Get It Done Right Get It Done Now

There are many advantages to keeping a written planner. Two of which are you get to practice your planning skills and writing abilities.

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There are many advantages to keeping a written planner. Two of which are you get to practice your planning skills and writing abilities. The is no dictionary helper when you're actually writing so you can test your spelling while you're at it. But the most important benefit is that you have a written record of where you want to be and where are currently. Start planning!

Help Your Kids Get it Done Right at Home and School

Several hours later she got a call from her son that they were in a town fifty miles
away with a flat tire . ... She said that was a valuable lesson she learned for the
classroom also , and she's now very careful to be clear on both when giving a
task ...

Author: Donna M. Genett

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Helps to address the fundamental steps to effective delegation in order to help parents develop their child's highest potential for success.

Get It Done When You re Depressed

That, in turn, can lead to a lot of problems when you have to get something done,
especially on a deadline. ... You can have plenty of energy to do what doesn't
need to be done right now but feel absolutely worn out when faced with a
required ...

Author: John Preston, Psy.D., ABPP.

Publisher: Penguin

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Shake the blues away. Everyone knows that depression can lead to guilt, sadness, frustration, and in the case of 15-20% of people with depression, suicide. Because we live in a culture that rewards (and often worships) productivity, when a depressed person can't meet the expectations of society, the depression becomes worse and a vicious cycle begins. The goal of Getting Things Done When You're Depressed is to break this cycle. Readers will learn: - How to prepare yourself mentally for working while depressed - How to structure your environment so you can work more easily - How to work with others - How to prevent depression

MAX Productivity Get It Done Fast And Smart Here Is How To Be Super Effective In Your Business At Work And At Home

Getting distracted by what goes on online. • Giving your attention to meaningless,
irrelevant tasks. • Getting lost in your inbox. • Suddenly deciding that the wash
needs to be done right now! • Spending hours perfecting a layout where 5 min ...

Author: Francisco Bujan




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Business success! How do you achieve it? - What are the top ingredients to win? - A huge part of your success depends on how effective you are at doing what you have to do - You need to be fast, focused and super effective - This is why so many people fail at this game! - They don't have a set of core tactics that gets them focused - Your business or work day are like battle fields! - Your time and energy can easily get stolen or diluted if you don't pay attention - You can waste hours replying to emails or answering social calls - You want to be smarter! Way smarter! And put in place simple day rules to achieve 10x more! Here are some examples: 5 min rules for social calls - Email, get in, do it, get out! - Less calories! Smart lunch - Energy breaks! - Optimize your environment - And much more! - I do believe that with the right mind set and tactics anyone can easily triple their productivity! - You simply need to shift to battle mode and see where time and energy are being wasted - That's what I will give you in this book: tactics, core ideas and energy to make essential shifts in the way you work and approach your day! - This is the result of 10 years of successful coaching experiences with managers, entrepreneurs or simply individuals trying to get more done! Smarter! - Your turn now! - Win!

Coach I Didn t Run Because

Run now! Focus on time you don't have (broad-external) and that will consume
you. Focus on where you can squeeze in your workout and you will. Focus on
your ... If you focus solely on getting out the door and getting it done (narrow-
external) you might forget your running shoes. ... get your brain – your mindset –
focused on the one thing that needs to get done right nowgetting your workout

Author: Coach Dean

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This book takes a serious as well as lighthearted look at making excuses in health, fitness and life in general. A complete list of excuses would be endless but this book sure is a good start! Categorized lists facilitate excuse making. It's excuse making by the number! From the ridiculous to the fantastic, from real to imagined and from sad to hilarious... this book captures the very essence of excuse making. Then, get serious and get over it. Learn three foolproof techniques for getting past excuses and just doing it. The book is spiced up with personal stories from every day athletes who just get it done. You will learn from their inspiring stories and realize that you too can be an excuse-buster!

