Ghost Tigers

housands avenging wind, of Ghost reducing Tigers to tore rubble through the Balwinder visages in Rum an of Tum's power. His armories, dungeons, castles, weapons and factories were wiped clean, stripped of their evil by the Ghost Tigers.

Author: D.R. Johnson

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Liz Allister is ambitious. She wants to buy a fast car, move to the Far East, make a movie, write country songs and address the U.N. on the status of young girls. In the endless corridors and dark corners of her eccentric house, Liz learns that the world has even more in store for her than even she imagined. She finds a secret that will send her on a colossal adventure where she will be required to risk everything including her life.Liz's quest takes her across the colorful backdrop of Duura, a land of lost tribes, ugly sticks, bed snakes, tidal sand, bouncing bartles, assassins, evil armies, fortified cities and a personable blue war elephant. It is a place where danger lies around every corner and in every stranger's smile. Finding the way into Duura was difficult but finding the way home may be impossible.

The Ghost Tiger s Lament

Ashne looked up to see silvery blue light snaking around them in a complex weave, and the tiger watching them quietly, considering. As if in a dream, she saw the boy. As he had been in life — on the brink of manhood, and yet naught but ...

Author: T. E. Waters



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As a child, Ashne swore two oaths. With her adopted sister Zsaran she made a pact: one would never die without the other. To their mistress, the queen, who plucked them both out of the inhospitable marshlands, she vowed eternal loyalty. When a tiger spirit from a rival kingdom kidnaps the queen's only daughter, Ashne, now a trusted bodyguard, follows in pursuit despite knowing that her sword will be of little use against the ancient magic steadily reawakening across the land. But it is her human adversaries who prove more dangerous as she navigates the shifting political landscape in a kingdom still recovering from a decades-long war: a foreign sorcerer, an eccentric apothecary, an ambitious bandit chief — perhaps even Zsaran, who has long awaited a chance to achieve freedom for both herself and Ashne. Soon Ashne can no longer reconcile her love for her sister and her devotion to the women they have both served since childhood. Yet she must bring back the princess regardless. If not for love and duty, for her people's continued survival against the encroachment of powerful foreign conquerors, before whose ravenous ambitions the squabbles of two tribal kingdoms amount to dust. The Ghost Tiger's Lament is the first book of a historical fantasy series set in a world based loosely on the cultures of late Bronze Age China, during the time of Confucius and Sun Tzu.

Everlasting King God

tigers, and a Sun Scorching Lion surrounding him. The Ghostrat Tiger was a mid-grade six demon beast, equivalent to the eighth level of the Blood Tempering stage. Due to its extremely fast speed, it was called the Ghostrat Tiger.

Author: Jin BaoZi

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There were tens of thousands of races, and all of them stood together! Generation after generation of almighty beings had fallen, one after another rising to prominence as a new star had risen to prominence. In this vast world, who was the master of this world? A youth began with an unremarkable service disciple. Relying on the piece of broken beast skin passed down from generation to generation, he cut through all the thorns and thistles, becoming a king god who ruled the world! Close]

Tracking the Weretiger

To prevent the tiger telling the tiger god Tekhurho the truth, its head was submerged in a stream: with its mouth wedged ... Sema Nagas sometimes put a stone in a slain tiger's mouth, to stop its ghost waylaying them in the next world.

Author: Patrick Newman

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Drawing on dramatic accounts by European colonials, and on detailed studies by folklorists and anthropologists, this work explores intriguing age-old Asian beliefs and claims that man-eating tigers and "little tigers," or leopards alike, were in various ways supernatural. It is a serious work based on extensive research, written in a lively style. Fundamental to the book is the evocation of a long-vanished world. When a man-eater struck in colonial times, people typically said it was a demon sent by a deity, or even the deity itself in animal form, punishing transgressors and being guided by its victims' angry spirits. Colonials typically dismissed this as superstitious nonsense but given traditional ideas about the close links between people, tigers and the spirit world, it is quite understandable. Other man-eaters were said to be shapeshifting black magicians. The result is a rich fund of tales from India and the Malay world in particular, and while some people undoubtedly believed them, others took advantage of man-eaters to persecute minorities as the supposed true culprits. The book explores the prejudices behind these witch-hunts, and also considers Asian weretiger and wereleopard lore in a wider context, finding common features with the more familiar werewolves of medieval Europe in particular.

Folk Stories of the Hmong

As she played , she sang , " The hoe is very sharp , and I'm living with a ghost tiger . " One of the village girls heard her song and came up to her and asked her , " Where do you live ? " " I live in the jungle , " the girl told her .

Author: Norma J. Livo

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Describes the culture of the Hmong people, and gathers some of their folk tales

Kipling Rudyard The Complete Novels and Stories Book Center The Greatest Writers of All Time

That set all talking, and long before midnight Chinn's brain was in a whirl with stories of tigers—man-eaters and cattle-killers each pursuing his own business as ... He knows about ghost-tigers, and tigers that go to a hell ...

