God s Mysteries Lwas and Orishas

This book God's Mysteries, Lwas and Orishas explore what humankind knew and passed along from the ancient African past to the modern, and emerging world.

Author: Oxala Aye


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People are seeking a purpose, and a place in our confused society. Peace can only be found within ourselves and within the teachings of our ancestors. Our ancestors knew that solutions whether religious or metaphysical can only be found in nature. This book God's Mysteries, Lwas and Orishas explore what humankind knew and passed along from the ancient African past to the modern, and emerging world. We can only be at peace and move forward in creating a new world, by exploring our past through the eyes of our ancestors that has brought us all into being. We all know the questions, now we can understand the answers of our ancestors and use their answers to arrive at our own ancestors. Mankind emerged in ancient Africa, let us explore their teachings. This book will tell the stories of the ancients and how they understood God to manifest himself through emanations known as the (gods) mysteries, lwas and orishas.

Mysteries and Secrets of Voodoo Santeria and Obeah

Santeria, and Obeah or Leza. He is regarded as the chief, or leader, of the minor deities to whom the different subordinate tasks were delegated by Mulungu. It was to Orisha Nla that Mulungu gave the special task of creating human ...

Author: R. Lionel Fanthorpe

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781550027846

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Looks at the history, beliefs, and practices of Santeria, Voodoo, and Obeah.

Mysteries and Secrets The 16 Book Complete Codex

Right at the topwas their omnipotent creator god, referred to by several names, including Oludomare (spellings vary). He wasidentified with Jehovah, or Yahweh, God the Fatherof the Christian Trinity. The Yoruba Orishas and Loas became ...

Author: Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459730922

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This special 16-book bundle collects fearless investigations into the paranormal from the pens of Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe, who for several decades been researching and writing about ancient and eternal mysteries. Their entertaining and thought-provoking works span numerous topics, from numerology, freemasonry, voodoo, satanism and witchcraft to the very nature of death and time. Additionally, they have produced numerous volumes examining the great unexplained mysteries and places of history, including The Bible, European castles, strange murders, arcane objects of power, the mysterious depths of the sea and remarkable people. Take a strange and beautiful trip to the mystical side of life in this special set! Includes Death Mysteries and Secrets of Numerology Mysteries and Secrets of the Masons Mysteries and Secrets of the Templars Mysteries and Secrets of Time Mysteries and Secrets of Voodoo, Santeria, and Obeah Satanism and Demonology Secrets of the World’s Undiscovered Treasures The Big Book of Mysteries The Oak Island Mystery The World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries The World’s Most Mysterious Castles The World’s Most Mysterious Murders The World’s Most Mysterious Objects The World’s Most Mysterious People Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea

African Religion Defined

Sometimes during prayers, rather than pronounce the name of God, only God's creative attributes are used ... The mystery of God as the life giver is even hidden from the gods, as Orisha-nla was put to sleep when he tried to spy on God ...

Author: Anthony Ephirim-Donkor

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761853299

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African religion is ancestor worship; that is, funeral preparations, burial of the dead with ceremony and pomp, belief in eternal existence of souls of the dead as ancestors, periodic remembrance of ancestors, and belief that they influence the affairs of their living descendants. Whether called Akw?sidai, Homowo, Voodoo, Nyant?r (Aboakyir), CandomblZ, or Santeria in Africa or the African Diaspora, ancestor worship centers on the ancestors and deities. This makes it a tenably viable religion, because living descendants are genetically linked to their ancestors. The author, a traditional king and professor, studies the Akan in Ghana to demonstrate that ancestor worship is as pragmatic, systematic, theological, teleological, soteriological — with a highly trained clerical body and elders as mediators — and symbolic as any other religion in the world. Ancestor worship follows prescribed rites and rituals, formulas, precepts for ritual efficacy, and festivities of honor with music and dances to provoke ancestors and deities into joining in the celebration.

The Graham Masterton Collection Volume Two

That's the Yoruba name for a god. Orisha. “Trouble was, round about sixteen hundred and something, Yorubaland was invaded by the Ewe tribes ... Oggún, the god of metals, he became Saint Peter, and Orunla, who knows all the mysteries ...

Author: Graham Masterton

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504054089

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Two chillingly ingenious horror novels from the award-winning author of The Manitou and “the living inheritor of the realm of Edgar Allan Poe” (San Francisco Chronicle). Graham Masterton “has always been in the premier league of horror scribes” alongside such luminaries as Stephen King and Peter Straub (Publishers Weekly). Here are two of Masterton’s most strikingly original novels, where the horrors of history wreak demonic evil on the present day. The Devil in Gray: In Richmond, Virginia, a bizarre and brutal serial killer is somehow entering locked rooms, mutilating victims, and disappearing without a trace—and a homicide detective’s sanity is tested as he tracks a murderer beyond the human capacity for evil. The Devils of D-Day: In a French village, an American surveyor discovers an abandoned Nazi tank. When he unseals its hatch, a demonic force is released into the world and a new global war threatens to drag mankind to the gates of hell.


For Olódumare denies us nothing when we stand before him, and if all the man wanted was to witness such a simple mystery, God was more than happy to share. It is God's nature to share. Eshu, however, was not so happy.

