Shut Up and Dance

He was on the bandstand, and I was on the dance floor dancing mambo! “And we
danced together too. We were firm believers in taking lessons. You don't just go
out there and make a fool of yourself! So we were at Club Sarape one night, ...

Author: Jamie Rose

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101547540

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

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Why it really does take two to tango . . . At forty-five, Jamie Rose was an independent, take-charge woman whose career as an actress was going nicely, with frequent roles on hit television shows and in films. Yet there was one area of her life that wasn't working: her love life. She'd been living with her boyfriend for five years, and although she was ready to get married, he wasn't. His reason? They fought too much-and unfortunately, he was right. But something magical happened when she signed up for tango lessons: She began to appreciate the power of being a partner in a dance for two-and that letting someone else take the lead from time to time wasn't giving up, but rather, letting go. In this funny and wise book, Rose shares with readers the life lessons she's learned from tango and the other great partner dance traditions. Dance changed Rose's life, and she discovered that she wasn't the only one. Over and over, the women she encountered at dance halls-women from age twenty to ninety-three-told her how falling in love with dance helped them fall in love with life again. The secret? Whereas before they may have worried that if they let go of their grip on things for a moment, everything would fall apart, now they knew that sometimes letting go of the lead was the best way to keep things together-especially in a relationship. For anyone who has ever marveled at Fred and Ginger up on the silver screen (how could they be so in sync?), Shut Up & Dance shows readers how to dance their way into a happier, sexier life-even if they never step onto a dance floor.

Understanding Plays

MEDEA and LADY IN PLAID pull out church fans and begin to fan themselves . ...

Author: Milly S. Barranger

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: IND:30000039110196

Category: Drama

Page: 758

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"Understanding Plays As Texts for Performance" offers seventeen plays with critical commentaries that span the range of Western writing for the theatre from the Greeks to the post-moderns. This book introduces readers to dramatic writing as "pre-texts" for theatrical performance--written not only to be read, but also to be performed by actors before audiences.

My Poems and Songs

SONG FOURTEEN:: THIS IS THE GIRL I LIKEthis is the girl I likethis is the girl I lovethis is the only girl I want to have.........when she wraps her arms around mineI feel i am in cloud nine.

Author: S. ELIA

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1729055397


Page: 50

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a collection of original poems and songs, song one: Never ever have any fearNo matter what you see, feel or hear.......Enjoy your life without fearWhile you CAN see, feel, and hearAnd face your fears without fear...........................................SONG FOUR: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE .......If you want to stay aliveDon't drink and driveStay alive, stay aliveNever ever drink and drive.........................SONG SIX: Boy if you are smart......Boy if you are smart You will make a good start You will always play it safe You will never get involved in anything Illegal, dangerous and unsafe ..................SONG SEVEN Girl if you are smart...........Girl if you are smart, girl if you are smartYou will never make a bad start ........Girl It was never meant a girls night outFor you to drink until you pass out..........................SONG EIGHT:: GET UP AND DANCE ....EVERY TIME YOU HAVE THE CHANCETAKE THE CHANCE GET UP AND DANCE GET UP AND DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.................................. WALK TO THE MUSIC BEAT, THAT'S ALL WHAT DANCING IS JUST MOVE YOUR FEET TO THE MUSIC BEAT.....................SONG NINE: PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE THE AMAZING GRACE IS THE SMILE ON YOUR FACE ...............PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE GO OUT TO FIND YOUR OWN PLACEMEET OTHER PEOPLE WITH THE SAME GRACEENJOY YOUR LIFE WITH A SMILING FACE..............................SONG TEN:: A TWO WAY STREET, SONGWhat can I do for you, and you? What can you do for me?Life was never meant to be a one way streetIt was always meant to be a two way street..........................SONG FOURTEEN:: THIS IS THE GIRL I LIKEthis is the girl I likethis is the girl I lovethis is the only girl I want to have.........when she wraps her arms around mineI feel i am in cloud nine........SONG FIFTEEN::: LOVE, LOVE,, love, love., the world needs more love young and old, old and young we all need someone to love to keep us young at heart .................SONG SEVENTEEN:: HAPPY VALENTINES MY LOVE ......happy valentines( day ) my love you are the only ONE I love you are the only ONE I want to have you are so beautiful and special I am very proud of you my love .........................SONG EIGHTEEN:: I WANT TO LOOK INTO YOUR EYES.............. I want To look into your eyesAnd tell you it is all rightFOR you and I To have some fun tonight.............................SONG TWENTY:: LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, you love you love, you are my only love love you love you love you are the one I want to have love you love you love you are my true love ................................SONG TWENTY THREE:: PAY NO MIND no mind, pay no mindif someone is rude and unkindpay no mind pay no mind..........................SONG TWENTY FOUR:: RESPECT THAT'S ALL WE Expect....................GIVE YOUR WOMAN RESPECTYOU WILL GET WHAT YOU EXPECTGIVE A MAN RESPECTYOU GET MORE THAN YOU EXPECT...........................TWENTY FIVE:: School song against bullying::: Boys and girls you are all smartStop bullying before it startsAlways remember the "golden rule"TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT OTHERS TO TREAT YOU"Respect and be kind to each other is the school's policy and ruleReport anyone that starts bullying and breaks this rule ...........TWENTY SIX::: Boys and girls never make a bad startBoys and girls you are all smartNever ever make a bad startAlcohol, drugs and smoking is a bad startAlcohol, drugs and smoking will mess up your brainWill cause you and others a lot of painAlcohol, drugs and smoking any type of smokeWill ruin your health and leave you brokeIt is the school policy and adviceTo teach you to live your life without any vice