Author: Rudyard Kipling

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Here you will find the complete novels and stories of Rudyard Kipling in the chronological order of their original publication. - Plain Tales from the Hills (a collection of 40 short stories) - Soldiers Three (a collection of 9 short stories) - The Story of the Gadsbys (a collection of 8 short stories) - In Black and White (a collection of 8 short stories) - Under the Deodars (a collection of 8 short stories) - The Phantom Rickshaw and other Tales (a collection of 4 short stories) - Wee Willie Winkie and Other Child Stories (a collection of 4 short stories) - Life's Handicap (a collection of 27 short stories) - The Light That Failed (a novel) - The Naulahka: A Story of West and East (a novel) - Many Inventions (a collection of 14 short stories) - The Jungle Book (a collection of 7 short stories) - The Second Jungle Book (a collection of 8 short stories) - Captains Courageous (a novel) - The Day's Work (a collection of 13 short stories) - Stalky & Co. (a collection of 9 short stories) - Kim (a novel) - Just So Stories for Little Children (a collection of 13 short stories) - Traffics and Discoveries (a collection of 11 short stories) - Puck of Pook's Hill (a collection of 10 short stories) - Actions and Reactions (a collection of 8 short stories) - Rewards and Fairies (a collection of 11 short stories) - A Diversity of Creatures (a collection of 14 short stories) - The Eyes of Asia (a collection of 4 short stories)

RUDYARD KIPLING PREMIUM COLLECTION His Greatest Works in One Volume Illustrated The Jungle Book The Man Who Would Be King Just So Stories Kim The Light That Failed Captain Courageous Plain Tales from the Hills

He knows about ghost-tigers, and tigers that go to a hell of their own; and tigers that walk on their hind feet; and your grandpapa's riding-tiger, as well. 'Odd he hasn't spoken of that yet." "You know you've an ancestor buried down ...

Author: Rudyard Kipling

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This carefully crafted ebook: "RUDYARD KIPLING PREMIUM COLLECTION: His Greatest Works in One Volume (Illustrated)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. "The Jungle Book" is a collection of stories and fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons. The verses of The Law of the Jungle, for example, lay down rules for the safety of individuals, families and communities. The best-known of them are the three stories revolving around the adventures of an abandoned "man cub" Mowgli who is raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. The most famous of the other four stories are probably Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Toomai of the Elephants. "The Second Jungle Book" is a sequel which features five stories about Mowgli and three unrelated stories, all but one set in India, most of which Kipling wrote while living in Vermont. "The Man Who Would Be King" is a novella about two British adventurers in British India who become kings of Kafiristan, a remote part of Afghanistan. The story was inspired by the exploits of James Brooke, an Englishman who became the first White Rajah of Sarawak in Borneo. "Kim" is and adventure novel about the orphaned son of an Irish soldier and a poor Irish mother who have both died in poverty. Living a vagabond existence in India under British rule in the late 19th century, Kim earns his living by begging and running small errands on the streets of Lahore. "The Just So Stories" are a highly fantasized origin stories, especially for differences among animals, they are among Kipling's best known works. "The Light That Failed" "Captain Courageous" "Plain Tales from the Hills" Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was an English short-story writer, poet, and novelist. He wrote tales and poems of British soldiers in India and stories for children. He is regarded as a major innovator in the art of the short story; his children's books are classics of children's literature.

Sacred and Mythological Animals

white only when it reaches the age of 500 years, so a pure white tiger was an extremely powerful and venerable beast indeed. ... Harimau Kramat (Ghost Tigers) were believed in legend to have been created when the Princess of Malacca was ...

Author: Yowann Byghan

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From the household cat to horses that can fly, a surprisingly wide range of animals feature in religions and mythologies all across the world. The same animal can take on different roles: the raven can be a symbol of evil, a harbinger of death, a wise messenger or a shape-changing trickster. In Norse mythology, Odin's magical ravens perch on his shoulders and bring him news. This compendium draws upon religious texts and myths to explore the ways sacred traditions use animal images, themes and associations in rituals, ceremonies, texts, myths, literature and folklore across the world. Sections are organized by the main animal classifications such as mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and insects. Each chapter covers one significant grouping (such as dogs, cats or horses), first describing an animal scientifically and then detailing the mythological attributes. Numerous examples cite texts or myths. A final section covers animal hybrids, animal monsters and mythical animals as well as stars, constellations and Zodiac symbols. An appendix describes basic details of the religions and mythologies covered. A glossary defines uncommon religious terms and explains scientific animal names.

The Day s Work Part 01

He knows about ghost-tigers, and tigers that go to a hell of their own; and tigers that walk on their hind feet; and your grandpapa's riding-tiger, as well. 'Odd he hasn't spoken of that yet." "You know you've an ancestor buried down ...

Author: Редьярд Джозеф Киплинг

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A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the United States and Canada

Ghost Tiger Beetle, Cicindela (Ellipsoptera) lepida Dejean (Plate 24) [Map 105] Description and similar species: Length 9—11 mm; above the metallic green, bluish, or coppery dark colors are limited to the head and thorax.

Author: David L. Pearson

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195181555

Category: Science

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1. The Magic of Tiger Beetles2. How to Recognize a Tiger Beetle3. Phylogeny and Taxonomy4. Illustrated Keys to Adult Genera and Species5. Identification of Tiger Beetle Larvae6. Species Accounts7. Ecology and Behavior8. Biogeography9. Conservation10. Observing and Studying Tiger BeetlesSelected Bibliography Checklist of Tiger Beeles in the United States and Canada.