The Billionaire s Chef

If you feed them well, they might remember you when it comes time to decide
who gets to live on a bad safety day. The sports franchise officers hold a ... Get it
done, get it done right, get it done right now. 4. Every task in private service must

Author: Neal Salisbury

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466587557

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A Wonka-Like Journey into an Ultra Private World of Decadence and Excess From cooking for Martha Stewart, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, and Jerry Seinfeld to more than 20 of the world’s most reclusive billionaires, Chef Neal Sheldon Salisbury has been serving the world's power elite for more than 15 years. His new book, The Billionaire's Chef: Cooking for the Rich and Famished takes you on a journey around the globe and into the private world of working for, living, and travelling with the world’s billionaires. You’ll find stories and tips on event planning and social etiquette, but that’s not all. You’ll get career advice from someone who has been to the top of the game, made mistakes, and groveled his way back into the game. The book goes beyond polite smile-inspiring stories and gets into the real-life challenges lived by Chef Neal and his peers, detailing disappointments and unexpected triumphs, battles of ego, the money, the sex (or sometimes lack of it) coupled with the loneliness—all a part of the job. Written with passion, love, and respect for craft and artistry, this book focuses on what is unique about the operation of kitchen on a superyacht or plane, even an impromptu or cleverly improvised kitchen on a beach. Chef Neal offers an honest, yet surreal view of what it is like to have worked as a top private chef during the "Golden Age" (1998-2008) of superyacht building / cruising and grand estate renovation / building. Whether you read it for escapism, as a practical career reference, or to help you throw better events doesn’t really matter—just enjoy the trip.

Your Action Potential

The time for everything is now. Now is always better than later. The question
remains: how are you going to get everything done now? There is a way. It isn't
getting everything done right now, it's getting everything done you have to get
done ...

Author: Jonathan Yalowchuk

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781607992462

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After years of helping his patients achieve natural solutions to healthy living, well-known and highly-respected chiropractor, Dr. Jonathan Yalowchuk, is going public with his powerful, life-altering program, Your Action Potential. This first book reveals a revolutionary approach to true health and extended life, providing the information and vision needed to fulfill one's own potential both mentally and physically. Using the holistic techniques he developed over years of study and observation, Your Action Potential outlines the simple steps one can take to achieve real happiness and success in all aspects of life.

Get It Done Guy s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

You just put the brakes on your cleaning, as that decision knocked you right into
low gear. ... After you're done cleaning up, go through this list and find real homes
for these objects. If several things ... now is the time to decide when later will be.

Author: Stever Robbins

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1429925531

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Want to conquer your e-mail inbox once and for all? Need help getting organized and staying focused? Start reading! Millions of people already benefit from the innovative, time-saving tips that Stever Robbins dispenses each week in his #1 ranked Get-It-Done Guy podcast. Now he's come up with a 9-step plan to transform even the most overwhelmed into an overachiever. You will learn to: Beat procrastination by speed dating your tasks: You'll face anything if it's just for three minutes; schedule small, finite periods of time for those tasks that seem too overwhelming to get started on. Give your technology a performance review: Our smart phones, PDAs, and computers often make less work in one area while making much more work in others. Review your technology to make sure it's delivering on its promise. Cut out the small talk: Small talk builds superficial relationships, which is a grand waste of time. Ask better questions to make instant connections that'll benefit you for years to come. Written in the uniquely humorous style Stever is known for, Get-It-Done Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More will help you break the bad habits slowing you down and holding you back. Work less and do more—your free time is waiting!

The Things I Want Most

ends, half believing that if she wasn't getting everything done right now she was
failing somehow. “I don't have enough time” is a constant complaint, but then she
is forever adding some– thing else to her pile, and while she somehow gets it all

