Getting Clojure

"Learning Clojure involves much more than just learning the mechanics.

Author: Russ Olsen


ISBN: 1680503006

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Behind every programming language lies a vision of how programs should be built. The vision behind Clojure is of a radically simple language framework holding together a sophisticated collection of programming features. Learning Clojure involves much more than just learning the mechanics of the language. To really get Clojure you need to understand the ideas underlying this structure of framework and features. You need this book: an accessible introduction to Clojure that focuses on the ideas behind the language as well as the practical details of writing code. Clojure attracts developers on the cutting edge and is arguably the best language for learning to program in the functional style without compromise. But this comes with a steep learning curve. Getting Clojure directly addresses this by teaching you how to think functionally as it teaches you the language. You'll learn about Clojure's powerful data structures and high-level functions, but you'll also learn what it means for a language to be functional, and how to think in Clojure's functional way. Each chapter of Getting Clojure takes a feature or two or three from the language, explains the syntax and the mechanics behind that feature so that you can make it work before digging into the deeper questions: What is the thinking behind the feature? And how does it fit in with the rest of the language? In Getting Clojure you'll learn Clojure's very simple syntax, but you'll also learn why that syntax is integral the way the language is constructed. You'll discover that most data structures in Clojure are immutable, but also why that leads to more reliable programs. And you'll see how easy it is to write Clojure functions and also how you can use those functions to build complex and capable systems. With real-world examples of how working Clojure programmers use the language, Getting Clojure will help you see the challenges of programming through the eye of experienced Clojure developers. What You Need: You will need to some background in programming. To follow along with the examples in the book, you will need Java 6 or new, Clojure 1.8 or 1.9, and Leiningen 2.

Etudes for ClojureScript

ClojureScript is a dialect of Clojure that compiles to JavaScript. Clojure is a Lisp dia‐lect that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. So, in order to use JavaScript, you need Java and Clojure. Getting Java You can test to see if Java is ...

Author: J. David Eisenberg

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

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A short composition that provides practice material for a particular musical skill is called an étude. In this hands-on book, you’ll find more than 30 études to help you practice ClojureScript skills for specific programming areas, ranging from functions and variables to asynchronous processing. Each of these small projects includes a description of a program that you will compose (write) in ClojureScript. Though not as difficult as their musical counterparts, these programming études will help you stretch beyond the material and examples that you find in most ClojureScript books or online references. One chapter features études for an open-ended project that will help you put together what you’ve learned. Solutions to each étude are revealed in the appendix. Programming areas include: Working with functions and variables with def and let Interacting with JavaScript and web pages, using several libraries Lists, vectors, and higher-order map, filter, and reduce functions Data mapping with ClojureScript Using different ClojureScript libraries to program with React Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational and complex numbers with defprotocol and defrecord Asynchronous processing with core.async

Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook Second Edition

Getting Clojure and Mathematica to communicate under Windows is perhaps slightly easier to set up than it is under Mac and Clojure, but this comes at a price. Because we can't create symbolic links, we can't use Maven to manage the ...

Author: Eric Rochester

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

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This book is for those with a basic knowledge of Clojure, who are looking to push the language to excel with data analysis.

Clojure Programming Cookbook

Reactive programming with meltdown 340 Getting ready 341 How to do it. ... 354 Client to Python WebSockets 354 Clojure WebSocket server 356 On Quasar/Pulsar 357 Getting ready 357 How to do it... 357 How it works.