Live Beyond 139 Years Joyous Wrinkle Free

If you feel depressed , get up and dance any way you feel like . It should be from
inside out . If you feel happy , get up , dance and let those movements flow in and
out of you . Or , perhaps you could do a special anger dance to release your ...

Author: Satpal Kaur Sodhi

Publisher: Unistar Books


Category: Life skills

Page: 170

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Cleveland TV Tales Volume 2

He told the Cleveland Press, “I'm so inhibited that I've got to be twenty-seven
sheets to the wind to get up and dance.” Regardless, he was now charged with
assembling a team that would get the midday audience up disco dancing and ...

Author: Mike Olszewski

Publisher: Gray & Company, Publishers

ISBN: 9781938441769

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 189

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More behind-the-screen stories from the golden age of local television! Let’s warm up the old family TV set, step through the screen, and see what was going on behind the scenes with some of our favorite Cleveland television personalities of the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. We’ll look back at the rise of glamorous news anchors (including more than one Miss America contestant) with perfect smiles, perky noses, and really big hair . . . Late-night horror-movie hosts battling to take over the legacy of the legendary Ghoulardi . . . The strange, sad saga of the former daytime host who shot himself after a bizarre sex scandal . . . A weatherman who was a lightning rod for coworkers’ endless practical jokes . . . The investigative reporters whose sting operations caught wrongdoers with their pants down—sometimes literally! . . . The gutsy reporter who interviewed Danny Greene hours before the mobster was blown up in his car . . . The Cleveland mayor who co-hosted a children’s show with a ventriloquist’s dummy . . . and many other true tales.

Teaching the Magic of Dance

Now he's found out all he has to do is give his name. So he says, “Harry.” And I
say, “Okay, Harry.” Now he's nervous, he thinks he's going to have to get up and
dance. “Who's the best jumper in class besides you?” Relieved, he gets up, looks

Author: Jacques D'Amboise

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: UCSC:32106006781006

Category: Dance

Page: 122

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Sport Dance and Embodied Identities

... couples who were sitting down in the grass between dances with a stick , so
they would get up and dance instead . 8 Brennan ( 1999 ) reports police raids on
dances held in homes , such as dances for workers who had helped out on a
farm ...

Author: Noel Dyck

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000320619

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Sport and dance command the passions and devotion of countless athletes, dancers and fans worldwide. Although conventionally thought to reside within separate social realms, these two embodied cultural forms are revealed in this benchmark volume to share a vital capacity to constitute and express identities through their practiced movements and scripted forms. Thus, the work of choreographers and coaches along with the performances of dancers and athletes offer not merely entertainment and aesthetic accomplishment but also powerful means for celebrating existing social arrangements and cultural ideals or, alternately, for imagining and advocating new ones.Drawing on a wide selection of sport and dance activities from around the world, this book elucidates the ways in which embodied performances both mirror and reshape social life. It traces, for example, how football, salsa and tango can each be employed to articulate or rewrite national and gender identities. Also examined are children's sport and the dynamics by which immigration and cultural integration, along with the socialization of children and youth, may be directed through the organization of community sport. The volume investigates the marshalling of sport and dance in settings from Africa to Ireland as vehicles for framing moral issues that revolve around the appropriate use, protection and exhibition of the body. This innovative study establishes the paradoxical fashion in which dance and sport can unite certain people and communities while at the same time serving exclusionary and nationalistic purposes.

