Goats Giving Birth

Lessons, stories, and reflections from the Goat Midwife Like having a long-time goat-owning friend waiting at your fingertips. — Marissa Ames, editor, Goat Journal magazine Anyone new to goats should read this book! — Rebecca Sanderson, ...

Author: Deborah Niemann

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 9781771423311

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Lessons, stories, and reflections from the Goat Midwife There is nothing about goat care that creates more anticipation, excitement, frustration, and fear than birthing goats. What can you expect with a goat pregnancy? What do you do if things go wrong when goats give birth? What happens when you have a challenging newborn kid? Seasoned goat farmer Deborah Niemann, author of Raising Goats Naturally, answers these questions and more by distilling the stories and experiences from over 600 goat pregnancies and births. Coverage includes: The differences between normal goat pregnancies Necessary C-sections Incidents that may turn deadly serious. For both new and experienced goat owners, Goats Giving Birth illuminates the joy, the sadness, and everything in between when birthing pregnant goats, giving you the confidence to handle a large spectrum of goat pregnancies and help birth happy thriving kids.

Mountain Goats

All other females either remained within nursery groups (suggesting that they did not give birth) or were seen with a kid (including two kids that were dead by the time we saw them). Survival from birth to one year during our study was ...

Author: Marco Festa-Bianchet

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 9781597267731

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Mountain goats have been among the least studied of North American ungulates, leaving wildlife managers with little information on which to base harvest strategies or conservation plans. This book offers the first comprehensive assessment of the ecology and behavior of mountain goats, setting forth the results of a remarkable 16-year longitudinal study of more than 300 marked individuals in a population in Alberta, Canada. The authors’ thorough, long-term study allowed them to draw important conclusions about mountain goat ecology—including individual reproductive strategies, population dynamics, and sensitivity to human disturbance—and to use those conclusions in offering guidance for developing effective conservation strategies. Chapters examine: -habitat use, vegetation quality, and seasonal movements -sexual segregation and social organization -individual variability in yearly and lifetime reproductive success of females -age- and sex-specific survival and dispersal -reproductive strategies and population dynamics -management and conservation of mountain goats The book also draws on the rich literature on long-term monitoring of marked ungulates to explore similarities and differences between mountain goats and other species, particularly bighorn sheep and ibex. By monitoring a marked population over a long period of time, researchers were able to document changes in sex-age structure and identify factors driving population dynamics. Because it explores the links between individual life-history strategy and population dynamics in a natural setting, Mountain Goats will be an invaluable resource for wildlife managers, researchers in ecology and animal behavior, conservationists, population biologists, and anyone concerned with the ecology and management of natural populations, especially in alpine environments.

Kidding Goats a Simple Guide Goat Knowledge

The Book "Kidding Goats" takes you through what you need to prepare for when your goat is about to give birth.

Author: Felicity McCullough


ISBN: 1781650535

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The Book "Kidding Goats" takes you through what you need to prepare for when your goat is about to give birth. How long does gestation take? Why does record keeping help? What supplies are needed for kidding? Why separate the dam from your other goats? How can you tell when your goat is going to give birth? What are the signs of parturition? When do you need to assist with the delivery of the kid? What are the things that can go wrong? This short and easy to read guide will answer these questions for you, help you to be well prepared and knowledgeable about the birthing of goats. Series: Goat Knowledge 13

Raising Goats Naturally

My favorite thing about kidding pens, though, is that does are giving birth in a clean space because I don't move them in there until they are within a day of giving birth. Vicki McGaugh has been raising goats for twenty-seven years, ...