Author: Richard Miniter

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307570762

Category: Family & Relationships

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The remarkable story of a couple who risked everything to open their home--and their hearts--to answer an abandoned child's wish. It was a small note buried in the file of a deeply troubled eleven-year-old boy--a plea for a normal life Rich and Sue Miniter couldn't ignore: The Things I Want MOST: A family A fishing pole A familyThe Miniters heard in that simple note the voice of a frightened child who wanted what all children want and need: someone to love who would love them in return. So they brought Mike home to the cozy country inn they'd restored and managed in rural upstate New York. There, over the next year, they would try to make Mike's dream come true. But first they would have to work through the fear, anger, and distrust that accompanied this boy who had lived his whole life with the label "severely emotionally disturbed." For the biggest obstacle to Mike's happiness was Mike himself, who gave the Miniters every reason to give up but one--the power of love. When Richard and Sue Miniter decided to open their home--and their hearts--to a foster child, they couldn't imagine the frustrations and joys, the breakthroughs and setbacks, not to mention the emotional toll, that awaited them. Here is the remarkable true story of how their lives changed forever with their decision to answer an abandoned child's wish for THE THINGS I WANT MOST. --> From the Trade Paperback edition.

Something Bad

If I don't get it done right away, some major bad will be coming to us down there.
Would you please let me talk to Father Costello? Now!” Dr. Freedman
repositioned himself to block Gabe's path while Dr. Ewing put more pressure on
Gabe's ...

Author: Richard Satterlie

Publisher: Medallion Media Group

ISBN: 9781605429083

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A young man must remember his past to save his family's future in this thrilling novel. Gabe Peterson's memories go no earlier than when he was 12 years old, yet when a strange little man comes to town, he feels an odd sense of familiarity. Mysterious natural disasters start claiming lives, and the events soon trigger glimpses of the past for Gabe. Once a tragic event of his youth is recalled, Gabe can see that his family is next in danger and must race to save them before it's too late.

The Better Brain Book

I told her that I believed her problem was the result of her high-pressure, “must
get it done right now” lifestyle. Of course, I would run all the usual medical tests to
rule out any hidden serious conditions, but I doubted that she had one (and I was

Author: David Perlmutter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101218061

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

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From the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Grain Brain and New York Times bestseller Brain Maker... Loss of memory is not a natural part of aging—and this book explains why. Celebrated neurologist David Perlmutter reveals how everyday memory-loss—misplacing car keys, forgetting a name, losing concentration in meetings—is actually a warning sign of a distressed brain. Here he and Carol Colman offer a simple plan for repairing those problems, clarifying misconstrued connections between memory loss and aging, and regaining and maintaining mental clarity by offering the tools for: Building a better brain through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and brain workouts Coping with specific brain disorders such as stroke, vascular dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and Lou Gehrig's disease Understanding risk factors and individually tailoring a diet and supplementary program Features a "Life Style Audit," quizzes, a brain fitness program with the most effective ways to exercise your brain, and a nutritional program that details the best brain food and supplements.


In a business, when asked how long it takes to do something, the right answer is,
“Between now and when the boss wants ... The payroll has to be done now, or
we don't get paid; the experimental mice need to be fed and watered now, or they

Author: Larry A. Nielsen

Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9781579229726

Category: Education

Page: 402

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What is a Provost—and what does a Provost do? Don’t look for the answers on the bookshelf. There is scant literature devoted to the Provost-ship – for which the author advances a number of hypotheses – so, until this informal and autobiographical account, there has been little for aspirants or new appointees to draw on for guidance or to provide a feel for what the role entails. Larry Nielsen offers a highly personal account of his tenure as Provost of North Carolina State University, from his unexpected invitation by the Chancellor to act as interim Provost, to the events that forced his resignation four years later, and brought him unwanted notoriety. In a fast-paced, self-deprecating style he invites the reader to share the activities that crowded his schedule, the symbolic character of the role, its opportunities to shape policy, and its limitations, as well as the joy and satisfaction he derived from making a difference in people’s lives and the institution. We see him in action, and get a sense of the role, as he addresses problems large and small. He shares insights on the governance of a large public institution, on how monies are allocated, and funds made available for strategic initiatives. By the end of the book, we gain an understanding of the myriad roles of the “number two” position of the institution, responsible for the direction and functioning of all its academic and curricular affairs, that Larry Nielsen characterized for himself as “the University's stay-at-home Dad.” He concludes the book with a look back at the Provost’s job from his renewed perspective as a faculty member, further demonstrating the truth of his assertion that “where you stand depends on where you sit.” This is an entertaining and insightful read for anyone who wants to get a glimpse of how a large university functions, as seen through the eyes of an ultimate “insider.” For those interested in taking on the highest administrative positions in higher education it offers a window into that world, including the perils to which incumbents can be exposed when their actions become front-page news.