Author: Makoto Hashimoto

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781785888519

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Handle every problem you come across in the world of Clojure programming with this expert collection of recipes About This Book Discover a wide variety of practical cases and real world techniques to enhance your productivity with Clojure. Learn to resolve the everyday issues you face with a functional mindset using Clojure You will learn to write highly efficient, more productive, and error-free programs without the risk of deadlocks and race-conditions Who This Book Is For This book is for Clojure developers who have some Clojure programming experience and are well aware of their shortcomings. If you want to learn to tackle common problems, become an expert, and develop a solid skill set, then this book is for you. What You Will Learn Manipulate, access, filter, and transform your data with Clojure Write efficient parallelized code through Clojure abstractions Tackle Complex Concurrency easily with Reactive Programming Build on Haskell abstractions to write dynamic functional tests Write AWS Lambda functions effortlessly Put Clojure in use into your IoT devices Use Clojure with Slack for instant monitoring Scaling your Clojure application using Docker Develop real-time system interactions using MQTT and websockets In Detail When it comes to learning and using a new language you need an effective guide to be by your side when things get rough. For Clojure developers, these recipes have everything you need to take on everything this language offers. This book is divided into three high impact sections. The first section gives you an introduction to live programming and best practices. We show you how to interact with your connections by manipulating, transforming, and merging collections. You'll learn how to work with macros, protocols, multi-methods, and transducers. We'll also teach you how to work with languages such as Java, and Scala. The next section deals with intermediate-level content and enhances your Clojure skills, here we'll teach you concurrency programming with Clojure for high performance. We will provide you with advanced best practices, tips on Clojure programming, and show you how to work with Clojure while developing applications. In the final section you will learn how to test, deploy and analyze websocket behavior when your app is deployed in the cloud. Finally, we will take you through DevOps. Developing with Clojure has never been easier with these recipes by your side! Style and approach This book takes a recipe-based approach by diving directly into helpful programming concepts. It will give you a foolproof approach to programming and teach you how to deal with problems that may arise while working with Clojure. The book is divided into three sections giving you the freedom skip to the section of your choice depending on the problem faced.

Clojure Cookbook

... new cookbook-sample-template-clojure-cookbook my-first-website --snapshot $ cd my-first-website $ lein run # . ... interface that lends itself extremely well to getting Clojure programmers going with new technology very quickly.

Author: Luke VanderHart

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449366414

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With more than 150 detailed recipes, this cookbook shows experienced Clojure developers how to solve a variety of programming tasks with this JVM language. The solutions cover everything from building dynamic websites and working with databases to network communication, cloud computing, and advanced testing strategies. And more than 60 of the world’s best Clojurians contributed recipes. Each recipe includes code that you can use right away, along with a discussion on how and why the solution works, so you can adapt these patterns, approaches, and techniques to situations not specifically covered in this cookbook. Master built-in primitive and composite data structures Create, develop and publish libraries, using the Leiningen tool Interact with the local computer that’s running your application Manage network communication protocols and libraries Use techniques for connecting to and using a variety of databases Build and maintain dynamic websites, using the Ring HTTP server library Tackle application tasks such as packaging, distributing, profiling, and logging Take on cloud computing and heavyweight distributed data crunching Dive into unit, integration, simulation, and property-based testing Clojure Cookbook is a collaborative project with contributions from some of the world’s best Clojurians, whose backgrounds range from aerospace to social media, banking to robotics, AI research to e-commerce.

The The Clojure Workshop

The Clojure Workshop is a step-by-step guide to Clojure and ClojureScript, designed to quickly get you up and running as a confident, knowledgeable developer. Because of the functional nature of the language, Clojure programming is ...

Author: Joseph Fahey

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781838825119

Category: Computers

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The Clojure Workshop introduces you to the world of functional programming, helping you learn how to build real-world applications in Clojure and ClojureScript, keeping best practices, high performance and scalability in mind.

Living Clojure

do] (function), DOM Control with ClojureScript and Enfocus E earmuffs, Keep Your Symbols Organized in Namespaces Eclipse, Getting Set Up with a Clojure Editor editors, Getting Set Up with a Clojure Editor effects (namespace), ...

Author: Carin Meier

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781491909287

Category: Computers

Page: 242

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If you’re an experienced programmer who has not worked with Clojure before, this guide is the perfect thorough but gentle introduction for you. Author Carin Meier not only provides a practical overview of this JVM language and its functional programming concepts, but also includes a complete hands-on training course to help you learn Clojure in a structured way. The first half of the book takes you through Clojure’s unique design and lets you try your hand at two Clojure projects, including a web app. The holistic course in second half provides you with critical tools and resources, including ways to plug into the Clojure community. Understand the basic structure of a Clojure expression Learn how to shape and control code in a functional way Discover how Clojure handles real-world state and concurrency Take advantage of Java classes and learn how Clojure handles polymorphism Manage and use libraries in a Clojure project Use the core.async library for asynchronous and concurrent communication Explore the power of macros in Clojure programming Learn how to think in Clojure by following the book’s seven-week training course

The Art of Monitoring

717 A.35 Getting a missing Clojure map value . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 717 A.36 Getting a default value from a map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 717 A.37 Using a map as a function .

