reply was this. “I loved you enough to die for you two thousand years before you were born. ... God then asked me what I meant by that. I said, “Well, God, by most people's standards, I am an old man. I look at most men my age, ...

Author: Scooter McMinn

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781641913447

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"God Bless My Horse", the title poem of my book, is a poem that tells how God has blessed this man's horse and by blessing his horse, has blessed the man's entire life, and all the stupid, crazy things he (and I) have ever done. While reading this book, you will see that, not only this poem, but the whole book actually tells the stories from the view of a young man during his developing spiritual journey through life, to an older man, who thrives on his relationship with GOD. Throughout it all, God has always been there! In this book, a lifetime of thoughts, humor, and emotions are written in poetry, with a distinct West Texas flavor, including the unique dialog and colloquialisms of the people of the area. Many of the poems are of the old west, telling tales of cowboys, Native Americans, and horses. Others talk about my working experiences as a lineman and with the oilfields. All the poems are stories of my life experiences and how I talked to God throughout these experiences. Throughout the book is the expression of my strong Christian faith and love for the one true God. It is my expressed wish that anyone who reads this book will not only enjoy the book, but that they will also receive the good news of God's love and grace provided by his son, Jesus.