Getting Real About Race

The move toward post-racialism and an emphasis on color blindness are what Michael Omi and Howard Winant (1994) have referred to as racial projects. They are “simultaneously an interpretation, representation, or explanation of racial ...

Author: Stephanie M. McClure

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781506339320

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Getting Real About Race is an edited collection of short essays that address the most common stereotypes and misconceptions about race held by students, and by many in the United States, in general.

White Women Getting Real About Race

highlighting both the strengths of those in marginalized communities and the ways race shapes their lives. “Resistance stories” tell how people challenge racial inequality and work for racial justice. Interpersonal Connections All the ...

Author: Judith M. James

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781579229108

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For many White women teachers and teachers in training – who represent the majority of our teaching force today – the issue of race is fraught with discomfort. It may challenge assumptions, evoke a sense of guilt, or give rise to a fear of making mistakes or saying the wrong thing. This book presents the first-person stories of White women teachers who tell us not only how they have grappled with race in diverse classrooms, but how they continue to this day to be challenged by issues of color and privilege. These are no stories of heroic feats or achievement of perfection, but stories of self-disclosure that lay bare their authors’ emotions, ideas, curiosity, vulnerability, and reflections as they engaged with race, and challenged practices of color blindness and empathetic distance. Avoiding abstract educational lingo, these teachers come clean about the emotional cost of dealing with racism, White privilege, and fear of being racist in our rapidly diversifying schools. Admitting their cultural mistakes, they hope their readers can find a safe place to use theirs for honest dialogue and positive learning. In approaching chapter authors for this book, the editors asked the writers to ask themselves, “Will my well-being and sense of self be at risk if I tell this story?” Recognizing what’s at stake, they wanted writers who would be real with themselves. The women in this book hope that their stories will resonate with readers, help them feel less alone, and give them courage to begin a dialogue with colleagues, friends, staff and administrators around race concerns. Each chapter concludes with a few questions to prompt self-reflection at home, or for use as exercises to use in small groups or staff development training.

How Real Is Race

A Sourcebook on Race, Culture, and Biology Carol C. Mukhopadhyay, Rosemary Henze, Yolanda T. Moses. Association. For an online PDF version of ... In M. Pollock (Ed.), Everyday antiracism: Getting real about race in school (pp. 274–78).

Author: Carol C. Mukhopadhyay

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780759122741

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How real is race? What is biological fact, what is fiction, and where does culture enter? What do we mean by a “colorblind” or “postracial” society, or when we say that race is a “social construction”? If race is an invention, can we eliminate it? This book, now in its second edition, employs an activity-oriented approach to address these questions and engage readers in unraveling—and rethinking—the contradictory messages we so often hear about race. The authors systematically cover the myth of race as biology and the reality of race as a cultural invention, drawing on biocultural and cross-cultural perspectives. They then extend the discussion to hot-button issues that arise in tandem with the concept of race, such as educational inequalities; slurs and racialized labels; and interracial relationships. In so doing, they shed light on the intricate, dynamic interplay among race, culture, and biology. For an online supplement to How Real Is Race? Second Edition, click here.


Even though I am not an athletic runner, I am still running a race. The Scriptures talk about running the race in Hebrews, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloudof witnesses, let us throw off everythingthat hinders ...

Author: Jamy Whitaker

Publisher: WestBow Press

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As a wife and mother of five, I know all too well how destructive building a façade that everything is fine can be. Tearing down this wall and letting people see the real me—the pain, the struggles, the tears, and the triumphs has been difficult but rewarding. Get REAL: Stop Hiding Behind the Mask examines how to do just that. It delves into discovering a person’s true identity, centered on God’s view of each of us, letting go of the insecurities that so easily entangle our lives and finally, living with eternal perspective—keeping our focus heavenward instead of inward.