Author: James Turnbull

Publisher: James Turnbull

ISBN: 9780988820241

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A hands-on and introductory guide to the art of modern application and infrastructure monitoring and metrics. We start small and then build on what you learn to scale out to multi-site, multi-tier applications. The book is written for both developers and sysadmins. We focus on building monitored and measurable applications. We also use tools that are designed to handle the challenges of managing Cloud, containerised and distributed applications and infrastructure. In the book we'll deliver: * An introduction to monitoring, metrics and measurement. * A scalable framework for monitoring hosts (including Docker and containers), services and applications built on top of the Riemann event stream processor. * Graphing and metric storage using Graphite and Grafana. * Logging with Logstash. * A framework for high quality and useful notifications * Techniques for developing and building monitorable applications * A capstone that puts all the pieces together to monitor a multi-tier application.

Learning ClojureScript

Getting. familiar. with. the. ClojureScript. ecosystem. At the heart of the ClojureScript's ecosystem lies the compiler. In this section, we'll gain an insight into its internals: what is its underlying architecture, how does it work, ...

Author: W. David Jarvis

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781785887796

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Master the art of agile single page web application development with ClojureScript About This Book Set up interactive development workflows for the browser or Node.js thanks to the ClojureScript ecosystem Learn the basics of interactive single page web app development taking advantage of the functional nature of ClojureScript Delve into advanced rich web application development concepts such as Om, along with core.async, using zippers and logic programming, and preparing code for production with testing or optimizing via the Google Closure Compiler Who This Book Is For This book is for web application developers who want to benefit from the power of ClojureScript to get an agile and highly productive development platform that targets mainly browser JavaScript. You are not required to be fluent in Clojure, but it will be easier for you if you have a basic understanding of browser and server-side JavaScript. What You Will Learn Understand how the ClojureScript compiler operates Set up interactive development workflows for ClojureScript Grasp the basics of the ClojureScript language, including basic syntax, data structures, variable scoping, namespaces, and finally the powerful sequence abstraction Delve into advanced concepts such as functional programming, macro writing, asynchronous programming, app routing, and real-time web Develop simple one page web applications Explore techniques to make your web apps aware of the external world through external or embedded database access or Oauth 2 integration Learn more advanced ClojureScript concepts like in app routing, real-time web Prepare your work for production, getting insights into optional type-checking, writing portable Clojure/ClojureScript code, and testing In Detail Clojure is an expressive language that makes it possible to easily tackle complex software development challenges. Its bias toward interactive development has made it a powerful tool, enabling high developer productivity. In this book, you will first learn how to construct an interactive development experience for ClojureScript.. You will be guided through ClojureScript language concepts, looking at the basics first, then being introduced to advanced concepts such as functional programming or macro writing. After that, we elaborate on the subject of single page web applications, showcasing how to build a simple one, then covering different possible enhancements. We move on to study more advanced ClojureScript concepts, where you will be shown how to address some complex algorithmic cases. Finally, you'll learn about optional type-checking for your programs, how you can write portable code, test it, and put the advanced compilation mode of the Google Closure Compiler to good use. Style and approach This book is a comprehensive reference guide on ClojureScript development for the front end, and will gradually help you master interactive ClojureScript development workflows, through detailed step-by-step information illustrated with annotated code samples.

Professional Clojure

ClojureScript. Project. comfortable and familiar. You don't need a REPL or anything fancy. ... 132 CHAPTER 5 REACTIVE WEB PAGES IN CLOJURESCRIPT ❘ Starting a New ClojureScript Project Getting Fast Feedback with Figwheel.

Author: Jeremy Anderson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119267270

Category: Computers

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Annotation 'Professional Clojure' is the experienced developer's guide to functional programming using the Clojure language. Designed specifically to meet the needs of professional developers, it briefly introduces functional programming before skipping directly to the heart of using Clojure in a real-world setting.