Saints in Exile

In her article "Dancing to Rebalance the Universe: African American Secular
Dance and Spirituality," Katrina Hazzard-Gordon has ... such as swaying, patting
of feet, clapping of hands, raising one or both hands, and spontaneous standing

Author: Cheryl J. Sanders

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195351339

Category: Religion

Page: 200

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Saints in Exile studies, from an insider's perspective, the worship practices and social ethics of the African American family of Holiness, Pentecostal, and Apostolic churches known collectively as the Sanctified Church. Cheryl Sanders identifies the theme of exile, both as an idea and an experience, as the key to understanding the dialectical nature of African American religious and intellectual life, that W.E.B. Du Bois called "double-conscious." Sanders's saints in exile are a people who see themselves as "in the world but not of it"; their marginalized status is both self-imposed and involuntary, a consequence of racism, sexism and other forms of elitism. When joined with the biblical tropes of homecoming and reconciliation, the concept of exile serves as a vital vantage point from which to identify, critique, and remedy the continued alienation of blacks, women, and the poor in the United States. Sanders's interpretive approach clarifies many paradoxical features of black existence, especially the peculiar interplay of the sacred and the secular in African American song, speech, and dance. She particularly scrutinizes gospel music, a product of the Sanctified worship tradition that has had a significant influence on popular culture. Saints in Exile goes further than any previous study in illuminating the African American experience; it will be welcomed by scholars and students of American religion, African American studies, and American History.

Get Up and Dance

An introduction to the various styles and aspects of dance.

Author: Teri McCormack

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1608600041

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 132

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An introduction to the various styles and aspects of dance.

Fornander Collection of Hawaiian Antiquities and Folk lore

... the highest ! let him ever live a chief ! I10 . Let him be borne along with honor
among the short gods and the long gods . Let him go forth fearlessly , the chief in
possession of the island . Get up a dance , dance upon the danceground ; Let the

Author: Abraham Fornander


ISBN: UCSD:31822001320720

Category: Folklore


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Rhine Maidens

They wanted us to get up and dance . ... Well , how the hell do they expect you to
dance to a nance playing a guitar ? Those jerk assistants wouldn ' t pull you up ,
they ' d stand over people who were too embarrassed to get up , waving their ...

Author: Carolyn See

Publisher: Coward Mc Cann

ISBN: UCAL:B4950826

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Relates the intimate story of the frustrations and triumphs of Grace and Garnet, two women--mother and daughter--who are both united and divided by a failure in love

Get Up and Dance

Sheet Music to the album Get Up & Dance by Nicholas Leimgruber

Author: Nicholas Andrew Leimgruber

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1729084591


Page: 30

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Sheet Music to the album Get Up & Dance by Nicholas Leimgruber


Yes , brothers . . . get up , get up for dancing and singing . . . ha ha ha . . . get up
for playin ' , brothers , we all know what great players black men are , yawhl .
Listen to Jivin Jones , brothers — ain ' t he hip ? AIN ' T HE HIP ? Wants you to
dance ...

Author: James Boyer May


ISBN: UVA:X030718242

Category: American periodicals


View: 796


Issues for include listings supplementary to those of the International guide to literary and art periodicals.

Gypsy Dancer Fairy Journal

This lined journal features a magical & inspirational image by artist Teri Rosario, on the cover. All the pages are lined ready for you to fill with your personal thoughts, inspirations and musings.

Author: Teri Rosario

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1492728861


Page: 204

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This lined journal features a magical & inspirational image by artist Teri Rosario, on the cover. All the pages are lined ready for you to fill with your personal thoughts, inspirations and musings.

The Old time Herald

Anybody out there can get up and sing along and sing a song if they want to , you
know . “ We brought that dance floor in before we ever started . We set that up so
if anybody wanted to get up and dance some , they could That's part about the ...



ISBN: IND:30000026248397

Category: Folk music


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