Getting Real About Race

Stephanie McClure and Cherise A. Harris’s Second Thoughts on Race in the United States: Hoodies, Model Minorities, and Real Americans is an edited collection of short essays that address the most common misconceptions about race held by ...

Author: Stephanie M. McClure

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: 1452258902

Category: Social Science

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Stephanie McClure and Cherise A. Harris’s Second Thoughts on Race in the United States: Hoodies, Model Minorities, and Real Americans is an edited collection of short essays that address the most common misconceptions about race held by students (and by many in the United States, in general)—it is a "one-stop shopping" reader on the racial topics most often pondered by students and derived from their interests and concerns. There is no existing reader that summarizes the research across a range of topics in a consistent, easily accessible format and considers the evidence against particular racial myths in the language that students themselves use.

When Race Becomes Real

To mess around with a book on race—well, you have to be real crazy. ... I wanted to gather a cross section of people, both black and white, and get them to do what most Americans refuse to do—honestly reveal their personal feelings and ...

Author: Bernestine Singley

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 9780809328857

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Here is a collection of personal stories from America's best-known writers onrace discussing race and identity.

Reading the Race

Don't get so lost in your routine that you neglect the laws and paint the cycling community as a band of hooligans. ... The dynamics will be different than in a real race because the general purpose of this type of ride is not to win ...

Author: Jamie Smith

Publisher: VeloPress

ISBN: 9781937716486

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In Reading the Race, race announcer Jamie Smith and veteran road captain Chris Horner team up to deliver a master class in bike racing strategies and tactics. Armed with strategies and tactics learned over thousands of races, cyclists and cycling fans will learn how to read a race--and see how to win it. Bike racing is called a rolling chess game for a reason. Sure, a high pain threshold and a killer VO2max are helpful. But if you're in it to win it, you need race smarts. Starting breaks, forming alliances, managing a lapped field, setting up a sprint--on every page, Horner and Smith reveal new secrets to faster racing and better results. Smith and Horner dissect common mistakes, guiding riders with lessons learned from decades of racing experience. Reading the Race reveals the veteran's eye view on: Assembling the best possible team Crafting strategies around the team, course, and rivals Reacting instantly to common scenarios Making deals and combines Breaks, echelons, blocking Pack protocol and etiquette Finishing in the prize money or on the podium Winning the group ride Whether you're a new racer, an aspiring pro, a team manager, or even a roadside fan, Reading the Race will elevate your cycling IQ for better racing.

Inside Team Sky

When the season really got going the intervals between races were just a couple of recovery days, enough time only for getting ready for the next race. Riders might go through a whole season and scarcely ever train properly.

Author: David Walsh

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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The inside story of Team Sky's challenge for the 2013 Tour de France. After the victory of Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky in the 2012 Tour de France, the pressure was on the team to repeat their success in 2013. When Wiggins had to pull out of the defence of his yellow jersey, attention moved to Chris Froome, who had finished as runner-up the year before. Could he bring about back-to-back victories for the UK and for Team Sky? With team principal Sir Dave Brailsford at the helm, the levels of expectation were high. Nothing less than a win would do. Embedded within the team was top sportswriter David Walsh, who had been covering the sport for four decades. The Sunday Times writer had done more than any other journalist to reveal the lies of Lance Armstrong, he has the reputation for exposing the dark secrets that cycling would want to keep hidden. His inside story, from how Team Sky prepared for the Tour de France through to Froome's emphatic victory, is supported by insights from all the key members of the team, and provides a definitive account of a dramatic race that gripped cycling fans around the world.

The Breeder s Gazette

He gets speed from mares of all sorts of trotters that get a mark in the legitimate way of going the great Sidney pacer looks pretty well knocked out by breeding . From daughters of the pacer St. Clair have out for it in a real race and ...



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Vital Issues

It is time as a currently popular colloquialism puts it — to " get real " about race and the persistence of racism in ... The basic measures of poverty , unemployment , and income , suggest that the slow racial advances of the 1960s and ...



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