Author: Deborah Niemann

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 9781550925432

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Complete self-sufficiency may seem out of reach, but for more and more of us, increasing our self-reliance as much as possible is the order of the day. Incorporating dairy goats as the centerpiece of a diversified homestead can be the key to achieving this goal, and Raising Goats Naturally will show you how. By working with nature, you can raise dairy goats and produce your own milk, cheese, meat, fertilizer, leather, fiber, and soap - all without relying on drugs or following the factory farm model. By observing your own animals closely and educating yourself about their specific needs, you can create an individualized plan for keeping them healthy and maximizing their productivity. This unique, fully-illustrated guide will teach you to help your herd thrive with: breed-specific descriptions to help you choose the right goats for your goals and lifestyle detailed information on housing, fencing, breeding, health, milking, and nutrition complete recipes and instructions for making your own cheese, dairy products, and soap, as well as cooking with goat meat. Packed with personal experiences backed up by expert veterinary advice and scientific studies, Raising Goats Naturally brings together a wealth of practical information on raising goats for the love of it and using their milk and meat to become more self-reliant.

The Field Guide to Goats

Difficulty with giving birth . This is something dairy goat farmers quickly become familiar with . Although goats generally give birth with ease and with no human intervention necessary , if you have enough goats giving birth , you will ...

Author: Cheryl Kimball

Publisher: Voyageur Press

ISBN: 9781616732189

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Kept as pets, raised for their milk, meat, or fiber, or prized for their beauty or rarity, goats are increasingly popular animals on farms large and small. Whether you raise a favored few or a hundred head, this guide is the ultimate resource on North American breeds. The book provides detailed descriptions of more than twenty goat breeds found in the United States and Canada, from the popular Nubian, Pygmy, and Boer to the rare and lovely Golden Guernsey. Illustrated with 150 color photographs, this convenient, easy-to-use field guide includes exhaustive information about behavior, characteristics, breeding, and history, as well as a glossary of caprine terms and a list of breed associations. It is the essential reference that anyone with an interest in goats should not be without.


Human beings and goats have a long history together. • Goats are the first domesticated animal. • Goats are among the first animals to be brought to America. The female goat can give birth to 2 to three, but some goats can give birth to ...

Author: Philomena N Okeke

Publisher: Writers Republic LLC

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Caring is a known word but you have to go above and beyond to show that you care even to a different person or animal. The goat, Mr. Paul, proved everyone wrong even his sister Pauline and the rest of his family when he decided to visit the sick lion, King Joshua. Lions eat other animals such as giraffe, goats and other small animals. There is this serious fear that the lion might eat him up. But he has faith and strong instinct that he will be fine. The lions live in different areas from the goats. While goats are domesticated animals, the lions are not. In spite of all warning, he took the trip driven by his caring and love for other animals. Caring and love for others will pave the way and open all doors. Check out for yourself.

Get Your Goat

A doe giving birth is said to be kidding. Buck: A male goat able to mate and sire offspring Milker: A doe who is in milk Buckling: A young male goat, so called until he starts mating, usually not before eight months Milking: The act of ...

Author: Brent Zimmerman

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 9781610581875

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Get Your Goat is a comprehensive, engaging way to answer all your questions about keeping goats, as backyard farm animal or even as a pet. It’s all about back to basics: consumers are rejecting consumption and looking for more and more ways to reconnect with the earth, the community, and their food sources. Many people who have tried keeping chickens, toyed with turkeys, or even just fantasized about converting their quarter-acre suburban yard into a pasture has no doubt wondered: What about goats? I don't live on a farm—how do these lively, intelligent creatures fit into my life? This is a complete handbook for keeping all breeds of goats on smaller acreage. It includes essential information on the nuts and bolts of goat behavior: An extensive breed guide that teaches you how to make the best choice of breed for your lifestyle Fencing and housing Health and wellness Whether to raise goats for product (milk, meat, fiber) or for companionship And more Get Your Goat is written for the new goat keeper, with all the right questions in mind!

AD07E Goat keeping in the tropics

If more kids mature, you can sell, slaughter or give away more goats. For milking goats, giving birth to more litters also means a greater milk production. The topics we will discuss here are: the sexual maturity of goat and billy-goat, ...


Publisher: Agromisa Foundation

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