Business Plan in a Day

This is an easy to use, easy to understand resource that offers solid advice on how to get together your business plan.

Author: Rhonda Abrams

Publisher: Capstone Publishing

ISBN: 184112804X

Category: Business planning

Page: 175

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Entrepreneurs often need business plans - fast. Investors, banks and planning departments regularly request them, and corporate employees often need to present such plans to their managers. This is an easy to use, easy to understand resource that offers solid advice on how to get together your business plan.

Getting Things Done

A note to yourself about taking a watercolor class, which you have zero time for
right now. What do you do with these kinds of things? There are two options that
could work: Write them on a Someday/Maybe list. Put a reminder of them on your

Author: David Allen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349408958

Category: Self-Help

Page: 352

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'The Bible of business and personal productivity' Lifehack 'A completely revised and updated edition of the blockbuster bestseller from 'the personal productivity guru' Fast Company Since it was first published almost fifteen years ago, David Allen's Getting Things Done has become one of the most influential business books of its era, and the ultimate book on personal organization. 'GTD' is now shorthand for an entire way of approaching professional and personal tasks, and has spawned an entire culture of websites, organizational tools, seminars, and offshoots. Allen has rewritten the book from start to finish, tweaking his classic text with important perspectives on the new workplace, and adding material that will make the book fresh and relevant for years to come. This new edition of Getting Things Done will be welcomed not only by its hundreds of thousands of existing fans but also by a whole new generation eager to adopt its proven principles.

Founders at Work

That it's done right, that's the first important part; it's done quick; and there's just
less communication if the teams are smaller, because everyone's getting twice as
much done. Now how the heck do you fill a company with people like that in ...

Author: Jessica Livingston

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 143021077X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 488

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Now available in paperback—with a new preface and interview with Jessica Livingston about Y Combinator! Founders at Work: Stories of Startups' Early Days is a collection of interviews with founders of famous technology companies about what happened in the very earliest days. These people are celebrities now. What was it like when they were just a couple friends with an idea? Founders like Steve Wozniak (Apple), Caterina Fake (Flickr), Mitch Kapor (Lotus), Max Levchin (PayPal), and Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail) tell you in their own words about their surprising and often very funny discoveries as they learned how to build a company. Where did they get the ideas that made them rich? How did they convince investors to back them? What went wrong, and how did they recover? Nearly all technical people have thought of one day starting or working for a startup. For them, this book is the closest you can come to being a fly on the wall at a successful startup, to learn how it's done. But ultimately these interviews are required reading for anyone who wants to understand business, because startups are business reduced to its essence. The reason their founders become rich is that startups do what businesses do—create value—more intensively than almost any other part of the economy. How? What are the secrets that make successful startups so insanely productive? Read this book, and let the founders themselves tell you.

Head Over Spurs

If there was one thing he could read well, it was an angry woman. If looks could
kill, he knew without a doubt, he'd be dead and buried several times over by now.
Well, if he had to do it he may as well get it done right away. He walked down ...

Author: Heather Warren

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459264045

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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THERE WAS NO TELLING WHAT SHE'D DO TO HIM NEXT…. Her entire summer was shot. That's what Callie Masters thought when she was assigned to design log homes in the middle of nowhere for three bachelor cowboys. Except the McCall brothers weren't the old fogies she'd pictured. In fact, Rock McCall was the sexiest man she'd ever met. He was also the most accident-prone. Rock didn't see it that way. Every time Callie got within two feet of him disaster struck. He was convinced she was a jinx—a jinx who turned him on, but a jinx nonetheless. Making love with her would be like taking his life in his hands…but then, he'd never been one to dodge a risk when the rewards were so high.