Author: Ócha'ni Lele

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620553442

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By understanding osogbo, the spirits of misfortune, we can better overcome them and return to health and balance in our lives • Explains how misfortune works in this world as living spirits that plague humanity but are also a catalyst for self-development and conscious evolution • Shows that we can overcome osogbo through ebó, sacrifice, and hard work as prescribed by consulting the orishas through the casting of the diloggún • Shares more than 40 ancient African sacred stories about the spirits of osogbo Beginning with the story of his goddaughter's battle with stage IV cancer, Lucumi priest Ócha'ni Lele explains the role of osogbo, or misfortune, in our lives. While everyone seeks blessings in life, undeserved blessings make us weak and lazy. It is tragedy that encourages us to grow and persevere. Exploring the Lucumí beliefs regarding osogbo, he shows that the Lucumí faith is neither fatalistic nor defeatist but healing and life affirming. He shares more than 40 patakís--stories stemming from the ancient Yoruba of West Africa--about the different spirits of osogbo, who like the orishas once walked the earth in human bodies. He explains the place of these spirits within the 256 odu of the diloggún, the divination system used in Santería to receive guidance from the orishas. Lele shows that the spirits of osogbo are not only concepts but also real deities and that we can, if we understand their nature, fight them through ebó, sacrifice, and hard work. He reveals how the osogbos see themselves as entities of misfortune who stand against life and all that is good in the world, but in truth it is misfortune that strengthens us, misfortune that motivates us, and misfortune that brings great evolution to the world. As the author shows, “Without bitterness, one could not know sweetness.” Likewise, without misfortune in our lives, we would never know blessings or what it means to be blessed.

Phoenix Rising Collected Papers on Harry Potter 17 21 May 2007

... is only one God, but this God is served by many spirits or “mysteries,” called orishas in Santería and lwa in Voudon. The orishas act as intermediaries, carrying out God's orders and communicating human wishes back to His ears.

Author: Sharon K. Goetz

Publisher: Lulu.com

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Phoenix Rising was a five-day conference devoted to all things Harry Potter held 17-21 May in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference featured educational and academic programming presented by scholars, teachers, business and industry professionals, artists, librarians, fans, and others with an interest in the Harry Potter novels, films, and phenomenon. Narrate Conferences, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, produces dynamic, innovative educational events for scholars, students, professionals and fans. Phoenix Rising was produced by Narrate Conferences, Inc., and was not endorsed, sanctioned or any other way supported, directly or indirectly, by Warner Bros. Entertainment, the Harry Potter book publishers, or J. K. Rowling and her representatives.

Ozain Mystery of the Congo and Yoruba

In other papers before there was mention of him being referred to the God Orion, and it has been shown he lived under the name of oro in the land of the Yoruba. ... This Orisha is the owner of the mountains and there in ...


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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Origin history The origin of Osahin also comes from the mythology of the Egyptians. The word Osahi(n) come from the word Egyptian Sahu, this is the name of a God of the stars identified as or with Orion. In other papers before there was mention of him being referred to the God Orion, and it has been shown he lived under the name of oro in the land of the Yoruba. Therere other words Egyptian, Sahu that signified a spiritual body, which that so they say germinated form a mummified body. The ideas that explain the conception of this Yoruba God Osahin has been based with the association that he has with God Sahu and the spiritual body known with the same name. This Orisha is the owner of the mountains and there in Cuba they associate him with the Regla of the Congos. Also very particular with palo Monte or mayombe. Supposedly one of the stories evidently cabana. Osain was working his regla with Palo Monte, drinking bad liquors, using gun powder and he didnt have peace. He was dressed dirty and with torn clothing, he never saw the results of his work, nothing. Even though he worked very hard with a lot of integrity. He saw that the Lucumi were always doing well, they dressed very elegant and they had money and tranquility. So Osain decided and went to see Shango asking Shango for advice. Shango told him that he was a palero and he knew it perfectly, but after knowing the regla lucumi he found himself in better conditions. He dressed in red clothing, he was clean and powerful. With this argument he convinced Osain and took him to the feet of Orumila, and that was his remedy. Osain has no mother or father; he was born by himself from direction of God. It is the Orisha that is very important in the religion Yoruba. He could be more important than all. The use of Osain in the religion lucumi is very important and needed. The Ozainistas could be male or female. But the women cannot receive him until the have passed their menopause. What happens is that they the women cannot give or make Osain for anybody.

Teachings of the Santer a Gods

Both orishas' mouths dropped open, and Elegguá felt shame. “From now on, it is the rooster who will serve ... Olófin sat in his chambers with the rooster and taught him one of life's great mysteries. “It was never you who woke the sun,” ...

Author: Ócha'ni Lele

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594779084

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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The first book to explore the sacred myths of Santería • Includes more than 100 myths, stories, and histories about the odu and the orishas • Reassembles the oral fragments from the African diaspora into coherent stories • Demonstrates that the African peoples, specifically the Yoruba, were deeply spiritual At the core of the diloggún--the sacred divination system of Santería--are the sacred stories known as the patakís, narratives whose themes are as powerful and relevant today as they were in the minds of the ancient Yoruba who safeguarded them. Each patakí is connected to one or more of the 16 odu, the principal creative forces of Santería. Some recount the lives of orishas on earth, others the lives of individuals in heaven, and some tell of the odu themselves, for even they once walked the earth as mortals. The first book to explore these ancient African stories in English, Teachings of the Santería Gods recounts more than 100 of these sacred parables, including many stories reassembled from the oral tradition of the African diaspora. Ranging from creation myths to what happens when a love potion works far too well, these stories share the wisdom and spirituality of the Yoruba people of ancient Africa and form the living, oral bible of one of the world’s fastest-growing faiths.