What Works

Then simply inject it into the order of targets or tasks that need to get done. But do
not allow this interruption to distract you. Focus on what you are doing right now
and get it done. Then handle the next target. Whatever it is that needs to be ...

Author: Robert Cornish

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118412022

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

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Two weeks into a recession, business partners Robert Cornish and Wil Seabrook started their company with two people, two laptops, a handshake, and an idea. They ignored the conventional wisdom that was burying their industry and forged their own path. Their mantra? "Do What Works." Only three years later, the company, Richter10.2 Media Group, attained million dollar revenues and over 300 percent growth in one year. Today, it is one of the fastest growing small businesses in America with more than fifty employees, and debt-free, having never borrowed a penny. What Works is the blueprint to Richter's success. Now more than ever, the old models of how to start, promote, and run a successful business are no longer viable. What Works delivers real, applicable knowledge that will help you to grow your business and create the outcomes that you're striving for. What Works offers critical advice such as: Know Your Public: Focus all sales and marketing efforts only on companies and people that fit the audience you defined in the profile, which will dramatically drive growth as you direct your efforts to the people most likely to do business with you Measure by week and manage by week: Avoid catastrophes that would be hard to correct if you only measure quarterly Say No and Walk Away: Focus on distilling the deals that don't fully align with your goals, purposes, and policies And much more! What Works offers the opportunity to learn how a couple of successful entrepreneurs did it themselves. Gain an edge by getting inside information that you can put into action today. No fluff, no filler. Only what works.

Get it Done Guy s 3 Bad Habits Successful People Break

Right now. These thoughts weigh heavily: “I have to work on my book.” True. And
just thinking that sends me into fantasies of all the bad things that will befall me
should the work not get done. I imagine my editor, Emily, in full riding regalia atop

Author: Stever Robbins

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429959100

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 32

View: 238


Previously published as part of Get-it-Done Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More. Millions of people already benefit from the innovative, time-saving tips that Stever Robbins dispenses each week in his #1 ranked Get-It-Done Guy podcast. Now he's compiled the 3 most common bad habits that hold people back from becoming successful. In this mini ebook, Stever not only shares with you what those 3 bad habits are but proven—and SIMPLE!—ways to break them. Written in the uniquely humorous style Stever is known for, Get-It-Done Guy's 3 Bad Habits Successful People Break will help you break the bad habits slowing you down and holding you back. Work less and do more—and become successful quickly and easily!

Subjugated Man

It was right around when she got pregnant with the twins. Why don't ... “I just need
some proof, I mean it's your word against hers right now. You don't ... “I'm going to
get the DNA test done for the kid and then we'll see what really happened.

Author: A.D. Ford

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469153667

Category: Fiction

Page: 491

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Would the world be a better place if women were in charge? Heads of state and world leaders are now women, they have changed the world to be how they want it to be. With women in charge they have stopped the days of mail order brides, now we live in a world of rental husbands. We live in a world where men are secondary, used for whatever women want. Men are trained to be whatever their owner wants them to be: enforcer, worker, bodyguard or personal slave. Sold into slavery when he was a baby, Scott Magentas life is to be seen not heard, to be touched but never loved. His life is filled with death and pain while he is forced to be nothing but a glorified one night stand for the rich and powerful. Slaves are treated like show animals, they make their owner money and if they misbehave they can be punished by their owner. When the whole world doesnt see you as a person how can you be one?


We tell him what to do and how to do it, and then we sit around and watch it get
done! Right now we've got major networks, publishing companies, movie
producers, clothing lines, I mean, we've got everyone lined up waiting for him to
step one ...

Author: R. Kayeen Thomas

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781593094256

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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Sent back in time and forced to endure the realities of his enslaved ancestors, a popular rap artist suffers experiences that challenge everything he believes as learned from his fellow rappers, their lyrics and the executives that have promoted his career. Original.